Plans Changed

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Tessa used me every night and everyday.  One day I was sucking on her tits and we were both naked. Our friend Jackie walked in and took pictures of us naked.  I looked at Tessa and she looked at me.  " Don't do anything or else. . . . You will do anything I say whenever,  wherever. " Tessa and I both nodded our heads.  We went to get dressed,  but Jackie wouldn't let us.  She told us to climb into dog cages in the back of her truck.  The drive there was cramped and long.  I couldn. t believe where she took us.  An abandoned mansion.  She gave us arm loads of whips, chains,  and ropes.  She told us to take them to the second floor,  fourth room. 

We took them up there and sat them on the bed.  I told Tessa to hide and she shrugged and listened.  I hid behind a dresser and I could barely squeeze my naked EE breasts in-between the hole.  I held my breath once I heard her enter the room.  She called out to us,  but when she got no answer she started moving around the room.  She pulled the dresser out and quickly grabbed my wrist.  " What do you think you are doing?" She threw me on to the king size bed and forgot all about Tessa.  She chained me to the bed and kissed me passionately.  I hated how soft her skin was against mine.  She then bit down hard on my neck and I screamed at the top of my lungs and started kicking the bed with my 4in heels.  " Oh,  yes little Jessica. . . . Scream as loud as you want.  No one can here you. " She bit me again and I shrieked again. 

She jumped off of me and grabbed a whip.  " Torture time,  Jessica. " She whipped my tits over and over and she didn't intend on stopping.  She started whipping harder and harder and she left multiple marks and scratches.  My wound started to bleed heavier and heavier.  She came back on to me and started licking the blood off of my boobs.  She took a rope and wrapped it around my throat and gagged me with her pair of underware.  She took the rope and started rubbing it back and forth until I started bleeding.  I gave a muffled scream and tried desperately to untie myself.  She shpok her head and started to suck the blood off of my neck.  She went back down to my boobs and shoved her head deep into the crevice in-between them.  She rubbed them back and forth and started pleasing with them with her hands.  She yanked her head out and kissed me passionately. 

She started to whip me again and did the process all over.  She did that 12 times.  Finally,  she got off of me and stepped out of her slutty close.  She ungagged me and I screamed multiple times.  she undid the chains and I quickly stood up and tried to get away.  It didn't work.  She grabbed my wrist and threw me back down on the bed.  I started to cry and shook my head.  She tied my hands behind my back and held the rope.  " Please. . . Jackie no more.  It hurts! Jackie please. . . " Jackie only shook her head and pushed me off the bed.  She led me to the bathroom and the whole while I was screaming.  She turned the hot water on to high and didn't turn on the cold at all.  She shoved me into the scalding hot water and I screamed in pain.  It invaded my scratches and made me scream louder.  Every time I screamed she would spray the water all over me.  I stopped crying and tried to sit on the floor. 

Before I could she wrapped a rope around my neck,  so when I leaned down it would choke me.  I started to scream again and the hot water hit my body.  My face was very red and so was body.  She pulled me out of the shower and quickly dried me off she threw me back on the bed and chained me up again.  She repeated the whole process 22 times.  She stopped finally and stood up.  She admired the work she had done to my body.  I had multiple still bleeding scratches and big purple bruises.  I had burn marks all over my body,  that were tender to the touch.  " I think you need some rest Jessica. . . It's all happening again tomorrow. 

I screamed and started to cry again.  She left the room chuckling and closed the door and locked it.  I heard a scarping sound across the floor and saw Tessa step out.  She looked at me in horror and quickly relieved me of the chains.  I sat up and dug through one of the drawers ignoring the pain.  I found a knee long night gown and threw it on.  I pick locked the door and before I opened it I turned off the light.  I stepped out with Tessa following.  I wanted to scream so loud,  but I knew that would blow my cover.  Every step sounded like sonic booms,  but I knew they weren't.  I made it outside and we both jumped into the car.  Jackie left the keys in there so it was a pretty easy escape.  One thing I didn't know was that Jackie wasn't done with me yet.

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