Party Women Need Love too VIII

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Indiscreet Innocence VIII: Kathleen Does It Like a Pig

Kathleen found herself now surrounded since everybody. Laura looked as pig-like as a woman could get and still be attractive with her full breasts flailing from her masturbating, and cum dripping off her chin and nipples. She wanted nothing more than to bring the once-haughty Kathleen down to her level. 

"Good! The slut came! We got her nish an opened up for some cock. NOW, LESS GET HER FUCKED,” announced Laura who with the other hand had also been rubbing Kathleen's tits during the turn on. “I WANNA SEE THIS LADY GET FUCKED!"."

"YES!" I wanna get FUCKED!" Kathleen shouted.


Jim and Sal converged and, somehow Laura managed to tear Kathleen away from them. Saying to Sal, "Get your assh over on the coush. I'll bring her over to sit on your cock." Jim went over to Nellie who was straining so hard while her brother fucked her, the tendons stood out on her neck.

Stosh knew immediately what Laura was going to do and grabbed Kathleen's other arm as the two duck-walked the ultra-drunk beauty over to the stiff-poled Sal. "Where we goin?" Kathleen slurred.

"Get you good an fucked, honey!"

"I donn wanna fuck Shtosh. You sommabisshh! I wanna fuck Jim or Earnie!" Kathleen slurred.

"Would ya fuck Sal?"

"YAAA! I wanna fuck Sal!"

"But you said you wanted to fuck Jim, or was it Earnie?" Stosh teased.

"Yesh, I'll fuck Jim an I'll fuck Earnie, buu I wonn fuck you! You gee away from me now. Gee away from me 'caush I'm not gonna fuck you!"

"We got more men on the way. Are ya gonna fuck them?"

"How manee are there?"

"I think there's four."

"Oh good!"

"Are ya gonna fuck 'em?"

"Yes! I told you! I wanna fuck everybodee!"

"Wouldn't ya like to fuck Sal firsh, honey?" The bountiful, little hostess drunkenly asked, emissions running down the insides of her porky legs.

"Yaaa! I wanna fuck Sal!" Kathleen garbled, catching sight of Sal's stiff cock.

"Turn 'roun, Babee. Open you knees a little."

"HEY LOOK, EVERYBODEE! SHE'S GONNA FUCK SAL! OK, Hon. Turn aroun. We're gonna help you down on his cock."

They turned her facing out. "There ya go, honey. Bend your knees. Thass right! Oohh thish is wonnerful! LOOG AD HER ASS, EVERBODEEE!"

"LOOK AT HER AAAAAAAASS!" Jim drunkenly echoed. Everybody was now out of their gourd.

Kathleen’s rounded, over-hanging ass had spread open wide, and was now positioned above Sal's stiff cock. Sal's hands automatically cupped the bottoms of her buttocks. He could see the outer portions of her swollen boobs as she leaned slightly forward.

"Look at the bish's ass! Look at her pussy! Ever see a cunt like that? You're gonna get it now, Lady. You're gonna get fucked like you never got fucked before!"

"I'm gonna get fucked now!" Kathleen echoed as the crack in her hairy bulge descended towards the enlarged head of Sal's stiff prick.

"Thass right, Lady! Were all holdin you, so jus squat. Lower yourself down on his cock." This was to be a wonderful view. With hair down to her out-thrust ass and breasts that stuck out like radar domes, she made a picture of female lewdness and beauty combined.

Chapter 29. Afterall, What are Sexfiends are For?

As she continued to squat her ass widened even more, and a lewd smile appeared on her slack, demented face. "Oh my God!" the hostess kept exclaiming. Everything about Kathleen now bespoke of the most lewd sex imaginable. 

This was going to be a night to remember! The rounded dome of her smooth, stomach created a sexy roll of flesh just over the thatch of her cunt. "Thass right, Your pussy's right over his cock. This'sh your party. We'll guide it in, Baby. Now, squat!" 

There is nothing as exciting as the squat of a wide-assed, beautiful woman. It was touching the way everyone was helping Kathleen with her first party fuck, but that's what friends are for, isn't it?

"Oh, look at her! My God, is she sexy!" Her tree-trunk-like thighs widened with the squatting, making her look even more broader-assed than she was. Even her thigh-flesh seemed to expand against her calves with the scissoring of her knees. She was to be on view during the fucking, and the cock sliding in and out of her cunt would match the look of depravity on her formerly innocent face.

"Ooooow! You look so good! Ya look so good! Are ya ready, honey? Are ya ready to fuck?"

