One Man's Fantasy - Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Saturday evening with David went better than I could ever have wished. Gwen looked incredibly slutty in her lingerie. She managed the swearing well and was surprised, it made her feel very horny and more of a slut. She loved his big, thick cock and said she couldn’t wait to feel it inside her again. David showed his fitness by fucking her for the best part of five hours, ejaculating in both her pussy and ass.

David has an open marriage with his wife. Vera, they swing as a couple and also separately. Before he left on Saturday he asked if we were interested in a foursome, the idea excited us and we agreed. He would discuss it with his wife and get back to us and on Sunday afternoon he called. We arranged to go their home after lunch the following Saturday.

David and Vera met us at the door and following introductions we were led back to their sunroom. Gwen had brought an overnight case containing, ‘something more comfortable,’ she could slip into later and placed it beside her chair. Vera was much taller than her husband, about 5’11” with a heavier body type than Gwen, though by no means was she overweight. A mass of black hair flowed to the mid point of her back and surrounded her attractive face. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that did little to hide her shapely ass and heavy tits and all visible skin was nicely tanned.

We chatted over a glass of wine for a while then David suggested we start by relaxing in the hot tub. Gwen picked up her case and the four of us went upstairs. Vera showed us into the guest bedroom and delivered robes and towels. We met back in the sunroom and David led us outside to their private backyard, across the expansive deck to the tub. It was protected on one side by the house and screening on two other sides. Vera was first to remove her robe then we all followed suit. My semi sprang to attention when I saw her naked. Her firm, tanned body looked very inviting. Large, natural tits, topped with dark areoles and big nipples.

Her flat tummy and waist blossomed into curvy hips and a generous, firm ass. A small ‘V’ of black pubic topped her puffy pussy and I wondered how many cocks had been invited in there on her swinging adventures. I knew my cock would be next and it throbbed with excitement. David’s cock was also hard as he took Gwen’s hand and helped her up the steps and into the tub, caressing her ass as she went. Vera went next and I watched her ass which David playfully smacked a couple of times then we followed. We sat in different spots for a few minutes, allowing the water to relax us. David’s body rose up and his big, hard dick broke the surface like a periscope. Gwen moved over to him, caressed his erection and loose ball sac before wrapping her lips around his bulbous knob.

Vera came over and sat on my lap facing me, her legs drawn up with her feet on either side of the seat I was sitting on. She rubbed her pussy over my crotch then leaned forward and we kissed, our tongues probing and intertwining. My cock slipped easily into her and she bounced about on top of me. I sucked on her tits and my hands held her ass helping her drive down onto my cock. Gwen was bent over clutching the edge of the tub and David was giving it to her hard and fast from behind causing waves to splash over onto the deck. Vera and I changed places and I lifted her legs and sank into her hot pussy.

 Sex in a hot tub can quickly cause the body to overheat so lengthy sessions should be avoided and only considered as an appetizer before the main course. Vera and I sat back and watched David give Gwen a few last thrusts before he said, “Here Gwen, try this, Vera loves it.” He sat her down on one of the seats and pressed a button on the control panel. A strong jet of water was now firing directly at her pussy like a liquid vibrator. She lay back, spread her arms out along the edge and closed her eyes. David stepped up onto ledges and rubbed his dick across Gwen’s lips. She opened her eyes then her mouth and happily took him in and he fucked it like a pussy. The water jet did its job and she moaned and gagged on David’s cock as she climaxed.

We exited the tub and showered to rid ourselves of the chemical residue. Vera and I went to the master bathroom and Gwen and David went to the guest bathroom. Vera jerked my soapy cock while my hands lathered her body, the sensuality increased by the soap on her tits, ass and pussy. I thought of Gwen and David doing the same as I fingered Vera’s soapy pussy. When we came out of the bathroom Gwen was on the bed, legs high in the air with David between them and thrusting into her with measured strokes. Each time he went in she cried, “Oh!” followed by an occasional, “yes, stick it in deep…fuck me!” I thought she had come a long way from being reluctant to swear, I guess David’s big, thick cock changed all that. Vera lay on the bed beside Gwen and I mounted her and we fucked the gals in unison.

