Party Women Need Love Too (Continued)

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chapter 5. Party Women Need Love Too

Nellie and her brother, Earnie, lived in a town house along a thoroughfare. The neighborhood had once been fashionable, and the condominium behind an ivy-covered wall still had signs of quiet elegance in spite of the four-lane traffic zooming past.

Laura threw, by far, the most wonderful parties. She seemed slap-dash, but intuitively knew how important it was for an orgy to evolve gradually, but no too gradually. Her motto was, "Give the women what they need, and the men will get more of what they're after."

It's a myth that all women are limited only to the aesthetic aspects of atmosphere during sex, while men seek only the most direct and ribald satisfactions. Most women do, indeed, need the love, the warmth, and the tenderness that gives sex true meaning. However, among these female aficionados of sensuality, there are the more dissolute women, women such as the heavy drinking and drug-using Nellie, females who thrive on multiple sex partners. However, they, too, need the love, the warmth, the tenderness that gives sex true meaning. They just need it from more people!

Once these enchanting party animals experience the loving, tender moments that lead up to later alcohol-and-drug-driven abandon, they will eventually far outstrip any of the men when it comes to brutish, rapaciousness.

Laura's parties were organized along those lines, and somehow, she managed to guide events so they neither unfolded too fast, not too slow.

What about the men, those shallow creatures who, left to their own devices would have a party immediately turn into an orgy, then, as soon as they had delivered themselves of their cock-loads, lose interest until they had regained potency? Perhaps the fact that most inveterate female partiers are bi-sexual stems from the incompetence of their male counterparts. 

Although Laura's parties did, indeed, encourage women-on-women cunnilingus, especially when cunts were overflowing with ejaculates, they offered a choice. Whereas other parties invited couples, Laura always amended her invitations with, "Bring extra boyfriends. If you don't find a use for them, I will."

And so, Nellie could experience the entire spectrum of pleasure whenever she went over to Laura's and Jim's. First, Nellie could sit on a couch with a man she had never before met and carry on a fascinating conversation about their goals in life until the influence of potent libations eventually found them intertwined as though they were enjoying a heavy high-school date. 

Next, she could know the most tender feelings of love, fall deeply under the spell of gentle caresses, embraces and profoundly serious kissing. Slurring choked expressions of admiration, they could charm one another and exaggerate the expression of their feelings with murmured endearments while their hands sought to arouse. 

Laura always seemed to know how long to let this progress, and soon suggested changing partners in order to shuffle the deck. It never failed that the arousal kindled from the first love-play would carry over to the next companion but eventually bring excited revelers back again into previous admirer's arms after each had sampled several other lovers' charms.

Either dancing or sitting next to a new man, Nellie, usually drunker and further into rapture, repeated this bonding process. Now flushed and gasping with need, the petting went a stage further.

Chapter 6. Incensed from Snooping

Nellie was very turned on by the prospect of an evening with multiple makeouts, and her mannerisms displayed it. Seeing Stosh's cock move under his jeans, she broke away from her brother and the other man and ran to him, gasping, "Is that 'specially for me?" No one noticed the dark-haired beauty who was weaving up the stairs, her hand raised to her mouth in drunken shock.

Bursting into the nearest bedroom, Kathleen flung herself across the bed and, while sounds of cheerful conversation and laughter filtered upstairs, cried herself into an alcoholic stupor. She was especially embittered by the fact that Stosh had used her birthday as a pretext to get her to come to an orgy where he could make out while he neglected her. After a while, the sounds of conversation momentarily died down. 

Sitting upstairs in the darkened bedroom, Kathleen heard the clink of glasses and more laughter. The alcohol Kathleen had consumed was making it difficult for her to keep from rubbing herself in the wrong places.

In order not to do anything as dissolute as that, Kathleen got up off the bed and crept around the corner and looked down at the assemblage. Standing around a serving cabinet were the partiers in cheerful conversation. Much to Kathleen's surprise everyone was still clothed. Laura, of course was hardly decent considering the size of her bovine boobs and the opening in her dress. From above, Kathleen could see how animalistic her spherical bosoms really were.

Carefully, she snuck to the head of stairs to look down at the gathering as they wandered over to the couch to sit and converse. The sofa was very long and, centered in front of it, was a coffee table also covered with whiskey, mixers and glasses. Seating themselves on the couch, the six revelers looked somewhat out of proportion, what with their being two women and four men. Kathleen, fueled with alcohol and longing, reflected that, even had she not run away, there would still be one man too many, or is one man too many, too many? Maybe there's no such thing as one man too many.

