Peggy gets her man

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This story is completely fictiona!

Peggy let her boyfriend remove her panties and bra. He said he would never see her again if she didn't do it. Larry was rich and handsome, she didn't want to loose him. Peggy let him suck her fat breasts and finger fucked her pussy. She placed her hand on his cock and moved the skin back and forth.

"Suck it" he groaned.

Peggy sucked his prick until her mouth was filled with cum.

"I love you Larry" she said softly.

"Next time I'm going to stick my prick in your cunt" said the boy.

Peggy had held out for a long time and she knew she had to let him fuck her.

"I'll do it if you take me to a motel" she said meekly.

"Is my car too small?" he laughed.

"Definitely!" she replied.

Peggy put on her clothes and Larry drove her home. She kissed him goodbye and went into her house.

"How was your date?" ask Doris.

"Just fine mom" replied the girl.

The next day Larry called her and ask her out. Peggy told him to pick her up at seven. That evening she put on her low cut dress and nylons. Peggy looked beautiful! Then she waited for her boyfriend trembling with excitement. Finally he came and she jumped in his car.

"You look nice in that dress" he said.

Peggy loved the compliment and blushed. She moved close him and ask.

"Are we going to register as man and wife?"

"We can if you want but the motel doesn't give a damn"

"I want them to think you are my husband" she cooed.

"Ok" laughed Larry.

The room was nice and it had a big bed. Peggy took every thing off but her nylons and lay on the bed. She watched Larry undress and hoped he would marry her. Maybe he would after she gave herself to him. Larry kissed the girl and ask her if she was ready.

"Yes" she whispered.

Larry pushed his prick deep in her hole.

"Oh god" she moaned.

He fucked her for twenty minuets before he went off. Peggy climaxed so often she was dizzy.

"Can you do it again?" she ask.

"I have to rest first" he panted.

Peggy played with his prick until it got hard again.

"Do you love me?"

"Maybe" replied Larry.

"I'll do anything you want if you marry me, I'll be a good wife" she gushed.



"Will you let me fuck your asshole?"

"Yes" whispered Peggy.

Larry smiled to himself. He never fucked a woman's asshole before.

"Get on your hand and knees" he directed.

Peggy did as he said. Larry spit on his prick and forced it up her rectum. Peggy bit her lip to keep from crying out in pain. Larry enjoyed hurting the girl. He rammed his dick back and forth in her ass as hard as he could.

Larry filled her asshole with sperm with one last thrust of his prick.

"Like that bitch?"

"Yes" she sobbed.

Larry held her close and kissed the tears from her eyes.

"Do you want to go home?"

"I want to rest first"

The next morning Peggy rubbed suave on her sore rectum. Larry had made it bleed. She hoped she wouldn't have to get butt fucked for a long time. He never said that he would marry her and she was worried. What if he didn't want to? Maybe she was just his sex toy to do nasty thing too. Peggy decided she didn't care.

"Mom, why did my father leave?"

"I caught him humping my sister while you watched"

"I don't remember that"

"You were four years old and playing with your cunny like mad"

Peggy could vaguely remember something happened but never knew what it was until now.

"Why don't you forgive him, I love my father?"

"I was afraid he was teaching you bad habits"

"Where is he?" ask Peggy.

"He's shacking up with my pot head sister" snarled Doris.

She decided to see her dad and aunt Ida.

Peggy put on the low cut dress that Larry liked and he took her to see her dad. She wanted to show her father how grown up she was. Ida was surprised to see her niece.

"Hi aunt Ida" said the girl.

Peggy introduced her boyfriend and ask where her dad was.

"He went to the store, he'll be back in a few minutes"

When George saw his daughter he almost dropped the groceries. Peggy kissed him.

"My god you are beautiful!" gasp her father.

Peggy blushed and kissed him again.

"Larry thinks so" she giggled.

Larry looked at Peggy's aunt. She had on a tee shirt and wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and erect. Peggy sat next to Larry while she and her father talked. Her aunt got some weed and ask if anyone wanted to get high.

"I do" said Larry.

Peggy had never tried marijuana. Her mom hated the stuff.

"I want to smoke some" said the girl.

Ida filled a bong and passed it around. Peggy got high and started kissing her boyfriend. She wanted to show her dad how much she loved Larry.

"Why don't you horny kids go to my bedroom and make love" said her dad.

Peggy was delighted. Her dad understood.

When they were in her dad's bedroom she undressed and lay on his bed. The marijuana made her lose all inhibitions and she hoped that Larry had some kinky sex in mind. Larry fucked her like a madman. He filled her hole with so much cum it leaked out and made the sheets wet. When Larry was finished with her she saw her dad and aunt Ida smiling at her. They were completely nude! Peggy tried to cover herself with the sheet.

"Your dad wants have sex with you" smiled her aunt.

"Is it alright with you Larry?" ask the girl.

"I'm done with you for now" panted Larry.

"Let's do it sweetheart" said George.

Larry got off the bed and felt Ida's breasts. She giggled like a little girl and said.

"I like to fuck young boys"

They went to the other bedroom to make love.

George got in bed with his daughter and kissed her passionately. Peggy was so excited she almost peed. George mounted the girl and fucked her until she climaxed.

"OOOOOohhhh dadeeeee!" she shouted.

"Ida heard the girl's cries and smiled, she was having a climax of her own. That night Larry slept with Ida and Peggy slept with her dad. They made love until dawn.


Peggy woke up and gave her father a blow job. She loved the taste of cum. They went downstairs and found Larry and Ida eating breakfast. Peggy fixed herself and her father scrambled eggs. After breakfast they went to the living room and talked.

"Did my boyfriend fuck your asshole?" giggled Peggy.

"No" laughed Ida.

"He did it to me" she bragged.

"I wish your mom could hear this conversation" said George.

"Mom would have a fit" laughed Peggy.

"I've got a Polaroid camera, lets take pictures" said Ida.

"Of what?" ask Larry.

"Pictures of me fucking my daughter" said George.

Ida got her camera and Peggy lay on the floor. She spread her legs so her father could fuck her. George mounted her and Ida took pictures. Finally the film ran out after she got a photo of George squirting sperm on his daughter's face.

"I bet mom will piss her panties when she looks at these pictures" said Peggy.

"I've got some more film" said Ida.

"We've got enough pictures" replied George.

"You can take pictures of me making love to Peggy" said Ida.

"Oh my god!" giggled Peggy.

"If you do it honey I will marry you" promised Larry.

Peggy spread her legs so her aunt could lick her hole. Ida licked and slurped her cunt until Peggy climaxed and squirted pee. George snapped picture after picture until the film was gone.

"Oh Jesus, I never had an orgasm like that before" she gasp.

"Your father likes me to piss in his mouth" laughed her aunt.

"No way!" gasp Peggy.

George smiled at Larry and said.

"You should try it sometime, I bet Peggy would like to pee on you"

"She can do it on our honeymoon" he laughed.

"When are you going to get married?" ask Ida.

"As soon as Peggy sets a date" he replied.

The next week Peggy and Larry were married in Reno Nevada. Her dad was best man and her aunt was the brides maid. Peggy sent the sex pictures to her mother. It served her right for being so mean. Doris looked at the nasty photos and threw them in the trash. Her daughter could go to hell as far as she was concerned.

(the end)

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