One sunny afternoon.

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It happened one sunny afternoon.

Tom lived in a one bedroom flat along with his wife Jackie in a quiet cul-de-sac in a country Village. Tom did not work very often he was a carpenter and worked for several building firms as and when required.

His wife Jackie was a nurse worked in the local hospital mostly afternoons but did some nights as well, They had a healthy sex life and were very satisfied with each other however just lately they had been talking About adding some Spice into their sex life. Tom had confessed to wish another lady to be present during love making Jackie thought about it for a while and confessed herself to also wishing to try another man. So they decided that one day soon They would make this thing happen They decided it would not be a good idea to invite another couple as this would be really a swap And would not really give them the chance to enjoy another in same-sex and opposite-sex that night so they decided that Jackie will find a friend from work to come and spend some time with them, and then on another occasion Tom could invite one of his friends to also spend some time with them this has been agreed a little while back.

So one day Jackie came home from work all excited and said,

Tomorrow is the day,

Tom said what do you mean tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day my friend will come and spend some time with us I am on afternoons so by about 7 o'clock at night we will be finished and she will come and spend a few hours with us

Great said Tom how are we going to do it.

Well I thought It would be really nice If you were naked tied to the bed ready and waiting for us when we came home

Why blindfolded asked Tom.

Because if it doesn't work out you will not have seen her and nobody need be the wiser that she had come at all no need for any embarrassment on either side only she and I Would know it was her that came on the other hand if everything goes according to plan then she can remove your blindfold at the end of our session.

Great said Tom So what do you want me to do.

Well Jackie said, if you strip naked take Viagra cuff your feet to the bottom of the bed then adjust your blindfold and take a pair of handcuffs, put the key under the pillow so you can get away if necessary and cuff yourself to the top of the bed and just wait until we come home and surprise you being naked and up and ready will be a nice surprise for my friend

What's her name ask Tom Can't tell you that she said you won't know her name until or if she wants you to know at the end of our session.

I can live with that said Tom Can't Wait so you'll be home about 7:30 I'll get ready about six

Great said Jackie when I get to work I'll tell her if I don't ring you by 2 p.m. then you will know she's coming.

So as nothing was heard by 2 p.m. Tom stripped off his clothes put on a cock ring took 2 Viagra thinking that he might need the extra as he had the extra woman to satisfy, He stripped captivated his feet to the bottom of the bed put on the blindfold got the handcuffs ready for his hands first putting the key under the pillow his only means of escape and laid back to listen to some nice background music he had put on.

The bedroom was on the ground floor and had French windows which opened out onto the garden he had left the door slightly open to let in some fresh air, he laid back wallowing in the thoughts of what might happen when Jackie and her friend came home from work, he was very excited he had never done this before and was really looking forward to it.

It was so peaceful and the music so relaxing that he soon fell asleep.

At this time 2 girls who lived next door, Mary 18 nearly 19 and Jill 19 going on 20 came to play catch. This is a game played with a soft ball, the object is to throw hard catches to your opponent, the person who catches the most is the winner.
They threw the ball back and fore and were having a great time, both girls catching well. Then Jill threw a really hard catch, Mary got a finger to it but it bounced off and over the low fence into Toms garden.

Now what said Mary.

Go and fetch it said Jill there is a gap in the fence, go through there.

Mary went through, looked for the ball it was near the French windows behind which Tom was laying naked on the bed and by now the Viagra had taken hold and his cock was 9 inches long and sticking up towards the sky.

Mary went for the ball and picked it up, as she straightened up she could not help but see Tom on the bed,

What the fuck she thought and moved closer to see for sure.

My God what a sight she thought and waved to Jill to come over and see.

As Jill came into Toms garden Mary put her fingers to her lips to tell Jill to be quiet. The girls were now both peering into Toms bedroom,

Yes Tom, was Blindfolded and naked on the bed, and look at his cock, all hard and erect.

I think he is asleep said Jill, lets creep in for a closer look.

Oh I don’t know said Mary what if he sees us.

How can he, he is blindfolded and his hands are tied, and I know Jackie is gone to work, I saw her leave wearing her uniform.

OK said Mary You first.

They crept in and went one each side of the bed for a closer look.

He is asleep whispered Jill, I am going to feel it.

She stretched over the bed and touched Toms cock, he did not move, so getting more daring she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it up and gown a few times.

How does it feel asked Mary.

Nice said Jill you have a feel.

Mary leaned over and took hold of Toms cock and copied what Mary had done, Tom stirred and started to wake up.

Oh he said you have come at last, well as you can see I am helpless and all ready for you, (He thought it was wife Jackie and her friend) just take off your clothes and help yourselves. The girls looked at each other giggled and Jill said, quietly to Mary

Don't know about you but I am going to get a bit of that, come on lets get stripped and play the game with him, could be fun.

The girls stripped naked and kneeled on the bed one each side of Tom. Jill was well developed with nice full breasts pert with long hard nipples a nice waist and hips and her mound had a little blonde hair while Mary, was not so well developed had nice puffy breasts with big puffy nipples also nice waist and hips and only a few wisps of blond hair at her mound.

Jill took hold of Toms prick and stroked it up and down causing his foreskin to uncover hid purple shiny knob,

Mary not wanting to be left out cupped his balls in her hands.