Over on the left was Laura with her husband, Jim, at the end of the couch and Stosh on the other side of her. A dark, Mediterranean?looking man sat at the near end with the lovely Nellie seated next to him, and next to her in the middle of the plastic-covered couch was a youthful, slim man with light, brown hair. He looked far more likely to be Kathleen's brother than the Italian, whose name was Sal.

Kathleen was intrigued by Nellie's charm and grace. With fluid and natural motions, she engaged any and all in animate conversation. One minute her eyes would bulge comically in a parody of some person or event, and then, everyone would laugh with the good humor she radiated. 

She was far too self-assured to be as innocent as she initially appeared, and Kathleen, enviously perceived that this was a woman who lived life to the fullest. Her hand might rest momentarily on someone's wrist forearm or shoulder, and Kathleen could imagine the thrills that might shoot through the lucky recipient of that casual touch. Her mouth would occasionally open wide in appreciation of a joke, and display even rows of sparkling teeth. 

All of the sudden, Kathleen, shocked by the dirt in her own mind, envisioned that childish mouth enveloping the engorged head of a throbbing cock. Looking more carefully at Nellie, however, she now saw a new side of that beauty that blended in perfectly with her obscene vision.

Chapter 7. That's Why the Lady is a Tramp

Nellie, who lived on an annuity from her father, was a fixture at road-houses where she drank prodigious amounts of alcohol and fucked enormous numbers of men. Women who drink regularly produce greater concentrations of female hormones due to some mechanism in the female body. Not only that, Nellie also took hormone pills for birth control and so was a veritable estrogen factory, and it showed by her extreme femininity and flagrant nymphomania. The overabundance of alcohol-caused sex hormones, not only heightened her sensuality, it caused her to emit pheromones, those undetectable sex smells that cause horniness in others. 

Since pheromones such as Nellie emitted could draw lovers from across the room, so it's not surprising that anyone fortunate enough to get their face down in her crotch would become energized with horniness. When other revelers ate her cunt, they didn't realize that it was the pheromones that was driving them wild. In spite of her flagrant behavior, Nellie was in perfect health. Despite a small hang-over every morning, she always ate a large breakfast accompanied by various nutritional supplements and vitamins.

After breakfast, she exercised in a health spa, although it was hardly necessary since her afternoons and evenings were so filled with wild, sexual acrobatics that every muscle in her body was firm. She would, however, excel at the machines while she surveyed the gymnasium for studs. She never missed lunch, preferring to eat with some stud she had picked up at the health spa, or in summer, the beach. Her lunch was also nutritious except for the fact that she started her afternoon drinking at that point. If she hadn't picked up a man by then, she could usually find someone at the restaurant, sometimes going as far as sneaking back into the kitchen to proposition the staff.

After making out with her first lover of the afternoon, she drove past bars, and if she saw pick-up trucks or tradesmen's vans outside, she'd wheel her sports car into the parking lot. Vans were her preference, because that might mean there was an actual work crew drinking at the bar, waiting for her advances. Not only that, space could usually be cleared on the floor of the van for her to unroll the sleeping bag she always kept in the small trunk of her little car.

Unless she found herself at some location where a party was in progress, Nellie repeated this program all afternoon, and deep into the night. Each successive bar saw a more despoiled Nellie stagger in, her lovely, long hair flowing past her lithe shoulders. By the end of the night she was far too drunk to drive, and usually during the wee hours, one of Nellie's daytime boyfriends would get a call from her in a barely recognizable voice, and, if he was willing to fetch her, and had a strong stomach, was guaranteed one of the filthiest, but wildest sexual experiences a pervert could hope to have. 

Oftentimes, however, Nellie had to resort to calling her brother, Earnie, who already knew what to expect and would drive through the night with an erection. "Well did you have fun, Sis?" he'd ask her as he prevented her from falling while she planted the globes of her beautifully broadened ass into the passenger side of the car.

"Have you been a nasty slut tonight, Sis?" As they drove away, Nellie'd answer him by guiding his hand under her dress where her inner thighs were slick with the amount of immorality she had had that afternoon, evening and night. As Earnie sped through the night with his lovely sister swaying next to him in the passenger seat, he knew his fun was just beginning! 

Chapter 8. Low Society

Nellie had a cock?tail glass in her slim hand and brought it gracefully up to her lips, sipping a potent-looking liquid from it. Laura, already tipsy, was nevertheless drinking from a high-ball glass, while Stosh gazed longingly at her lush curves.

