Oh My Daughter's Sweet Tush

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Two weeks, two wonderful weeks; my vacation starts as soon as this workday’s complete and I’m off. We leave tomorrow bright and early, wife Linda, our 18 year old Tammy and me.

I’d rented a secluded cabin in the mountains on a lake, about four hours from our home. I’d been there before with fishing buddies but this would be the very first time Linda and Tammy would be accompanying me and I was anxious to get away.

Linda and I had camped and enjoyed the great outdoors before Tammy was born but we hadn’t been since, so after a 18 year hiatus, Linda was looking forward to the trip.

Not so our Tammy, her ideas of outdoor living was a barbecue in our backyard and even then she’d complain about the bugs. Tammy’s a bit high strung and nervous, she requires more than the normal amount of TLC and Linda and I try to see that she gets it.

Tammy was a preemie baby and her physical development has been retarded. I’m short, 5’6”; Linda’s 5’3” but Tammy, at 18 is four nine. She’s chubby in a puffy sort of way, no muscle development is evident and when she tries to run with her pigeon toed short choppy steps I’m afraid she’ll fall; and she jiggles; her tummy and her bottom quiver like Jell-O.

I’m trying to paint a valid picture of my daughter, but she is my daughter, so I may have a positive bias toward her; still, honestly, she’s plain of feature and has absolutely no shape. From shoulder to thigh she’d straight as a board, and boobs, maybe some baby fat but not even much of that, her tummy protrudes out further that her chest; she didn’t have her first menses until three months ago. I pray for her that she is simply a late bloomer; she looks like she’s nine.

Now Tammy is an excellent student with an A average, she should be, all she does is study, read or work at her computer. In a word, she’s a nerd, glasses and all. The only thing missing is a pocket protector; she’d probably have had one of those but Tee-shirts don’t have pockets and all she wore were shorts and Tees.

She is definitely not looking forward to living in, what she terms, primitive conditions. She said that when I told there was no phone at the cabin and it was out of cell phone range. I didn’t have the guts to tell her there’s no indoor plumbing, just an outhouse. At least it did have electricity, not very dependable service, it seemed to be out half the time, but electricity was there. There were some oil lanterns and the cook stove was wood burning, just in case.

Once I got home I loaded the car, cooking equipment, coolers, fishing gear everything but our personal clothing and the food, they’d go in just before we left in the morning. I was all packed.

Linda handed me a first aid kit saying, “We wouldn’t want to forget this. I put in a couple of things for Tammy if I need them.” I stowed it in the back of my SUV.

I knew what she meant when she said, “Some things for Tammy.” Tammy gets nervous, her stomach gets crampy, she won’t or can’t move her bowels, and she gets constipated. Linda would lay her across her lap and give her an enema; that was Linda’s job, I’d never helped. Tammy had been like this since she was five.

We ate dinner and called it a day at around nine, I wanted to get an early start, be on the road by five in the morning.

Around midnight I was awakened by the sound of retching, the bathroom light was on, Linda was kneeling before the toilet, vomiting, she’d retch and a gush of sickly green vomitus would spew forth, she’s only have time to catch her breath before another spasm would hit. This went on for about twenty minutes before it was just dry heaves, her stomach was purged. Shakily, she stood up and went to the sink, she’d rinsed her mouth when suddenly she lifted her night gown above her hips and flopped onto the toilet seat. Her bowels voided in a rush, she had diarrhea on top of the vomiting. At last she flushed. When she stood up I got out of bed and went to her, I put my arm around her to help her back to bed, she had a fever. Before I helped her to the bed I got a cool cloth and wiped her face.

After I’d gotten her down she said, “Bob, I think I have a fever, take my temperature will you?”

I went back to the bathroom to fetch the thermometer, we only took temperatures one way at our house, Linda insisted, she said it was the most accurate.

When I got back she was lying on her side with her gown rucked up over her hips displaying her bottom; I shook it down then dipped the glass tube into Vaseline, lifted her cheek and twisted it into her anus. I timed three minutes and removed it, it read 101.5 degrees, not life threatening but she was sick.

