Party Women Need Love Too: Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chapter 10. Dancing in the Pork

This gave Laura an opportunity to react. Laura realized that Earnie, Sal, Stosh and Nellie were about to get into it, and, believing that things would get even wilder if they all got drunker and turned on through dancing, gasped at her husband, "Ssshhhim, honey. Lesh ush all dance. Turn on the player, wousha honey." Even when exquisitely drunk Laura continued her hostess duties.

When dancing, the happenstance partners might freeze in forceful, drunkenly passionate embraces. Their arms encircle one another too tightly, the women almost suspended on tip-toe with their breasts crushed against their partner's chests and their crotches compressing the men's erections back against their pelvises. The lifting of women's bodies against the men heightens the prominence, in profile, of their plush, fulsome derrieres, and gives the men and other interested women an idea of how well-equipped everyone is for the debauchery that must soon follow.

With squirming asses, their bodies shudder as they embrace and soul kiss. "Oh my God!" A gorgeous woman with jug-like breasts might gasp as she pulls away for an instant, and then, breathing potent alcoholic fumes, desperately reattach her mouth to that man's mouth, or, better yet, another man's mouth.

Since there are usually extra men, an additional male might approach a caressing couple, and the excited woman finds her backside entrapped in a pelvis sandwich. Gasping, "Yes!" she might twist and launch herself at the other lover while the first had to, in the meantime, content himself with the delightful feel of her spherical, warm, wriggling bottomside against his bulging crotch. Snaking her tongue down into the new arrival's open mouth, she could clasp him so frantically, he might have difficulty breathing.

Often times, even though flushed with desire, the revelers might break for drinks and, that much more inebriated, intermingle again. The women, in particular, tend to keep an eye out for other males while writhing in another's caresses, and signal that they would later get to them. 

The desire generated from earlier embraces mixes with accelerating drunkenness so that, as even more forcefully frantic clinches ensue, intertwined partiers give vent to animalistic sounds. Instead of gasping endearments with delicate feminine voices, suggestive obscenities escape from these bountiful women in slurred, rasping tones. The beautiful female visages that turned to kiss new mouths become altered from drink and desire. Formerly dainty faces that were previously vibrant with perceptive personality devolve into slack masks of lovely, yet brutish self-indulgence. Innocent smiles change into lewd grimaces of carnality. As each horny woman gives vent to her passion, hands tenderly encircle nipples and buttocks while the kissing becomes drunkenly hypnotic.

Chapter 11. Libido and Libations

Sal helped Nellie to her feet as Laura dragged Stosh off the couch. Because they were likely to see her, Kathleen ducked back into the darkened bedroom again, but she had had an eyeful.

Sitting alone and miserable, Kathleen replayed the scene she had just witnessed through her mind. There was such intensity, such sincere affection in the kissing, and yet, it was so abandoned and promiscuous! There was something very exciting about the way Nellie and Laura could relate to their lovers of the moment as though each was special, and yet, switch in an instant.

Hearing sounds of music, she snuck back to the head of the stairs. There on the rug, standing clustered in two groups, the orgiests swayed to slow dance music. Sandwiched between Stosh and Jim, Nellie was frantically kissing Stosh on the lips while Jim pressed his crotch against her projecting rear end. As Stosh kissed, he rubbed his crotch against hers. Instead of dancing to the music, their feet were firmly planted, and they were simply kissing, embracing and rubbing crotches.

A few feet away, Laura was desperately kissing Nellie's boyfriend, Sal. Because she was short, her feet were entirely off the floor so that her knees were raised and ankles locked around Sal's legs. Earnie pressed against her from behind until she twisted, dropped to the floor, and then staggered for an instant until he and Sal steadied her. Now, she automatically reached out to embrace Nellie's brother.

Then they kissed ... and kissed .. and kissed. It was so intense that it seemed they were trying to swallow one another's tongues. Now, it was Sal's turn to hold the sumptuous hostess from behind until he was grabbed on the sleeve by Nellie, who still soul-kissing Jim, showed she wanted similar attention paid to her ass. Sal left Laura and went over to his girlfriend who still continued to deep?kiss Laura's husband. That's what parties are all about.

