Perfect Wife

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The door bell jarred me from my chair even though it wasn’t unexpected. I made my way down the hall and greeted my old friend, John. Before I could close the door another old friend, David, turned into the driveway and parked. It was unusual for them to be on time let alone fifteen minutes early but it was for a very different reason that they were here today. Our friendship went back almost thirty years and it was a shock to me and my wife, Helen, when they both divorced their wives, Susan and Jenny, within four months of one another. The six of us had enjoyed many good times together; dinner, the theatre, a couple of cruises etc. but that was a thing of the past now and after almost two years my friends had settled into something resembling a bachelor lifestyle.

It had all begun a few weeks before. My wife was giving me a particularly enjoyable hand job when I blurted that I would like to watch her jerking another cock at the same time as mine. I asked her what she thought about that and she replied that she’d never really given it much thought then gave me a sly smile. “You mean like this,” she said and pretended to jerk off a cock with her other hand. “Oh, it’s so big, thick and hard,” she cooed as her hand made movements up and down the huge, imaginary cock. “You’d like to see me suck this big cock wouldn’t you? I could only nod as she pretended to suck a huge dick. “Perhaps you would like to watch this big, fat cock force its way into my pussy and screw me hard and deep and fill me with cum,” she breathed with obvious excitement in her voice and her hand move rapidly over my erection.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” I cried and sprayed cum all over place.

Thoughts of that episode were my constant companion over the next several days and they took various directions. At first Helen was jerking, sucking and being fucked by anonymous cocks but gradually they coalesced into our friends John and David. I found it much more erotic to think of her with them than with strangers. Different scenarios formed in my mind: she was submissive and they used her mercilessly until their ejaculations splashed in and over her; she was in control, teasing and arousing them until they gave her their hot semen; I was tied to a chair and made to watch as they used my wife to her obvious enjoyment. The variations were endless and they left me with a perpetual hard-on and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it to happen.

Helen had just turned 50 and was a very desirable, mature woman. She was neither slim nor overweight and had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were more than ample with large aureoles and nipples, her waist gave way to gently curving hips, a beautiful ass and long, shapely legs. On many occasions I had seen John and David ogle her as she walked back and forth from the dining room when we had invited them for dinner and I knew what they were thinking.

She liked older men, I was 55, John was 57 and David 64 so I knew age would not be a problem for her. The problem was how to approach her on the subject but in the event it was she who brought it up. We had just finished a lengthy bout of lovemaking and were cuddling in each other’s arms. “Remember when I talked about that pretend cock and asked if you would like to see it in my pussy?” she said and I nodded. “Was it just because you were so aroused that you said yes or would you really like to see it?”

“Why would you ask that,” I queried.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly truthful when I said I had never thought about being with another man. In fact I have thought about it and it excites me, do you want me to do it?”

I took a few moments to digest what she had said then answered, “I would very much like to watch you with another man but only if you truly want to. To tell you the truth I have fantasized about you with two men ever since that night in all sorts of scenarios, they even have names and faces.”

“Men! What are their names and what do they look like?” she asked, rising up on one elbow.

“I call them John and David and they look exactly like John and David.”

“John and David!” she cried sounding surprised then she went quiet for several moments. “Umm, I have felt their eyes on me and have a good idea of what they are thinking. I bet since Jenny and Susan have gone they’re pretty horny. Jenny told me one time that Neville was very long lasting and she would climax over and over.”

“Did she tell you anything else?”

“No, just that; we never really talked about our sex lives.”

“And Susan never said anything?” I asked.

“No, she never mentioned anything.”

“Tell me about these scenarios you have me in.”

I began to tell her and my cock stiffened.

She noticed it and her hand wrapped around it, “Umm, this is making you horny isn’t it?” she said.

“The thought of you with John and David is very exciting; I want you to do it!” My cock was super hard now and Helen jerked it rapidly and I knew she was also very aroused. My hands roamed over her body then she leaned over and tongued the head of my cock. The change in her position allowed me access to her pussy and three fingers slipped easily into her very wet vagina.

She looked up and said, “I want you to watch them fuck me. I was afraid to suggest it before but I want it as much as you but do you think they will want me?”

“I’m quite sure they will. I’ve seen them look at your ass and tits and know exactly what they are thinking.”