I hoped that she’d feel better by morning but that wasn’t to be. She’d been up and down all night, either squatting or praying to the porcelain god. She was in no condition to go anywhere.

“Linda,” I said , “We’ll delay the trip ‘til you feel up to it.”

“Bob instead of all of us staying behind, just leave me, make me a pot of chicken soup before you go then you and Tammy go ahead, I’ll drive up in my car when I feel a little better.”

So it was decided, I made the soup then Tammy and I set out.

I stopped at the supermarket, got some meat, fresh produce and ice and away we went.

At first Tammy didn’t make for the best company, grousing about primitive living and the fact that Mommy wasn’t with us.

I assured her Mommy would be along as soon as she felt better and that we were just gonna have loads of fun fishing.

That elicited a “Yuck.”

Before we got to the cabin I stopped at a little combination general store/ gas station/ bait shop, picked up some more ice and several boxes of fishing worms then proceeded the four miles to the cabin.

We got out and unloaded, there were two bedrooms, she took her things to hers and I took mine to mine then she said the magic words, looking from room to room, there were only four she said, “Where’s the potty?”

I led her to the back of the cabin and showed her the outhouse.

She looked at it askance, said, “What’s that.” “No don’t tell me, I know what it is, I’ve read about them, they used them about a hundred years ago, now, show me the bathroom, please.”

I simply pointed at the outhouse.

“You’re kidding?” Right?

“Uh no, that’s it.”

I’d rather squat in the woods and so she did.

“Come on, let’s go fishing, there’s a little row boat down at the dock.”

I got two rods and a box of worms then, by the dock turned the boat over, put two oars in it and shoved it into the water. I pulled it alongside the dock and Tammy and I got in.

“Stay seated, we don’t want it to turn over, “I said as I rowed toward the middle.

There was a drop-off there, that’s where I wanted to fish.

After anchoring, I baited our hooks; Tammy wouldn’t touch a worm, and we tossed in.

They were biting, I caught one and then another and put them on a stringer. Tammy was getting bites, too, but she’d missed hooking anything. I was still baiting her hook.

I’d caught four, they were all nice sized bluegills when I heard a squeal, “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve got one, I’ve got one.” She was screaming. In her excitement she stood up.

The boat rolled and over the side went Tammy, fortunately nothing followed her and she’d dropped her pole in the boat. I grabbed the back of her Tee-shirt and pulled to the side. I dragged her over the gunwale and back into the boat. I handed her the rod, “Finish catching it, Honey” I said.

Her enthusiasm was subdued but she was still proud of herself, she’d caught a fish. I had to unhook it, it joined mine on the stringer, we had five, I wanted one more. In short order, I had another on the stringer.

A breeze had kicked up and Tammy was chilly, I rowed back to shore.

“Why don’t you get some dry clothes on and I’ll clean the fish.”

“What are you going to do with them?”

“They’re our dinner, I’m gonna fry them, fix some home fries and boil some of that sweet corn.”

“But Daddy, we got them out of the lake?”

“What’s the matter, you like fish.”

“Yeah but they come from the store, those came out of the lake, we can’t eat those, can we?”

“And just where do you think the ones at the store come from?” I asked.

“I guess I never really thought about it,” she answered.

“A lake or a river or maybe the ocean, that’s where they come from.”

With a “whatever” gesture she walked into the cabin to change.

I finished with the fish and stoked the stove; I’d lit the firebox earlier so it was ready.

The water was boiling for the corn, the potatoes were peeled, sliced and, with a bit of onion, frying and the fish were dusted in salt, pepper, cornmeal and flour, ready for the skillet when Tammy came back to the kitchen.

“Can I help,” she asked.

“Set the table and pour yourself a Coke, I’m gonna have a beer, dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.”

We sat down to eat. I cautioned, “Careful for fish bones, these aren’t filleted, they’ve got bones.”

Bluegills are a pan fish with white sweet flesh; crisply fried they make excellent fare.

Tammy looked at me and, with a smile said, Daddy there are good and I caught one of them.”

“You sure did Honey, you sure did.”

After our meal Tammy handled the clean-up, disposed of the trash and washed the dishes, then she picked up a book and I turned on the radio to listen to a little country music, a treat for me, it wasn’t much appreciated on the home front.