Because of abruptly leaving Laura's rear hanging out, the tipsy hostess stumbled until Stosh came from behind to steady her. In appreciation, she commenced to kiss his pursing lips.

Each time Laura's face tilted up to kiss someone, Kathleen was afraid she might be spotted and finally ducked back into the bedroom.

Kathleen's next glimpse showed that they had all shifted their arousal to the hostess, which had taken the voluptuous sex bomb past the point of no return. "Get me a drink, and then, get me naked! Lessh all get naked! We're gonna have some FUUUN!" 

Soon, the buxom nymphomaniac was standing, drink-in-hand surrounded by admirers who were disrobing her. Because of the out-thrust of Laura's ballooning ass, the dress couldn't drop down until Jim fell to his knees in front of his wife's crotch and pulled her dress the rest of the way over her bountiful buttocks. She only had garter belts and stockings encasing her bulgingly rounded limbs and torso. Kathleen was intrigued with the out-thrust of Laura's ass and again felt the excitement she had experienced when her hand had felt it's warmth.

As the plump hostess bent back in order to finish her drink. Kathleen saw how rounded-out her cantaloupe-like breasts really were. Her buttocks and breasts ballooned in a rubbery sort of way, like an over-inflated blow-up sex doll. Her hardened nipples penetrated so flagrantly under the elbow of her drinking arm that they bobbed up and down with each swallow of liquor. Her tummy was a beautifully rounded dome that formed a sexy crease over her swollen pudendum, a hair-covered mound, engorged with horniness, obviously ready for action. "I want my hushban to start me off."

How touching! Who says family values is dead?

There is no turning back once buttons are unbuttoned and genitalia have been stroked, and garments slide down over fulsome, quivering rear-ends. You seldom realize how big a woman's ass is until emerges from beneath her dress. Now, glimpses of stiff cocks and erect-nippled breasts appear, and when individuals, under Laura's insistence, again exchange partners, the sights of erect cocks help women make their first selection of the night, a pivotal move at a party.

This is the time for oral sex, and the sucking sounds predominate over sighs, grunts and gasps. This foreplay builds to a release that, fueled by more alcohol, sees the revelers in writhing embraces, or heads embedded in crotches, but still switching partners and generally intermingling with one another thanks, in part, to Jim's or Laura's intervention.

Breasts bobbing seductively, Laura might stagger over and tap on the naked shoulder of a man whose face is implanted in a quivering, female crotch. "Common, honey! You can't have all that good juice in her all to yourself, yet. Anyway, I been washhhing you, an my pussy needsh some attenshun."

The longer this stage extends, the wilder the party is likely to become, but eventually, something has to give. 

Finishing the booze, Laura bent back, and, placing the palms of her hands on her own bountiful buttocks, opened her knees so her husband's face could present itself into her crotch. First a little whimper escaped her as the back of Jim's head quivered due to his licking the bottom of Laura's bulging pubis like a dog might lick the gravy off of a piece of stew meat. 

With ultra-spherical breasts pointing out like cantelopes, Laura rested her hands on her husband's shoulders and gasped, "Aaahh! Aaahhh! Yes! Oh God, yes! Oh Darling! Oooohh Darling! Oooohhh Sweetheart!" Here was a husband and wife displaying their love to visitors.

Kathleen saw three men attach themselves to Laura, the guests, in turn fondling her breasts and deep kissing her. One of them tapped the kneeling husband on the shoulder, shook his hand and took his place in front of the squatting hostess' wet cunt. Fluids reflected off of Jim's face as he rose from his wife's crotch and passionately kissed her while she enjoyed getting eaten by each of the guests. The last thing Kathleen heard as she reentered a darkened hallway was, "Yes! Suck it! Suck it deep!"

It wasn't long before there was a meaningful silence. Very carefully, Kathleen tip-toed to the head of the stairs again and saw the entire group of six clustered around the couch. They were all naked except the lissom Nellie, who, with Stosh’s help, was wriggling out of her dress while Jim was pulling the panty-hose off her surprisingly curvaceous legs. Finally freeing the clinging undies from her feet, he tossed them onto the carpet, which was littered with other clothing and empty tumblers. The dress followed, and the fantastically sexy and supple guest was now completely naked along with everyone else.

