Our Night

(Part 1 from 1)

As the title says “Our Night”, it was the month of March me and my girlfriend’s one year anniversary, and she celebrated her birthday the same month. So I decided we would do something special in New York city. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant last minute. We got a table at 10:00 p.m. at a real nice and expensive place. I also got tickets to view the skyline of Manhattan at sunset. So we left early to enjoy the views, but all of that ended within a half an hour. Now we had a plenty of time before our big dinner.

A little background about us, we are both Indians living in New York. I am 26 years old and my girl is 24 years old. We both dressed up in formal attire for this special night. I wore a gray dress shirt with a black tie and black slacks. My girl wore a nice tube top gray dress, along with black panty hose and black high heels. She looked great, because of her long sexy legs and the tops of her cleavage showed of her 34 c size tits. That dress showed all of her main features, including her round plump ass. She is about 5’7 and weighs about 125 pounds, weight distributed all in the right places. The dress went down right above her knees. It was well known, at the end of the night that dress would come off and I would enjoy some good old sex with her. I loved her hair, it is short black hair like Victoria Beckham’s hair. She had her little nose ring and her tongue ring on. She also has a sexy smile and looks like she can be a freak in bed.

Now its well after 6 o’clock and we had time to kill. So went into this tiny little bistro downtown to have drinks. After one solid drink, we both realized that the drinks there were expensive and needed to save money for our dinner. We are both in school full-time, so money was a issue. Then we decided to leave and head out to this bar called “Off The Wagon”, they always have drink specials there. Once we got there, they had one dollar shots and beers. We took advantage and had a good 4 drinks of shots and beers. The place was packed, but out of the crowd emerged my good friend I used to work with. My friend’s name is Adam and he had his cousin along, his name was Edward (called him Eddie for short). I was surprised and he was too. We greeted each other and they both introduced themselves to my girl. The two guys seemed to be buzzed from the happy hour and told me and my girl to have drinks on them. I told Adam our plans for the night and that we were celebrating my girl’s birthday. Adam was floored and demanded we all take shots for that. He mentioned that he was taking out his cousin Eddie to celebrate him getting married next week. So we all had good reasons to drink and catch up on things.

A good hour passed, we all had too many drinks to count. We were all buzzed, my girl was very social and lively to our new guests. Me and Adam used to work at the airport for about two years, he still works there full-time. Me and him used to mess around with our female co-workers. I was known as the ladies man, and he always had this mentality that I wasn’t serious about girls. We would talk about the girls we screwed and joked about it. But after working at the airport, I settled down with my girl and enjoying my one year together with her. He on the another hand is a single guy, still looking for a piece of ass to bone. Adam is a 24 year old Polish guy and has a stocky build, he is about 5’9. His cousin Eddie was opposite, he was a skinny 23 year old guy that looked like a teenager. Eddie seemed shy and very quiet at times.

It was reaching 8 o‘ clock and was enjoying great company, but I wanted to leave. My plan was to go back to the car and make out with my girl, have some foreplay before we headed out for dinner. So I told Adam “Hey, I think we going to leave. You guys must have some plans for his bachelor party?” Adam smirked and said “Yeah right, this guy Eddie has no friends. Its just me and him. I got a hotel room near by and doing all of this for him.” My girl felt bad and said “Aww.” Adam basically was putting down his cousin Eddie. But Adam did mention he loves the kid and would do anything for him. Adam then said “Why don’t you guys come over to our hotel room and kill some time. Your reservations are at 10, so you have two hours to waste.” I just looked at my girl and she had a look like he was right. He insisted and said “Come on, just give us some company. Like I said its just me and him. Plus the restaurant is near by our hotel.” My girl said to me “Yeah lets go babe, we have some time and I feel bad.” I had no choice and I would look like a bad guy for not taking his invitation. So I agreed and we left the bar.

We all staggered outside and was walking the streets of NYC a bit buzzed. Eddie was stumbling behind and was walking slow, so me and Adam slowed down while my girl was walking ahead. I could hear her heels clicking and I looked ahead, she dropped her purse and bend over to pick it up. I saw her beautiful tight ass bend over, and then looked at Adam. He smiled at me and gave me a wink. He also caught seeing my girl in that position, he was hinting to me he enjoyed that view as well. I had a feeling he enjoyed my girl’s presence that night. It was the only girl around. There were times I felt with my peripheral vision at the bar, he was checking out my girl. What happened at the sidewalk confirmed it. I was a little annoyed, but calmed myself knowing that I would be the only one to hit that.