It was nearing sunset, not dark yet but the shadows were getting long, I noticed Tammy get a roll of toilet tissue and head out the door. I figured another squat in the woods, I figured wrong.

From the back of the building I heard a scream followed by a sheik of pain, “Dadddddy help.”

Tammy was on her knees on the ground with her shorts and panties around her thighs. I went to her aid, helped her up, pulled her clothes back into place and walked her back into the cabin.

The story came out. “Daddy, I had to go potty but there are scorpions and snakes and rats in there and I got scared and tried to run out and I tripped and I hurt myself, oh Daddy it was terrible.”

I finally worked out the translation, she’d seen a spider in the outhouse, she’d just dropped her shorts and panties and she panicked. She tried to run out, tripped either on her clothing or the threshold of the outhouse and went sprawling.

I got a clean rag, wet it and washed off the scraped knee. There was a small cut that was still bleeding. I got the first aid kit, used a sterile swab, cleaned the cut and put on a band aid, saying, “Honey, I think you’ll survive.”

Then I used the rag to wipe the tears away and gave her a little hug and a fatherly kiss, she might be 18 but emotionally she was a little girl sometimes.

Around nine we called it a day.

Before going to bed Tammy asked, “What do I do if I have go potty during the night, I’d be afraid to go in the woods after dark and I’m not going back to that old outhouse?”

In her bedroom I showed her, “In both of our rooms is one of these; it’s called a slop jar, just lift the lid, use it then put the lid back on, I’ll dump it for you in the morning, ok?”

She lifted the lid, looked in it, put the lid back on and said, “Yuck, but I guess so.”

I didn’t doze off when I got to bed, I recapped the day. I guess one could say it was eventful, since the previous night I’d had a wife get sick as a dog, a daughter who’d fallen out of a boat and caught her first fish, and the same daughter scared out of her wits by a spider then her fall. I hoped the next day had a tad less drama and mystery. I gratefully fell into the arms of Morpheus.

About three hours later I was jarred out of said arms, my daughter was shaking me, “Daddy help me, I hurt.”

She’d turned on my bedside lamp, it was a dim low watt bulb but I could see her. She had tears in her eyes, she was clutching her belly with one hand; she looked miserable.

“Please Daddy, I can’t go. I sat on that slop jar thing and nothing happens, help me,” she said. She handed me a Fleet enema, Vaseline and thermometer from the first aid kit.

“Please Daddy.”

I thought, Oh Linda, where are you, I need you now; I said, “Why the thermometer?” The rest I knew what they were for, never done it but I did know how they worked.

I’d sat up on the side of the bed she answered, “Mommy always takes my temperature first in case I’m sick and not just constipated” As she crawled across my lap.

Well Daddy Bob, there’s always a first time. She had on a mid-thigh night gown, I turned it up. She still had her panties on. I looked at them; they were “Little Mermaid” panties, what a little girl would wear.

Damn I thought, she’s 18 and we still dress her like that. The though struck me, maybe the parents, Linda and I, were impeding her development, maybe she acts like a little girl because we continue to treat her like an adolescent. I might not be a psychologist but I thought we might be part of the problem not part of the cure.

She was getting some age appropriate underwear when we got back, in fact I’d take a look at her complete wardrobe.

I lowered Ariel and surveyed my daughter. Her puffy posterior presented itself to me. I stuck the thermometer into the Vaseline and left it standing there waiting. I also greased a finger, split her fanny and lubed her brown eye.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” I heard as she squirmed on my lap.

“I’m using a little Vaseline so it won’t hurt when the thermometer goes in.”

“Mommy doesn’t do that,” she said.

“Well maybe she should,” I countered.

I was surprised; Tammy kinda sighed and said, “Yeah, maybe she should.”

I twirled the glass tube in and started the three minute count down.

Tammy had just recently begun exhibiting behavior far more common in eleven or 18 year old daughters, a little flirtationess with Daddy, climbing on his lap to watch a movie, being uncommonly solicitous, Daddy can I get you a beer, Daddy do you want to watch the game on another channel, things like that; I’d mentioned it to Linda, she said that’s normal, I’d let it drop.

