Party Women Need Love Too (Part 7)

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

With that, a smile widened on the girl's negligent, lopsided face. Her lips pursed out in a lewd smirk, and she said, "If I'm gonna do it, guysh, I wanna do it with everybody. Doesh everybody wanna do it with me?"

"WE DO! WE DO!" the men all shouted.

"See these panties?" Nellie, now quite drunk, almost fell off the staircase while waving Kathleen's panties in the air and hollared, "These are Kathleen's birthday panties, an if you don think she's hot, you gotta check thessh out. 

"They're wet. Whar do ya wanta do about thesh wet panties, Kathleen?"

"Whoever gets her panties gets her firsh," a likewise drunk Laura declared, and with that, both women lifted Kathleen's dress again exposing her crotch with the insides of her legs still glistening.

"We got her pussey ready for everybody, guysh. Are ya ready, Hon?"

Chapter 24. Kathleen Can't Wait

"I'm ready! Oh please hurry! I can't wait!"

"See! She'sh ready," Nellie proclaimed proudly, starting to masturbate.

"She'sh ready all right! She's reeeeaaal ready, reeeeaaal ready." Laura declared, and with a move that made her cum slicked, ballooning breasts jiggle lewdly, Nellie threw Kathleen's panties down to the bottom landing.

As soon as they fluttered to the floor, there was a scramble, and Sal emerged waving them in the air. "Hey, they're soaked, he said tasting the crotch.

As the tipsy progression of fleshy females completed the trip down the stairs with Kathleen repeating, "I wanna fuck everbody, an be an animal! Everybody excep Stosh!"

"Easeee Gal! Whoopsh!" For an instant, it looked like all three drunken lovelies were going to come tumbling down on top of one another, but they finally made it off the landing of the stairs. Now, they escorted the Irish beauty over to the men, and Nellie whispered in her ear, "They're all yours darlin. Go for it!"

"Waid a minute, slurred the naked, jiggling breasted Nellie, staggering over to take Kathleen's hand. Thrilling Kathleen with her touch. The lithe beauty led her over to Sal. "I hafta innodush ya to everybodee. I wancha to meet my favorite stud, Sal."

"Oooohh yes!" Kathleen, looking at his cock having stiffened in anticipation, gasped in agreement. "I can see."

Close up, Sal, holding Kathleen's panties, the panties she had walked in the door wearing when she was innocent and sober, couldn't believe his good fortune. 

The touch of Kathleen's womanly hand as her dark eyes moved up from his cock to meet his, warmed him with the promise of a succulent encircling body to writhe against in warm abandon. His cock stiffened even further as they stood gazing in rapture at one another.

"I'm so glad you came down to party wih us," Sal said tenderly.

"You're awfully nish. I'm glad i'sh gonna be you firsh."

"Hey, you two, don't fall in love. I wanncha to meet my brother, Earnie."

Kathleen was surrounded with love. 

Music had been playing in the background and somehow a dance developed. Hands slid all over Kathleenís body as with asses and breasts bouncing, the swaying group staggered to the dance steps. Sal came over and kissed her while Jim, Earnie, Stosh, Laura and Nellie all ran caressing hands over her body. 

"We're all gonna do it with you, Sal said breaking his kiss. We're gonna drive you into crazy heaven.

They lurched around some more, and Kathleen found Earnie in her face. Then, she felt his prick against her navel. "Give me a kiss, beautiful." While this was happening, both her breasts and the cheeks of her ass received massaging from Stosh, Jim, Laura, Sal, and Nellie.

"Mike, Jamal, and Leo are on the way over, too!" Earnie hollered at his sister.

"Oh, Darlin!" Nellie impulsively, with little girlish spontaneously, planted a kiss on Kathleen's lips, then asked, "Jamal an Leo are comin over, too, Honey. Will ya fuck them, too?"

"Yes, I'll fuck them, too. I wanna fuck everybody. You can call up some more men. I'll fuck them, too." Hearing that, Jim ran over to the phone and started dialing.

