Part two of my island love

(Part 1 from 1)

Now don't get me wrong oral sex is a wonderful thing. Especially the way Bud does it! But, as we held each other, there on the sand completely alone, both of us naked, we both looked at each other and as Bud pulled me closer, my legs over lapped his and I sat on his lap. As I did, he took his big swollen cock and put it against my open pussy. I lifted up and into him! His cock went into my hole easy and smoothly. I cried out: "OH BUD!!! OH YES!! BABY!! OH YES! FUCK ME!!" And I began to pump my body into his like I was on fire. I was!!! We fucked like that for a long, long time. Since we had both cum only minutes ago, neither of us was ready to cum again! So we fucked into each other again and again and again with complete and surrendering passion and desire. As I sat on Bud's lap he held me under my arms and I had my arms around his neck until he bent his head down into my breasts. I bent back as far as I could bend and used my hands to lift my tits up to his mouth! He sucked on each of them in turn as we continued to pump into each other. He said: "Hey, Let's get up and go into the water baby! And we can finish each other off in the Caribbean!!"

 I smiled and told him: "OK!" We uncoupled and stood up. Bud lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his strong body as he carried me into the water. I put his cock all the way back up inside my pussy and I humped on it like a teenager fucking for the first time! God!! I was hocked on his cock! I loved the feeling of his thick shaft in my body! It made me cry out many times during the 4 days we spent together And, I made him cry out a few times too! He walked into the water with my body wrapped around him and my pussy ridding on his hard stiff cock! He walked out until he was almost up to his waist. My body pumped on him as we fucked like two machines. The water was warm and very gentle with almost no waves. The clay was quiet with not another person around. We stayed in the water just humping against each other for I don't know how long. Bud would bend me back and suck on my hard nipples as he rocked his cock into my pussy! My legs stayed wrapped around him and each time me made me climax I squeezed them tighter around his waist! He would say to me: "Oh baby! Your pussy feels so nice as it squeezes my cock.

Mummm baby I could stay like this forever. " And, he just slowly kept pumping it in and out of my hole! I was in a dream world only broken when my body reacted to his fucking me and I would orgasm! Each time I reached the peek of my orgasm I couldn't help but cry out his name as I rocked on his cock! God!! This man could last forever! I got off on his big thick cock as we stayed in the clear blue water slowly fucking. The sun beat down on us and I could finally feel Bud's cock swelling and becoming even larger inside my pussy. I knew he was about to have his orgasm. As he moved faster and faster fucking in and out of my pussy with that big cock, I held on to him trying to squeeze my pussy walls as tight as I could around his cock. He was pumping into me now with the fastest and quickest short steady movements yet. And then!!!! He moaned and began to cum. Just as before, he shot huge amounts of his hot white cum into my body! He pumped and pumped harder and faster and, faster, as his climax reached its peek! He strained hard trying to put the very last drop of cum into my hole and trying to keep his feeling of climaxing for as long as he could make it last!

As we kept thrusting into each other some of the cum began to leak out of my pussy and float on the top of the water around us. Our mouths were locked together along with our arms and my legs holding us tightly together as he fucked me, a little slower now. As Bud began to come down from his climax, I couldn't hold the position any longer and lowered my legs from around Bud's waist. His cock was still up inside my pussy as we stood in the water holding each other pushing against each other. His cock was softer now but the big cock head and some of his shaft were still up inside my pussy still giving me thrill and making my passion stay high! The workout we gave each other was making us hungry and finally he pulled out completely. We walked out of the water back to the blanket. The palm trees were now providing shade and they cooled us both off while we ate.

