Older Sister Inspires, but Younger Sister Fucks

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

As a teenaged boy growing up with two sisters it was almost impossible to not have a fantasy or two about them. One was 2 years older and the other was 2 years younger. Both were pretty hot too, skinny blondes with good bodies. I have to admit, though, it was my oldest sister who I fantasized about the most. For the most part I thought of Meghan, my younger sister as a kid. Rebecca, my older sister, was a different story. I was 18 the first time I heard her having sex with her boyfriend and pretty much just exploded in my pants! After that I was so obsessed that I had to see, and besides I had never seen anyone have sex, not to mention my gorgeous sister. So I devised a way to watch by putting a hole in the wall between our closets. I figured she wouldn’t see it especially if I kept it plugged up when I wasn’t watching. 

Than and the fact that she never closed her closet door, and that there were some clothes in the way of them seeing me watching made it close to perfect. After that I had the opportunity to watch my sister get fucked many times, by a few different boyfriends until she went off to college the next fall.
The next year I got a girlfriend of my own and lost my virginity, so even when my sister was home from college I didn’t think of using my peep hole. When you’re having sex peeping is less of a priority! By the time I was a senior my younger sister had taken the room next to me and my adventures were a thing of the past.
After my first semester in college our parents told us that they were going to Europe with some friends for Christmas. They asked my older sister to kind of watch over Meghan and the house, but she said that since we weren’t having a family Christmas she was going to her boyfriends family’s house instead. They weren’t thrilled but they reluctantly asked me to stay home instead, making me swear I wouldn’t have any big parties, and to make sure my sister stayed out of trouble. Of course I had my own definition of “big party” and promptly began planning a medium sized party!

When I got home for break my parents sat me down with my sister and gave us the whole responsibility talk and told us emergency numbers and everything, then left to catch their plane. Leaving me and Meghan alone. The first thing I noticed was how hot she had gotten! After not seeing her for three months it was surprising to see that she was absolutely amazing! She actually looked better than our older sister now, 5’6” shoulder length blonde hair, big blue eyes, nice tits, which I guessed to be at least a c cup, beautiful long legs, and a cute little ass. She had definitely become a sexy girl

The first thing I had to do was convince her party was going to be fun and that she had to help me keep our parents from finding out. The good thing was that the house was set pretty far back and our only neighbor was quite a ways away. I had thrown one party in high school when my parents and sisters were gone and the only thing that got me caught was a bag of beer cans. Meghan had sat down in the family room and had turned on the TV when I approached her with the idea.
“Well” I said after explaining my plan. “What do you think?”

She got this mischievous look in her eye and asked. “Will there be hot boys here?”
I laughed having a hard time recognizing this sexy girl as my bratty little sister. “Sure Meg, you know a lot of my friends, plus you can have some friends.” I laughed again “Besides I doubt my friends will mind a bunch of cute 18 year old girls!”

We decided that we would have the party on Monday which was still 4 days before Christmas so no one would have a ton of family stuff or anything and it would give us a few days to get ready. By the time of the party everything was ready, I had a friend who was old enough to by beer and he brought 2 kegs, plus we had wine and some other stuff. It looked like it was going to be fun right from the beginning, tons of guys for the girls and cute girls for the guys. My friends who hadn’t seen my sister for a while were amazed.

“Wow dude!” My friend Kevin said “Your sister is hot as hell!” Then he added with a smile “I might have to get me some of that!”
I was offended for about half a second then I realized I would have been doing the same thing if it was his sister. “Go for it Kevin, you never know!” I told him chuckling. The thing was if she liked him at all I knew he had a pretty good chance of getting her naked. Kevin had a way with girls. It was a little strange to think about, but I already had my eye on her friend Crystal and planned on getting some myself.

As the party went on people definitely started pairing off, I saw Meghan with Kevin once or twice but some other guys around too so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I figured Kevin had the in but wasn’t sure. For myself I was doing pretty well with Crystal who was these absolutely beautiful petite brunette, brown eyes cute but small tits, and an overall great body. We had been making out on the couch for a while when I invited her to my room, she hesitated for a second and looked around the room, but eventually agreed.

We were ripping each others clothes off on the bed in a bout two seconds, and it didn’t take me long to start licking those cute little titties. I worked my way down from there to her sweet little pussy pulling her panties off as I went.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed as I got to her little clit, “No guy has ever done this to me! Ohhhhhhh”
“Mmmm” I said looking up at her “I’m going to make you cum so hard! Then I’m going to fuck you silly girl!”
With that she tensed up and had this scared look “I really want to” She said “But I’m still a virgin, I mean I don’t know if I should. I mean I…” Just then she erupted in a huge orgasm filling her virgin pussy with her sweet girl juice. This was my moment I figured, and immediately reached for a condom and slid it on my now rock hard dick.

“Here it is girl” I hissed as I began to slowly push into her virgin tightness “Oh God girl it’s so tight!”
“Mom” She moaned “Yes I want it Mike give it to me”
It was too much to take as I buried my 8 inches all the way into her tight pussy. She just twanged slightly as I pushed past her cherry. I held still as I let her get used to my cock inside of her. “Tell me when Crystal” I whispered in her ear while then kissing her neck.
“Now Mike!” She said back “Fuck me”

I had no trouble granting her wish as I started my assault on her newly fucked pussy, working my way up to a nice tempo which had her butt wiggling with me. I could tell she liked it already.