"You'll fuck everybody then, bitch! RIGHT GUYS?" Stosh egged.

"I'll fuck everbodee! Kathleen said in a husky voice."

"Now tell the men how low dirtee ya wann id! Tell 'em how low down ya wanna get," Nellie wanted to get the most out of her corruptee.

"I wanna be lige a dirtee animal. I wann ush all to be low down lige the lowesht animalsh."

The men's cocks rose as they answered, "FUCKIN A!" 



"Two more guys are coming, Angelo and Mike!" Jim announced as Earnie drunkenly staggered over. Nellie steadied him by clasping his hand. Had Kathleen been less drunk, she might've noticed the resemblance between the brother and sister. She did notice his glistening, fluid coated cock that had bobbed deliciously as he lurched over to meet her.

She also noticed the gleam on the insides of Nellie's legs as she stood next to her brother. Associating the long, stiff cock with the glistening runoff oozing from Nellie's cunt, Kathleen gasped, "Are you gonna make love with your sister?"

"Doncha want us to make lo.. ah, fuck?"

"Oh yes," Kathleen hastened, not meaning to offend. "I jush thought it would be nice if I could see you make love to Nellie before you an I make love."

"Don't worry," Nellie assured, misinterpreting the flush that had moved up into Kathleen's complexion at the news of two more men. "If thash too many men. Laura an I'll take care of 'em."

Still holding Earnie's hand and breathing heavily so her hefty breasts pressed through the fabric of her dress, Kathleen corrected in a husky voice, "I might want two more loversh, ash long as ish not Stosh."

"But that's two more besishe Sal, Jim an Earnie, here."

Laura came bumping and grinding up to Kathleen, her dome like belly coated with glistening fluids as it jiggled with her pistoning walk and her cantelope like breasts sagging obscenely. "Leo an Tony'll be here, too. You godd a lot of work ahead of you, lady."

"Good!" Kathleen said. "Why stop with them. Less get enough men to give me a gang bang for my birthday."

Chapter 25. Four's a Crowd; Eight more's a Gang Bang

"You can put some of us behind you by juss bending over." Earnie remarked, thinking he was being funny. Kathleen took him seriously and said, "Stosh likesh it that way." Then, she remembered, "Budd not anymore!" Then, she flushed in excitement again, "I'm glad more men are coming. I'll do it with them, too."

"Do what?" Nellie wanted to hear the gorgeous girl say it.

"I'll fuck 'em."

With that, Nellie kissed Kathleen on the lips, then, pulling her face away, gasped, "How many, Hon? How many ya gonna fuck?"

"All of them!"

"Oooohhh Wonnerful! Wonnerful!" With that, the slinky, sexy Nellie pressed her lips against Kathleen. The two drunkenly swaying women embraced like lovers, the tall, thin one naked so her globular ass squirmed as she kissed the more substantially built, long stemmed, dark hired woman. They had good reason to kiss so avidly. 

They were on the threshold of insanity and depravity unimaginable. 

"I wanna be a pig with everbodee!"


The idea caught on and everyone started singing in unison the universal strip dance while Kathleen drunkenly wiggled her torso to the bump and grind beat. "Daaa, da da .. daa da. Daaa, da da .. daa da. Daaa, da da .. daa da. Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

As the men clapped, their cocks bobbed and the women's nippled breasts bounced. A bead of cum had formed and was now dangling from Laura's cunt flaps. "Daaa, da da .. daa da. Daaa, da da .. daa da. Daaa, da da .. daa da. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" 

"TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! Da da da!" Kathleen, her flawless arms and elbows raised behind her head in order to unclasp the two halves of her dress top, thrilled everyone with the promise of wild times ahead. 

Her long hair flowing out around her out thrust posterior, the fantastically proportioned guest of honor staggered drunkenly, yet sensuously around the living room. 

Undressing scenes like this one were to become repetitive in Kathleen's life which would have her doing this hundreds of times. The only thing that would change each time would be that it would be in front of a different crowd of celebrants.

"TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! DA DA DA DA DA! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" everyone drunkenly sang.

Finally, when it was obvious that she wasn't making any headway because she was too drunk, the Irish beauty allowed the ladies to disrobe her.

"Here, honey, the clasp is caught," Nellie crooned, undoing it with wet hands. "I'll fuck Earnie, so you can watch, like you want. I'm glad all those other guysh are comin. I'm gonna need them, an so are you. We're gonna show 'em what pigsh we really are!"

"I may even need more than them!" Kathleen gasped.

"Ooohhh God! Darlin! Yes! You'll need losh an losh!"

"TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT AAWWWLL OFF!" The guys shouted in unison as Kathleen wiggled her supple torso to assist in the disrobing.

As the top fell revealing her finely boned shoulders and her fabulous breasts encased in a DD pink bra, a collective sigh went around the room. "Aaahhhhh! Look at that!"

As the brasserie was unclasped, Nellie proudly exclaimed, "Look at these beauties, will you."

Kathleen's nipples stuck out from the lovely domes of her boobs as the bra fell away. 

"Her pussy's soaked, too!" Nellie said proudly, reaching down between her own legs in order to masturbate. She was obsessed with Kathleen's wettness. "HER FUCKIN CUNTSH FUCKIN SOAKED!" To Nellie, this was a very good sign.

"Common lady, lesh get you fuckin naked. We're gonna drive you the fuck out of your fuckin mind." They already had.

Assisted by her wiggling, the loosened dress slid down over Kathleen's broad hips, and she stepped out of it, balooning, pointed breasts jiggling with the movement. Nellie needed to get at that wonderful cunt again and dove her face in under the cheeks of Kathleen's ass. She said with muffled voice, "Fuck the dancing! Lesh all get it on! Bend over a little baby. Lemme get ya pussey ready for my baby brother."

"See! I told ya she'd go for it!" Stosh announced drunkenly. I told ya she could be like a slut like the resh of you cuntsh."

"OK now, spread yourseff, Hon!" Nellie urged from between her legs.

"Aaaahhh! Aaaaahhh!" Kathleen gasped as Nellie worked away sticking her tongue into her cunt. Jim went around to the back and steadied her across the hips in order to keep her from falling.

"Kathleen! Nellie's neeshh your pussy juice! Can ya give her something?" Laura, her chunky elbow dimpling as she reached up to carress, Kathleen's breast, asked.

"Yes, I will! AAAhhhh! Aaaahhh! I gave her some before! Aaahhh! Aaaahhhh! Budd, I got more!"

Chapter 26. Sucking for Love in all the Right Places

The long stemmed beauty's ballooning ass was wider than even Laura's, and Earnie began fondling it where the two rounded globes met over her delicious cunt. Looking down further, he could see Nellie's chin and swallowing throat muscles as her face tilted up into Kathleen's crotch.

Jim carressed Kathleen's nearest buttocks while whispering in her beautiful, delicate ear that peeked through the dark, lustrous hair, "Does your cunt feel good an wet, Kathleen, Hon?"

"Yes. Aaahhh! Aaaahhhh!"

"Are ya horny? Do you like havin her tongue up your cunt?"

"AAahh! Aaahhh! Yes, aaahhh! I like it! I need to get fucked soon! Aaagghhh! Aaaggghhh!"
"Who do you want fuckin you, Hon?"

"Agghhh! Aaaggghhhh! You or Sal! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!"

"How about Earnie? How about the guys coming over?"

"Aaagghhh! Uuhhhh! Uuuuuhhh! Them too! Uuuggghhh! Uuuuuggg! I'm gonna need them too! I'll fuck everybody excep Stosh! Aaaahhh! AAaaahhh!"

"You're beautiful, ya know. We're gonna make you a beautiful, happy pig."

"Yesh a pig! Aaahhh! Aaagghhh! Make me a pig!"