Sitting obscenely naked on the couch, a burgeoning Laura had spread her legs for a slim, brown-haired, young man's face. Kathleen heard the hefty sigh as Earnie's tongue landed on Laura’s clit.

Meanwhile, the slim girl, Nellie, had also spread her legs, and Jim had slid a couple fingers into an opening in the silky-brown thatch of hair. Kathleen had a very good angle to see the action and actually witnessed Nellie's fingers rub the top of her own opening. As this was proceeding, the hostess twisted her head to kiss Stosh, Kathleen's faithless lover.

Now, one of Nellie's smooth, young hands, jumping with Jim's wet hand thrusting in and out of her cunt, was on her clitoris, and the other embraced Stosh while they kissed as lovers do. Kathleen was amazed at the vigor of Jim's hand-thrusts, but Nellie herself was no slouch when it came to ravishing her own cunt with her hand. 

"Harder! Harder!" Elbows were jerking frantically, and Kathleen could hear the foxy girl's gasps as her cunt was accorded serious and harsh buffeting by both herself and Laura's husband. "Aaaccgguuhh! Aaakkuug! Oh yes! Oh yes!" 

"Aaaaaccchhh! Yaaah!" Similar excited sounds came from Laura's end of the couch and, Kathleen, looking over, saw two, ruddy-pink, smooth mellon-like breasts topped by a vulgarly plush face in rapture. Beneath those inflated breasts rode a wide belly dome topping the back of Earnie's head.

Sal approached Laura as her back arched so that hefty hips thrust fitfully up bracketing the face attached to her cunt. "Yaa! Yaaa! Yaaa! Aagggyaa! Suck it! Suck it!"

"Gettin it good, Laura?" Sal asked lewdly. "Is he suckin or ticklin?"

"Aaahhh! Aaahhh! He's suckin, but thatsh OK, 'cause I'm a virgin right now, an I think thass more than Nellie can say," the lewd hostess slurred through glistening, wet lips as her plentiful abdomen surged in and out over the head attached to her cunt. "Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! Nellie's been naughty, I hear. Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Suck it Earnie! Thass right, Hon, suck the mutherfucker! Jim! Suck Nellie!" Even approaching orgasm, Laura still tried to control.

"I can't eat Nellie out if she's not a virgin," Jim teased, continuing to masturbate Nellie.

Nellie unclasped her lips from Stoshs' as Jim plunged his wet hand in and out of her cunt, and replied to her boyfriend who was bending over massaging her elongated nipple, "One of you guysh better eat me, or I'll get someone who will."

Chapter 12. A Pussy's a Terrible Thing to Waste.

Usually, party virginity is a cunt-sucking inducement to the men, but Earnie was a pervert and, pulling his face away from Laura's crotch gasped, "I wish you had just gotten fucked like my sister, 'caush then eatin your cunt would be tackier. This party virginity sucks ... or I mean it doesn't suck, not as good as a fucked cunt. I can't wait to suck my sister'sh cunt."

He might've said more, but as Sal fondled her breasts, Laura forced his face back into her crotch. "Well, yeeu're suckin my cunt now. Aaaahhh! Aaahhh! I think you're right! I don't think I wanna be a virgin either. Aaahhh! Aaahhh! How about it Darlin? Wouldja like to make reeeal a woman out of me?" the burgeoning hostess slurred. There was no question that Laura was as real as a woman could get!

Hostesses have certain party prerogatives, and Laura wasn’t going to brook any more delay of gratification, "Aaahhh! Aaahh! I need you in me, now, Earnie. Aaahhh! Aaaahhh! I'm not kidding anymore." There was true desperation in Laura's voice now! "I need to get fucked!"

Somewhere in the room, the sounds of kissing, petting, cunt-sucking and cock-sucking turn into a series of gasps and grunts. "UUUUGGGHHH! UUUGGGUUUHH! AAAGGGUUUUGGGGHHH!" The fucking has started.

Perhaps, on a couch a pair of knees spread and fleshy, burgeoning thighs rise into the air bracketing a thrusting, naked, male rear?end. Elsewhere in the room, two, possibly three, partially clad lovers writhing in abandon on the carpeting or nearly naked dancers, or still upright on the dance floor, find a standing position allowing the entrance of a cock into a vagina.