Her temperature was only slightly elevated, just less than 100 degrees, I didn’t think an infection was present and I told her so.

“That’s good,” she said, “I didn’t think so either.”

I lay the thermometer on the night stand and got the Fleet enema. Once I had it ready for insertion with the nozzle greased I set it on the night stand and got a glob of Vaseline on my finger. The insertion tube on a Fleet is fairly narrow but still, far larger that the thermometer, I opened Tammy’s back side and probed her with my finger, lubricating her internally.

She gasped, “Daddy.”

Finger out and nozzle in, I slowly squeezed the contents of the plastic bottle into her; it was only about a pint.

“Ok Honey we’re done,” I said.

“Unh unh, we’re not done Daddy. I need to lie here for a little while so it can work; rub my back will you Daddy?”

I tentatively rubbed her night gown clad back.

“No Daddy, you’ve got to put your hand under my nightie, rub my back.”

So I put my hand under her gown and massaged her back. Of course, her nightie rode up and her bottom was exposed, those puffy cheeks were panty unclad, I hadn’t pulled them back up. I’d always thought she needed some muscle tone, tight buns, buns of steel. Suddenly and inexplicitly puff pastry muffins held an almost irresistible sway, God if I could have poured some honey on them they’d have been my dessert, then I thought, they don’t even need the honey, she was my Honey. I pulled her gown back down, I really did want to resist temptation.

She cramped, I could tell then she leapt off my lap, “Oh Daddy, I gotta go, I gotta go,” she was saying but she wasn’t heading anywhere. I lifted the lid on my pot and sat her down, she’d kicked out of her panties and her gown was above her waist, for the first time I saw my daughter’s pubis, she did have some hair, sparse but she wasn’t bare.

Her bowels exploded, the Fleet had done it’s job, it was almost embarrassing to me, she was grunting, enema solution and the contents of her guts were filling my pot, splashing of the liquid, grunt and thump of the solids and the release of gas and more gas. She couldn’t look at me, this wasn’t something Daddy was suppose to see and hear; it wasn’t something Daddy wanted to see and hear. Finally she was emptied, I left the room so she could at least wipe in privacy.

I put the lid on the pot and set it outdoors, it was pretty rank, I sat in the kitchen.

She came out to me, I’d popped the cap on a beer and was trying to get my mind where it should be, I’d seen too much, I needed to get control.

“Daddy, I’m 18, I’m really not a baby anymore, and I’d like a glass of wine if you’ll let me.”

I’d brought several bottles for Linda; I uncorked a bottle of Chardonnay and poured,

“That’s right, you are 18, I guess you’re becoming a young woman, aren’t you?”

“I hope so, Daddy, I hope so. It’s hard; I look like everybody’s baby sister, their homely baby sister. Daddy, it hurts, at home I’m a baby and at school I’m a nerd, nobody cares for me, Tammy, nobody knows what it’s like for me. Mommy wants to keep me ten years old and you, well whatever Mommy wants, Mommy gets; at school, need help with your homework, see Tammy, want a date, Tammy doesn’t exist.

She broke down, her tears streamed, she ran to my room, flopped on my bed and buried her face in my pillow, she sobbed.

I followed, I wasn’t sure to do, how to handle her, I was afraid she was suffering an emotional breakdown, I lay down with her and pulled her into my arms, stroking her, her back and her hair, talking to her, sweet words, calming words I let her bury her face in my chest and cry.

It turned to whimpers then stopped, I’m sorry, Daddy, just hold me a little while, I’ll be ok.”

She turned her back to me and snuggled against me, deep in my embrace.

Female, in arms, my arms, my daughter, I was behind her, I petted her hair, I lifted it, I kissed the nape of her neck. She shivered in my embrace,

Her breath was just a little raspy when she said, “Daddy?” It was a question, not a statement, was she asking for more of my attention, I hoped so.

“Yes Honey,” I said, I’d been holding her in my arms, I let my right hand wander down her body, it came to rest on her tummy, I caressed her, her chubby tummy, I rubbed it and I kneaded it, I let my hand wander lower, on her abdomen, I prodded her like a doctor might, pressing her, palpating her organs, feeling the contractions beginning in her uterus; I slid my hand back up, just clutching her tummy.