"Here, gimme a pig's kiss, Hon." With that, Kathleen turned her booze coarsened, yet beautiful face towards Jim, and they swapped tongues while Nellie sucked away at her cunt.

"Ooohh yess! Kiss me again! Aagghhh! Aaaggghhh! Oh I love you! I love you all! Uuuggghh! Uuuuhh!"

Sal had come over and was fondling her breast. Now, she began flinching with the excitement. "Open yourself. Let it go, Honey. Nellie wansh to drink you."

Jim pulled away, and asked, "Would you like me to stick some fingers in your cunt while she sucks it?"

"Uuuuhhhh Huuuh!" she acquiesced.

As he slipped two fingers in, fluids appeared, and Kathleen responded immediately, "Ooohh shit! Aaagg! Aaagggg! Thaa feelsh good!"

"I think we're gonna get her off right like this," Laura said in amazement. "God! She'sh horny! Let it go, Lady! Open yourself an push it out. Let it all go! Let it go into Nellie'sh mouth!"

"Aaaahh! Aaahhh! Ahhhh!" Kathleen gasped, watching a stiff cocked Earmie stand behind his bent over sister's ass. Already, Nellie had gotten several swallows of sex fluid. The taste seemed to broadcast horniness. The excitement this generated in her own cunt caused her ass to wiggle and clinch in and out invitingly. Cum seeped out, displaced by the surging of her insides. Jim's fingers, coated with slickness, slid easily in and out of Kathleen's cunt.

"We're gonna make you into a real tramp, tonight, Hon!" Then to Ernie, Laura said, "Boy, your sister has a nice ass. She's a horny bitch too, isn't she, eating this gal's cunt the way she ish. Your sister'sh a slut! Wouldn' ya like to do somthin about that shameful sister of yours? God! I'd love to watch ya fuck the living shit out of your slut sister while she's eating Kathleen!"

Sal approached, and bent to kiss the beautiful irish girl, and she responded with a promiscuously open mouth. Noticing his cock stick out like a ram rod, Kathleen encircled it with her fingers while flinching in delight from the combination of Jim's hand fucking, Laura's carresses and Nellie's eating her out. "That's the cock thash gonna fuck you soon, Sweetheart. You want that cock to fuck you?"

"Aaggghh! Aaaggghhh! Oohh yes! Oooohhh yess!"

"Kathleen! Kathleen! Nellie's eating your cunt. Her ass is pointed right at her brother's cock. Do you want her brother to fuck her while she's eating you? Ish your birthday, now! We'll do anything you say."

"Oh God yes! Uuuuhh! Uuuuhh! FUCK HER! FUCK HER!" shouted the drunk birthday girl. "Fuck her! Fuck yeeur sister while she sucks my cunt! Aaahhhh! Aaaahhh!" Kathleen was learning. She had what it takes!

Ernie had been standing behind Nellie while she bent over to suck Kathleen's pussy. Finally, he said, "O.K. Kathleen, my sister and I'll fuck right while we're doin you. Do ya want me to fuck you, baby sister?"

"Oh, for Christ's sake! Whaa the fuck're ya waitin for? Don' teashe mee! Jussh fuck me!" came Nellie's muffled voice from under Kathleen's ass cheeks.

"Hold the bitch's ass up while I pork her."

Sal, in the meantime, had reached in under Kathleen's bent over chest and was massaging her breasts, his stiff cock rubbing along her thighs. "Hosh that feel, Baby?"

Chapter 27. Brotherly Lust

Just then, Ernie shoved his cock into his sister from behind. Her muffled voice came back, "GODDAMMIT, YES! GIVE IT TO ME HARD, BABY! GIVE IT TO ME HARD! Aaaahh! Aaahhh! OOOHHH SHIT, I'm suckin a lot outa this gal."

The sight of a brother and sister fucking doggie style overwhelmed Kathleen with low feelings, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Kathleen gasped in a husky voice as the cheeks of her ass clinched, pumping even more juices into Nellie's mouth. 

