Overtime Capers

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a quiet evening. The office had quietened with the staff having left for the day. I was contemplating a visit to Virginia's pad for a sex relief blow job! Just the thought of her sexy slim waisted body, large shapely boobs, sexy round outgoing asscheeks and asshole and tight cunt caused a space shortage in my pants!

The new help was working away in the neighbouring cabin, unaware that I was watching her thru the crack in the cabin partition. As the young lady worked, her dress clung to her lovely young dark brown body. Her body outlined with a very scanty bra, large boobs bouncing and jiggling, nipples straining to exit the very small obstruction of the bra, her lovely tight looking snatch outlined thru the tight thin sweat wettened cloth pants. Her lovely tits and globular round ass cheeks shook in rythm with the thrusts of the mop in her lovely hands! My crotch stirred in anticipation of a sexy viewing!

Next appeared a muscular security man in just an indian wrestlers langot with a massive bulge in the front!

The langot is a 3 foot long piece of cloth, about 4" to 6" wide with a waistband stitched to form a tee. The waist band is provided a "nari" string on either side of the tee. The waist band is tied around the waist with the 3 foot cloth at the back, its drawn between the legs from the back covering the asshole, balls and the penis and tucked into the front of the waistband and back again to the behind, and finally the end is tucked into the waistband. Compact! Prick size no issue!!

The man's langot appeared to be causing some discomfort to him. The girl smiled reached out, inserted her finger into the edge of the langot and tugged it aside! The massive 8"long 3" thick prick jumped out eagerly promptly at full attention! The girl gasped, grasped it and weakly tried to reinsert it back into the langot! All in vain!

The pahelwan laughed, caught her, effortlessly stripped off her blouse, pulled her pants down and placed his manhood in her hand! He then held her waist, effortlessly lifted her up and swung her backwards with her head down, her legs high around his waist! Her cunt open to his leering gaze and under his massive lund! Her boobs spilled out of her bra and hung, jiggling langourously. He moved her up slightly and told her to guide his erection into her cunt! She had to tug down the tip and insert the massive bulbous percum wetted head moving aside her panty into her glistening hole! A thrust and it slid in, vanishing into her rapidly!

As the action progressed, my attention gradually focused harder on the interesting "developments" in the cabin!

the big cock moved rapidly, faster and faster, the boobs bobbed up and down faster and faster, moans and fucking sounds filled the cabin.

The pahelwan then paused, turned her around again. This time with her back to him! He placed her on the table face down, pulled off her panties over and down her lovely shapely smooth sexy legs over the table's edge and the bare round asscheeks faced him! His large hands grasped the globes and squeezed gently! Her glistening pink cunt and puckered anus beckoned him! His cock twitched and in his eagerness to act, he hit her asshole! He next pulled off her bra, grasped her lovely dangling boobs and before she realised it, he had entered her ass! She screamed softly, the sudden jiggle of her behind sexily egging him on! Her assdicking experience showed! She took him in fully! The pistoning rapidly progressed to a frenzy with the pahelwan's reciprocating movements causing his langot to loosen and fall off in slow motion! He at first didn't understand what was happening and as his sex-sozzled brain tried to awaken he tried half heartedly to stop its fall, then gave up altogether, let it fall to the ground, exposing his large massively muscled, tight strong ass! The girl saw it in the reflection in the mirror in front of her and another on the partition that I was peeping thru! She grinned with obvious approval and pleasure!

The sight forced a chuckle thru my throat! I quickly suppressed it but they were just too busy and did not appear to have heard anything!

The assfucking continued for almost 15 minutes! He then disengaged from her ass, wiped his cock with his langot off the floor, again turned her around and climbing on the table astride her boobs, shoved it into her mouth! She sucked and sucked!

Suddenly I sensed someone next to me in my cabin! A small lovely feminine hand clutched at my crotch! I whirlrd around to see the second cleaning girl! Excited and sex craze written all over her face, she had her bare boobs out of her blouse, she had already dispensed with the pants and panties! Her lovely, clean shaved cunt glistening with her juices!

My erection was out of its confines and before I realised it she grasped it and pulled it into her cunt! A few thrusts and I cummed, spilling out of her on the floor and partition! She too experienced an orgasm! The massive orgasms made us both shudder!

The amourous couple next door too cummed loudly and noisily!

I didn't just see it! I experienced it too!

"This happens here everyday" she said "welcome to the late cummers!!

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