Once upon a lonely birthday

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This story is completely fictional

I was upset, to say the least. My birthday fell on a wednesday this year and it seemed to pass by just as fast as it arrived. All I did to celebrate my 18th, one of the most important birthdays in a young mans life, was split a store bought cake in the breakroom of my work with my co-workers (who I don't even talk to that much anyway)! My friends were at their respective jobs and busy for the rest of the week. Depression was beginning to follow me back to my cubical and setting in deep by the time I left work.

Im not bad looking for a young man. 5'10" and soft brown hair. I've been told that my eyes are my best feature, but my ex-girlfriend said that my butt was one in a million. Truthfully, I know where that genetic trait came from. My mom. Oh yes, I won't lie. I've checked out my mom on more then one occasion. For 36, she could easily pass for a young college student, or even my older sister. She just didden't really look like the mom sterotype. 5'8", long and soft dark hair that reached her lower back. Perky C-size tits and thanks to her workout machine, a body that would be the envy of women half her age.

Anyway, I came home in a bad mood and didden't want to be botherd, so you can imagine my suprise when I saw my mom's car in the driveway. I wondered why she was home from her job at the bank so early. I always beat her home! I walked in and called out to her... no response. I didden't care, I walked up to my room and just ploped down on the bed. I wondered where mom was, not because I was ready to talk, but because I was ready to change into some comfortable close and start masturbating. "At least I can give myself a happy birthday," I said to myself.

I changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants and laid on my back across my bed. I let my mind wonder trying to find somthing to think about to get hard. In that silence, I heard the shower in the bathroom running. My mom and I live alone in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. We moved there when I was 8 after dad left us for some 20 year old stripper he said he coulden't live without. It's a small house but it was all we needed, so I was close enough to the bathroom to hear the shower turn off. For some reason, I thought about mom towling off her dripping wet body. that was all it took, I was instantly rock hard. I thought about mom often, but never acted on those urges. As I began to stroke myself, there was a knock on my bedroon door.

I quickly got under the covers. "Come in", I shouted.

"Hi, sweetie. How was work?" Mom was wearing her bathrobe when she entered my room.

"It sucked," I replied. "How was your day? Why are you home so early anyway?"

"I didden't go to work today. I had somthing to do today so I took the day off."

"What did you have to do?" I was curious because mom was acting kinda nervous. I could tell she was trembling wich is unlike someone who just got out of a hot shower.

"I had to get ready for somthing. Somthing a little scary. I've been trying to relax all day, but just can't... uh..."

"What is it? Are you in trouble?"

"No, no nothing like that. I just... I..."

"Please talk to me, what is it?" I was getting impatient. What could be this scary for her?

She took a deep breath, "I want to give you your birthday present."

My mood was starting to turn around. 'At least mom got me a nice present', I thought. But what I was about to get was shocked! "What did you get me?"

Mom, still standing in my room, un-tied her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. Looking directly into my eyes, she nervously smiled at me and wispered, "happy birthday"

Almost instantly, I moved my covers exposing my rageing hard-on. Mom's nipples were also rock hard. I got up and put my arms around her naked body. I was almost acting on instinct when my lips approached hers and softly kissed her.

"Don't be nervous" I said. "You got me everything I could ever want for a present." With that, mom's confidance returned to her and she grabbed the back of my head, sliding her toung into my mouth. our toungs met and rubbed against each other.

"let's get more comfortable," mom said as we both made our way to the bed. She laid on her back and began to spred her legs the slightest bit. Her pussy, now exposed to view, was a thing of beauty. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair could not hide how wet she was becomming. I had to taste it. I parted her legs so slightly and began to kiss her thighs down to her hot, enlarged clit. As I licked it, her moans of pleasure filled the house. After only a minute or two, she lifted her butt off the bed and her cum oozed into my waiting mouth. It tasted wonderful!

"Oh god, oh god..." she kept repeting to herself. I climbed up the bed next to her and held her naked, still trembleing body. "I want you. I want my loving son inside of my body! I want to feel you inside of me!" With that, she took my sweats and pulled them off taking a second to admire my cock with the graze of her hand.

I climbed on top of her and started sucking her lovely tits. She reached down and began caressing my cock again. As or mouths met again, she tasted her juices still on my lips and rubbed my prick harder. "I need you, son. I need you in me right now!"

She took her hand and placed it at the opening to her love canal. I felt her warmth against the tip of my cock. I could take no more. I slowly began to push inside my own mother! She moaned and writhed underneeth me with great intensity. "Yes baby," she screamed. "Make love to me. Love me my wonderful baby!" as our bodies rythmicly moved together, I emptied my sperm deep inside of her.

We laid together in bed for awhile and fell asleep in each others arms. Since that wonderful night, we make love to each other at least three times a day. It was actually mom's ides. She said we should be together forever. I'm going to suprise her with her engagement ring I bought for her in a few weeks on her birthday!

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