A brother was fuckin his sister! HIS OWN SISTER! "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Her cunt juice filled Nellie's mouth, and Nellie, sucking a squirting cunt while getting fucked doggie style by her own brother headed towards her own climax.

"You pig! You filthy pig!" the brother cursed at his sister as he fucked her from behind. The party was in full gear again.

"Nellie's gettin it from her brother," Stosh whispered in Kathleen's lovely ear while holding Nellie under the breasts from falling.


"YAAAAAA! YAAAAAA!" screamed Kathleen as she started to climax. "I WANN EVERBODEEE TO FUCK MEEE! TO FUCK MEEE! FUCK MEEE!"

Since Nellie's face was parked in Kathleen's cunt, she immediately felt Nellie's head being bounced into her pudendum with each stroke Earnie made into his sister's behind.

"You're all wet! You're all wet! Can ya squirt? Can ya squirt? Squirt it in my mouth, baby. My brother's fucking me ya know, uuuhhh, uuuuhhh!"


"Aaagghhh! Aaggghhh! My li'l sister's a slut, Kathleen! She's a pig slut! Aagghhh! Aaahhhh! Aggghhh! A tramp! Uuuuggghh! Uuuuhhh! A trashy pig!" Earnie bragged as his long shaft thrust in and out beneath the cheeks of his sister's bent over ass.

Nellie managed to gasp, "Agghh! Aaagg! He'sh right, Kathleen! I'm a slut, an I wanna be more of a slut! Fuck me, big brother! Fuck me, 'caush I'm gonna fuck everybodeee!"

"So am I!" Kathleen seconded.

"We've got her all opened up, so fuck her, somebodeee! LET'S GET THIS LADY GOOD AND FUCKED!" hollared Laura as she staggered with spread open knees masturbating, cum dripping off her knuckles.

"YEEEEES! YEEEEES! WE'LL ALL FUCK! WE'LL ALL FUCK EACH OTHER! SUCK ME! SUCK ME!" Kathleen screamed, having just climaxed but heading straight into another orgasm.

Nellie pulled her pulsing face out and gasped, "Cum for me, bitch! Uuuuhhh, uuuhhhh, uuuhhh!"
"Ooohh yess! Suck me harder! Aagghhh! Aaaggghhh! Oh I love you suckin my cunt! I love it all! Uuuggghh! Uuuuhh!"

"Cum for me while my big brother fucks me like a pig!"

"Aaahhh, aaaahhh, aaaahhh. I'M GONNA CUM! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!"

"Aaahhhh, aaaaahhhhh, aaaahhh! CUM! CUM! CUM! I love your nasty cum."

Chapter 28. An Outpouring of Love

"SUCK ME! SUCK ME! SUCK ME! SUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEE! AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHHH! YEEE! YEEEE! YEEEE! YEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww!" screamed the Irish beauty as a massive orgasm swamped her pleasure centers, and she copiously squirted sex juices into Nellie's mouth.

"HOLD HER! HELP ME!" There was something about Nellie's enthusiastic, sinewy grace that had captivated Kathleen from the start. Natural and spontaneous, sex seemed to ooze from her pores, but one of the reasons it did was the effect the high breasted, big assed Kathleen had on the fun loving Nellie. The taste! The taste of the Irish girl's cunt juices now so opulently flowing into Nellie's mouth as her own brother fucked her sent surges of corrupt ecstasy through the drunken, blonde swinger. She sucked avidly, pulling the fluids out of the shuddering abdomen of the climaxing Kathleen.

Kathleen found herselfr now surrounded since several
Laura looked as pig like as a woman could get with her full breasts flailing from her masturbating, and cum dripping off her chin and nipples, "Good! The slut came! We got her nish an opened up for some cock. NOW, LESS GET HER FUCKED! I WANNA SEE THIS LADY GET FUCKED!" announced Laura who with the other hand had also been rubbing Kathleen's tits during the turn on."

"YES!" I wanna get FUCKED!" Kathleen shouted.

To be continued

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