We pulled out after a while and stood up. Vera got between Gwen’s legs, spread them wide and began to eat her pussy. To my knowledge this was the first time another woman had touched my wife sexually but she didn’t seem to mind. I watched Vera spread my wife’s pussy lips apart and slide her tongue along the slit and onto her clit. David straddled Gwen’s chest and fed her his dick while I knelt behind Vera and entered her. I heard Gwen gurgle on David’s cock as she climaxed triggering Vera to an orgasm that sent a hot flood rushing over my shaft.

Vera climbed on top of Gwen and teased her nipples with her tongue then moved up and kissed her full on the lips. It was very exciting watching my wife like this and seeing how much she was enjoying it. David opened a bedside table drawer and produced a double dong about two feet long and lubricated both ends. He worked it into Gwen’s pussy first then bent it around and inserted into his wife. As the gals mouthed and kissed one another they began to move against the dong. David and I stroked our cocks as we watched them fuck the rubber cock. Vera moved up so Gwen could suck her nipples and maul her big tits.

I lay on the bed and Gwen got on top and slid her wet pussy over my cock. David stood over me his dick finding my wife’s mouth then Vera sat on my face. It was really horny to eat another man’s wife while fucking your own as she sucks on a huge, hard cock. After a while I changed places with David and Gwen changed with Vera. The gals then stood beside the bed and bent over it. David and I fucked them in that position, changing places from time to time, until we both ejaculated.

We showered again, dressed and decided to go out for dinner. The Happy Friar was an English-style pub and we found a booth, Gwen sat with David and Vera with me. As we ate we stole subtle feels of one another, it may have been immature but it sure felt sexy. Vera wore a short skirt with no underwear and I could finger her pussy easily. We had chicken wings and I dipped my fingers in the sauce and smeared it over and in her pussy telling her I would lick it clean on the way home in the SUV. Gwen went to the washroom and David slid to the inside of the booth. When she came back she sat on the outside and David directed her hand to the napkin on his lap and she discovered he had taken his cock out. As we ate and chatted, my wife slowly jerked and played with David’s big dick and balls under the table. On the way back Vera and I broke the seat belt laws but I did manage to recover all the sauce from her pussy. As David drove, Gwen got his cock out and kept it nice and hard.

Back at the house the girls went off upstairs to dress up while David and I made our way to the family room. “Have a look at this,” David said as he slipped a disc into the DVD player. A woman lay on a bed playing with herself; as the camera zoomed in I saw it was Vera. Two men appeared and got on the bed, their big cocks already hard and proceeded to give her a comprehensive fucking culminating with both of them cumming over her face.

“Filmed that about a year ago,” David said then added, “I’ll show you something else when the gals get here.”

We heard them on the stairs and they came into room. Vera looked very much the tart in a very tight, shiny black dress that barely covered her ass or tits. The garter straps led down to black fishnet stockings and stilettos. Gwen, on the other hand, wore white and appeared virginal in contrast. The satin basque pushed her tits up invitingly and the tiny thong strained to cover her pussy. White stockings, stilettos and elbow-length gloves completed her sexy outfit. Our wives sat on the couch between David and I, Gwen began to masturbate me with her silky, gloved hand as David sorted through several discs and put one in the player. He sat back down and Vera jerked his erection with one hand while the other teased Gwen’s clit. The big-screen TV came to life and there was Vera putting on lipstick in front of a mirror. It appeared to be a hotel room and by the skimpy red outfit she had on she was preparing for sex. In response to a three knocks we were treated to great views of her naked ass, her legs clad in red stockings and spike heels as she walked over to the door. She opened it and in came five black guys. They gathered in the centre of the room and Vera joined them. They pawed her body, squeezed her tits and ass and rubbed her pussy while tongues probed her mouth. She went to her knees and after a flurry of belts and zippers, five black cocks surrounded her. The men yanked on their big erections and she took one in her mouth and one in each hand. One man played with her tits as another knelt behind her and fondled her ass and pussy. They rotated around her with all cocks finding her hands and mouth then she was led her over to the bed. She lay on her back and a tongue immediately found her clit and fingers pumped in and out of her vagina. Again, the men mauled her body and big, black cocks fucked her mouth while her hands were kept busy. The disc lasted ninety minutes and for the last hour Vera was methodically fucked in many positions and combinations. It was far more erotic than any professional porn being produced today with phony blondes covered in tattoos and piercings pretending to enjoy the sex and overacting. Vera was enjoying every second, her orgasms and cunt cream running down the crack of her ass and covering the men’s dicks was evidence enough. The big cocks had no difficulty sliding in to her and in the session ended with close-ups of her cum-filled cunt and ass and splattered face.

