Our ladies night out turned knocked up night

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Disclaimer: Most of the incidents mentioned in the story are real, except some few parts that I have added for the extra flavor and of course the names.

“Karan, Sabina and Ruchie are coming down to Hyderabad this weekend. They have made some plans to take a girls night out to Bangalore. Do you mind if I join?” Our dinner conversation started with me pleading with my sweetheart husband Karan to let me take a night out with my best friends forever. Karan was not all in for the plan initially, but when I offered him a chance to invite his pals home for catching up the late night EPL, a smile spread over his cute face. I knew he would fall for it because his favorite team was playing a bit match on Saturday night. It was a tough decision for me because I knew I would have loads to clean up and plenty of beer bottles to dispose.

Nevertheless, nothing compensated against a opportunity to have a night out with my college time best buds after such a long time; just like old times. Sabina, Ruchie and I did our MBA together in Bangalore. Later Sabina got married and shifted to Delhi and then to Dubai, Ruchie being a Gujju girl shifted to Gujarat after her marriage. I was married to a Hyderabad boy and settled down in the city of Nawabs.

We were in touch through facebook and whatsapp and knew the developments live. It’s been seven years since we met last. When Ruchie called earlier that day and informed about the plan, I could hear the excitement looming around in her voice. So as planned, Ruchie reached Hyderabad on Friday evening. Karan picked her up and brought her home on time for dinner. Sabina’s flight was landing in the morning. Again Karan picked her up like a good boy and brought her home. We had caught some sleep before Sabina came in, but after she reached, we couldn’t stop ourselves from chitchatting and gossiping.

Meanwhile, Karan happily caught up on his lost sleep. By five in the morning, we were ready for our flight to Bangalore. So Karan dropped us at the airport and left for his work. We didn’t hide our excitement in seeing each other after so long. We used to have such whole night weekend trips to Mysore when we were studying in Bangalore in Sabina’s pink Beetle. It was so much fun then. But this time it was on short notice and way too different. As soon as we boarded the flight to Bangalore, all of were fast asleep catching up our lost sleep. We woke only when we touched down in Bangalore.

Ruchie had booked a self-driven Mercedes at the Airport and we jumped in and drove into the maddening crowd of the city. The city seemed to be in a weekend mood already with so many vehicles driving towards the Nandi Hills. The traffic had gone from bad to worse, but the ‘not-so-hot’ Bangalore weather was blooming nostalgic memories in our minds like our short flings, our booze nights, ghost stories, our sleeping in sofa and stuff like that. We used to share a big three bed house, but we never slept separate our whole time in Bangalore because we were big time horror film buffs and were too chicken to sleep alone. We had fun walking around in our bras and panties at home, knowing the boys living opposite to us and the uncle living behind us were peeping on us from their terraces. What’s the fun in college life without having some fun! Ruchie was driving the car.

We reached a private resort a little outskirt of the city after a dreadful two hours’ drive and checked into our suit room. Ruchie had gone extravagant with the bookings. As soon as the bell boy left the room after unloading our luggage, we hugged each other and jumped up and down in joy. Soon bottles of exquisite drinks came in as per Ruchie’s order and we changed into comfortable attires and started our drinks. We gossiped for hours long. And then I asked what the plan is. Sabina and Ruchie turned a rude eye to me asking “What more fun are you expecting bitch? Ain’t this fun for you?” Back in college, sitting in a room and having drinks was not what we called outing.

I was expecting to go somewhere out. It was already noon. So we freshened up and headed to the restaurant for lunch. After the lunch, we drove to a couple of malls and did some shopping. And by evening, we were heading to our favorite pub to shake some legs. There was no much difference in the pubs now and then. We took a couple of shots and started dancing. We were older than our last night out by seven years, but that was not stopping us from having some fun. But, soon we were tired and we were lingering near the bartender. As usual, we continued our shots when a drop dead handsome guy in black suit walked near us and wished us ‘hello ladies’.

