Oprahs assistant Nicki Minaj

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Hi my name is Nikki and some may know me from my songs and performances but others know me through more ways I'm shameful of.
This all started in the beginning of my career as I tried desperately

To get in the limelight with many failed attempts until I met Oprah Winfrey. Now many might know her from tv as loving,caring Oprah
But my experience with her was quite different(quite disgusting).

A friend of mine had known Oprah's cousin and had actually set up an appointment for me to meet her for career purposes. I felt that if anyone could get me famous it would be Oprah seeing what a success her career has been. When I finally got to meet her I was expecting to meet the caring Oprah everyone has known for years instead I met one of the most rude,bossy,and nasty ego maniacs I have ever met.
Now when I first walked into her office the first thing I noticed was how big she was almost three times my size in width.

The second thing I noticed was that she had no make-up on (she is really hideous). The third I noticed was the half eaten big bowl of what looked like pork and beans on her desk. Smiling it off I acted as if I didn't notice it as I went to formally shake her hand. She shook my hand but as she looked me in my eyes I felt her sense of superiority over me,she didn't open her mouth. As I humbly explained how much I looked up to her (not really) and how much she inspired me.

As I spoke occasionally making eye contact I saw how full of her self she actually was with her nose in the clouds. A little hesitant I finally got to the point, to ask her if she could interview me on her show for publicity. When I finally got to the point I saw an evil grin. On her face I had never seen before. She simply said "and how will this deed be re payed to me since I have need of money,though I am in need a "personal" assistant" with an evil smirk on her face. I flinched a little because of her expression(wondering what could she need a assistance with?)I boldly stated that I needed this exposure and was willing to do anything for it."Anything?" she said,"yea anything" I said regretting the words as they came out my mouth. She then pulled out a contract that had in bold letters"Personal ASSistant"(at the time I never noticed the emphasis on the ass part of the word assistant)with a whole a lot of microscopic fine print. She said sign here and here and we can start today,a little hesitant but excited I signed at both lines. As soon as I signed she put the contract away and said "congratulations your hired" as she went to lock the door which I began to question. As she walked I noticed she only had on these thin black spandex which was basically see thru revealing just how fat her behind was,and you could see the cellulite too. Right after she locked the door she said "your first ASSignment as my new ASSistant is to tend to my anus,it needs some maintenance" she said with an evil laugh. Shocked but not fully understanding exactly what she meant I instinctively shouted "what". Ignoring me she simply bent over her desk with her ass arched positioned right in front of my face saying"yea my anus you know my shit hole needs maintenance the one you just signed ya life to!"

Laughing evilly she asked what you didn't read the fine print? Bursting into tears knowingg how contracts and fine prints worked I pleaded with Ms Winfrey explaining I didn't know the context the word assistant was being used. Now agitated she said"you walked in here and signed the contract. Now u must fulfill it or Ill just chain u down and legally make you fulfill it,fine print line 33" Please I begged never more scared and disgusted before. She screamed forcefully "I command you to tend to my ass" looking back at me with her giant spandex covered ass inches away from my face. Now crying and uncontrollably shaking in fear half way understanding I asked her if she wanted me to get some toilet paper to wipe her ass with(ewwww). She screamed "toilet paper, line 30 states that the assistant is the toilet paper there's no toilet paper in this room besides you!" Huh! I shouted in disgust u mean? As she started laughing her large ass began to jiggle as a small but stink fart crept out of her ass as she simply said your face should do fine to start" Now drop to your knees and bring that little princess face of yours and shove up in your goddess' ass crack now! my ass is itchy and I have gas from those pork and beans!" Tears now pouring down my face as I realize the severity of the situation I drop to my knees but before losing my face in her gigantic ass I beg one more time. She said "begging won't work but those tears should feel good in the crack of my ass"as she shook her booty meat and smacked her left butt cheek she put ass right up to my face as she commanded"start by kissing my booty" With no more excuses left and her ass right in my face I hesitantly began kissing all over her ass and at this point I could her smell her ass already. Unsatisfied she then commanded me "take that long nose and push it in between my butt cheeks so you can get an estimate" ill please no I screamed before she grabbed me by my hair and dug my nose as far as it could go between her ass cheeks as I try to resist but her strength and will farly outweighed mine. I tried holding my breath but couldn't for long

Because she held me in as she asked"so how does it smell?" Finally I breathed in her funky essence it felt like it tainted my entire body from one sniff. It smelled like straight dodo like she hadn't washed and this scared me because her spandex was still on. I said it smells like ass in here as she began to sort of grind my face in her ass I tried to pull away but the more I tried the harder she grinded. As she told me it was all a set up and how she hadn't showered in two weeks just to be able to torment me in this way. After what seemed like an hour of her moaning from butt humping face she pull my face from between her cheeks and threw me back. I could smell my own face and it smelled like straight ass and it was greasy and gooey from seemed like her ass sweat and this funky oily substance that she had grinded on to my face. Finally she stood up strait and told me to crawl to the other side of her desk and place the back of my head on her chair with my face pointing up with my body on the floor(for what reason remains to be seen). Now when I obeyed she stood over me as if to sit down I looked up and saw her pulling down her wet,soiled spandex revealing her giant,fat, cellulite covered ass and as she pulled them down a gust of straight ass filled the area scaring me into begging again. She said "Now I have some paper work I need to be doing and YOU have some booty work you need to be doing"as she laughed she dug her fingers deep in her fat ass in order to spread her butt cheeks as wide as possible exposing the bits of brown toilet paper stuck to her hairy ass hole which was big enough to fit my mouth IN. I said "this is disgusting I'm a star Im gonna reach the top u said u would help me” She said in a soft loving yet sarcastic tone" I am helping you and one day you will reach the top but today you have to reach MY BOTTOM with your tongue as she lowered her ass. Before my face even entered her poo poo filled ass crack I could smell the strong scent of ass and straight shit I started sobbing.