"I'm ready! I'm ready!"

"After ya fuck Sal, Jim'll be ready for you. You can fuck Jim next."

"Yaaa! Jim nexsh!"

"Thass right, I wann this lady to see Erniee fuck his sister. Easy down with her," Laura said, her own baloon-like breasts quivering, as Kathleen's cunt came in contact with Sal's cock-head. 

In the meantime, Ernie and Nellie were fucking on the rug with Ernie on top of the raised?legged Nellie.

"OHHH GOD! OOOOHHH GOD!” Nellie screamed to her brother as his cock slid in and out of her. “SHE'SH GONNA GET FUCKED! SHE'SH GONNA GET FUCKED! Fuck me WHILE SHE'SH GEDDING FUCKED! ! Uuuuhhhh! Uuuuuuhhhhh! Aaaaaggghhhh! Aaahhh! FUCK MEEEE, EARNIEEEE! FUCK MEEE HAAAARRRD!" Nellie screamed, her breasts pointing up at her thrusting brother. There was a white ring of previous men's semen encircling the brother's cock up by his balls.

Laura reached down to guide Sal's shaft into Kathleen's cunt, and the head spread her labia and disappeared. "Uuuuhhhh!" Kathleen gasped as the cock-head pushed open her cunt flaps. This was it! Her first party fuck—the first of thousands. Thousands and thousands of cocks and pussies were now in her future and her breasts, ass, and cunt in theirs!

"Ya did it! He'sh in ya! NOW FUCK 'EM!"

“UUUUuuuhhhh!” the Irish beauty grunted again as Sal’s shaft shortened inside her.Then her face got a ecstatic look as the cock head went further in the vaginal opening.

"Din I tell ya? Din I tell ya, she'sh wet an wiiiide open." As soon as the cock entered, juices made the shaft glisten and flooded over Laura's hand as she guided the cock. 

"Ish in, Honey! Hish cock'sh in your cunt! Right in your fuchin cunt, yeeuw pig! Isn't his cock nice?"

"Uuuhhh-huu!" Kathleen's face radiated lewd happiness as the first of, what she knew would be, many new cocks had slid between her labia.

"Yaaah! Yaaahh!" Now her jaw thrust out and her lips curled up in the lowest expression of lust. That expression deepened facial lines that were to soon take effect with each new sensation so that after a year or so, Kathleen's face would be stamped with the stigma of carnal lasciviousness. "Yes! Yes! Aaahhhh! Ohh God! Ohh God!" Kathleen gasped. In ten years time, her face was to become so marked from thousands of such adventures, that it would radiate debauchery.

"Doesn't it feel good in your cunt?"

"Oh yes! Yes!"

"Was Sal the one you wanted to fuck first?"

"Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhhh! Ooohhh yes! Oooohhhh yes!"

"Oh, I love seein a cock go in an fuck a cunt for the firsh time! In and out, now! In and out; in an out. Now, fuck 'em hard, Hon! In and out. Fuck his brains out! In and out. In and out. Fuck him like a whore, yeeuw pig!" 

"Yaaahh! Ya! Aaahhh! I'll fuck 'em! Uuuhh! Uuuhh! I'll fuck 'em like a whore!" No one doubted that she'd keep that promise!

"FUCK HIM, BITCH!" Nellie screamed from the floor, herself getting rammed by her brother. Seeing Kathleen, her breasts jolting, jouncing up and down on her boyfriend's shaft, while own her brother fucked her, was bringing foxy Nellie to another orgasm.

"I'll fuck 'em! I'll fuck 'em! Aaahhh! Aaagghh! I'll fuck 'em! I'll fuck 'em!” Kathleen kept saying as she jounced. “Uuuugggghhh! Uuuuuhhhh! Aaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! I'll fuck him! Oohhh God, yes, I'll fuck him!"

"Happy birthday, Honey. You're fuckin him! You're fuckin him like a slut!"

"AAAgggghhh! Aaaaggghhh! Yes! A slut! Aaahh! Aaahhh! Uuuhh! A slut! Yes, like a slut! I'm fuckin like a slut! Aaaggghh! Aaagghhh! Uuuhhhhhggg! Uuuuhhhggg!"

“Yeeuw WHORE!” Stosh drunkenly shouted at his girl friend.