Sabina took the lead and responded with a sloppy hi. He offered to buy us our next drink and we readily agreed. Soon we were all flirting with this guy who seemed to be a gentleman with the way he was handling each of us. He was fair, tall and showcased a well-trimmed beard and back brushed soft straight hair. I couldn’t tell whether his blue eyes were natural or contacts, but it sure added the zing factor on him. His chiseled jawline was the show stopper. I was the tallest among the three of us standing at 5’8” and this giant guy was looming over all of us at six feet plus. He wore a black shirt and a black party blazer over it with blue slim cut jeans and a pair of leather loafers.

The man knew his cloths quite well. He entertained each of us with his witty and humorous talks and took shots with us. Soon we were walking out the pub as a group. Sabina and Ruchie were drooling all over the guy and I was the only one showing a little foot-dragging. As we got out of the pub, we lit a cig each and after a couple of minutes. We got back in the pub and again had a couple more drinks and we were all quite high. So we decided to get back to our resort. Sabina caught the man’s hand and walked before us and we all got in the car and he drove us to the resort. When he got out, I didn’t know that he would come with us to our room.

But by then, I was pretty comfortable around him, all thanks to the drinks and his fancy looks. As we reached our room, Sabina pulled him inside the room and kissed him so passionately. Though I was high, I was a bit taken aback. I didn’t know where all this was going. I looked at Ruchie awkwardly and she too was enjoying the scene. And I spoke out. “Guys, what’s happening?” Again Sabina and Ruchie looked at me together and said “Bitch you were the wildest of all and now you are asking us what’s happening? We are having fun, that’s what’s happening.”

I was too drunk to debate. I got in the bathroom to change and when I was back, Mr. Handsome was on the bed with his cock out and Sabina and Ruchie were sucking his dick taking turns. Seeing me coming out of the bathroom, Ruchie waved at me to join in. I was too drunk and the scene was so tempting. I walked closer to the guy and sat near the trio. His hand was already in Sabina’s dress fondling her breast. And then Ruchie pulled my hand and ordered me to join in. Thinking what harm could be in a bit of dick sucking, I joined the group. I kept telling myself that I am not gonna cheat and I love my husband dearly. This is just giving company to my friends.

As we were sucking, Ruchie sat over him and smooched him deeply before opening his shirt buttons, one after the other revealing his fair, chiseled, hairy chest and washboard abs. She kissed and licked all over his body and sucked his nipples. He had quite an impressive package at about nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. I opened his belt and pulled his pants and jockey completely off of him. We were three hungry tigresses feasting over our delicious fresh catch. He pulled up Ruchie’s dress and rubbed her pussy over her panties, spreading her wetness even further. She moaned like a slut sitting on top of him. And then he pulled her panties to the side and pulled her closer to his mouth and hungrily sucked her cunt pulling on both the sides of her labia to spread the pink flesh apart. Ruchie sure was in seventh heaven. By now Sabina undressed herself and pulled my night dress off of me. Ruchie too joined in pulling her dress over her head.

We all removed all our cloths and got back to Mr. Handsome. By now, he got up from the bed and removed his cloths too. Making me sit on the edge of the bed, he kneeled down in front of me and started sucking my pussy lips. Ooh, it felt so good. His facial hair tickled my inner thighs as I pulled on his hair for a closer lick. Ruchie now was sucking his dick. That was when our doorbell rang. I was shocked for a moment, because I have heard of police raids in resorts like these. Sabina got up and wrapped a shower towel around herself and waved us continue and went to answer the door. Next, we saw a waiter coming in holding two bottles of champagnes and a few flute glasses on a tray. He was equally astonished to see all of us stark-naked copulating on the bed. He placed the tray on the table with shaky hands. I shouted out aloud, “Who the fuck ordered more drinks?” “Oh relax, Sweety, its Sabina. She wanted the night to be unforgettable”, retorted Ruchie.