We reached the hotel room, it was a nice twin bed room. After we settled in, Adam said “You know, it may be just us two. But I surely know how to show Eddie a good time.” With that he brought out some weed and suggested we all go into the bathroom to create a hotbox. I was hesitant but my girl was persistent saying “Come on babe, lets do it. I have been soo stressed with school. Lets just take a pull.” Yet again I didn’t want to look bad and I went along. I knew me and her would feel the hit, because we both haven’t drank in awhile and the weed would only make it worse. So we were in the closed bathroom and taking hits of the weed from a bong! I was definitely feeling it and she was too, she was being giggly. We were all baked and feeling mellow. My girl was by Eddie in the corner of the small bathroom and asking him if he was alright. Me and Adam by the other corner, he was admiring my girl. Adam then asked me boldly “Hey man, are you serious about her?” I looked at him a bit confused and taken back from his question. I guess he thought this is another girl I wasn’t serious about. He continued saying “You know man, I have been promoted to supervisor at work and did 70 hours. I made a 1,000 dollars this week! I wouldn’t mind shelling out about 6 to 7 hundred dollars for her to do a little strip show for us.” I was dazed with his suggestion and had no words, I just smiled weakly. He was about to ask again, to make sure I heard his proposal. Thats when my girl came over and was asking what we were talking about. She was being nosy and wouldn’t stop asking me. Then Adam stepped in saying ”I made a thousand dollars this week. I was telling my friend here, I am willing to spend some of that money for you to strip for us. You know a little strip show.” He added that this is Eddie’s little bachelor party, and usually there is a stripper involved. He then complimented my girl on her looks and on her body. She blushed in appreciation to his remarks.

She then pulled me out of the bathroom and asked “Is he willing to give the whole thousand dollars for me to strip?” I was fired back “No, he wants to give 6 or 7 hundred dollars.” She took a minute to think and said “Thats not bad, that is some quick cash that we could use. Baby don’t worry, I will just strip down to my underwear. Your right here and could watch over me. Wouldn’t it be sexy for you, plus you have gone to tons of strip places and enjoyed private lap dances.” She kinda calm me down and got me aroused a little. I was feeling a tingly sensation all over my body, feeling very light headed. I wanted to sit down, I was tired from the weed and alcohol. She was drunk and was being laid back. My only say was “You want too?” She said “Ok babe, you sit down on that love seat, you look tired. You watch and make sure they don’t do anything silly. Let me get them out.” She then called the guys out of the bathroom and proclaimed she will do it. Adam was thrilled and he high five Eddie on the good news. Adam said “So you will do it for 500 dollars?” My girl fought back “I heard 700 was the asking price?” She was bargaining to strip for them.

She seemed money hungry. He raised it to 600 and she said no, until he agreed to 700. Adam just laughed and said to me “Your girl is a tough bargainer.” I just nodded and my eyes started to be chingy. He pulled out the money and put it on the end table. It was known she would get the money after she stripped. She then whined saying “Oh man, the deal was to strip to my underwear. I don’t have a bra on.” Adam’s only reply was “Oh well, tough luck honey.” He pulled out two chairs, then he put on the porn channel. There was a girl with two guys fucking on screen, the funky porn music filled the room. Adam said jokingly “Here is some inspiration for you.” Then Adam and Eddie took a seat on the two chairs side by side.