Needless to say the sex that followed was hot and wild. Something my wife didn’t know was that both John and David were more generously endowed than me and. unlike me, they were not circumcised. John must have a good thick, eight inches when erect, maybe more while David is hung like a horse and is the talk of the locker room at the squash club. I was glad Helen knew nothing of this; I wanted to see her face when she saw the two big dicks and I certainly wanted to watch them fuck her.

Over the next several days Helen and I discussed at length how to go about approaching our two friends and what we wanted to do if they agreed to join us. I would speak with them in the bar after our regular squash games on Wednesday. I wouldn’t tell them it was Helen; that would a surprise and very much a part of what we had planned.

I lost both squash games due to my preoccupation with what was to happen later. Once in the bar I waited until we had downed a couple of beers before I broached the subject. “How would you two guys like to get laid on Friday night?”

After they got over the shock of my question David spoke, “I’m sure we would but, what are you saying? What do you have in mind?”

“I’m saying I can provide a beautiful mature woman who loves to fuck and she can be ours on Friday night.”

“I don’t know,” John said, “there’s the disease problem, have you considered that. How do you know her?”

“Let’s just say I have known her for a while and I can guarantee there’s no problem with disease, you can trust me a hundred percent on that. There’s no need to wear a condom and all her orifices are available to us. Imagine what we can do together.”

“Where did you find this woman? Have you been seeing her for a while? Surely Helen knows nothing of this? Why you sly old dog!” David fired questions at me in rapid succession.

“Never mind where I found her, I have been seeing her for quite some time and don’t worry about Helen,” I answered.

John and David looked at each other then at me. “Gee, I thought you and Helen were fine, I guess you never really know do you,” John surmised.

“I felt the same about you guys and Susan and Jenny, so, believe me, there’s no need to worry about Helen. . .it’s fine.

“Well, I’m in,” John said emphatically.

“Me too, sounds too good to miss, besides, my cock hasn’t been in a mouth, pussy or ass since Jenny left,” David said thoughtfully.

“It will be in all three on Friday, oh, and by the way, just how big is your dick when it’s hard, anyway?” I inquired.

“About thirteen inches, I guess, and you know, Jenny could take almost all of it, she was quite a woman,” he said with a tinge of regret and added, “I envy the guy who’s fucking her know.”

“Christ!” I said and then there was silence at the table as I imagined Helen playing with thirteen inches of cock and my dick stiffened to an incredible hardness. “Right,” I said, breaking the silence, “I’ll call you both tomorrow with the details, now, one for the road?”

As soon as I was seated in the car I called to tell Helen. She was so excited when I arrived home, as was I, that we were soon writhing in passion on the living room floor. I ejaculated quickly, thinking of David’s cock in Helen’s mouth, ass and pussy. She must have been thinking of our friends as she held me tight and cried out through a shuddering orgasm.

The following day I called our friends and told them to be at my house at 8:00PM on Friday. They reiterated their concerns about Helen and I assured them that I had taken care of that and everything would be alright. I smiled to myself as I thought of how they respond when they knew it was Helen they were going to fuck.

“Come on through,” I said and led my two friends into the living room.

They looked around and David asked, “Where is she?”

“Upstairs,” I replied. “Now, she has made a request that you do not speak to her until afterwards, she just wants it to be sex.”

“Fine by me,” John said and David nodded.

“I’ll see if she is ready,” I said and took off down the hall to the bottom of the stairs, “They’re here,” I shouted and my wife appeared on the landing and stood with her legs apart. I looked up at her dressed in black; stilettos, stockings, garter belt and half-cup bra. She had a collar around her neck and was holding the leather and chain leash. Her pussy and tits were fully exposed and she turned around and bent over, giving me a lovely view of her ass. I was as hard as a rock and could only think of David fucking her with his huge cock. She came down the stairs slowly and handed me the lease. “You look so sexy, are you ready? I asked as I felt between her legs then squeezed her rigid nipples. “You’re very wet!”

“Oh, I’m so ready; I want to be used like a whore and fucked over and over,” she whispered as she rubbed the bulge in my pants.

“You will be, now get down,” and she got onto her hands and knees.

I held the lead and led her down the hall and into the living room. John and David were stunned when they saw it was Helen but I put my forefinger over my lips to remind them not to say anything. They were sitting on the couch and I paraded my wife in front of them making sure they had good views of her luscious body from all angles. I motioned her up onto the coffee table and she faced our friends on her hands and knees. “Look at her mouth; waiting for your cocks, look at her tongue; just imagine that tongue licking your knobs.” Her mouth was open and her tongue circled her lips erotically.