I was able to last for quite a while varying my speeds while continuing to pummel her gorgeous pussy, but eventually her tightness, her soft moans, and finally her earth shattering orgasm were too much to take and I came hard pulling out fast enough to cum all over her flat little stomach.
“Wow Mike” She smiled at me “That was awesome! The girl looked completely satisfied. Just then though she got this grin on her face and looked towards my closet which was open. I noticed some light coming through, got up and noticed that someone had unplugged my old peephole that I used to use to spy on my older sister. I looked back at Crystal with a quizzical look on my face.

She giggled “I think Meghan watched us do it” She smiled at me “At least she was supposed to; she found the hole and said that she wanted to watch you fuck me.”

I was stunned. I mean I had done the same thing but I was a guy! I immediately walked out my door to go in her room but the door was locked. I heard voices inside so I went back to my room and went to the peephole only to find that Crystal had beaten me to it. She looked up at me as I crouched beside her with a dazed look on her face.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed “You can’t believe it! Look!”

She moved to the side so that I could see and the sight I saw was absolutely shocking. My little sister was on the bed getting pounded hard by my friend Kevin, while the other guy she had been talking with fed her his cock from the side. My cock immediately sprang to life, a fact Crystal didn’t miss as she began to give me a nice bj. Apparently that she was no beginner on. After a few minutes I decided that I needed to fuck again and we backed out of the closet and I got her on all fours and gave her a good doggy style fucking.

After we were both pretty much beat, we got dressed and headed downstairs to the knowing glances of our friends. We laughed and just started hanging out having a beer when we saw Kevin, Meghan and the other guy who I now recognized as a guy named Sam. We looked at each other and laughed fro a minute then continued socializing.

By about three A.M. almost everyone was gone except for Kevin, Crystal, a girl named Katie and 2 other friends of mine, Barry and Tom.
Meghan looked at me and said “You saw I opened up your old peephole huh?” She laughed “I found it when I was moving in there, I can’t believe you! But hey at least now it’s put to good use,” she continued, grinning “Looks like you showed Crystal a good time! You can sure fuck big brother!”
Crystal blushed, we all laughed and Katie said “where was I during all of this?”

Tom interjected “getting your brains fucked out by me girl!” he proclaimed “in the other room, don’t tell me you would have rather watched?” he finished squeezing her tit.

“No” she admitted smiling “I guess not”
“Hey” I said “I saw you too Meghan, you need two guys huh?”
“Sometimes” she smirked “More fun that way Katie and me have been telling Crystal she needed to get fucked for a long time, when she got the hots for you this week it was a no brainer!”

Kevin looked at me with a pseudo ashamed look, “Your sister is one great fuck!” He grinned, “You should try!”
Everyone laughed but then Crystal said “Seriously you guys should fuck, I mean you’ve seen each other, beside it would be hot for the rest of us!”
It seemed like the decision was out of both mine and Meghan’s hands. The idea of screwing my sister in front of friends was hot, nasty, and downright bad, but what the hell. I dropped my pants and said “Well here then sis, you can start by sucking my cock!”

I guess those were the magic word because in bout a second she was licking the underside of my big cock like a bear going for honey. She looked up at me and smiled “Cocksucking is my specialty!” And proceeded to show me how true that was.

In the meantime I looked around to see that everyone was getting into it. I n Kevin’s case there were apparently no preliminaries necessary as he had bent Katie who was a kind of freckly but cute redhead, over the couch and was fucking her hard.. Crystal was on her knees in front of a chair sucking Tom and was completely unaware that Barry was behind her ready to be her second cock on this first day of fucking for her.. It was pretty much ready, aim fire and Barry was fucking the hell out of her.

“Hey” My sister shouted “why am I the only one not getting fucked?” And with that climbed on my lap and sat on my cock. I can’t describe what it feels like to be deep in your sister’s cunt, it’s totally amazing. Everyone turned then to look at brother and sister fucking. I think the badness of it was really the thing breaking all the rules. It was about 10 minute before I realized I was in my sister bare with no condom. I tried to warn her but she was getting so into it that she ignored me. It got to the point where I couldn’t hold back any more and blasted a huge load deep inside my little sister.

Except for us no one even noticed until a few minutes later when we were all sitting around talking. Crystal noticed the cum dripping out of Meghan’s pussy. “Oh God! You guys!” she exclaimed “Meg’s going to get pregnant!”

We all were silent for a minute until Meghan said “Well at least my big brother here is good!” And we all laughed breaking the tension.

Well as it turned out the time I left the garbage bag of beer cans as evidence of a party was nothing compared to a pregnant sister. Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. Tom had moved away by then so to our parents she blamed it on him but I definitely treat the baby as my daughter. Meghan is going to college this semester and I’m starting my master’s degree so I’ve agreed to let her and the baby live with me. My parents look at me as a hero for doing it, but hey I get to see my baby girl and also fuck the shit out of my sister, what more can a guy ask for?

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