"AAHHUUG! UUHHAAG!" Each pair, or (since there are usually extra men) each trio or even each intertwined group of lovers, strangers before the party has started, now lose any semblance of restraint and give themselves over to total abandonment of inhibition.

"AAHHUUG! AHHAACH!" Now rhythmic grunts fill the room as glistening cocks slide in and out of excitement-swollen cunts. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" gasped in various feminine voices as hefty asses quivered and cunts clinch in anticipation of the first cock-load of the night. This does not mean a limit to the degeneration. Changes towards deeper debauchery are still to occur.

Originally, the women, even when drunk, tend to begin the partying lovey-dovey until they have enjoyed their initial orgasmic fuck. Laying with their first man of the night, in post-coital satiation, they still seek to kiss and cuddle while keeping an eye out for the next lover, "you're next, mutherfucker!" 

As naked revelers uncouple and crawl, with wet genitalia on hands-and-knees towards the next lover, affection gives way to new combinations of writhing bodies. Even as they fuck, couples merge into small groups, and perhaps larger clusters. 

"Fuck her!" Jim urged Earnie. "I'm serious! My wife has to get fucked!"

Realizing the busty slut's husband wasn't kidding, Earnie pulled his glistening wet face out of Laura's crotch. As his exceptionally long cock slid into her opening. Kathleen distinctly heard her gasp, "Ooooooggghhh, feelsh good." Then Kathleen heard rhythmic grunting synchronized to the thrusting of the slim fucker's ass between the porky, spread-open knees, "Uuuuuhhh, uuuuhhh, aaahh, aaaahh, oohh."

Nellie naturally pointed out to the host that his wife was fucking her brother, "Jim, honey. Look at your wife! Aaahhh! Aaaahhh! Look at her go! Oooohhh Jim, Honey, do you think you could eat me a little even though I'm not clean? Earnie wantsh to eat me, but he's my brother, an I don't know if that might be too decadent." Having cracked that joke, Nellie got serious, "Aaahh! Aaahhh! I need my cunt eaten sooo bad. Pleeeash don't hold it against me that I got fucked before I came to the party! Oooohhhh pleeeeeeash suck my pussy! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!" Actually, Nellie knew that her not being a virgin wouldn't put Jim off in the least.

"Let me check," Jim teased, sliding all four fingers between her lasbia and withdrawing them dripping wet. "Your flooded!" he accused, nevertheless licking the cum off his fingers.

"Thass 'cause Earnie got me off," the beauty drunkenly whined.

"Well, it does taste like pussy cum. I'll pretend I don't know two men fucked you before," he temporized, pulling his hand out of her cunt.

Now, Nellie started masturbating. "Aaaggghhh! Aaggghhh! You're gonna suck it? You're gonna suck it, you sick fuck? Aaagguuuhh! Aaaggghhuuu! Aagguuuhhh! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!"

With that, the host knelt between her girlish knees. "RAAAAUUUUUGH! RAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!" Jim put his pursed lips up to the ravishing woman's cunt just in time to partially consume a spurt of her juice. 

Meanwhile, Laura's hefty thighs began an upward jerking motion which caused her crotch and rounded belly to smack against the slim man's downward driving pelvis. Kathleen had never seen a fuck in progress and couldn't tear her eyes away until she heard an ecstatic, "Yeeesssssss!" from the other end of the couch.

What she saw totally amazed her. Jim, instead of kneeling in front of Nellie's crotch, was now laying face-downwards with only the back of his head visible since his face was buried in Nellie's thatch of cunt-hair. Now, instead of her hand being in her crotch with Jim's face, glistening with the juices she had coaxed out of her cunt, it rested firmly on the hair on the back of the cunt?eater's rocking head. She had broken away from Stosh's kiss and was gazing ecstatically at the ceiling as Stosh now fondled both her breasts. Then, her pelvis began to wriggle as Jim sucked deeper. "Yes! Right there, Hon! Uuuuggghhh! Uuuuuggghhh! Put cher tongue up higher, Jim! Stosh! Rub my breashs! Oh honey! Oh Honey! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" 

Suddenly, there was a roar from the other end of the couch, "RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGaaaacccccccchhhh!" This was followed by a flurry of jerky spasms as the slim man tried to prolong his orgasm. As he pulled out, Laura lifted her mouth from Sal's cock and shouted, "OH SHIT! YOU CAME, EARNIE! I WASHN'T REEEAADEEE! SAL! QUICK! QUICK! I NEED SOMEBODEE! I NEED SOMBODEEE RIGHT NOW!"