The strip show began. My girl started to sway her hips to the music, she was about two feet away from the guys. She turned around and bend over for the guys. She let her hands touch the floor, her ass pressed tight against the material of her dress. She wiggled her ass. She then turned back to them, cupped her tits with her dress. She caressed her hands over every curve on her body. She touched her pussy through her dress and her legs. She almost did a split and then stood straight. She reached the bottom of her dress and raised it up to her upper thighs, and even more until she showed her red thong. She pulled it back down to tease. She did the same with her tits, she pulled down the material, her cleavage cupped together and almost exposing her nipples. She pulled it back to tease again. Adam now shouting and chanting “Take it off, take it off.” Eddie was all smiles and joined in with the chants. My girl asked “You ready for this?” Adam hollered “Hell yeah!” He rubbed his hands in anticipation and said to Eddie “Didn’t I tell you that I would show you a great time?” My girl just ignored their convo and turned her back to them. I was getting a tent in my pants watching my girl do this. She was acting sexy beyond my beliefs and was going to expose her body to them. She slowly reached back and slide the zipper of her dress down. The upper part of her dress loose and she was tugging it down, the material was descending down.

Her bare back could be seen by them. I could see her tits and belly that had a belly ring on it. The dress was by her hips now. Adam interrupted her and said “Can you let our little boy Eddie tug the rest down?” She didn’t responded but took two steps back towards Eddie. That was permission for him to do it. Eddie nervously grabbed my girl’s hips and dragged the material down past her hips, down her thick thighs, and the rest slide down her long slender legs. Her panty hose was still on and you could see through the hose, her red thong! Her ass was inches away from his face. Eddie’s comment was a simple “Wow.” She then stepped out of the dress, and kicked her dress to the side with her heels. Adam was rubbing his erection through his jeans and complained “Sweetie, your hurting my cock with my jeans on. Can I take it off please?” She just turned back to face them while she cupped her tits, her long fingers covering her tits. Her reply to Adam “Sure why not.” Then it was Adam’s race to take to unbutton and unzip his jeans, with one quick pull his underwear and jeans was around his ankles. His cock was whipped out and sporting an average 7 inch uncircumcised penis. My girl just had her sight on his cock and continued to rub her tits together. Adam nudged his cousin to follow suite, and he also was naked from below the waist. His member a bit smaller. Here you see two naked Polish guys sitting on a chair, and stroking their cocks while looking at my half naked Indian girlfriend. My girl was glancing back and forth between the two naked cocks. Adam broke her stares by saying “Show em them titties.” She just sighed and looked up to the ceiling and released her hands to the sides. Her big tits stood proud with no sag. Her nipples pointing out hard. Was she aroused or was she cold?

Adam asked her what size tits she has. She looked at him and said she has 34 c size. He remarked “Those would look good to hold onto.” She asked him “I am done stripping for you guys?” Adam said “Well in a usual strip show or private lap dance, the girl would rub, tug , or stroke the guy’s cock.” He was now crossing the line. My girl was taken back by it, she paused in silence. She looked in my direction and said “Well babe, I remember the times you told about your private lap dances. I guess thats part of it.” Yeah I did remember telling her about my times at the strip club, but I always exaggerated about the strippers giving me a handjob. I never wanted to look like a fool with my girl, but in truth I always got a regular lap dance for about 65 bucks. I didn’t say anything to her comment to me about stroking them. I just stayed silent, to see if she would actually do it. She then looked back at their cocks and murmured hesitantly “Ok I will do it.” She got down on her knees between Eddie’s open legs and grabbed his dick, she started to stroke it! Her long fingers with red nail polish going up and down his cock. Adam told her not to forget him also. Her right hand reached over and grabbed his cock too, she was now stroking two cocks at the same time. It was so unreal, my girl on her knees stroking these guys. She was looking like a prostitute rather than a stripper. Her panty hose clad ass facing me, her red thong visible through the material. Her sexy high heels still on. This image reminded of the porn “Milf Seeker”. These two guys look like the guys from the episode where the girl “Sasha” gets fucked by two younger dudes. Just google it see what I am talking about. Speaking of porn, it was about to get worse.

