One Man's Fantasy

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The human brain is capable of conjuring both wonderful and terrible ideas. For some time now my brain has conjured a terribly wonderful idea in some detail….watching my wife have sex with another man.

I will describe Gwen, my wife, later but what of the man who is to enjoy her body? A handsome, toned, young Adonis? A man of a different race, black skin on white is very erotic. He must, of course, be endowed with a long, thick cock. My choice for the man to fuck my wife is David. We play squash occasionally at the same club but my wife has only met him once a couple of years ago. He is not the young Adonis; he is a 5’5” balding man of 60, two years older than me and four years older than my wife. He is not particularly handsome but there is something about him that has me imagining him with Gwen. I have seen him naked in the locker room of the squash club and he certainly meets the requirements in the endowment department.

Gwen is quiet, shy and very feminine and loves sex. She’s 5’8”, slim, a natural blonde with nice breasts, a slender waist and long, shapely legs and lovely ass. Her pussy is topped with a trimmed mound of blonde hair. Her alabaster skin is unblemished, a trademark of her English/Irish heritage. She enjoys dressing in erotic clothing for sex and her long legs looks great in stockings and heels.

My fantasy begins with me leading David down the hall from the front door, into our living room and offering him a drink. We sit and chat and I mention that Gwen is upstairs getting ready and will be down shortly. I tell him she has been very excited and horny all week thinking about tonight and is ready for a good fucking. He shouldn’t hold back on anything he wants to do, her mouth, pussy and ass is available to him.

Gwen and I have agreed that whatever she decides to wear, her tits, ass and pussy will be exposed for David to view so, whatever she chooses, it won’t be very much. We hear the sound of heels on the stairs and Gwen enters the room. She’s wearing a robe and blushes when I introduce her to David and they shake hands. I stand beside her and ask, “Tell me why David here?”

Her blush deepens when she answers, “He’s here to fuck me.” She normally doesn’t swear but I have asked her to talk dirty tonight and have coached her on what to say. It sounds so erotic hearing her talk like this. She has put on extra eye make-up and red lip gloss making her look real slutty.

“That’s right; David’s here to fuck you, I saw him looking at your lips and I’m sure he wants to put something big and hard between them. Now take off your robe and let him see what he will soon be enjoying.”
She pulls the tie on her robe and lets it fall off her shoulders to the floor. Her outfit is a black half-cup bra, garter belt with black stockings and black stilettos. She stands in front of David and he ogles her, his eyes coming to rest on her blonde bush.

“You’re certainly dressed to be fucked, are you sure you want him to fuck you?”

“I’m sure. You’ve told me about his big cock and I want it,” she replies, her face blushing to a red that matches her lip gloss.

“You will have it; I’m certain he wants to give it to you now he has seen you dressed like a horny slut. Do you think his cock is hard and throbbing right now as he looks at you?” I maul her tits and pinch her hardening nipples. “David is going to rub his dick all over these tits, does that make you excited?”

“I hope I make his cock hard, it makes me wet to think about it,” she answers.

My hand moves between her legs and I rub her pussy before inserting two fingers. “You are wet; David is going to stick his big knob in your tight, wet cunt and fuck you long and hard, is that what you want?”

My wife moans a yes and I remove my fingers and put them in her mouth. “Taste your juice, soon David’s cock will be covered with it and he’ll stick it down your throat, now turn around.”

Gwen turns and David sees her perfect ass for the first time. My hands caress and squeeze her behind as David looks on. I ask her to bend over and spread her legs and I fondle her ass and pussy. I spread her ass cheeks and then her pussy lips giving David a very intimate view. He is now very aroused and stands to strips off and I see his hard cock bounce to freedom. It’s huge, at least ten inches long and very thick. He strokes it gently, pulling back the foreskin to expose a big knob then he sits back down.

“You look very naughty, Gwen, maybe David would like to spank your lovely ass before he fucks you. What do you think of that?”

“I do feel very naughty and slutty, if he wants to spank me he can, you know how horny it makes me.”

She straightens up and turns around and sees David on the couch stroking his massive erection.