As Earnie pulled a dripping cock out from between Laura's ballooned vulva, Sal slid into place. Earnie, Nellie's brother was hardly out of the opening between the hefty hostess' fleshy knees when Sal presented her with a throbbingly large cock. He submerged his cock-head into the ribbon of ejaculates that Earnie had left pooled in Laura's open entrance-hole. "YAH! YAH!" Laura shouted as Sal sunk his pole home into her fleshy crotch. "Oh fuck me, Dear! Fuck me! Aaaahhh! Aaaggh! Yes! Tha's good! Fuck me! Fuck the living shit out of me!" 

With each thrust, fluids seeped out and ran between the junction of Laura's hefty ass globes. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Earnie started towards the liquor table, but Laura managed to wrap a wet, pudgy hand around his wrist and slurr, "DON'T GO A WAY, EARNIEEEEE! YOU SAYSH YOU WANNED TO EAT ME AFTER I GOT FUCKED!"

Meanwhile, Nellie headed towards climax as Jim was forced to swallow her outpour. "Suck it! Yes! Suck it! Oh Hon! Oh Hon! Yeeur good! Suck my cunt! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!" 

Due to Nellie’s ripping at her clitoris, Jim had to pull her squirming ass cheeks against himself in order to hold his face up against her cunt.

Both women had guzzled booze before the sex had even started, and their drunkenness had built along with their lasciviousness. Laura, in particular, tended to be foul-mouthed when drunk and now gasped, "Fuck me! Ohhh FUCK me! FUCK ME DIRTY, GODDAMMIT!" As she shouted this, Kathleen caught a glimpse of Laura's crotch. Because of the extra poundage on her belly and thighs, glistening, cum-slicked folds of skin encircled her stomach, making deep fissures with the skin of her thighs.

Nellie had no shame either. Here her host was eating her cunt, devouring the ejaculates from her afternoon partying, she had the gall to ask if he liked it, "Do ya taste it, Baby? Doesh it taste good, Jim? Oooohhh! Oooohhh! Uuuuuuhhhh!" Jim noticed the familiar taste of semen, similar to the flavor he would soon be siphoning out of his wife's cunt. "Please Jim! Suck it! Suck it! Aagghh! Aaggghhh! Uuuuhhh! Tell me it tastes good! Tell me you like it!"

Sal was fucking Laura so vigorously, slapping sounds of her wetness filled the room. "OOOWWWW! AAAAAAAAHHHH! Oh God, yes! Thass riggght! Hard! Hard, Baby! Harder!"

Meanwhile from Nellie, "Eeeeeaaaaahhhh! Suck! Suck! Ooooppppffff! Yes! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! YES! YES! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING! CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMING!"

Laura was getting there, too. Her chunky torso flailed in perfect synchronization to the thrusts of the dark, Mediterranean slamming his shining shaft in and out of her glistening, fleshy crotch. As he pummeled Laura, her mellony breasts, with their spiked nipples mounted on fleshy domes, did a particularly lewd, and floppy dance on her plump chest. Each time her wide and rounded bottomside rose so her cunt could absorb the cock-head being driven into it, the large hemispheres of her globular buttocks shimmered in glistening view. "FUCK ME! Aaagghhh! Aaaaggghhh! FUCK ME YOU BASSHARD! Aaagggghh! Aaaahhhuugg! FUCK ME DIRTEEE! MAKE ME CUM, YOU BASHARD! MAKE ME CUM! GIVE IT TO ME, MUTHERFUCKER!"

Wheras Laura's utterances sounded visceral, deep-down from the innards of her gut, Nellie's were more breathy. "Ooooohhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaad! Keep sucking, Hon! Keep sucking!"