Kathleen had never been hornier in her life, and, as her breasts bounced lewdly she gasped, "Ooohhh! God! Ooohhh YES! I'm a whore! I'm a whore! I'm a whore! I'm a whore! Aaaggg! Aaaggg! Uuugg! Ooohh God, I'm a whore! Oh thish wonnerful! Ooohhh thisss issh wonnerful! Oh I love it! I love it!"


“YAAA,” Stosh hollered. “SHE’S NUTHIN BUT A PIG!”

Now Kathleen seemed totally absorbed in the fucking. Her alcohol twisted face had an expression of obscene happiness as she began bouncing up and down on Sal's cock, "Uuuuhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhh!"

"Up an down, Darlin! Thash right, up an down. Up an down like a pig! Fuck 'em like the pig you are, honey. Ooow yeeess, ye'r dooin it! Ye'r dooin it!"

"Uuuuhh! uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhh!" Kathleen gasped with each jouncing motion she made over Sal's prick. She was so lubricated, not only were Sal's horse-like shaft and balls coated, even his stomach glistened with the pooled juices.

"Ooooooowww! She'sh wet! SHE'SH WET! FUCK HER! FUCK HER! SHE'S WET!" Kathleen's view of Nellie, whom she now felt very attached to, getting it from her brother made Sal's cock feel all the better in her.

Laura now licked Kathleen's cum off her fingers and then stuck them in her own cunt. Masturbating, she gasped, "Does it feel good, baby! Doesh his cock feel good in ya?"

"Uuuuhhh! Uuuuuhhh! Uuhhh! Uhhhh! Uuuhhhgg!" Kathleen didn't seem to hear the question, she was so into the fucking. Her breasts were now bouncing.

"Say it feels good, honey! Uuuhhh, uuuuhhh. Oh please say hish mutherfuckin cock feelsh good in your cunt, yeeuw filthy pig! Uuuuhh, uuhhh, uuuhh!" Laura was masturbating so hard, fluids were splashing over onto Kathleen's shoulders.

"It feelsh good. Uuuuuhhh! Uuuuhhhhh! It feelsh good!" With each thrust, the irish girl's face lost more of it's intellect and contorted into a foul grimace of depraved and drunken abandon.

"My hushbann'll fuck ya nesh bitch! Ya wanna fuck my hushbann, yeeuw lowdown whore?"

"YESH! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuuhhhh! Uuuugghhh! Oh yes! I wanna fuck your hushbann! Aaggghhhh! Aaaahhggghh!" Now, the Irish beauty was bouncing on Sal's stiff shaft. Her nipples were hard as cherrys, and the engorged mound of her pubes encircled Sal's cock, coating it with her shining fluids.

"Aaaggghhhh! Aaaaagggghhhh! Ya gonna fuck all the others? Ya gonna fuck us all, bitch?" Sal asked as his pelvis rose on Kathleen's downstrokes to collide with her cunt. He was experiencing the excitement of knowing he was helping debase this beautiful woman with every thrust of his cock.

"Aaaggghh! Aaaaggghh! Aaaaggghhh! Aaaagghhh! Aaagghhh! Aaaagggghhhh!" Now her breasts were tightly bouncing. "Uuuggghhh! Uuuugggghhh!"


"Uuugghhh! Uuuuggghhh! Yaaa! Yaaaaaa! I'm gonna fuck Jim! Aagghhh! Aaggghh! I'm gonna fuck Earnie! Aaahhh! Uuuugghh!"


"I'm gonna fuck everybodeeee! Aaaggghhh! Aaaggghhh! FUCK ME, NOW! OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" 

"Oooooww loook! Look! She'sh aawwll wet! See the wet! See the wet!" Laura ran her fingers over the shaft and up onto kathleen's stiff clit. "She'sh wet enough ta cum! She can fuck everbodeee!"

Things were perfect now, Kathleen's cunt had gotten so worked up, her pudendum had swollen to almost cradle the cock going in and out. Everything was ready to be sucked.

"Ooooowwwww! I GODDA GET SOME OF THISH! I GODDA GET SOME OF THISH!" With that, the drunk hostess raised up so her engorged, balloon-like breasts stuck out under the arm she held over them in order to suck Kathleen's juices off her fingers.

The other hand now went to her own pussy as she shouted, "YAH GET ID ON, BITCH! GET IT ON, YEEUW PIG! GED IT ON! GET IT ON, WHORE!"

Meanwhile, on her hands an knees, Nellie rammed her ass backwards to collide with her thrusting brother's pelvis, and this made slapping sounds that filled the room.

Chapter 30. Her Brother's Fucker!