“Oh god, it’s big,” she says, a smile creeping across her face and we walk over to him. She lies across his lap and he feels her ass. “Make it tingle, David, spank me and finger fuck me,” my wife now pants without shame and spreads her legs open a little. I realize she is really in to this and am anxious to see her being fucked. David playfully spanks her lovely ass a few times then slides fingers into her pussy, repeating the process several times, his erection pressing against his stomach. The blush on her ass matches the one on her face and she rolls off him and onto her knees. David stands in front of her, his big cock bobbing just inches from her face. She takes it in her hand, gently caressing every inch as it twitches in response to her touch and grows even harder. She cups his balls with her other hand and begins to jerk the thick shaft back and forth, exposing the huge knob. Moving her head closer she opens her mouth wide and envelops the head of his dick. Her cheeks collapse as she sucks on it then uses her tongue to tease it, concentrating on the base then the tip around his piss hole. David begins to move his hips back and forth and Gwen starts taking him deep inside her mouth, her cheeks bulge as the big cock forces against one side then the other. She has always enjoyed sucking cock and is very good at it; she splutters and occasionally chokes but gives it a really good going over. David lifts her up and positions her on the edge of the couch. He spreads her legs and drives his tongue into her pussy. He mauls her tits as he works on her clit and it’s not long before Gwen writhes in an orgasm as she holds his head firmly onto her pussy.

The time has come for her to get fucked and I want a close view as David’s cock enters my wife’s pussy for the first time. He positions himself over Gwen and I lie on the floor inches away from her ass. I watch as David’s massive dick hovers above my wife’s wet, open pussy and wonder how it will ever fit. Then I see Gwen’s slender, feminine hand grasp it and rub it along her pussy before pulling him inside. At first just the knob disappears past her labia then she pulls it out and rubs it over her clit. She puts it back in and David presses deeper inside my wife. His thrusts lengthen and I watch Gwen’s pussy lips stretching as the thick cock drives in and out. She moans with each thrust and she creams so much it quickly covers his cock, gathering at his balls and runs down the crack of her ass. His dick makes wet, squelching sounds as it disappears into her hot vagina. After several minutes David pulls out and they change positions. Gwen climbs on top as David lies back and from my vantage point on the floor I see her delicate hand direct the big, hard, glistening cock into her pussy. She leans forward allowing David to kiss her tits while his hand mauls her ass and spreads her cheeks giving me a wonderful view of his thick cock pounding in and out of her pussy.

Gwen stands up, a little unsteady on her heels from being hammered by such a big cock and says, “Let’s go upstairs.” David gets up and they kiss, Gwen bends a bit to accommodate the height difference and grabs his cock. It’s so erotic to see them like that, my wife kissing this short man while jerking his big dick and David’s hands mauling her ass, tits and pussy. She leads David by his cock out of the room and across to the bottom of the stairs. “I’ll watch you from here,” he says and I realise that, like me, he loves seeing a woman dressed in heels and stocking walk up a flight of stairs. We both leer at her lovely ass as it sways with each step, her pussy lips moving in unison, it’s a beautiful sight and David strokes his cock the entire time. When she reaches the top she puts her legs together, bends over and grasps her ankles. The view is fantastic, her ass framed by the garter belt and stocking, black contrasting with her white skin and her slightly swollen pussy lips. She then spreads her legs as wide as the stairs allow and plays with her pussy.

“Ah man, what a sight, that’s so sexy,” David says as he toys with the head his mighty erection.

“Get up there and give her a real good fucking,” I say and we both head up the stairs.

In the bedroom Gwen lies down on the bed with her head tilted back over the edge. “Come here,” she says, “I want to suck your big dick before you fuck me again.” David stands by her head and feeds his cock into her mouth. She had taken out her favourite dildo and put it on the bedside table, a 12” black monster. While David fucks her mouth I pump her pussy with the dildo and soon she climaxes noisily. David gets on the bed and rolls Gwen on top of him into a sixty-nine. I watch him eating her pussy, spreading the lips apart with his fingers and tonguing her clit then watch my wife suck his cock. She caresses his balls and deep-throats him but he is so big she can’t take it all. Turning her attention to his bulbous knob she lovingly sucks it and uses her tongue to tickle and tease it. She masturbates him and mouths his balls; his cock looks as hard as granite and so big and thick. They disengage and David lies over her legs and plunges into her, fucking her with long, forceful thrusts. He hooks his arms under her legs and pushes them wide apart and back on either side of her head. I kneel beside the bed and watch as Gwen’s pussy takes a tremendous pounding. She whimpers, moans and cries, “Yes, yes, oh my god yes,” as she’s fucked relentlessly. Next she is on her hands and knees and David is behind her, holding his cock and rubbing it over her pussy. He pushes his dick all the way in and holds still, Gwen moans and says she can feel it growing and throbbing deeper than she has ever felt a cock. Her ass is high in air as David begins to slowly thrust in and out, his cock shining with pussy juice. I see her labia being pulled back and forth; her pussy is crammed with his thick, hard dick. I’d often thought of her pussy filled like this but it was always with a massive black cock.