As we watched, Gwen toyed with my cock, giving it little jerks, teasing the head, squeezing it and fondling my nuts. Several times I had to stop her, watching Vera on the TV was bringing me close to ejaculation. My fingers were busy in Gwen’s pussy and its wetness indicated she was aroused by what she was watching. She had never shown interest in porn before but this had touched a nerve and she sat transfixed. One scene showed two cocks in Vera’s pussy, one in her mouth and one in each hand. It excited Gwen so much she squirmed through an orgasm causing Vera to comment, “I don’t blame you Gwen, I did the same thing, it was wonderful.”

“Let’s talk about it later, I want to hear everything,” Gwen replied.

The gals swapped places and sat on our laps. I enjoyed Vera’s big tits as she slid up and down on my cock but I was so aroused I soon shot a stream of hot sperm into her. David was now on top of Gwen giving her a steady fucking, his cock making squelching noises in her wet cunt. He pulled out and stood; Gwen leaned forward and sucked his big erection. “I think Gwen should make a movie, what do you say?”

At first she dismissed the idea but we cajoled her for a while and she agreed. David got the camera and showed me how to operate it. David and Vera sat on either side of Gwen on the couch. I started with a long shot; Vera played with Gwen’s tits as they kissed and David pulled her thong to one side and worked on her vagina and clit while she masturbated his huge erection. I zoomed in to show the gals duelling tongues then down to Vera’s hands on my wife’s tits. A close-up of David’s fingers rubbing Gwen’s clit and probing her pussy showed how wet she was. Next it was Gwen’s gloved hand working its magic over David’s rock hard dick. During the next thirty minutes I filmed Gwen being fucked from above, below and behind. Extreme close-ups showed my wife’s pussy pounded and stretched by David’s thick cock. The final scene had Vera eating Gwen’s pussy as David jerked off. When he was about to cum, Vera spread my wife’s pussy and David shot his load all over it and his wife’s face.

Gwen and Vera went upstairs to change while David poured a couple of drinks. “I need this, a shower can wait a few minutes,” he said.

“I second that. What a horny night this was,” I replied just as Vera came back into the room. I noticed there were traces of semen still in her hair.

“Er, just to let you know, Gwen and I will be taking a shower together, girl talk and stuff,” she said.

“Well, David and I definitely won’t be, so enjoy,” I joked and she was gone.

“David, do you still keep in touch with those black guys?”

“Yes, you may have noticed Vera likes their company. Why?”

“I’d love to watch Gwen with them if she would go for it. She was really turned-on watching that DVD you made and I’ve always fantasized black guys fucking her tight, blonde pussy and seeing her suck huge black cocks.”

“Yeah, I’d pay to see that. How about Gwen, Vera and those guys, I’m sure they’d have no objections to having two horny white gals at their disposal, maybe they have a few more friends who’d like to join in, make it a real big gangbang? We could watch, perhaps film it?”

“That would be fucking great; I’ll see what I can do,” I said eagerly as my mind imagined Gwen stuffed with massive black dicks.

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