Kathleen could hear the sounds of small-talk, but couldn't make out the words except to know that the conversation was racy but not obscene. With exaggerated, good-humored gestures, the fantastically beautiful Nellie daintily touched the Italian's wrist with the tip of her fingers. Entranced, he turned his head slightly sideways in order to tenderly kiss her.

"Well, that's her boyfriend for sure. The other must be her brother," Kathleen surmised to herself, I wish Stosh cared that much for me that he'd openly kiss me tenderly.

Stosh was displaying anything but love for Kathleen. He and Laura had suddenly become locked in a deep embrace. There was no longer small-talk. Heavy breathing dominated the silence. Kathleen was horrified, but wondered if this display of serious attraction didn't disturb Jim, who was leaning forward to fill Nellie's brother's glass.

Laura gasped, as she broke her kiss for an instant, "Jim Honey, I don't think I can hold back. Please don't be upset if Stanley and I go a little too far with our love-making. Maybe I've had too mush to drink, but after all, this is a party, and I've got to do what I have to do; and I think I've got to do it now."

"Don't worry, Darling. I knew if you drank this way something would happen." Then, he placed a hand over each of her bumptious, melon-like breasts as he continued, "I know how awfully strong your needs are. We're adults, and we can handle a little adultery. I know you love me." This was a turn-on game they played at this point at most parties.

Kathleen had heard that. "Oh my God. Stosh and Laura are gonna go all the way in public, and Jim doesn't mind!"

"Honey, there'sh also Sal and Earnie. I'm afraid you'll have to handle a whole lot of infidelity, tonight."

"Go ahead, Darlin. I understand, and this is a party, and that's what parties are for. Don't hold back, Darlin. I'll still love ya, no matter what you do and how many you do it with. Our marriage is strong enough to stand even a whole lot of adultery." This kind of talk was meant to turn everyone on, and it was accomplishing its purpose.

"Hear that, Stanley? My hushbann says it's OK. Oooohhh Stanley, I need it! Hold me honey! Ooohhh Honey!" Then, she frantically embraced him so they leaned inwards towards the other trio, grasping and gasping.

Kathleen couldn't look, so she turned her gaze and espied Nellie and Sal. Nellie was obviously in love with Sal. How could it be otherwise considering the desperation with which she was kissing him? Kathleen didn't know, of course, that Nellie's desperation was being intensified by her previous make-outs before arriving. Was Laura in love with Stosh now? Could it be possible? What about the other men? What were they going to do now that the making-out had started? Maybe she should go down and take care of them?

"Where did that thought come from?" Kathleen was horrified by her own flights of fancy.

Just then, Laura, who had noticed Sal, broke her kiss with Stosh and, her protruding breasts rubbing over Jim's lap, leaned across the couch to tap Nellie on the thigh, and Kathleen could hear, "I haven't really met your new boyfriend, dear. Why don't you send him over here a minute."

"What about me?" Stosh complained.

"That's my wife for ya," Jim boasted. "She can sure be a tease sometime."

Nellie, gasping from the passion of her embrace with the dark Italian, looked stunned from the sudden loss of her lover. She yielded gracefully, though, realizing that it was the hostess' prerogative to commandeer any male guest at any time.

What the eves?dropping Kathleen didn't realize was that Laura was performing her hostess duties to keep everybody circulating so as to build libidinous pressures. This was second?nature to Laura since she and Jim threw at least one party a week, usually two. As Sal walked around to sit with Laura, Nellie held a hand out to Stosh who in spite of having to struggle with an erection, immediately took Sal's place.

"I'm glad to see you again, Stosh. I've missed you. Look at my boyfriend an Laura, would you?"

Wordlessly, Laura and Sal had turned so they longingly gazed into one another's eyes with serious intent. "You are a stunning, man! Do you know that? I can't believe how handsome you are!" Laura gasped passionately. 

Sal, already hot from having petted with Nellie, noticed Laura's desperate hunger for love and felt similar needs overwhelm him. Soon the pair was deeply making out. "Ohhh God! Oooohhh God!" Laura gasped, "You're wonnerful! We're gonna be lovers, aren't we, Hon? Jim says I can have lovers tonight, an you're gonna be one of them." Sal was caressing a woman who had over five hundred different lovers every year of her 15-year-old marriage.

"You're mine now, Baby!" Stosh said as his hand encircled the beautiful brunette's buttocks."