Nellie wasn't far behind in the climaxing department. Even though she had just unleashed a torrent of juices into Jim's mouth, she was ready again, "I'm gonna give ya sompthin more!" she slurred. "Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhh! I'm given ya more Hon! Aaagghhhh! Aaaaccchhhcch! You're gonna get it! I'm given ya sompthin! Somthin nice to drink out of me. Keep suckin, mutherfucker, an you'll get it! Uuuugggghhhh! Uuuuuhhhh! Aaaaaahhh! You'll get it! You'll get it! Uh?Aaaahh?Haaaaa! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!"

Chapter 13. All Heaven Breaks Loose

Laura exploded into one of her famous climaxes. Even though the frame of her lover of the moment was much larger and, normally, much stronger, it was all he could do to stay on top of the writhing, twisting, flailing and convulsing female. Her eyes had become piggish, little slits in her plump face while her jaw had almost sunk into crescents of baby fat under her chin as she screamed, "YES! YES! YES! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YAA! YAAA! YAAEEE! EEE! EEE! EEE! EEE! EEEE! EE! EEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww!"

Hearing his wife's orgasmic scream impelled Jim to suck all the harder from Nellie's spurting opening. "SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! RRRRRAAAAAAUUUUUGHH! RRRRAAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH! RRRRAAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!
RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUuuuggghhhh! Aaahhhh! Aaahhhh! Oooohhhh, that was good! Soooo fucking good!" 

What Jim was drinking from the lovely guest was nothing to what his wife would later shoot into his mouth from her barrel-like lower quarters. As Jim sucked cum out of Nellie's cunt, Sal was fucking cum into his wife's cunt.

Nellie, already heading into her third orgasm, urged him on in her melodic, feminine voice with, "I'm gonna give ya more, Baby! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! I got more! I got more! I got more! I GOT MORE! I GOT MORE! Aaaguuuhh! Aaaguuuhh! Rrraaauugghh! I'M GONNA GIVE YA MORE!" 

She took her hand off of his head and slid it down by his forehead in order to assist the expulsion of her gift into his sucking mouth. Soon both shoulders spasmed with her masturbating as she screamed, "SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!" As her fluids poured into her host's mouth, Nellie's perfectly-formed globular breasts shifted up and down obscenely with the jarring motion of her masturbating.

Her pelvis catapulted forward, and she exploded into the cunt-eater's face, jarring Jim's head back. Her pelvis went into an ague-like spasm of shivering that delivered a jet-spray into Jim's mouth as she shouted, "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" She forced his face into her cum-laden crotch, "Uuuuuhhhhh! Uuuuuhhhhhh! Uuuuuggghhhhh! Uuuuuuuuu! SUG IT! SUG IT! EE! EE! SUCK IID MUTHERFUGGER! EE! EEE! EEEE! EEEE! EEEEE! EEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Kathleen noticed Jim's head also jerk with his swallowing and decided that, no matter what, she would someday have that done to her so she could have an orgasm as intense as Nellie's. If Stosh wouldn't do it, she would find someone else, even if it had to be Jim, himself. He certainly was good at that! Then, in spite of her drunkenness, she remembered that Stosh was now history. That meant she'd need a man to suck her cunt. Well, better yet, two men. The teacher was learning!

Kathleen was caught by surprise by the roar of Sal's cock exploding into Laura. After her climax-driven spasming had died down, the hefty-assed hostess had loosened so that Sal could now slam his pelvis down on the warm, slippery-wet fatness of her crotch and belly. Each impact made a wet slapping sound that excited everyone in the room, not to mention Sal who, looking down on her vulgarly eager face, gasped out his own horniness, "Aaagghh! Aaaaggg! Aaccchh!"

Now, recovered from her orgasm and regaining her rut, Laura's chunky thighs resumed the rhythm they were so accustomed to, "Aaaahhh! Aaaaa! Aaaaahhhh!" she gasped. "Oh fuck, yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me! Aaahh! Aaahhh! Fuck me!"

That was when Sal let go. "YEEUW WHORE!" he bellowed. "YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! YOU BITCH! RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGHGHHHHHhhhhhh!" This last exclamation was accompanied by his shuddering propulsion into the receptive hostesses' crotch. While clinching and unclinching the cheeks of his buttocks in order to deliver the most he could muster into her hefty abdomen, Sal's pelvis flexed in short, rapid thrusting motions. Finally, gasping for breath, he collapsed into her wet, welcoming arms.