Part #2
Both of us were a little red and decided to stay under the shade for the most part of the afternoon. I rubbed suntan lotion on him making sure his sweet cock wasn't going to burn. I wanted more of that big cock and didn't want it sunburned and not out of commission!! I slowly rubbed the cream around his cock. I pulled the skin back and made sure the big head was covered. As I worked the lotion in he began to grow hard again! I smiled and told him: I can make sure I get all of you now that your cock is sticking up for me Bud! I wanted to see how big I could make it grow baby!!" He smiled and lay back on the blanket telling me: "You're doing a god job Barb! Stroke it faster baby! Mummm that's right . Yes, like that! Oh yea just like that baby! Oh yea baby! That feels so nice" I was working hard to please him. I wanted to see how long and how thick I could make his cock grow. I sat crossed leg in front of him. My pussy was showing nicely between my legs now that I had shaved it almost bald. He was watching it open and close as I move. I was pumping my hand up and down his big cock and the lotion was acting like a lubricant making it even slicker; As I stroke it up and down, I used my other hand to cup his balls and gently rub them some lotion on them too. Didn't want my man's balls sun burned!!!! As I used my hand to tightly grip Bud's big shaft, I continued to stroke it up and down the entire length of the shaft! God!! It was getting thicker and redder with each second. I could hear Bud's breathing become faster and heard him moaning out words like: "Oh yea baby! Oh god that feels so nice Oh god baby pump it faster. Pump it harder! YES!! Just like that!" I watched his cock grow to its full length! OMG It must be 10 inches long and 4 inches thick but now as I looked at his big purple head, I couldn't get over the size of his cock head! I wondered how the hell I ever go it into my pussy let alone into my mouth! My mouth!!! That's what I'll do!! I lowered my head and took my tongue and licked the head all around. Then as I slowly moved down further, my lips covered the head and I began to suck on it as my hand pumped his shaft up and down! I felt his body stiffen and then his ass elevate up off the blanket!

The first shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat and he moaned loudly as I sucked harder!! I was pumping that cock like some crazy woman as my mouth sucked and sucked on his cock head. He pumped into my mouth hard now as his orgasm took complete control of him. I moved my mouth down further on his cock until I had all 9 or 10 inches in my mouth and down my throat. I was giving this wonder man a great deep throat as he reached the peek of his orgasm! I didn't choke and didn't gag! It was getting much, much easier taking all of him into and down my throat! I held him inside my throat for as long as I could go w/o breathing. When he was done cumming I pulled my mouth slowly off his shaft until all that remained was his cock head. I sucked on it for a long time. Finally he took my face in his hands and pulled me up to him. He pissed me and tongued me as we held each other. As we kissed I felt his fingers roaming over my bald pussy. They found my opening and two fingers slide inside me As we broke our embrace he looked at me and told me: "OK Barb! It's your turn baby! Lay back and let me rub some lotion on you.

I want to be sure your sweet pussy doesn't get burned baby! I don't you to tell me it hurts to much later tonight!" I smiled and laid back on the blanket as Bud came around and sat between my open legs and dripping pussy! He began to rub lotion on me. Like me, he paid special attention to where I had shaved. He made sure he stroked my upper inner thighs. God his hands were like magic! My inner thighs have always been a very special place on my body! Touching me there was almost a guarantee that I would fuck your brains out! Rubbing me there got me so worked up! God!! I was beginning to pump my pussy into his hand already! The man had some touch!! His fingers touched ever dam part of my pussy! It was like electricity running from one end of my body to the other. He wiggled his index finger just inside my hole. He just worked on the tips of my pussy lips. He rubbed the out side walls of my pussy lips and then held them open and rubbed the insides! His fingers touched me deeply and then like a feather. He had me arching my ass constantly up off the blanket from his touch. He stroked my pussy slit from the bottom up further to the very top of the slit. He slowly pulled up and back on the skin around my clit making it stand out completely unguarded. He took his finger and at first, gently touched it by moving the tip of his finger around in small tight circles. The circles became larger and his finger moved faster and a little harder directly on the bud! GOD!!

