Our Trip to the Beach

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I have been seeing Brianne for three years. We moved in after just six weeks of dating and have been married now for almost six months. One of the things that first noticed about Brianne was that she seemed to be the only person I have ever been with that was as horny as I was all the time. She is always up for doing something sexual whether it be blowing me in the back seat of a taxi cab or taking her panties off in the middle of a crowded bar. There are nights when I literally sit up trying to think of new things to do with her since we have done so much already. Thatís where this story begins.

Brianne and I love going way to the beach for weekend trips and we decided that a warm Spring weekend would be great time to get away for some fun in the sun. I loathe the sun so for me a beach trip with fun in the sun meant sitting in the shade at an outside covered bar and getting hammered. We checked into our favorite hotel around lunchtime and decided to hustle up and shower, change and hit the bars. We quickly loaded up the mini fridge with beer and hopped in the shower. I throw on shorts and a tee shirt while Brianne out on some more going out clothes since we had no clue when we would be back to the room.

I guess this is a good time to describe my beautiful wife. She is maybe 5í5 with short dark hair, brown eyes and an unbelievable ass. In fact she gets a lot of attention from the black guys at work because of her ass. She loves wearing tight jeans so she can really show it off. On top of this she has huge tits. I am not a boob guy but can tell from the looks she gets when we go out that I am in the minority on that. For this day she decided to wear one of those tiny see through style tee shirts that are made of about $.35 worth of material but sell for about $50. She has on her designer jean skirt that showed off her amazing ass whenever she bent over and a cute Summery necklace. She decided on wearing a black bra that you could see through the shirt and no panties. Needless to say she had my dick hard from the moment we left the room.

We went to our favorite outside beach bar and found two seats right in the shade looking out at the water. Since it was still Spring it felt great and refreshing out. We immediately ordered margaritas and just to drive the point home that we were on a mini vacation an extra shot of tequila. It was perfect. The two of us enjoying each otherís company with drinks in our hands and no one there who knew us or bothering us.

After two hours or so of steady drinking and flirting with each other (Brianne was enjoying sitting facing me on her bar stool with her legs spread so I could see her pussy while we talked) we decided to order some lunch. The bartenders that were working there were the typical beach bums you would expect. The two bartenders that were in our section were both in their early 20ís and had that annoying lacrosse guy haircut and wore sun glasses even though were in the shade. We had been talking to them all afternoon and they seemed to like us. Their names were Jason and Brad. They were attending the local college that was just ten miles up the road and as you would imagine only choose to go there because of its proximity to the beach. Jason had blond hair and was very skinny and Brad was taller with brown hair and was so tan it looked like he slept on the beach. Brianne was still sitting with her legs open while facing me when we ordered our lunch. Jason could tell that Brianne was only sitting that way so I could get a clear view of her pussy even though he could not see it. He made a comment that he bet he knew what I wanted to eat for lunch. It was an inappropriate joke that was told at the perfect time for our state of horniness and drunkenness. Brianne laughed and giggled and I high fived both bartenders.

While we were waiting for lunch Brianne excused herself to use the ladies room. While she was gone Jason and Brad told me how lucky I was to have such a hot and obviously horny and cool wife. Just then Brianne came back and asked what we were talking about. I told her the guys thought you were hot and fun and she blushed even more. Brad point blank said to Brianne that if we were not married he would be hitting hard on her. This got her even hornier. I could tell because she became even more open and playful. She began squirming in her stool and letting her skirt slide all the way up to her waste. I began noticing the Brad and Jason whispering to each other and sneaking glances at Brianneís crotch. When I got up to go to the bathroom Jason made a comment about me leaving her all alone with him and Brad and what would I do if the three of them were gone when I got back. Well that did it for me. As Brianne knows I have always wanted to see her fuck another man. The thought of her getting fucked by two guys had me so horny. Brianne and I have talked in the past about what would happen if a situation ever presented itself for her to be fucked by another person would it would do to our marriage. We agreed that as long as it was not someone we ever saw again it would not affect our relationship we would roll with the punches. She had always wanted to be fucked in a group situation as well because she loved being man handled and forcibly fucked and a gangbang was the perfect venue for that. I was wondering if she was thinking what I was while I walked to the bathroom while trying to hid my hard on.

When I came back I knew that she was in fact thinking the same thing. I sat down and both bartenders walked away. Brianne immediately grabbed me and openly kissed me while letting her skirt rid up to her waste. She said that the guys were getting off work soon and they wanted to go bar hopping with us and would I be ok with it. I looked at her deep in her beautiful brown eyes and knew she wanted what I wanted. I said I would do whatever she wanted to do because I just wanted her to be happy and satisfied on her vacation. She gave me a devilish grin and said that she thought that at the end of the night she could be very happy and satisfied if we hung out with these guys.

So it was set. The four of us left there bar and started hitting some other local spots that I had never been to. Brad and Jason seemed to know a lot of good hole in the wall bar and every bartender in town. We got lots of drinks free and the conversations got more and more graphic. It turns out that Jason and Brad had both dated the same girl and that sort of became the basis for their friendship. The girl had broken both their hearts and you could tell that they both had some deep seated anger to women in general for what the whore had done to them. They were both very interested in hearing the things Brianne and I like since we told them that we were very sexual people. Brianne took this moment upon herself to mention that she loved sucking dick and being fucking aggressively and that she always wanted to be fucked my multiple people with her not being able to control any of the situation. I believe she said she wanted to be fucked like a rag doll in any position her partners wanted her. She also very calculatingly said she doubted that this could ever happen now that she was married. She then took this pause while the guys processed this to use the bathroom. Jason and Brad did not know what to say to me. I decided to break the silence by toasting us three in the name of ďwhatever happens tonight happens.Ē

After another bar or two we were all pretty hammered. I knew that Brianne and I were reaching the point of drunkenness that we needed to either do this soon or we soon or we would never do it. I decided to invite the guys back to our room to drink some of the beers in our fridge. They immediately accepted the invitation so the four of us were off to the hotel.