“Turn around,” I said and Helen turned and lowered her head and shoulders onto the table giving our friends a beautifully lewd view of her ass and pussy. “Isn’t that lovely?” I said and caressed her ass then spread her cheeks and fingered her anus; “It’s so hot and tight in here and she wants you to fuck her here.” I then spread her pussy lips apart. “She’s wet and ready for you, just waiting for your big cocks, she wants you to fuck her hard and deep, don’t you my sweet and Helen could only manage a moaned, “Oh yes.”

“Gentlemen, make her scream, make her beg for more cock, make her cum over and over again. She’s never had two cocks but I know that won’t be the case after tonight. Fuck her anyway you want, use her like the slut she longs to be.” I handed John the leash and added, “She’s yours, do with her as you will with her,” and I sat in a chair and released the raging hard-on from my pants, ready to watch our friends use my very aroused, horny wife.

John stood and David quickly followed. They were very hard; David’s bulge in particular was immense. They fondled Helen’s ass, pussy and clit then John moved around the table and mauled her tits. He pulled on the leash causing her to raise her head. Motioning to his bulge Helen unzipped him and exposed his very erect, thick cock. He pushed it into her mouth and she took it eagerly, licking and sucking it furiously.

David stopped fingering my wife’s pussy and took off his shirt, shoes and socks. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down along with his underwear. His cock sprang into view and it was indeed huge and very thick, his foreskin was back about halfway over the meaty, bulbous head. He looked down at Helen and my heart beat faster as I thought, “Good god, he’s going to nail her right now,” but he just fingered her pussy with one hand and stroked his giant dick with the other.

“Come and get some of this delicious mouth,” John said, “I’m ready to fuck this slut.”

John moved around behind Helen and David went to her front. “Oh, my god,” she moaned when she saw David’s cock for the first time. He stood before her and she watched him stroking his cock.

John’s cock twitched convulsively as he stood behind my wife. I watched his hands rove over her lovely ass cheeks then down the cleft between to her asshole where he lingered then on down to her pussy. He gazed across at me and said in a hushed tone, “Ah, I’ve imagined this a thousand times, I’ve wanted to fuck Helen for years but never thought for a second that it would happen,” then he knelt down and buried his face in her ass and pussy. He made lots of noises as he feasted on her then stood and stared down as his fingers thrust into her pussy again then he slid his very stiff erection into her with a deep sigh and moved back and forth in long, slow strokes.

Meanwhile David was holding his cock near Helen’s mouth but it was still just out of her reach. I moved to where I could see her face better; she was giving out all sorts little noises as John’s cock pumped in and out her. Her eyes were glazed and she stared with lust at David’s huge erection. She strained her neck forward and her tongue circled her lips as she tried to get to her first thirteen inch cock. David pulled his foreskin back to fully expose the big head and moved it about to make sure Helen saw just how big and thick it was. He lifted his erection and she moaned. “Ohhh,” as she saw his big, loose ball sack that seemed only appropriate as a companion to his giant dick.

He moved forward and I watched as my wife eagerly licked his knob and flicked the piss hole. He held up his cock and Helen tongued his balls and tried, without success, to fit his entire bag in her mouth. The cock went back into her mouth and she sucked it like a popsicle. Slowly but surely David fed more and more cock into her until she gagged and choked. This seemed to excite him and he looked down at her and through his teeth said, “Yeah, that’s it, take it, take more, get used to it, it’s going to be in your pussy soon you fucking slutty tart.”

“Oh, yes,” Helen spluttered, “fuck me with your big dick; treat me like a slut.”

John was fucking my wife at a brisk pace now and David had is cock halfway down her throat. She had never been taken like this before and from the noises emanating from her mouth and the squelching sounds of John’s cock in her pussy, she was enjoying it immensely. She screamed a guttural gurgle and John cried, “That’s it baby, cum all over my cock. She pushed hard onto his cock and as David withdrew from her mouth and rubbed his dick over her face she moaned, “Fuck me, fuck me harder, I want it so bad, ohhhh, aahhh!”

“Fuck her, David, I want to see you big cock pound her,” I said.