I cried out in pure passion from his touch. He inserted two fingers and again located my "G" spot! He made my entire body elevate up against them! I was floating in a world of sheer desire. He stroked my clit one minutes and then my "G" spot the next. I began to climax! He watched my pussy pump into his smooth touch as I reached a earth shattering orgasm. I could se him watching my pussy grab hold of his fingers and fuck them with everything I had in my body! I could see him lick his lips as he watched me cum! He didn't slow down a second but rather pulled my cunt lips out stretching them as he lowered his head. He had me spread eagle on the blanket and was licking and fingering my pussy like a man in complete control. He was saying to me: "Cum for me baby! Let me see you fuck my fingers. Fuck my tongue baby! That's it pump your hips and fuck me! I love to watch you get off!" I screamed out some words of which I have no idea what I said but I did cum! God did I cum! He had his head buried deep into my pussy and was giving me all the oral sex I could stand. I was fucking his face and fingers like a dog in heat! I was out of control as was acting like a fucking whore yelling at him: "Eat me Eat my pussy ! Oh fuck yes!! Oh god bud Suck my cunt! Suck me off baby! That's it lick it baby! Lick it faster Lick it harder! God dam it Bud eat me!!!" And, I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming! I have no idea how long I fucked his face but it was unbelievable!

I knew I was going to die! I knew my heart was going to stop! I knew I was going to be drained like no other time in my life. And still I kept on fucking on his face and fingers, his tongue and lips!! God!! Whatever part of him was in or against my pussy I fucked against! I had no control! None at all my body, sole and mine was totally his. He had it all and I didn't care. All I wanted to do was cum! All I wanted was for him to make me climax again! Again and again! And he did! He worked on me like a machine making me go crazy time after time!! And then!!!! He moved up and took that big wonderful cock and put it against my pussy and rubbed it up and down my wet tired aching pussy hole until the head, that big purple head slide inside me! I arched immediately and he pushed all of his cock into me. All 10 inches moved into my body! I screamed again and wrapped my legs around him and began thrusting up into him. He was still in control and up hooked my legs from around his waist. He moved them high up in the air and put one over each of his big shoulders. Now as he held me up off the blanket, pussy wide open and with no control of my body or ability to do anything, he began to fuck me! Slowly at first he pushed in and out of me with that long thick cock! I moaned and then whimpered with each stroke.

He would move all of his cock into my body and then just as slowly move it out until just his big cock head was still there. Then back into me, all 10 inches slide against my pussy walls. It was like no other feeling I have ever had in my life! We fucked like that for I know 20 minutes before I felt him moving a little faster and pumping a little harder now! I have no idea of time or how many times I climaxed! All I could feel was that wonderful cock fucking me into places I have never been before! It was paradise alright! Fucking paradise!!! We stayed coupled as he fucked into me again and again and again! I was wondering if he would ever cum again! I opened and looked at Bud. His face and body was cover with perspiration as he rammed that big cock into me. Again and again and again his shaft moved deep inside my body! Finally, I could feel it swelling even thicker as his body pumped into me one last time and then stayed there. His body stiffened and he started!! As he started cumming, he held my hips and ass and had me wrap my feet around his neck! He shoot load after load of cum into my body! It was like a river flowing into me!

He shot his load at least 12 or 14 times before he had finished! God never have I had a man, hell for that matter 2 or 3 men, who ever had so much cum pumping into my body! And each shot gave me suck a thrill stimulating me until I started to orgasm! Now my body was thrusting against his with as much or more force that he was slamming into me! Again and again we hammered into each other cumming and climaxing together! It was magic! No it was scary how hard and how long we climaxed together. Our bodies finally just squeezed against each other and stayed that way! We both pressed hard against each other loving and savoring the feeling. And then, finally, muscles tired and bodies drained completely we both fell on to the blanket! Bud laid on top of me and then rolled over on is side. We watched the huge ball of sun begin to sink in the sky.

We packed up quickly, cleaned the sand off of each other, dressed and Bud drove the boat back to St. John. We arrived just as it was becoming twilight! We walked hand in hand stopping at each shop along the way to our little car. Bud purchased another bikini for me. This one was smaller than the one I already had on if that's possible. He held the bottoms up to my body and whispered in my ear: "I guess I'll have to finish shaving you completely tonight baby, so no hair will show! I blushed and hit him on the arm. We got in the car and went to out hotel. God what a day! One I know I will never forget!!

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