Ooh that is nice girls said Tom Don't be shy, do what you want, you can lick it suck it and even fuck it I am your slave for the afternoon.

This spurred the girls on, by now a little pre cum was oozing out of the eye in his knob and Jill bent down and licked his knob tasting his pre cum.

Nice she whispered to Marry, try it.

Mary did as she was requested and remarked that it was nice too.

Tom was in heaven two girls going to give him a good time, wonder what he would think if he knew who it really was, and all the time the girls were thinking that this had all been set up for them.
Jill was not a virgin she had fooled around with a couple of guy’s at school, but never before had she seen a man's prick, all the ones she had seen were shorter and thinner. Mary was still a virgin, she had no past experiences and was following her sisters lead, yes they had spoken about Jill’s experiences and had played with themselves and each other before but never anything like this.

Jill was now giving Tom a blow job and he was enjoying it a lot while Mary was licking and sucking his balls, he was in heaven and the girls were getting pretty aroused too, they both had fingers in their pussy’s and were feeling good and warm down below.

Suddenly Jill whispered, I am going to fuck him and shifted herself to straddle Toms hips she took hold of his prick and guided it to her entrance. Then she lowered herself slowly on to his cock, firstly taking the knob, paused and then with a sigh of content slid down his shaft till she had him all in, she paused to get used to the massive cock inside and heard Tom say

Gosh your tight lady, this is the best ever and I got more to come, I am a lucky guy.

Jill was feeling great, she slowly started moving up and down on Toms shaft, never before had she had a feeling like this it was better than she could ever imagined, she was getting feelings down there she had never felt before and she was loving it. She started to move up and down faster and Tom was responding as she went down he was thrusting up, so far in so as to be at the entrance of her womb and this was causing feelings that were both strange and beautiful she was about to have her first real orgasm.

Come on girl said Tom You are nearly coming go for it.

This made her move up and down faster and suddenly she experienced a pain which was pure pleasure and started shaking and her vaginal walls were quivering gripping Tom's cock as she had her first ever real orgasm it was marvelous and went on for a short while then she collapsed on top of Tom saying,

My god that was wonderful, cant wait to do that again

After a short time she dismounted Toms still erect cock Viagra was still keeping him hard.

She said to Mary, your turn dear,

Don't know if I should she said.

You will never get better than this said Jill you will be a fool if you don't.

Tom listened to this conversation and was thinking

Strange, something does not seem right here, but he was having a great time so did not pay it too much attention.

Come on said Jill get where I was and I will help you.

So Mary straddled Toms hips,

Jill took hold of Toms prick and guided it to Mary’s entrance after rubbing it up and down Mary’s slit to make it nice and slippery. She motioned for Mary to lower herself down on to Toms Prick. Do it slowly she said then you can stop if it hurts.

OK said Mary here goes and she started to lower herself on to Toms cock, The knob was slowly pushing into Mary's entrance and suddenly popped in, Mary stopped and said that hurt but is OK now, feels rather nice actually, and she started to rock her hips back and fore as she had seen Jill do, Mme I like this she said and started gyrating her hips more not realizing that she was bearing down at the same time. Suddenly her hymen gave way and she slid down toms cock till he was balls deep inside her,

OK? asked Jill.

Am now she said but that hurt a bit but feels great now.

Toms prick was so far inside her his knob was entering her womb, giving her great sensations,

Oyo said Mary this is nice, much better than frigging myself off, I love it.

Start moving up and down on Toms cock said Jill you will like it more.

OK said Mary and did as she had seen Jill do earlier, Wow this is nice she said, as she could feel herself reaching an orgasm she moved up and down faster

Tom sensing she was getting near and feeling a tightening in his balls was thrusting upwards as she came down.
They were both lost in the throe’s of their animal instincts climbing the mountain together and at the same time exploding into sheer ecstasy,
Mary’s vagina walls clamped tightly around Toms shaft bringing him to heights he had never reached before, his balls let loose a mighty jet of semen which flew along his shaft right up into Mary’s womb,
The sheer pleasure of this sent Mary’s body into convulsions she shook as her pussy walls gripped Toms prick till they were both spent.

By fuck that was good said Tom. The best ever for me and I hope you enjoyed it too, young lady.

Wow for sure I did said Mary.

Me too said Jill.

Tom said Hi Girls I know who you are now, I was expecting someone else, but I am glad you came what a wonderful surprise, I hope you will come again, Jackie works most afternoons and I will be pleased to open the French windows and be ready for you anytime. Now I am expecting Jackie and her friend anytime so please there are wet wipes by the bedside clean me up please and take the wipes out to the bin, Jackie must not know you have been.

Mary had recovered enough now to get up off his prick which was still quite erect, the girls cleaned him up, and first Mary, then Jill went to him gave him a nice kiss and said see you soon lover boy.

Shortly after this Jackie came home.

Oh sorry you are still waiting she said, we had an emergency at work, young girl knocked down by a car, we all stopped on till she was stable, my friend had to go as we are late but promised to come another time. I see you are up and ready so we will not waste such a nice hard prick, Give me two minutes to get ready and I will come and fuck your brains out.
While she was gone Tom was thinking three in one afternoon can a prick do that, we will soon find out

To be continued.

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