One, Two, Three

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OK, sex in a car doesn't make for that exciting a story, even if the guy was married, but I have to start there to relate one of the most amazing nights in my life.

It was my freshman year and I'd been babysitting for Prof. Weiss and his wife Marty for a couple months to make ends meet. Somewhere along the line I must have told them when my 18th birthday was coming. And I'll admit to flirting with him when he would drive me back to my dorm after a job. As i would get out of the car, I would look back at him just a bit too long for a simple good night.

Anyway, one night, he pulled into a space in the dorm parking lot and stared across at me for just a bit too long. Then he simply said, "Marge, you are a beautiful girl, you know."

My eyes locked with his and my lips parted and he knew the implied invitation had been accepted. Soon we were joined in a long passionate kiss. I felt his hand on my breast and the electricity sent sparks over my whole body, especially between my legs. I groped for his crotch and realized he was already aroused.

"Professor Weiss, don't you think we should go somewhere more, you know, more uh private?" I sighed after a few pleasurable moments.

He backed out of the space and drove us to a dirt road that led into a farmyard. I played with the bulge in his pants until the road got so bumpy I had to hang onto the handle above the door. Finally, the farm road led into a patch of woods and he stopped and set the brake.

Prof. Weiss reached all the way across my seat and made it roll back and recline as far as possible. Then he awkwardly climbed over the gear shift and propped himself over me. We kissed again, playing with each other's tongues as he cupped his hands over my breasts. As he reached under my blouse, I managed to undo his belt. Somehow we were able to release my bra and he was sucking on my nipples as I got his zipper down and took his bare shaft in my hand. He took that as the right moment to pull up my skirt (I'd taken to wearing skirts to their house as part of my flirt) and slide his hand over the silky wet fabric covering my love spot. We rubbed each other like that, getting more aroused with each moment.

Soon his hand was inside my panties and his fingers split my lips and played delightfully with my sweet little bump. Orgasm shook me all over as he pushed two fingers up inside me. Somewhere in there my panties came all the way off. My knees pressed against the door and gear shift to allow him to enter me. A second orgasm was peaking as he pushed his way in. He must have been terribly uncomfortable. But his thrusts were strong and rhythmic and his cock was a wonderful size. He moaned as he climaxed and his juices jetted into me in repeated bursts. He didn't stop when there was no more and he kept thrusting until he was so soft it didn't work.

He was still inside me when I thought to ask, "Won't Mrs. Weiss wonder what took so long?"

"Oh, no," he said as he removed himself. "I'm supposed to tell you, she wants you too!"

My hand flew to my mouth as I gasped in surprise. How did they know I'd been experimenting with other girls? Oh god, it must have been Carla - the junior who was leaving for a trip abroad. She gave me a reference. And of course, she knew.

When we got back to the house, Mrs. Weiss, Marta, came to the door wearing only a teddie. "Oh Oh Oh I'm so delighted you came back!" she chirped, and proceeded, with the professor's help to caress me and undress me right by the front door. We kissed deeply as she unbuttoned my blouse and more easily than earlier that night unclipped my bra. While she was gently sucking on my nipples, I felt her unzip my skirt and drop it to the floor. I managed to hold her still-covered breasts in my hands for a few seconds but then just held her head against my chest.

With me only in my panties, she led me by the hand into their bedroom. The professor followed. The cover and silken sheet were already turned down.

She sat me on the edge of the bed and allowed me to pull the straps off her shoulder and kiss her lovely breasts. Then she knelt as she slipped her thumbs into the waste-band of my panties and pulled them off. I'm sure it was obvious to her that it wasn't only a woman's juices that soaked the crotch of my panties and my pussy fur. Soon she was kissing my pussy lips and licking all around. I should have been embarrassed, but how could I be when she was bringing me so close to orgasm?

"I'm so glad Shem was able to enjoy your lovely body," she said, as she stood and pressed her chest against my face. While I licked and kissed and sucked on her hardened nipples, I took the opportunity to lower her teddie. Her pussy lips parted easily and her breathing became irregular as my fingers played in her wet tissues.

Eventually she pushed me down and urged me all the way up on the bed. Then she climbed up and lay beside me with her head toward the foot of the bed. I saw then that Shem was undressed and playing with his cock. Marta and I rolled toward each other onto our sides and we began kissing each others' legs. As she lifted one knee, my lips soon found her sweet newly shaved pussy. She responded instantly when my tongue reached between her lips. She pulled me over on top of her. Her moans grew louder and her spasms stronger as I was finally allowed to bring her to orgasm. I didn't suppress my own moans as her lovely quick tongue and fingers were bringing me to the edge.

As she reached her climax, I realized she had stopped playing with me, and I felt Shem's weight as he knelt at the foot of the bed. I was already cumming hard as he entered me without resistance. I got on my knees a bit for comfort and I could feel her fingers around his shaft and against my fur as pumped into me faster and faster. I could tell by the way her hair pressed against my legs that she was doing something with her mouth for him as well. Soon we were all moaning as I slid two fingers into Marta's vagina and licked her with my tongue.

Waves of electricity again rocked my body. It must have been ten or fifteen minutes before I once more felt the professor's semen against the walls of my own vagina. I so love he isn't the type of man who stops when he is satisfied. Like before, his erection and thrusts lasted inside me for quite a while after his juices were spent.

As he slipped out of me, I rolled off Marta, exhausted. I watched as she took his flaccid cock in her mouth and he continued where I had left off giving her oral pleasure. When he was ready, he turned around and she parted her legs for him. I watched in amazement from just a few inches away as he slid into her. I'd never seen love making so close and, with some hesitation at first, I thought to mimick her trick wrapping a finger and thumb around his slippery shaft as it went in and out of her body giving both of them added pleasure. I turned around and sucked on the breast that I could reach while their love making continued between my fingers.

I realized he was cumming again, when suddenly he left her, pushed me over on my back and shoved his jetting cock back into me.

After it was over they led me to their huge circular Jacuzzi where we managed to rinse off. You would think we would have been spent and out of breath but our caresses led to my sitting on his lap and feeling the pleasure of his cock and the touch of her silky smooth breasts once again. We got dressed and he drove me back to the dorm.

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