When we arrived I turned on some music from the clock radio and cracked a few beers. While I was doing this Brianne, Jason and Brad made themselves comfortable at the little desk area in the room. There were only two chairs so Brianne plopped herself down on Jasonís lap. I think Jason thought he won the prize between him and Brad but Brad was defiantly enjoying the view from where he was sitting. He could clearly see Brianneís pussy from his seat. Her landing strip pubic formation was in clear view and he was loving it. I walked over with the beers and leaned down and deeply kissed her, letting my hand graze over her exposed pussy. I know Brad and Jason were mouthing things to each other but I did not care. When I broke our embrace Brad took his cue. He stood up and walked over to Brianne who was still sitting Jasonís lap. He bent down and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and grabbed him close. Jason began to play with her tits through her shirt. I picked up my beer and sat on the bed not wanted to miss a second of the show.

After a few minutes of this Brad stood Brianne so Jason could get up. It was now Jasonís turn to kiss my wife while Brad played with her tits. He took of her shirt and bra and began playing with her beautiful brown nipples. Jason let his hand trail down from her back to her waste to her pussy. She tilted her head back as she felt hands on her nipples and a hand on her pussy. She caught my eyes and looked dazed. Not from the drinks but from lust and horniness. They continued playing gently with her bare tits and pussy after removing her skirt. I had taken my cock out at this point and was stroking it while my wife was letting two guys she had just met explore her body.

After ten minutes or so Brianne decided that she needed some cock and she graciously dropped to her knees. She looked over at me and then at Brad and Jason. She reached up and began to unzip bother their shorts at the same time. She then slowly pulled down both their shorts and boxers in unison. She looked back and forth between the two cocks staring her in the face and smiled. Both Brad and Jason had nice sized dicks. Bradís was a little thicker and Jasonís was a little longer. She took Bradís cock in her hand as just as she was about to guide his dick in her mouth she shot me a nasty smile. She knew I was loving this and I knew she was loving it too. She began going back and forth between the two guys, blowing each for about thirty seconds before immediately switching to the other. The guys had their hands at their sides and were moaning quietly while getting sensual head from my wife. As good as this site was for me, seeing my wife getting her face filled by strange cock, I knew it could be better.

I got up and removed the rest of my clothing. I walked over my kneeing wife was and looked down at her. At first she thought I wanted in on the oral she was offering. She took her mouth of Jasonís dick and started scooting closer to me. I stepped back, reached down and slapped her tit. I told her thatís not what I wanted but instead I wanted to see her get ďfucked like a rag dollĒ like she wanted. I grabbed her head and forced it on Bradís dick as far as I could push it. Her gag sounds were audible and her face turned red. When I released her head she gasped for air and looked up at me, spit covering her face. She again gave me a dirty smile and forced herself on Jasonís dick with the same gusto that I had just forced her to use on Bradís. Both guys could see that Brianne did in fact enjoy this and began to assist with the forcible cock chocking of my wife. They were pushing her head on their dicks and thrusting their hips forward to meet her awaiting mouth. The guys were starting to really get into it and so was Brianne. I resumed my seat on the bed and watched the face fucking that was going on. I decided that I was going to be the director in this gangbang of my beautiful wife. I would tell them how to use her and move her.

After my wifeís head was held onto Jasonís dick for a lengthy amount of time without allowing her to breath I felt it was time to move onto a new position. I told Brianne to stand up and by my tone the group immediately understood that I was to be in charge of this show. If these guys wanted to fuck my wife they had to play by my rules. I told Brianne to get on the bed doggie style, on her hands knees with her ass and cunt in the air, and to keep her head up. I took a moment to survey the scene and it was perfect. My wifeís naked body there for us all to see and two random guys naked and awaiting my instructions on what to do with her. I could see in the light how wet Brianne was. She was glistening and I knew that she wanted more. I told Jason to stand in front of Brianne and face fuck her some more. She was not permitted to use her hands. I told Brad to get behind her and lick her pussy and ass. I told him to bury his face between her checks and get her juices all over his face. He could finger one or both holes at the same time while he did this.

I nodded that my instructions were done and these eager guys went to work on her. It appeared that this was a great venue for Brad and Jason to release their frustrations with the opposite sex and Brianne was going to be the one receiving their anger. Brad immediately drove a finger straight in her ass. Did not even lube it up, just forced his way in there. Brianne opened her mouth to yelp in pain but was stopped short by Jasonís long cock being forced in the back of her throat. I thought this would be too much but Brianne quickly got into a rhythm of grinding back on Brad and forward on Jason. Brad rolled over on his back and crawled under Brianne. He was licking her dripping hole while still fingering her ass hole. Since she could not use her hands it was up to Jason to decide how long he wanted to stay in her mouth without giving her a second to catch her breath. These breaks were very few and far between. When he would pull out it was really only to force his balls up to her mouth and rub her own spit across her face. Her eyes were watery from repeatedly being gagged and she was covered in spit but by her movements I could tell this was exactly what she wanted. She was being used and she loved every second of it.

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