A good ten minutes passed by of my girl stroking them. I looked at the clock, it was 9:15 p.m. I was stuck here watching this when, Adam went to cop a feel of her tits. My girl just brushed his hands away and said no touching. He just complained it would take awhile for them to cum and need something to feel. He kept going for her tits and she kept playfully fighting it off. Within couple of attempts, she stopped fighting and both guys squeezed and tweaked her nipples. I knew this would arouse her. The harder they squeezed and gave attention to her tits, the harder she stroked them. They were all synchronized and lost in heat. Adam then suggested “Why don’t you give Eddie’s cock a kiss?” My girl snapped back “What?! A kiss? What you mean a kiss?” Adam said “I mean give a kiss or go all the way. I will give you the rest of the 300 dollars, if you do go all the way.” She was confused and said “You mean if I give him a blowjob, you will pay me the rest of the 300 dollars?” Adam replied “Actually, the both of us.” She just turned to look at me. My eyes were heavy and squinting. Adam told my girl “Don’t worry he fell asleep. It would be quick and this will definitely make us cum.” Thats when my girl turned and faced Eddie’s cock, her face inches from his member. I wanted to jump out of my seat, but couldn’t cause I felt weak, because the next thing my girl did was lean forward to put her mouth on his cock! Her mouth covered the head of Eddie’s cock and was working down slowly. Adam cheered “Thats it girl, take his cock. Give him the best blowjob before he gets married.” She was busy blowing him and was stroking Adam’s cock. I can’t believe it. She took her mouth off and spat on his cock and went back to sucking.

I could clearly see her head bopping up and down. Eddie was a amateur and came within 5 minutes, I guess he was really horny. My girl knew this, cause his hips were gyrating towards her face and legs kicking from the upcoming orgasm. She took her other hand and stroked the base of his cock, while her mouth hovered over his head. She took her mouth off and looked at him, he just closed his eyes and said “Oh shit here it comessss” My girl kept on tugging on his meat and cum squirted out, the rest oozed out all over his cock and my girl’s hands. He was pleased with his orgasm. Adam just looked down to my girl and handed a near by towel to wipe. He motioned her over to give his turn. As she crawled between his open legs, he said “You know I won’t be as quick as him. You better do your best.” She had nothing to say but to take his cock in her mouth. She began with gently kisses on his uncircumcised head. Then she lapped her tongue from base to the length of his cock and back. Adam said “Don’t forget my balls.” She just followed his command and sucked hard on his balls, the sound of sucking filled the room. At the same time her hands gliding up and down on his penis. He then took her hair and guided her mouth back unto his cock. This is when she went hardcore sucking on his cock. She would take his entire length and gag, then pull her mouth off to gain air. Then you could see her salvia glistened all over his cock. She would stroke it before she went back into sucking it. Adam asked in between “What is that feeling coming from your tongue, is that a tongue ring? It feels nice.” She just nodded yes on his cock and he replied “Nice!”. Adam’s hands were now all over my girl’s hair, he was pulling on it and face fucking her. She would occasionally massage his balls while she blew. Slurping and smacking noises could be heard. It was a intense 15 minutes.

Adam was loving it and talking dirty to her “Yeah bitch suck my cock. You dirty Indian whore that will suck and fuck for money.” She heard that and paused halfway on his cock. Thats when Adam pulled her hair, making her mouth plop off his cock. He stood up and grabbed my girl under her armpits, and pulled her up to her feet. She stood briefly before he pushed her back onto the bed. He kicked of his jeans and underwear and went towards her. She was astonished by his behavior and saw his erection wobble as he came close. My girl’s long sexy legs hanging of the edge of the bed. He took of his t-shirt and joined her on the bed. My girl on her elbows, trying to sit up and asked ”What are you doing?” He said “Blowing me wasn’t going to make me cum, and you agreed you would go all the way.” My girl was trying to reply “I didn’t meannn......” But her protest was cut short, by him ripping her panty hose open. He then quickly tore away her red thong and toss them on the floor. Her clean shaved pussy was now out in the open. Adam’s was a prey, he took his finger and inserted in her vagina. My girl moaned from his insertion and laid back. He looked her dead in the face, while he fingered her. He said “Somebody’s a little wet, I wonder how many fingers I could put inside.” Then he put another finger and another one. He had three fingers and fucking her with it. My girl tossed her head from side to side from pleasure. He started to tease her and ask “Are you going to fuck for some money?” She looked him in the eye and nodded yes. He said is that a yes. She still nodded. He asked one last time before she said “Oh yes, I will fuck for money. Give it to me!” He grabbed the base of his cock and brought towards her bare pussy, it looked wet.