“Daddy?” She said, her voice was raspy, her body was reacting to my touch and she was afraid.

“Yes, Honey,” I asked.

“You’re going to take me tonight, aren’t you, Daddy, please don’t, I won’t stop you, I can’t stop you but, please Daddy don’t, I want to be a virgin if I ever get married.”

I had toyed with the idea of taking her virginity and she’d read my mind, I couldn’t do it, the only way would be to force her and I just wouldn’t do that. I was prepared to send her back to her own bed and live with my frustration; she snuggled back against me, into my arms then she wriggled her bottom against my groin.

I got hard, real hard and real fast, I pressed against her, her soft puffy bottom. She had her panties on and I was in my boxers but still, there wasn’t much fabric separating flesh.

I slid my hand under her gown and massaged her tummy, touching her, feeling her body and again I rubbed downward to her abdomen. I held her pressing her back against me, against my erection.

“Daddy, please, no.”

“You’re safe Honey, I’m not going to do that, just let me hold you.”

She turned in my embrace; we were face to face, with a shy little smile she said, “You can kiss me if you want to.”

I wanted to, I kissed her, not a Daddy kiss, a passionate kiss, I crushed her lips to mine and forced my tongue into her mouth, she responded, our tongues swirled, tasting each other.

My hand was still under her gown, I lifted it, exposing her miniscule breasts, I took a nipple in my mouth. She may have been small but she was sensitive, she gave a little moan as I sucked.

My hand had wandered down her back, rubbing as I went ‘til I was at her bottom, I massaged her through her panties then slid my hand under the elastic band so I could touch her. I caressed her soft cheeks. My mouth had moved from her breasts, I trailed kisses over her tummy down onto her abdomen.

I took the elastic band of her panties and began lowering them; my hand behind her was pulling downward there. When they slid off her bottom in the back and were lowered below her pubis in the front, I kissed her chubby mound.

Voicing her fearful anticipation she whispered, “Daddy?” A question.

“I want to taste you Honey, I want to taste your sweet honey,” I pulled her panties over her hips, down her legs and off her feet.

Just a finger along her slit, I opened her lips, her clitoris was small and glistening, I laved it with my tongue then took it between my lips and sucked it into my mouth.

She quivered under my gentle ministrations, while I attended to her clit orally I ran a finder along her slit. She was lubricating, not copiously but she was moist. With my dampened finger I circled her little rosebud and pressed just the tip into her.

Her quiver turned more violent, she was shaking, thrusting her pelvis against my face, I could see the muscles of her tummy ripple as an orgasm washed through her, her first orgasm reached its climax and she screamed, “Dadddddy, Oooh, Dadddddy.”

She was pounding against my lips, she climaxed then a series of smaller orgasms flowed through her. She went limp; I licked her slit, tasting her sweet nectar then lay beside her and took her in my arms.

Her naivety was evident, she asked, “Am I still a virgin Daddy?”

“Yeah Honey, you’re still a virgin.”

“Daddy, that felt so good, no not good, fantastic, I thought I was peeing, something was coming out of me but then I knew it wasn’t pee, peeing never felt like that. I had an orgasm didn’t I Daddy.”

“I’ve read about girls having them and now I’ve had one, well I think I had more than one.”

“Will you help me feel good, Honey,” I asked.

She nodded yes as I reached for the Vaseline.

My boxers got peeled off and my erection stood out, I dipped her fingers in the jar and put her hand on me, showing her how to stroke, I got some of the grease on my own fingers.

While she masturbated me I rubbed her anus, greasing her. She didn’t really realize what I was doing, her concentration was on my erection until I slipped a finger into her, she tightened her sphincter.

“Relax Honey, just relax, am I good and hard yet.”

Her voice was breathy, she was getting aroused again, “Yes Daddy, it’s hard.”

I rolled her onto her side, her back was to me.

“What are you doing Daddy, what are you going to do?” The tremble was back, her body was quivering.

I pulled her hips to me, she felt my penis part her cheeks and nestle against her tight little crinkle.