"I guess I've lost my boyfriend," Nellie said with mock indignation.

Chapter 9. Changing Partners

"His loss is my gain, Honey." Stosh said with his usual insensitivity. Hearing that, Nellie pursed her lips out to kiss Stosh, and they immediately launched into a frantic, gasping embrace. "Oh Stosh, darlin! I need it so bad!"

They desperately planted kisses wildly over one another's faces until their lips ended up melded into a fervid exchange of tongues.

It was Jim's turn to intercede, and being as Jim was the host, Stosh had to relinquish the aroused and flushed Nellie. "What do ya have in that sexy little box?" he inquired, eyeing it on the table.
"Oh just some party treats, Dear!" Meanwhile frantic gasping sounds were emanating from Laura and Sal who were now squirming with desire.

"Treats from the sweet, huh, Hon?"

Jim looked over at his wife making out with the dark and hairy Sal, and inquired, "Laura, Hon! Have I your permission to kiss this lovely lady for bringing her box to the party?"

Laura wasn't able to answer.

"Aaaagggg! Uuuhhooohhhmmmmmppffff!" Stosh looked over and noticed that Laura's knee had raised in excitement and displayed between two barrel-like thighs, the widening flesh meeting at a very swollen pudendum. Her knee remained aloft in her excitement, her amazingly large and perfectly rounded ass cheeks drawing Stosh's face like a magnet. As he got up to attend to Laura, Earnie slid over next to his sister who was now frantically kissing Bob, the host.

Earnie, the brother, placed his half-empty drink on the table, leaned over and planted a kiss on his sister's jaw while her mouth was engaged in deep-kissing Jim. Not realizing it was her brother, she broke her kiss and, believing it was either Sal or Stosh, boozily puckered towards the other male, until she saw it was Earnie.

"Earnie! Stop that! I don't feel like it. At least not yet."

Playfully, he reached in by her breasts and, laughingly, she shoved him over against Stosh, and Sal who was deep into his love-making with the blowsy Laura. Stosh had bent over to plant a kiss on Laura's still exposed cunt?mound when Earnie was catapulted against him causing them both to land on the floor. Jim waited patiently for Nellie to resume kissing him. Stosh pulled himself up over Laura and they immediately sought to swim into each others bodies, while Sal looked over at Nellie who was trying to hold off her brother.

"Stop that!" Nellie, wanting to concentrate on deep-kissing Jim, said; but Earnie, who had apparently gotten slightly drunk persisted. Jim didn't seem to mind and held her tenderly and lightly, awaiting the outcome of the brother?sister struggle. "Pour me a drink," Nellie ordered her disorderly brother.

"No!" he countered and suddenly reached his hand in under his sister's dress. Jim, realizing that Nellie was enjoying this form of foreplay, went over to assist the arousal of his wife. Caressing his well-fleshed bed-mate while she writhed in other men's embraces was totally thrilling to the indulgent husband. It wasn't long before he had one of his wife's large breast globes out and was sucking on the nipple while she squirmed even more lasciviously in Stosh's embrace.

"Do, it!" Jim urged Laura. "Do it real nasty, Honey."

Meanwhile, Nellie pretended that she was trying to stop her brother, and giggling, they wrestled for awhile, until she leaned back with an "Aaaahhhhh!"

Sal was now a spectator and drifted over to rescue Nellie should she seriously request it, but apparently, Earnie had found the part to rub, because, Nellie lost all her effort at holding him off. "Nooooo!" she gasped deliriously. "No Hon, not yet! Oh I don wanna do it yet, aaahh, aahhh, oooohh Honey! Not yet, uuuhhh, uuhh, please! Oooohh please, not yet! Sal! Make him stop, Sal." Sal knew she didn't mean it, so he held off, waiting for a chance to shove his cock between her lovely lips.

"Uuuhhhh! Uuuuhhhh!" Laura was too far into it with her lovers to notice what was going on. She had broken her kiss with Stosh and was now deep?kissing her husband, as she slobbered, "Hold me while Stosh an I make love, Honey. Hold me so I know you love me while I fuck him."

Stosh had meanwhile leaned over to kiss the nipple of Laura's other globular breast. By instinct, she had laid her hands across each of their crotches and arched her back in excitement as her husband continued to suck face with her.

"No, no, no, no," Nellie whimpered as her brother twisted his elbow, doing something under her dress. In spite of her whining protestations, she seemed to be relaxing under Earnie's ministrations.