She surprisingly grabbed the head and helped him align it for entrance. His cock finally touched her pussy lips and she let go, she braced the bed sheets as he entered her orifice. Slowly I could see his dick sink down into her until he was balls deep. Their both pelvic bones touching, they soaked in the feeling. She felt his girth inside and he felt her moist haven. She moaned lowly as he began his thrusts back and forth. Her legs spread wide and receiving a slow pounding. He would occasionally grab for her titties and squeeze and play with them. He then went in to suck on them. He also took both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks underneath. He was grinding away, the bed started to creak. My girl was moaning louder, balls slapping against her ass filled the room. He went in to kiss her and she accepted, they began tonguing. My girl now wrapped her panty hose legs around his ass and pulled him close. They were locked in a tight embrace. Her nails dig into his back. She broke away from the kiss and begged “fuck me good, I need it. Come on you can do it. I need your cock and your money, you bastard.” He was shocked at her demand but only went harder in fucking her. Meanwhile Eddie turned off the t.v. and was waiting patiently on the side, he was playing with his cock. My girl was talking dirty and was telling Adam, that she could feel his dick getting harder. She then felt his balls in between and that was hard too. She teased him saying “I know you want to cum. I know you want to explode and give me that hot cum. Where you going to put your babies? Huh?” He slammed harder and harder from the dirty talking. She yelled “Oh yeah, oh yeah, I am cumming all over you dick. Shitttt” She clutched the pillows near by and scream the rest into it. After her orgasm subsided, she spoke again “Come on give me that man juice, you turned me into a slut. Made me suck your cock, did you like that huh?” She was really into it. He responded “Shut the fuck up bitch, here is my cummmmm” He just pulled out and jacked his erupting cock towards my girl’s breast and face. A huge wad of cum squirted all around her tits and landed on her checks. Adam was breathing hard and said “That felt good.” He hopped off the bed and so did my girl, she went to the bathroom to wipe up.

Adam joined his cousin Eddie on the bed and put a arm around his shoulders, asked him “You happy cuz? Don’t I provide? I told you I would get you a girl tonight, to bad its my friend’s girl.” Eddie replied “Yeah you did come thru. Thanks cuz. But I wouldn’t mind going again with her.” Adam told him “Go ahead take that bitch for a ride.” Eddie stood up and paced himself, anxious for my girl to come out of the bathroom. She finally came out and walked past Eddie. She seemed like she took another hit, she was all smiles. She asked “Now, am I done with you guys?” There was no response but Eddie going behind her and started to grope her body. His fingers probing my girl’s cunt from behind, then a hand over her belly and tits. My girl started laughing and said “Oh little man wants some....ok ok hold on.” My girl looked very tall against Eddie, she was still wearing her high heels. My girl told Adam, how he tore up her thong and panty hose. She joked and said they could keep it as a souvenir. She step forward away from Eddie, and the started peeling the rest of her torn panty hose. My girl bend over to get the last of it, but Eddie was impatient and pushed her onto the bed. My girl was now on all fours on the bed, completely naked expect for a pair a shoes on. She was giggly again and said “I think I get extra horny when I smoke weed.” Adam said “Oh yeah, thats good for us. We don’t mind.” Adam was already on the bed and had his legs spread eagle wide, he was wagging his pecker at my girl’s face. My girl knew what to do and started to revive his dick for another go. She let out a moan on his cock because Eddie now entered her from behind. She was getting fucked doggie style and sucking cock in front of her. I just closed my eyes shut and hoping this is some erotic dream, but my ears failed me. I could hear the two guys joking and talking dirty to my girl. From time to time, hear my girl moan in pleasure and begging for it saying “Come on little man, show me what you got? Yeah thats it, fuck me hard.” Later I heard Adam say “Switch”. I opened my eyes to see the two cousins switched positions. Adam taking nice long strokes while gripping my girl’s hips. She was deep throating Eddie with ease. Then Adam broke away for a minute and said he would be right back.

