Pata's revenge 3

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Pata and her husband Eddie were going to the fair. It was supposed to be a fun night out, filled with games and laughter and fun for everyone. Okay, almost everyone.

Pata was dressed in jean shorts and a simple top, while Eddie was wearing a polo shirt with jeans. The couple was walking around the rides, and then the food courts, and finally came the the games. They had walked almost all the way through when they spotted RowBaby and James, laughing and trying to win goldfish. As you can imagine, Eddie was hoping that his wife had not seen them. But as Eddies bad luck ran, Pata screamed with delight, and ran to Rowbaby and James. First giving RowBaby a huge hug and a kiss on both cheeks, then she turned to James and gave him a deep kiss, with her hand gripping his huge shoulders.

With a slight moan, she let James go, and suggested that the four of them spend the evening together. The look Pata gave Eddie was a look that said it was not a request. Out of the blue, RowBaby walked right up to Eddie and asked if he was hungry tonight. Turning a deep shade of red, Eddie was very clear when he said he was really full. RowBaby scowled and said she never had any fun. As the four started to get to the house of mirrors, RowBaby got and idea, and they all got tickets. As soon as they entered, RowBaby whispered in Pata's ear, and they both started to giggle. At first it was just a maze of mirrors and glass, and everyone was laughing as they bumped their way through. Then Eddie bumped into James, who had stopped. The reason he stopped is that Pata was on her knees in front of him, getting ready to open the front of his pants. It seemed everywhere he looked, there was a reflection of his wife fishing out her boyfriends cock. Then she was pumping his cock deep into her mouth as James grabbed him by the collar to keep him from going anywhere. The whole world was filled with the sight of Pata getting her mouth filled with a huge cock.

The sounds echoed off the mirrors and seemed to be all he could hear. Then as his face was as red as it could be, the laughter from RowBaby filled the air, and she pulled Pata to her feet and said there was more fun ahead. The maze of mirrors ended, and the fun house began. Eddie was forced to watch as Pata again went down on James in front of the mirror that made everything long and skinny, then short and fat. Then the moving steps provided the motion to keep stuffing Pata's mouth full of cock. All through the fun house, RowBaby kept a running commentary for Eddie. Look at how huge his dick looks in that mirror, or I can't beleive he's long enough to still be in her mouth while doing "that". Then they were out of the house of mirrors/fun house and looking for more fun. The house of terror was next and the four got into a cart. Pata sitting with James, and Rowbaby and Eddie sitting across from them. As soon as the car started, James reached across and opened Patas shorts. His hand went right to her pussy and his middle finger found her clit. As the "scary" images started to surround the cart from all sides, the screams coming from the car had nothing to do with fear.

Soon James had two thick fingers deep in Pata's pussy and his thumb playing with her clit, making her moan and scream in delight. By the time the short ride was over, Pata had already cum twice. On shaky legs, Pata and the rest left the ride. RowBaby saw the next ride and tugged Pata with her. It was the Gondola ferris wheel. All four of the fit in a small gondola that when it rotated, was easily the tallest ride at the fair. As soon as their gondola was on the rise, Pata pulled her shorts to her ankles, fished out James' rock hard cock, and impaled herself on it. Every other stroke, Pata was full of "ooooooooo" and "aaaaaaahhhhhh", and RowBaby didn't miss a beat asking if Eddies secretary was this much fun, and asking if Eddies secretary made the same conteted sounds his wife was making right now. The ride was only about six minutes or so, but by the time it was over, Pata had climaxed twice more, and James was still ready for more. The next ride was the Scrambler. It was a ride that spun you around in a cloverleaf kind of pattern, and the person on the outside edge always got squished. There was only room for three in one car, so Eddie got the ouside, James was in the middle, and Pata on the inside. As they got fastened in, Pata lowered her shorts again, and James turned her a little sideways and he pulled himself out again. The first turn pushed the three together with James pushing into Pata. The second turn was faster and ground Pata onto her lover while both were pushed onto Eddie.

By the time the ride was at full speed, every turn was slamming Pata onto a hard cock, and crushing Eddie at the same time. Every time Pata would scream, and it fit right in with the fair crowd. Again it was about a six minute ride that Pata came twice on. It was time for the concert to start at the fair, and the four made their way to get as close to the stage as possible. It was wall to wall people crammed together, and Eddie was a little relieved to be away from the rides for awhile. The band was in the middle of their set, and Eddie noticed his wife breathing really hard. At first he was a little concerned until he saw that she was once again taking James inside of her body. Eddie yelled to James that it would be nice if he could stay out of her pussy for five minutes. James and Pata started laughing through labored breathing and James explained that he wasn't in her pussy. Eddis realized the truth to his horror, that James was balls deep in his wifes ass, and that her right hand was busy on her pussy. Pata was screaming out the words to the music, and fit right in with the crowd again. The only ones that really knew different were Eddie in a daze, and RowBaby laughing at him.

Eddie could see orgasm after orgasm ripping through his wife, and as the last song was ending, he saw James stiffen and fill his wifes ass with his copious load. The girls went to the ladies room to get cleaned up, and left the men together. All the while, James reminded him that this was all the fault of Eddie, and Eddie alone. That if he could have kept faithful to his wife, none of this would be happening. But James was all to happy that Eddie made the mistakes that he did. And to add insult to injury, he offered another woman that Eddie could have another affair with. To James amusement, Eddie was horrified with the thought. The girls rejoined the men and everyone was willing to call it a night when Rowbaby saw her. A young pretty girl by herself, wearing the hottest one piece black leather dresses ever. RowBaby walked right over to her and the two of them talked for a few minutes, marked my RowBaby pointing in their direction from time to time. A few minutes later, both of them walked back and both were laughing. Rowbaby introduced the young pretty girl as Candiegirl. Candiegirl looked at RowBaby and asked if he would really do it. Eddie was nervous right away, and with good reason.

RowBabe again whispered in Pata's ear and again they started to wildly laugh. Pata looked at her husband and ordered him to strip. As he was doing that, Candiegirl was slipping out of her dress, panties and bra. Eddie saw the nude young girl and smiled until he realized the were trading clothes. The leather dress covered less on Eddie than it did on Candigirl, and the effect was hysterical. Everyone within sight of Eddie couldn't contain their laughter. A carny invited them over to his booth and made a deal with them. They would make Eddie a carnival game. For three dollars, you could spank his ass five times, and if you could make him try to cover his ass with one of his hands, you won a prize. The carny offered to split the money with Pata. In a short time, there was a long line and the dress he was wearing was pushed around his waist and his ass was getting more and more red.

Pata whispered in his ear that the more prizes they had to give away, the less profit they would make, so he better not try to cover himself. It was after 2 in the morning when the fair closed, and the carny put a little over two hundred dollars in Pata's hand. As she took James by the hand, she asked RowBaby to take Eddie home, and that the money from Eddies carnival game would pay for the hotel room for the night. She kissed Edddie on the forehead and told him not to wait up.

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