"Is Earnie twisting his hand in your cunt, Darlin?" Sal asked the party girl.

"Yes! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! He's making me feel sooo good," replied the writhing Nellie, and then she tilted her sexy face back hornily to receive a kiss from her lover, Sal. 

"But this is wrong! He'sh my big brother, aaahhh, aahh. Oh God, Sal, Earnie'sh makin me feel like I wanna be an animal!" She fell back and surrounded his shoulders with her arms.

"It was true!" Kathleen realized, "Everything they said about Nellie being a whore was true! What type of woman would let two men pleasure her at once, one sliding part of his hand in and out of her while kissing another?"

"Ooooohhh God!" Nellie managed to gasp, looking longingly into Sal's eyes while her brother masturbated her. Her abdomen rose and fell while Earnie busily worked his hand in her crotch under her dress. "Ooooohhh God, Earnie! Harder! Ooohh shit, harder!" He could tell by the wetness that his sister had recently been fucked, and that turned him on all the more.

"You got fucked today. Didn't you little sister?" Earnie teased, as his fingers slid in and out of Nellie's slippery cunt canal.

"You did?" Sal asked the girl, but her answer was to quest desperately for his lips. He obliged and they kissed frantically while Earnie continued his ministrations under her dress.

"Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhhh! Harder!" Nellie now urged her brother as her lover ran his hands over the writhing torso that had already indulged in adult pleasures that day.

Nellie, all the more excited by the effects of Sal's knowing about her wetness enjoyed Sal's surge of lustful attention. 

She broke her kiss from Sal's lips and gasped to her brother, "Harder, Earnie! Harder!"

"I won't do these pushins unless you admit you got fucked today," Earnie teased as his arm almost stopped plunging in and out of his sister's crotch.

"Oohh Earnie! Don't do this to me! Don't stop noooow! I'm almosh there!" she pleaded, trying to move Earnie's wrist back into the in?and?out motion.

"Just admit to your lover that you went out and got FUCKED today, an thash why you're pussy's all wet. Then, I'll start up again."

"Ooohhh Sal," she gasped to her boyfriend. "I couldn't help it. Oh pleeeesh, Earnie! Let Sal do it!"

"Keep going!" Sal said to Nellie's brother.

"Admit it! Tell everybody you've been fucked before you came over here with us, an thas why you're wet."

"YES! YES! I BEEN FUCKIN!" she shouted in desperation, now pulling and pushing at her brother's hand so it was plunging again. "Ooohh Sal. He's made me so horny! You don't mind, do you?" 

Breaking the kiss for a moment, Sal asked, "How many, Love? How many men did you have?"

"Aaahhh! Aaaaahhhh! I only had two. Aahhh! Aaahhh! I met these two hunkey guys juss before I met you an Earnie. Do it some more, Earnie-Babee!" she slurred to her brother. "You shouldn't show everybodeee! Oh, you know I'm so horny!"

Now she began to squirm again in order to signal her brother to masturbate her some more. Looking back at Sal, she smiled seductively, yet affectionately, "I juss had to fuck 'em, Sal honey. It's OK isn't it?"

"It's OK, honey! It's OK!"

"Were they good? Did ya like it, sister?" Earnie gloated. 

"Oohh Earnie, do it harder. HARDER!

"Didja fuck 'em dirty, sis?"

"I loved it! Aagghhh! Aaagghhh! I fuckin loved it!"

"Didja fuck 'em dirty, bitch?"


"WHAT DID I TELL YA! Earnie shouted in glee while he masturbated his sister.

Gasping, Earnie continued, "You came to the party without cleaning up, didn't you?" and Sal kissed her passionately already knowing the answer as Earnie's hand became more and more coated by the results of his sister's afternoon interlude.

Jim pulled his lips off of Laura's breast, and looking at his wife's scrunched-up face as she enjoyed Stosh's cunt-eating, chuckled, "Hear that? Nellie came to the party already fucked."

This did, indeed, turn his wife on as she gasped, "Oh God, what a slut Nellie is! Oh God! Suck it, Stosh! Suck my fuckin cunt!"

"An you're wet from your fucking, Earnie went on. You came to a party with some man's stuff in you, an thas what my hand's sliding so easy in and out of you now."

"YES! YES! IM WET FROM FUCKING! I'm nice an wet for the party! OK? Thass what you want to know? I'm wet for the party!" This was now the alcohol talking. "You know how I am, hon, yeeuw basshard. I fuck at the drop of a pair of pants! Aaahh! Aaahh! Their juices feel so good in me, I decided to come to the party like this. But now you won't give me head."