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuck me! Fuck me! Ooohh fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Earnie was now pouring cock to his sister causing her spiked breasts to jolt with each impact. Nellie's formerly pleasant face was now twisted demonically; twisted beyond recognition.

"Look at the fuckin! God, do I love fucking!" gasped the drunk and masturbating hostess, her glistening, cum-slick boobs doing a dance in front of Kathleen's eyes. "I love to do it or watch it or help with it. Uuuhhh, uuuuhh! FUCK HER, SAL! FUCK THAAT PIG! FUCK HER HARD!"

"TURN ME OVER!” Nellie ordered her brother. “TURN ME OVER! I wann ya to fuck me from the front now. I wanna be kissin ya when we cum!" The switch was made so fast that anyone could've guessed that this wasn't the first time they had performed that maneuver. Not the first, nor the second nor the tenth nor twentieth! "Now FUCK ME HARD, GODDAMMIT! FUCK ME HARD! I wanna feel that cock all the way up to my fuckin belly button."

Sal's cock was also sunk all the way to bump Kathleen's cervix, and his pelvis had already increased the rhythmic up and down thrust that brings such pleasure to such eager genitalia. 

Although Kathleen's high-mounted breasts were tight, they were also massive and began whipping as her cunt bounced on Sal's cock. Her mouth puckered up with intense sensuality as she felt the wonderful sensations of a plunging cock in her vagina. "Yes! Yes! Aaagghh! Aaagghhh! Aaagghhh! Fuck me! Oh fuck me! Aaacccchhh! Aaaaacchhh! Ooooohhhhh yaaaaa!"

While they fucked, they both caught glimpses of the brother and sister lunging against each other. The lovely, lithe Nellie with her breasts pointed up at her brother's chest and one hand slid down between her and her brother so she could rub her clit.

"Fuck me! Aagghh! Aagghh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Uuuuhh! Uuuuhhh! Agghh! Fuck me! fuck me!" Kathleen was heading for orgasm.


"Uuuuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Uuiuuhhh I'm gonna fuck your hushbann! Aaahhh! Aaaaahh! I'm gonna fuck everbodeee! Uuuuhhh! Uuuuuhhh!"

Suddenly Nellie screamed at her plunging brother, "YES! YES! YES! GODDAMMIT! GODDAMMIT! YES! YOU DIRTEE MUTHERFUCKIN BASHTARD! FUCK ME DIRTY, DIRTEE, DIRTEE, DIRTEE! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKIN PIG, YEEUW MUTHERFUCKER!" Her sounds became muffled when Stosh knelt down and stuck his cock in her mouth.

Now, Kathleen's hair flew as she flung her head around in ecstasy screaming, "Uuugghh! Uuuugggggaaahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! YES! YES! OOOOHHHH FUCK MEEE! OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

"THASH RIGGHH, PIG! GET IT! GET IT! FUCK HER, SAL! FUCK THAT BISSHHH! FUCK HER LIKE A PIG!" the billowing, wildly drunk hostess shouted.

The scene was so arousing, both the host and hostess converged, amazed at the dark-haired girl's enthusiasm. They moved in further, intent on helping her through the fuck. "She'sh a slut like you are!" Jim jubulated to his wife.

The birthday girl was getting the most attention as Laura and Jim massaged the bouncing Kathleen's breasts while they also helped guide her torso up and down, up and down on Sal's cock. "Feel good, Hon? Ya like to fuck like a whore, doncha?"

"Aaaggghhhh! AAaggggghhhh! Uuuugggguuhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Kathleen, between orgasms, gasped as she jounced determinedly up and down on Sal's cock!"

Now close-by, Laura egged on Kathleen as glistening juices flowed out of her cunt over Sal's thrusting cock. She whispered reassuringly in the erupting girls ear, "Now squeeze, bitch! Squeeze down on hish cock. Thash riigghh, slut. You gotta cunt, now use it! Use that fuckin cunt! Take it like a slut! Take it like a slut!"

"Aaagghhug! Aaaacchhaahh!" Like a slut! Yes! I wann id like a slut! I wanna be a slut!"

Thash right, bitch! Take it nasty, like a slut! Fuck him like a whore. Thash what the parteee'sh all about. We're gonna make you a whore!"

"YES! Uuuhhhggg! Uggghhh! I'm gonna be a whore! Uuuuggghhh! Aagghhh! I'm gonna fuck evereee-bodeeee!" Her face was now a mask of gratified dementia as Sal's cock squished in and out of her slippery-wet cunt.

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