Pam my manager

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My name is Jon and this is a story of what happened last week, the 30th of October 2009.

For the sake of the person involved i have changed her name to Pam but i have kept her age and every other detail the the same.

Lets start at the beginging. I work in a department store and have done for a number of years and Pam used to be my manager up until 3 years ago when she left my department and moved to another part of the store.

Pam is 50 years old and we get on very well, we would spend hours apon hours talking about anything and everything including sex when we used to work together

Pam is a happily married woman of over 20 years and never slept with anyone but her husband and had been faithful all her married life. But as i said we talked about everything you could imagine and almost everyday we would end up on the subject of sex and how she wished she would have had sex with other men and would often say that she thought she was missing out on something, not that she would ever cheat on her husband but i did get the feeling that maybe if the situation was right maybe she would stray.

Anyway that was 3 years ago and since she started work in another department we never really have had the chance to chat as much as we used to even though i still see her daily. I have often wondered if still did ever get her wish of having sex with other men and for sometime it was a fantasy of mine to see her act out her dream, i know for a fact her ultimate fantasy was to be fucked by a group of men at the same time.

Well back to present day. The department Pam now works on shares the same stockroom as my department and ive noticed over the last couple of weeks that she has a lot of men working for her and often see them in the stockroom unpacking stock. I never really paid much attention before but recently i've noticed how flirty Pam was getting with some of the men. I was in my part of the stockroom the other day and they didn't know i was in their and i overheard at least 5 men flirting with Pam and Pam flirting back with them, she seemed to be loving the attention.

The next morning i was in the Staffroom and Pam was with 3 of her workmen and i could hear her say stuff like.

“Drink up boys you have got some underwear to take down.” She was winking as she said it.

The men were loving it and they all started laughing and got up from the table and walked out of the staffroom.

I sat in shock. Finally i think Pam was gonna get what she always wanted and i just had to see it!

I went back to my department still in shock and told the person i was working with i was spending the afternnon in the stockroom sorting paperwork and stuff.

When i got to the stockroom which is hidden away at the back of the store i made myself a hiding place in the corner behind clothes and some boxes. I waited for what seemed like ages, then suddenly Pam and 4 men walked into to room, they are still seemed really flirty as they tried to get on with their duties of putting stock away.

It didn't last long before the mens conversation turned to Pam. Pam was again enjoying the attention, i could see from where i was hiding that she seemed up for anything. One of the men asked Pam if she would ever flash them her tits. To my suprise she didn't say no instead she told thee men if they wanted to see them her tits they better unbutton her shirt for her..

My cock was rock hard! The mens faces lit up as 2 men stood either side of Pam and each started unbuttoning her work shirt.

After only a few seconds her shirt was undone and the men had pulled it open it up for all the men to see. Pam had the most amazing breasts and her bra showed them off even more. Pam was weaing a lace see-thru bra that you could clearly see her nipples through, the men didn't waste anytime and began to touch and rub their hands over her tits.

Two of the men had put their hands in her bra and were rubbing her nipples as the other 2 men were pulling down her bra straps from her shoulders. Pam was loving every second and it looked to me like she was at the start of having an orgasm.

Soon her bra was off and her tits were at the mercy of the men as they rubbed and sucked at her bare breasts. Pam was making some very loud noises and she seemed like she was losing control, Pam shouted to the men that they were making her cum, the men just carried on and within a minute or so i could see Pam start to shake from a powerful orgasm.

I couldn't believe what i saw and when they left the stockroom i sat their replaying in my head what had just happened, i couldn't wait to see what happened next and if they were going to fuck her i just had to watch it!

A couple of days past and i bumped into Pam a few times, she seeemed different and very happy, all i knew was the day i saw her and she was wearing a skirt would be the day i would have to spy on her and the men again.

Well yesterday was my lucky day. I got to work at the normal time and walking in front of me was Pam, dressed in a skirt, she seemed to be wearing Tan coloured tights. I knew today would be her lucky day.

Pam was on the phone as she walked infront of me, i overheard her saying something about going to the stockroom after the store had closed, i couldn't really make out anything else she was saying but i knew this was when Pam and her workers were planning to meet up, so i spent all day planning how i was going to watch Pam finally getting fucked.

I went to the stockroom and made myself a good hiding place, out of the way but still with a good view of the rest of the room and spent the rest of the day with thoughts racing through my head of what Pam and the men had planned for tonight.

Well finally it came to closing time, i cashed my till up and got to my hiding place in the stockroom and waited and sure enough about 10 minutes later Pam turned up with 4 men, they closed the stockroom door behind them and made there way over to a table at one end of the room. I had an amazing view from where i was hiding and i didn't have to wait long before i got to see some action.

None of them seemed in any mood to talk, the men were all over Pam in an instant and she didn't look like she wanted to stop them.

Hands rubbed her tits through her top and their hands were wondering all over her body, one man commented on the fact she was wearing a skirt, Pam answered back that she had a suprise for them under her skirt.

The men didn't wait long to find out. Two men on eitherside of Pam began lifting her skirt further and further up over her legs, as i said earlier Pam was wearing Tan coloured Tights and her legs looked amazing.

I couldn't believe my eyes as i noticed that Pam wasn't wearing any knickers, all the men could see her pussy through her tights.

Pam said to the men. “I told you i had a suprise for you.”

“You dirty cow” Shouted one of the men.

“She's got no fucking knickers on” Shouted another.

Suddenly all attention turned to Pam's Pussy as their hands were rubbing and fondling her cunt through her Tights, at the same time the men hands pulled her top down and cupped her tits out of her bra.

Pam was in heaven and began making very load grunting noises, she was getting groped by four men at the same time and loving every minute.

The two men standing either side of Pam put her arms round each of their shoulders and and lifted her in the air then each grabbed one her legs each and opened them up for the other two men to get a better view of her now soaking wet pussy still covered her in tights. Both men got between her legs and started muching on her cunt. Pam began screaming and moaning. From where i was hiding all i could see was her legs flapping about in mid air as she was getting her pussy eaten by two men at the same time. The other two men holding Pam's legs apart had trouble keeping her still as the first of her many Orgams came over her body.

After a few minutes Pam was lifted onto the work table and laid down on her back, again the men where all over her body, hands still rubbing her pussy through her Tights and her nipples being sucked by each of the men.

One of the men picked up a pair of Scissors from one of the shelfs and told the men to spread Pams legs apart. They each grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as they would.The man with the scissors got between her legs and cut an hole in her Tights where her pussy was. It wasn't long before they all seemed to have their fingers in her now exposed pussy and from where i was hiding one of the men was fingering her arse.

Pam was in a daze, she was telling the men how amazing it felt and how it was blowing her mind. The carried on men and gave her to yet another Orgasm, i could she her cum all over the mens hands.

The men started undressing as Pam laid recovering on the table. I could see they all had massive erections, Pams face looked worried as she saw the size of their cocks.

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