"I'll give ya head anyway, baby," Sal promised.

"Thass not nice! He shouldn't give you head. Not while you're filled with other men's cum," Nellie's brother teased. "You're dirty for the party!"

"All right. I'm dirty for the party, OK? Are ya happy to know I'm dirty for the party?"

"Yes I am! I'm glad you're dirty!"

"Will yyeeuuw give me head, too?"

"Sure, I'll give you head. I'll give you head 'caush I'm a pervert!" With that, Earnie went back to a vigorous, in-and-out plunging motion while Nellie squirmed in the lust of it all.

"Harder! Do it harder! Uuuhhh!" Then, as her brother brought her towards orgasm, Nellie turned towards her lover, "Kiss me Sal! Kiss me hard! Aaagghhh! Uuhh!"

The sloshing sounds of most of Earnie's hand plunging in and out of his sisters cunt, filled the room, turning everybody on, especially Earnie who gasped heatedly, "You're sooo wet, you pig! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! So WET!"

"Uuuuhhh! Uuuuhh! I'm gonna show ya sompthin! Aaahh! aahhh! I'm gonna show ya wet! Aaahh! Aaahhh! Feel the wet? Aaagghhhh! Aaaaccchhhcch! You'll feel it! Uuuugggghhhh! Uuuuuhhhh! Aaaaaahhh! You'll feel it! You'll feel it! Uh-Aaaahh-Haaaaa! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!"

"I feel it! I feel it, Baby Sister! Let it go, you Bitch! Let it go!" Earnie suddenly pushed and twisted into his sister's writhing crotch.

"Eeeeeaaaaahhhh! HARDER! Oh fuck! Harder! Ooooppppffff! Yes! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" 

With that, Nellie exploded, "YES! YES! OOOOOWWWW! OOOOOWWWWW! AAAAAAGGGHHHHH! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMING! I'M CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMING!" Her body writhed and shuddered violently in the two men's arms. Then, her back arched, then released, then arched again with each outpouring from her cunt.

As Nellie slumped into her lover's arms in post-orgasmic swoon, Earnie pulled a dripping wet hand out from under her skirt and slurred, "Look at thish! Look at Sis' juicy-woosey!"

Now that Nellie's brother and her boyfriend knew she had gotten fucked, it made her feel more decadent to see the dripping hand pulled from her cunt.

"I had to. There wasn't time to clean. I came to the party sexed up. Ya like me all sexed up and ready, Hon?"

"God yes! I love you ready!" Sal gasped, reattaching his lips to hers. "That makes you a real woman!"

She pulled her lips away, and puckering them towards her brother gasped, "Aaahhh! Aaahhh! You like me like this, too, big brother?"

"That's why you were walkin like that, wasn't it? On account of just gettin fucked."

Nellie looked dreamily up at her brother and slurred, "They came inside me! Both my lovers came inside me this afternoon, an now is'sh gettin all over you, but you like that, don't you Big Brother, 'cause, you're sick." 

With that, she puckered her lips towards her brother, and, as he continued to thrust his hand in and out of her cunt, they first tenderly, then, passionately kissed. Earnie was inspired by knowing his lovely sister had carried two men's ejaculates inside her luscious loins to the party. Ejaculates that his thrusting hand had driven from her cunt out onto his bare arm.

"Aaaaahh! Aaaahhh! I had two guys, an I told 'em to fuck me hard, an they fucked me an fucked me an fucked me an drove me out of my mind, an now, you guysh are gonna do the same thing. Aaaagguuuhh! Uuuggguuuaaah! Aaauuuggghh!" 

Nellie now writhed in exstasy, grasping Sal with abandoned desire. "Oooohh God, I'm soooo horny! Ooohh God! Aaahhh! AAAahhh! So fuckin horny! Soooo horny! Aaagghhh! Aaaaggghhh!"

Stan, hearing the provocative gasps emanating from Nellie, looked in her direction, and what he saw caused him to crawl over to her.

"She got fucked today," Earnie informed Stosh. "Two guys, an she hasn't even cleaned up. I knew she couldn't go a whole afternoon without getting laid." This was the kind of conversation that only the best of parties offered.

"Hey guys! My little sister's not a virgin!" Earnie informed everybody. This news made Jim's mouth water.

Note: this is the 2nd installment. Many more to follow.

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