In the meantime, the poor waiter was trying to get out of the room while catching a last glimpse of all of us naked when Sabina appeared right in front of him. She had a 1000 rupee note in her hand. “So, do you like what you see?” she asked the poor guy. He looked like he was facing the devil herself. He kept mumbling something in some abstruse tone. “Do you want this tip or not?” Sabina provoked him further. And in the next move, she let the towel wrapped around her fall to the ground. She was standing stark naked in front of the now shivering waiter. She took a step forward, took both his hands and placed them on her either breasts saying “Have some fun before you go baby.” But the poor man mumbled that his supervisor will be waiting for him and will inquire if he doesn’t go back immediately. Even before he could complete, Ruchie was on call with the receptionist asking for permission to keep the waiter waiting to pour drinks for us.

She hung up the phone and told him “There, your permission to spend some time with us is granted.” By now, our Mr. Handsome also encouraged him to have some fun when he can. That made him bolder. He pressed on Sabina’s soft round boobs. She instead pulled him closer and kissed him. From his looks, it was clear that he has never had such a kiss in his life. She ordered him to pour drinks for all of us and he obeyed her like a well-mannered boy. We were on a break and drinking our champagnes. I played with Mr. Handsome’s limping cock and Ruchie with my boobs as we drank to our merry. In the meantime, Sabina was on the waiter. She busily stripped him down and laid him on the bed and sucked his cock well.

He was not able to comprehend what was going on. After a couple of minutes, she got on top of him and positioned her pussy right over his cock and lowered herself down on his thick shaft. We all were viewing the scenes open mouthed. She started moving her bottom up and down his erect cock. He was surely enjoying that piece of meat so exquisite, that he could only dream of. As the action continued, Sabina asked the guy if he was married. At first he said he is not, but when she threatened him to tell the truth, he revealed that he is married and has two sons. Ruchie joined the bandwagon offering her cunt for the poor waiter to suck on. The trio were making noises of ecstasy and were thoroughly enjoying. I was gulping down another glass of champagne even though I was dead drunk. Everything seemed to be happening in my dream.

And then Mr. Handsome got up and picked me up and kissed me again on my lip. I kissed him back as if he is my husband. He whispered in my ear that it was I whom he was interested in, but when he got the jackpot, he just played along. He told me that he wanted to fuck me the moment he laid his eyes on me. Well, Ruchie and Sabina are two beautiful bitches, but I knew I was the prettiest among the lot. Even after five years of marriage, I had a body to die for, thanks to the hard work I did to keep my body toned. Ruchie and Sabina were slim and shapely too, but I had the advantage of height and beautiful long black hair and sharp eyes like Bipasha Basu. We both were naked and our body heat turned us on even more. His hard cock was poking me on my belly. He gently raised me up and placed me on the soft bed and spreading my raised legs to both the sides and positioning himself between them, he asked me if he could fuck me.

Oh, he sounded like a perfect gentleman when he asked me for my permission. But before I nodded my head positively, he pushed his manhood deep into me. As he immersed himself into me, a soft ‘yes’ fell out of my mouth, making me wonder whether that was an affirmation or a hiss of satisfaction. His cock seemed like tailor made for my vagina because he was perfectly buried in me. As he pulled it slowly out of its warm hole, he kissed me on my lips and sucked my lower lip and then entered his tongue deep into my mouth. He was fucking me like he was fucking his girlfriend; ever so passionately. His rhythm was slowly increasing. As he pumped harder and harder into me, I was developing some crazy feelings in my mind. But that’s when my phone rang, interrupting our fun. I vaguely checked Karan’s number flashing on the display. I motioned my lover to stop. He stopped pumping, but kept his cock buried in me.

Ruchie and Sabina were still making noises, and now Ruchie was riding the man and Sabina was covering the man’s mouth with her cunt while she sucked Ruchie’s boobs. I shooed them to stop making noise, but they were in a different world. So taking the chance, I picked up the phone. Karan said hi and I reciprocated. I heard his friends yelling from behind and the loud voice of TV commentary. He told me that he was just checking on us. I told him that everything is alright and we are too drunk and about to sleep. That’s when he asked me what that noise was in the background. I lied to him that Sabina and Ruchie were making fun of me for talking on phone even when we were having our night out. By then Mr. Handsome was growing so impatient. He started rocking his hip worming his cock in and out of me, even though I motioned him to stop. I felt so whorish to talk to my loving husband on phone when a total stranger is fucking the living light out of me.

