Play Thing

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"He is an asshole!" I snapped at the female in the mirror. "He is nothing but a waste of your valuable time!" I reassured myself. I was lying to myself, of course. I had avoided him for a week. What a horrible week it was.

I'm getting to far ahead of myself. I worked in an office setting, I was promoted to be assistant to the new CEO. He was tall, handsome, not too older than I. The first day on my promotion was probably my first mistake.

Getting in my car to go to his place was the second. His voice sounded so needy. He called to tell me he needed me, that he was touching himself thinking about me and that he wanted to touch me too. I'm such a fucking weak woman!

So here I stood, outside his door. I could make a run for it. I could scream and cry. However , when he opened the door, I realized I couldn't. I was programmed to behave this way around him. I liked being punished for being the way I was around him.

Without another word he yanked my arm inside and drew his mouth to mine. The taste of alcohol and lemon anchored off his tongue. His hands shut the door and he pushed my body against it.

"I've been waiting for this all damn week." He murmured, his tongue invading my mouth. He spread my legs apart with his knee and I rubbed myself against his clothed core. "Going to make you cum so fucking hard." He ripped my blouse with his fists which made my chest wiggle a bit.

He urged me to follow and we got to his room. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and made a big effort not to rub my dripping aching pussy.

"On the bed." He demanded. I laid on my back only to see him pumping his cock in his hands. "Touch yourself."

Slowly I licked my fingertips and began rubbing my clit, breathless whispers leaving my body. I felt my juices sliding out of my hole down the crack of my ass. I suddenly felt my fingers being replaced. His cock was sliding along my clit, through my pussy lips.

"You little slut" he groaned. "You like being used?" His precum dripped onto my stomach. "You want me to eat you out too. selfish bitch" he but his lip.

I felt his body leave mine, only to be welcomed by fingers shoving into me and feeling his mouth attach to my sensitive bug. He made sucking sounds and sounds of praise.

My hips were grinding against his mouth. I yelled and begged for him to not stop. I wanted him to make me cum like a slut.

I felt my stomach grow hot and I screamed. I tried to move away from him but his movements got even faster and made me scream even louder.

A string of curse words and moans escaped my mouth. He used my pleasure to help himself. I finally couldn't take it anymore and screamed even louder, feeling my cum shoot out like a hose. He didn't say any words, he just got up and pumped his cock to where it almost looked painful.

He shot all over me, his cum landing on my breasts.

"I'm going to fuck you like a good Bitch" he promised. His face then softened. "Then we can go out to dinner.....I've made us some reservations"

He bent down to kiss me again, pinching my clit in the process. "You're a good plaything."

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