My friends changed places and David helped Helen onto her back on the coffee table. Her head hung back over the edge and John quickly had his cock in her mouth. I knelt beside my wife and fondled her tits and clit as David spread her legs wide and hooked them over his arms. His cock was massive as he manoeuvred into position. “Here, let me help,” I offered and moved closer to my wife’s pussy and spread her labia apart. She was very wet and her pussy gaped open and I watched with great excitement as David’s huge cock slid passed Helen’s labia. She was stretched open and about six inches of dick disappeared inside her but he was only halfway, I wanted to see her fucked by all of it.

She whimpered repeatedly, “Oh…yes…yes…more…more…yes…more…please…oh…oh yes…yes,” whenever John’s cock in her mouth allowed her to.

David kept giving her more and soon most of his cock was buried in her cunt and I watched in amazement at the lewd scene in front of me. My lovely, feminine wife was being fucked hard in long, deep strokes by a huge horse cock while another ravaged her throat and I mauled her tits and rubbed her clit. It was a scene I had only imagined but now it was real and my Helen wanted more and I wanted her to have more.

“I want your cock in my mouth as well,” she said to me and I was only too happy to oblige and forced my cock in beside John’s. We stayed like that for a while then David lay on the floor and my wife straddled him. She held his giant cock and impaled herself onto it. John knelt behind her and I handed him a tube of KY. He coated his cock with a liberal supply of the lubricant then did the same to Helen’s anus. I watched as he pushed into her ass, both holes were crammed with cock and as one thrust in, the other withdrew. This was a first for Helen and, judging by her cries of pleasure, it wouldn’t be the last.

I moved around and fed my cock into her mouth. I’m not sure how long we lasted but all four of us came within several seconds of one another. It didn’t end there however, David wanted to eat her cum-filled pussy and while he did that John and I had our cocks cleaned by Helen’s delicious and talented tongue.

After we had showered I supplied drinks and we sat in the living room and talked. We talked about our fantasies, about tonight and how we all wanted it to continue. John and David admitted to lusting after Helen and David said he wished he had taken the opportunity on our
second cruise together when the rest of us went on an island excursion. He and Helen were feeling hung over from the previous night’s festivities and decided to stay onboard. They met for lunch and David had almost invited Helen back to his cabin with the intention of seducing her but they ended up on the sun deck to catch a few rays.

Helen replied that if she had known he had such a big cock she would have let him. I also admitted to having erotic thoughts about Jenny and Susan and we agreed that we had missed a great opportunity for six-way sex but tonight’s foursome was something really great.

In the weeks that followed we have had many foursomes and fucked Helen silly. David, John and I still play squash on Wednesday evenings but instead of going for a beer afterwards we go to my house and play with Helen. She looks forward to it as much as we do and always wears something erotic. It’s something of a game; we never know where in the house she will be in or in what position. One time she was laying at the end of the hall with her legs wide and her pussy eager for cock, we all took her right there, one after the other. Another time she was on the stairs, legs spread and pumping a big black dildo deep in her pussy, David replaced it with his even bigger cock while John and I shared her mouth.

Most of all she likes all three cocks at once but, as yet, we have been unable to get all three cocks in her pussy at one time. The most erotic time for me is when David is in her ass and I am in her pussy, I can feel David’s huge cock fucking my wife’s ass from behind just a thin membrane of tissue away and I look up and watch her sucking John’s cock. There was one evening when we couldn’t find her until hearing a couple of horn blasts from the garage. She was in the back seat of her car and we fucked her there, then on the front seats, the hood and the trunk lid.

Helen mentioned that she’d like to spend all night with the guys and they have stayed over together and separately many times. I left her with John and David one night and drifted off to sleep to the sounds of her moaning and the bed squeaking. I awoke four hours later and they were still at it. When I went into the bedroom two hours later David was drilling her hard and deep and John was fucking her throat. It is a scenario that has been repeated many times.

She told me that David was remarkable for his age, able to stay hard for hours and in one twelve hour period he came three times. John and I can’t match that but we can still give her plenty of cock. There’s no doubt she can’t get enough of David’s big cock and he stays over frequently. I usually leave them about midnight and they carry on all night. Over time Helen has learned to take David’s cock deep in her ass and enjoys it very much.

We have booked a week’s vacation to Aruba next month and are planning to give Helen as much cock as possible in as many different places as possible. She wants to get fucked on the beach while others watch and who knows. . .maybe join us. She has also expressed an interest in very well hung black men so that may be something we can surprise her with. I’d like to watch her with a half dozen black guys and hope that on Aruba I can make it happen.

I will let you know how we get on.

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