She knew the word, she read a lot. “Daddy, are you going to sodomize me?” She was fearful.

Holding her hips I said, “Yes,” as I pushed into her bottom, through her sphincter, into her rectum.

I expected wailing, crying, sobs. Tammy went, “Unh,” as I slipped in, nothing else.

I easily slid into her, she was smoother than glass, liquid glass and I was in.

Her clit invited my attention, I stroked her there while I stroked in and out of her, the tightness of her clenching ring and her velvet chute, it was divine.

She rode my fingers as I rode her bottom, she put her hand on mine, demanding more pressure, she worked her hips demanding more speed. I pumped her harder.

Her body trembled as she climaxed again, I pulled her hips to me, I shot, spewing into her, flooding her bowels, groaning my pleasure, slowly I pumped her until I was drained; I fell out.

Then she shocked me, she turned to face me, she said, “I’m a woman now, I’ve had a man in me. Daddy, I’m still a virgin and I can’t get pregnant this way but I can have a man in me. And Daddy, I liked that, it felt good. We can do it again if you want to.”

I gave her a hug and a kiss, “Oh yes, I want to.”

“Daddy, you know we can’t tell Mommy, you won’t tell will you, ‘cause I sure won’t, it can be our own secret.”

“No, we won’t tell.”

We went to sleep in each others arms.

I was the first to awake the next morning, I had that proverbial piss hard, I started to get up to drain it but Tammy looked so cute, her bottom was to me, I was still greasy from last night and so was she. She awoke to my cock up her tush. I was already in when she stirred, she pressed her hips to me, driving me deeper then pulled my hand to her crotch. She wanted her attention, too.

Tammy enjoyed a little orgasm, I came, flowing into her then we got up. Both of us got cleaned up, she headed for the woods and I found a convenient tree. Then I started breakfast.

We had bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast and juice. I made coffee and Tammy asked for a cup. She didn’t drink coffee, I raised an eyebrow.

“Hey, I’m a woman now, I can drink coffee,” she grinned at me.

“I need to drive to the store, I want to phone home and check on Mom and get some ice, you want to ride along.”

‘Sure, I’ll go.”

I called Linda, she said she was feeling a little better but she was gonna take it easy for a few days; she was planning to drive up the next Saturday morning. I got the ice and we headed back.

As we rode Tammy told me how she wanted to spend the day, she wanted to go fishing. One fish and she’d caught the bug.

Then shyly she said, “And I want to do that again, too.”

I wanted to hear her say it, I teased, “No, what’s “That” Honey.”

“Daddy, you know.”

She saw that I was teasing her.

“I want you in me Daddy, in my bottom with your hand holding me, I want to feel you way up in me and I want your hot cum in me, there, does that satisfy you?”

I laughed and she chuckled.

She wasn’t kidding though. As soon as I’d put the ice in the chest she grabbed my hand.

“Come on Daddy,” as she pulled me to the bedroom.

She unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my boxers down. I shucked my Tee-shirt, she was already out of hers then she dropped her shorts and panties to the floor.

“Taking up the Vaseline and handing it to me she said, “Come on,” and climbed on the bed.

I decided I wanted her differently this time, she was lying on her side waiting, I turned her on her tummy, straddled her and raised her to her knees.

“What are you doing Daddy?”

“Same thing just a little different,” I said as I lubricated her.

I guided my cock to her opening and pressed in.

Tammy let out a long sigh, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” and pushed back to accept me.

Our first two times had been pretty gentle, me behind her, this time I wanted a little harder action.

I mounted her, let her take some of my weight on her hips and started thrusting, deep thrusts, probing her insides, making her gasp when I slammed against her bottom, my hips slapping her.

I took her like I was a rutting animal, pistoning in and out of her with rapid hard thrusts, stretching her, stabbing deep into her guts.

My sounds, “Unh, unh, unh,” grunting each time I lanced into her.

Her sounds, “Aaaaaah, aaah, aaah,” a little pain and a lot of passion, our chorus, and I fucked her; I fucked my 18 year old daughter’s ass hard.

My climax was explosive; I blew into her, pumping gush after gush, flooding her bowels, into her rectum I spewed, hot cream.