I knew Karan wouldn’t go long, because his friends were already yelling at him to join them. He told me to have fun and hung up. As I kept the phone down, I playfully slapped my lover and asked him “Can’t you wait a moment?” He grinned wide and pulled me up and made me to sit down with his cock still in me. We kept rocking our body and rubbing each other. He pressed my breasts one after the other and sucked on both of them. I remember asking him whether he was wearing a condom and he only moaned. We continued the suck till I was developing a huge orgasm. As I was nearing a finish, I pushed him on the bed and rode him like a cowgirl. The bulged veins on his cock rubbed against the inner walls of my vagina making me go mad in pleasure. I jumped up and down on his cock and he kept pressing my boobs and adjusting my hair. He too was developing signs of an orgasm. But I couldn’t control mine.

I erupted into a massive orgasm, but I didn’t stop pumping. I kept going as much as I could, and by then my lover too was ready to excrete his load. When he saw that I was slowing down, he picked me up in his arms and keeping me hanging in the air, he fucked my base with massive forceful strokes. And he too burst his load inside me. His cum started filling inside me. He jerked inside and rammed me with massive force again and again in pleasure as his orgasm was slowly coming to an end. Jets of sperms intruded the privacy of my vaginal walls decorating them in layers of snow white mucus. The feeling of taking a man’s cum in pussy was so exciting to me from when I was a teenager. When he was completely unloaded, he withdrew from me. I was too tired to get up or even clean.

I didn’t know when I fell asleep. But I was woken up by the knocks on the door. I raised my head to see what was happening. Sabina and Ruchie were sleeping on one bed and I was alone in the other bed. Waiter and Mr. Handsome were nowhere to be seen. I picked up myself and wrapped the quilt around me to cover my nakedness and opened the door. It was the waiter with few more guys. They told me that they were called by my friends. So I turned and called Sabina. She motioned me to send them all in. They came in and got on the bed with Ruchie and Sabina. One of them removed his cloths and got on my bed with me. I didn’t know what was happening.

Before I could understand the situation, the guy on my bed was holding me and kissing me. He was strong and used some force to hold me. I felt so underpowered and wasted. He sprang over me and without even a word stuck his hard cock deep into my already slippery cunt. It went in without any trouble. He kissed me holding my neck and put his tongue inside me unceremoniously. He was not a soft lover. He was pounding me like I was a street dog and worthless. I turned my head to see what was happening to Ruchie and Sabina. The situation was not so different there too. Sabina was in air and two guys were pumping in her cunt and asshole.

Ruchie was getting her cunt eaten by a guy, while another was sucking her boobs. And then the guy who was fucking me unloaded his shots into me in a hurry and withdrew from me and went to the other bed. Immediately, his position was taken by another guy who was sucking Ruchie’s boobs. He kneaded my boobs like dough and he too entered me without asking for permission. He fucked me raising my hips with pillows. I had another round of orgasm from all the manhandling I was having. My sleep was gone, only the drowsiness of all the drinks we had earlier lingered. This guy hurriedly emptied his seeds in my mouth and I drank it all up like a good mistress.

All the guys fucked us in different turns, few coming in us and few on us. They seemed to be in a hurry. The whole session didn’t last longer than an hour and we were fucked ‘royally’. I didn’t have a count of the number of guys who came inside me. The bed near my cunt was in a pool of sperm. Our bodies too were covered in streaks and spots of sticky slimy cum. Ruchie and Sabina drifted back to sleep after the session. I didn’t know when I slept, but we all woke up only in the afternoon. We freshened up and cleaned all the cum dried up all over our bodies and hair and headed back to Hyderabad in the evening flight.

I asked Ruchie and Sabina for the name of Mr. Handsome or his number. Quite shockingly, neither even knew his name, nor did I ask. Last week, I checked positive on pregnancy strip. I don’t know if someone from my group orgy has knocked me up or whether it’s my husband. If it is not my husband’s I wish its Mr. Handsome's baby in me.

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