When she finally sat down she had to spread her ass even wider allowing me to see inside her black ass crack showing just how deep I could end up in this woman's behind. When she sat she aimed and MADE SURE my nose was IN her ass completely. (Her asshole was so big most of my mouth when in too! As she put all her weight on me she kept spreading her cheeks so the fat didn't prevent me from being in her rectum, I felt like a human wedgie shoved in her ass the smell was beyond funky as I felt my face getting deeper in her ass as wiggled and grinded down on me,I felt like my head was gonna burst. I could barely breath and if I did I breathed in strait ass. She basically was face fucking with her ass(still gives me nightmares)as she did she started sweating a lot and her ass was releasing this funky,butty slime that drenched my entire face. As she fucked my face I could tell she started eating her beans again because my face was so deep I felt her swallow and belch. As I kept trying to get my face out of her dodo maker all of sudden she just stopped spread her asshole wide open forcing my face to enter she leaned forward a little and blasted the longest,loudest,most stink fart ever directly into my face. As she laughed and started working my nose again as she continually farted she started bouncing. My face had wiped every crevice of her ass and the farting almost made pass out,but just before I did she said "I knew your face was gonna make a perfect ass wipe"as she stood up she had to spread her cheeks again to let me out. As I'm struggling to catch my breath she says"I think that long nose of yours triggered something in my rectum because I have to shit now"as she looked down at my greasy,teary eyed face. Your are obligated assume the position of toilet slave when there is no toilet within 50 feet"I began crying again as she said "I don't have prune juice for constipation you are also obligated to unclog in this event,Stick your entire tongue out strait and firm"she said forcefully. Looking down at me mercy less.

You will fuck asshole in and out while I gallop on your face until I feel my shit ready to come out at this point you will be commanded to suck any fecal matter or other material that comes out of my ass understood bitch?"Yes goddess I said as she spread her asshole wide open again but this time she made sure my mouth would be fucked this time. As she sat she said "think u sooo cute well how cute is this funky ass that's taking your face?"Ughh" I said in reply. The moment my tongue entered her ass I tasted the poo it was horrible,she grinded the same way except my this time my tongue was doing the wiping. She thrusted her ass on me forcing my tongue to run up and down her crack. She screamed you fucking ass wipe clean my shit up this ya purpose in life to be my ass slave". She began farting and galloping as she made in concentrate my directly in her ass. She said "stick that tongue all the way in my ass until you reach the top of my rectum, I told u that u would the reach the top"laughing as she pressed all her weight down forcing my tongue way far in her ass."Get that shit out of my ass and I might give you a breather" As many times as I watched Oprah I never imagined being this far in her ass(or anyones)she grinded and grinded bounced and galloped on my licking tongue until my mouth smelled like the ass and not hers. Clean me, maintenace that shit hole she screamed in a frenzy. The bits of toilet paper were gone and while her ass still had butt grease in it she was cleaner than before,my mouth permantly tasted like butt and dodo(ewwww). She looking back at me as she farted numerous times in my mouth while my tongue was still up her butt,I could taste it even more and more she was about to make a bowel movement. "Reach in and touch that stinky that's in my rectum,work it out so you can suck my ass empty I will not send you home on a empty stomach". I gaged and almost threw up but I wanted this to be over so I stuck my tongue deep in that black hole she started fucking my tongue again in and out as she let out more gas.I could feel the log with my tongue it was hard and tasted worst than the crack."Jiggle it around" she said as she shook her ass. The dodo now was moving out onto my tongue as she farted."Suck you bitch seal your lips around that crack and suck that shit out now".

Each time she farted I almost gagged but I sealed my around her nether hole and sucked. She moaned and pushed down hard still farting still wiggling she said "come on toilets take it all". As soon as I sucked brown liquid came out into my mouth she had diarrhea I tried to take my mouth out but she used her shit muscle to draw me back in. I sucked again as she galloped and fart one long last time that turned into shart as she screamed u better not waste a drop" I sucked while she made diarrhea directly in my mouth. It came out fast as she still galloped I swallowed trying not to gag while tears ran down my face. She started screaming as if in orgasm teasing "I'm making poo in ya mouth you dirty little toilet hahaha"I swallowed it all turds and liquid,for what seemed like forever, I felt like her toilet. When she stopped shitting she kept fucking my face scrubbing my face in between her butt cheeks she ordered me to "lick that phat nasty shitty ass squeaky clean" After another hour of her grinding and wiping her ass with my face and tongue she commanded that I keep my tongue up her butt while she started her paperwork for focus purposes,she would occasionally grind down or fart but she just wanted my still fully extended tongue up her asshole for what she said was "conditioning".

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