My girl didn’t mind and continued sucking Eddie. Adam came from the bathroom with a bottle of the hotel’s complementary moisturizer. He started applying the moisturizer on his dick, he then took some of it and went by my girl’s asshole. He started dipping his finger in her anus, slowly. My girl turned back to question his motive. He said “Just keep blowing Eddie, it doesn’t hurt right?” She said no and went back to giving head. Adam within time had his finger stroking her butt hole. He pulled his finger out and jacked his meat on last time before her started his insertion. He had enough moisturizer on his cock that the head went in with ease. But my girl paused and screamed on Eddie’s cock, because her asshole was being stretched and was trying to accommodate Adam’s cock. Adam had to take advantage and quickly shoved the rest in. He stood still behind her, his meat was buried in her ass. She took her mouth of Eddie”s cock to question why he was doing this. Adam asked her “Ever had two cocks inside of you, fucking you from both ends?” She just shook her head no and looked forward. Adam instructed Eddie to crawl underneath her and put his cock in her pussy. Eddie was now beneath her and struggling to put his cock inside of her. My girl eventually helped him, I guess she was into trying this. Adam told Eddie to start so she can forget the pain in her ass. Adam took small strokes and slapped her ass. He laughed and asked her how is it. She had no response, she was focusing on the fading pain. She wasn’t screaming as before. They were all in rhythm, Eddie fucking her upward and Adam fucking her downward. My girl caught in between and receiving it from both ends. My girl panting and squirming between the two guys. The two cousins sandwiched my girl. Adam made my girl capable of handling two cocks at the same time. Turned her into a porn star, who knows how many more dicks she can handle. One cock away from a gangbang. Eddie’s mouth now was paying close attention to my girl’s tits and nipples, he was sucking away. Adam would kiss her back and neck. Whisper dirty things to her and pull her short black hair. I had to see this for like 20 minutes, seemed like forever. It was planned by the two cousins to cum at the same time. By this time, I think my girl had like three orgasms. When the guys finally came, Adam shot his cum in her ass and Eddie shot his load in her pussy. Eddie at the time wasn’t concerned about knocking her up, but thankfully she was on birth control. All of them breathing hard from the hardcore fucking. Adam slowly slipped out of her ass and she slowly slipped off Eddie’s cock. She stumbled off the bed, her walk a little unsteady. Her only comment was “Wow, thanks guys for that experience. I came so hard.” Adam was like no problem, it was his pleasure.

My girl looked at the clock, it was 11:30 p.m. She had a curfew with her parents at home. She still lived with her parents and was all of sudden paranoid about getting home on time. She excused with the guys and said she should be leaving now. She was yelling at me from the bed “Baby get up, baby get up.” She thought I was asleep the whole time. Adam wrote something on a piece of paper and counted the thousand dollars. He handed both to her. She counted the money and gave back some bills. She said “Here is three hundred. The rest was on the house, it was my pleasure.” Adam’s response was “Gee, thanks. Oh by the way thats my phone number.. you know.” He smiled and gave a wink. She smiled back and put the crumpled up paper in her purse. She gathered her dress and came over to me. She was stilling standing naked and said “Baby get up, I finished stripping for them.” I got up and acted like I just woke up. She said “Yeah babe, I got the money. I told you it would be quick and easy,” In my head I was like “Quick and easy, yeah right you were easy.” She got dressed and I had to help her zip up her dress. She had the dress on minus her panty hose and red thong. I saw it laying on the floor. She saw me looking and said “Oh babe, I was just trying to be sexy.” I said nothing to it and proceed to leave with her. As I left, Adam told me “Thanks bro for everything, you really made Eddie’s day. Thanks for being cool about it. Hey hold on to her, she is a keeper.” My response was weak and said “Yeah yeah.”

In the elevator going to the lobby, it was just me and her. I noticed cum drooling down her inner thighs. It was their man juices flowing down from her pussy and asshole. She was in such a rush, that she didn’t care or forgot to clean up. I didn’t say anything to it. Once in the car heading home, my girl was being a real kiss ass. She was like “I didn’t give you attention all night, why don’t whip it out so I can suck on it. So I did and she began giving me head in the car while I drove. I had a lot of precum and built up tension from before. But I held back from cumming. After 10 minutes into the drive, she complained “My jaws hurt, its sore honey.” Well it must be from all the dick sucking from before. I didn’t give a fuck, I just grabbed the back of her head and jammed my cock down her throat. Made her deep throat me majority of the time, even made her swallow before I dropped her off. This night was suppose to be “Our Night” but ended up being “Their Night” with my girl. I wonder if my girl would link up with Adam later.....

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