Laura's eyes had rolled back in gratification as she and her lover settled in a post orgasmic swoon. 

As she lay under Sal, she noticed Stosh looking at her and, with her eyes, gave him the go-ahead.
"Make way," he said, tapping the relaxing Sal on the shoulder. It's an unspoken rule at orgies that the next in line shouldn't be kept waiting, and with his dripping cock dangling, Sal rose from Laura's sumptuous, splayed-out, inundated crotch.

"WAIT!" she shouted. "I wann it the other way." She tried to rise, but the plastic of the couch was slippery with cum, and both Sal and Stosh had to help the drunk beauty off her back. Finally, she was on her hands and knees with a ribbon of Sal's cum dripping out of her cunt, her ballooning ass presented to Stosh.

"I wann it doggie, Baybee! Fuck me like a DOG!" she slurred as her bulbous breasts hung like spherical udders.

Because of all the moving around, Kathleen had fled back into the bedroom, but hadn't missed that last obscenity. Half-drunk, herself she was about ready to burst.

Chapter 15. Easy Cum, Easy Flow

At the raunchiest part of Laura's parties, most women flail on the floor with other women's or men's faces imbedded in their cum-drenched, crotches, drunkenly gabbling, "ARE YA GETTIN IT? YA GETTIN IT ALL? ARE YA GETTIN III, ALL? YA LIKE II, BABEEE? YA LIKE III? SWALLOW MUTHERFUCCHHER! SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SWALLOW IT, YOU MUTHERFUCKER! DOSEH III TASSHHE GOOD, HONEY?" and to many, it does taste good, especially to Jim.

New, even better climaxes may occur and, along with their climaxing, the ladies, with faces transformed into ravaging dementia, squirm, and through flexing, humping motions, coordinate the clasping and unclasping of their ass cheeks. With shuddering buttocks dimpling inward, females try to pump the contents out of their loins into whoever's ravenous mouth happens to be attached to their erupting cunts. "EEEEEE! EEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEE!" explodes from their goulishy contorted faces as surge upon surge passes from their vaginas into the siphoning mouths.

Each flurry of cunt-sucking ushers in a new stage of fucking, and Laura, with her short, buxom body and sumptuous breasts, buttocks and limbs, to her husband's delight, usually commands the greatest amount of attention. Glistening-wet rolls of belly fat forms to overhang her engorged fuck pouch as she, with her husband's help in steadying her, squats over a succession of cocks. The jiggling globes of her burgeoning breasts with pronounced, animalistic nipples, bounce lewdly from her jouncing on cocks. Whispering endearments, her loving husband often reminds her of her trashiness and watches her porcine, cum-slimed face take on pre-orgasmic grimaces as she flexes up and down over her lover of the moment. Urging her to indulge her voluptuous bulk to the sickest possible extent in her activities, he lovingly guides her through a series of shuddering orgasms as her otherwise loose cunt clinches tight around each new exploding cock.

Since Jim makes sure the women especially drink enough to make them completely insane, these fleshy angels fuck and drink themselves into oblivion at Laura's and Jim's parties. More men might've arrived by then, and will immediately be set upon by rampaging, staggering, wet, ejaculate-dripping females that could only make gabbling sounds out of their contorted, cum-slimed faces. 

Screams and curses predominate, but otherwise, the women can barely enunciate, save to plead for more cock. 

The lovely ladies eventually exhaust even the new arrivals and, if they aren't too drunk, seek out each other's cunts for the ever-gratifying sixty-nine position. Laura's whole body, and especially her befouled cunt, offers Nellie and Jim a fountain of genital emissions to suck from, and Nellie's cunt, in turn, is often the fountainhead for the cum-thirsty Laura. 

Nellie, usually barely able to crawl at this point in the evening, loves to find Laura in a similar state and the two, so slimed with cum, it has soaked their hair and is dripping from their chin and elbows, fall into a lovers' embrace. Shouting at one another's deranged faces, these nymphomaniacs gibber nonsense sounds like, "GAA

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