David squeezes her ass cheeks as he pumps into my wife’s hot pussy, his strokes become shorter and quicker, keeping most of his almost foot long giant buried in my wife. She cries out in orgasm just before David lets loose with his load. He pulls out and jerks the last of his seed onto her pussy lips and ass then moves around to her head and sticks his still hard cock, covered in cum and pussy juice, into her mouth. I look at her beautiful ass high in the air; her legs still spread wide apart, her sperm-filled, gaping pussy and her blonde bush splattered with cum and can resist no longer. I quickly strip off and climb onto the bed behind her and fuck her wildly until I shoot my load on top of David’s. Gwen then has another cock to suck and succeeds in getting both into her mouth.

I get David a robe and show him to the guest bathroom then join Gwen in our master suite shower. We meet up in the living room and relax with a drink. I’m sitting on the couch with David and after a while I see my wife is getting fidgety in her chair and know she is still horny. “You’re ready for some more cock by the look of you but you need to get David hard first.”

She stands and loosens her robe and throws it to one side. Her naked body looks ripe to be fucked again and she kneels on the chair and moves her ass around seductively while fingering her pussy. David opens his robe and his big cock lies passively across the top of one leg. Gwen sits back on the chair and spreads her legs over the arms providing a great view of her open pussy and asshole. She fingers herself, teases her clit and spreads her labia open for us. David’s cock begins to twitch and grow and slaps rigidly against his stomach, fully erect. He goes over to her and his dick hovers over her pussy. She grabs it and works it along her slit and rubs it over her clit. David climbs on the chair and Fern hungrily takes his cock down her throat. I kneel between her legs and watch as she slurps his big pole then bury my face in her box. David gets down and I back off and see his huge cock sink into my wife again. Her ass is squashed into the cushion of the chair each time David pumps into her, he pulls completely out each time and I see her pussy, wet and stretched open, before the monster drives in again. It’s not long before she has a noisy climax and David slumps on top of her in temporary breathlessness from his exertions.

Gwen plays with David’s cock and balls while both recover and he explores her pussy then teases her anus.

“Turn her over, David; let’s see if she can take that big dick of yours up her ass.”

David helps her onto her knees on the chair and bends over and tongues her ass while fingering her pussy. I retrieve a tube of KY from my robe pocket and place it on the arm of the chair. David stands up, his cock twitching with excitement, veins along the shaft bulging, he is incredibly hard and excited at the prospect of fucking her tight asshole. He squirts the lubricant onto Gwen’s anus and rubs his middle finger over it and into her.
“Tell him what you want, Gwen, tell him,” I say excitedly.

“Fuck me in the ass, David. I want to feel your big cock deep in my ass.”

“David squeezes KY into his hand and rubs it all over his dick until it shines. He steps up behind Gwen and rubs his knob over her anus and nudges it in a fraction. She lets out a sigh and the cock goes in a bit more. He waits for her muscles to relax and pushes further in. After a couple of minutes he is well into her ass and begins to move back and forth. Gwen moans with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort but as she adjusts to his size she begins to whimper and then cries, “Yes, yes, ooh that’s good, fuck it, fuck it deep, fuck my ass, oohhhh!” David is really giving it to her, pumping steadily in long, powerful strokes. I sit on the couch and jerk off as I watch them until my load squirts all over my belly and chin. Gwen screams to another orgasm as David deposits cum deep in her ass.

As I watch David fuck my wife’s ass other fantasies course through my brain. David and a black guy, two big cocks, one black the other white, fucking her at the same time would be very exciting but why not several men with huge dicks? One cock after another, as soon as one shoots his load in her pussy another immediately takes its place and when the last man has finished with her, I fuck her cum-filled cunt until my sperm mingles with theirs.

Gwen swallows my cum and continues to suck my cock and nuts. Not until I have become completely limp does she stop and look up at me. “That was a big load, what were you thinking about?’ she says.

“You know full well I was thinking about next Saturday, it’s all we’ve talked about for a week.”

“Yes, I’m excited too, and nervous, but thinking of your description of David’s cock has me wet most of the time. The swearing bothers me the most, funnily enough, but I’ll do my best for you. Perhaps I might even enjoy it once I’m dressed like a horny tart.”

“I’m sure you will; I’m sure you will,” I reply as my mind wanders past David to the next step, umm, now let me think. David and four black men in a hotel room with Gwen, big cock follows big cock to stuff her wet cunt and mouth, her gentle hands masturbating throbbing dicks and cum squirting onto her and inside her…I’ll work on that after Saturday.

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