I slowed, stopped and pulled out; it was erotically lewd, watching my semen oozing from her.

I pulled her to the bed and hugged her.

“Daddy, my bottom liked that but my pussy feels neglected.”

“I’ll see if I can fix that,” I said as I rolled her onto her back, hungrily enveloping her clit with my mouth.

And so went the rest of our week, fishing and frolicking, I couldn’t get enough of her, she wanted me.

Friday evening, the night before Linda was to arrive, after we’d eaten we retired to my bedroom.

I set things up like I wanted them. I placed a pillow at the edge of the bed, we were both already naked, Tammy was on the bed waiting. I rolled her onto the pillow; her legs were draped over the side. I lifted her legs to my shoulders, pushing her back, exposing her treasures, all of her gems.

“Daddy, you promised,” she pled.

I’d already scooped up some Vaseline, “I know Honey, no I’m not going to do that, I know it’s precious to you,” as I lubricated her.

“I just want to be able to see your face,” I said as I entered her.

I could see just a trace of pain reflected in her expression when I pressed through her tight rosebud, I could hear her, “Aaaaaah,” as I slid in, all the way in, I watched her smile when my fingers reached for her, rubbing her clit.

My free hand was toying with her small breasts, twisting and lightly tugging on her nipples. She put both of her hands over mine and squeezed, “I love you Daddy.”

“Tammy, you’re adorable and I do love you, I’ve always loved you as my child now, I adore you as my woman, you are my woman aren’t you Honey.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m your woman and your woman wants you to do her harder, please Daddy, harder.”

I pushed her a little further onto the bed, making room then climbed on, knees on both sides of her hips, I leaned against her thighs, jackknifing her, elevating her bottom.

When I plunged forward it was nearly straight down and I drove deep into her satin core.

Tammy’s eyes got big with my first powerful thrust then glazed as I pummeled her, lancing her in my intensity, she began to tremble then wailed,

“Ooooh,” as she climaxed her organs spasmed and contracted; her sphincter gripped me, squeezing me, her orgasmic juices lubricated us.

I hadn’t ejaculated yet, I was close but I’d held off, I wanted her to finish, I wanted to see all of her expressions as she came. I’d watch her when I filled her.

It was my time; I rose to my knees and thrust forward, impaling her body on my cock; my balls detonated, jet after jet of my semen cascaded into her saturating her deep in her belly. I was spent, I collapsed onto her and she hugged me.

“Wow, Daddy, wow,” was all she could say.

It was the last night we would be able sleep together; we were still entwined in each other’s arms when we awoke the next morning.

Tammy took care of washing our clothes and laundering the linens. They were permeated with funk, my semen and the murky musk of her bottom were not the aromas we wanted to greet Linda, we opened up the cabin to air it out.

Linda got in just before noon; we were both, Tammy and I, glad to see her, after lunch we went fishing, all three of us in the little row boat. They were still biting, we got around twenty between us, and everyone contributed to the catch.

On shore I cleaned them and put them on ice, dinner Sunday was gonna be a big fish fry.

We were early to bed, around nine we all retired for the night. Linda wanted to talk, to hear about how things had gone between Tammy and me. She asked about Tammy’s tummy problem.

I recounted the outhouse adventure and how’d I’d had to administer an enema our first night saying, “I sure wished you were here for that job.”

She chuckled, “Yeah, I bet you did.”

“But that’s the only time?”

“She hasn’t gone back to the outhouse and truthfully I don’t blame her. I’ve used it and it is buggy. Now she just takes her pot and goes out in the woods then she rinses it out and puts it back in her room.

“Really,” Linda said, “Maybe she’s just more relaxed here.”

“I’m sure that’s a big part of it, “I said, I didn’t voice my thought that maybe semen was a more efficient bowel lubricant than the contents of those bottles.

At last we got past a discussion of events to what I really wanted to hear.

“God Bob, I’ve missed you, kiss me.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her, her lips, down her neck to her breasts; I nuzzled her then sucked. First one nipple then the other, drawing them into my mouth, nibbling, gently nipping at her, tugging at them, her breathing got raspy, she whispered, “Lower Bob, kiss me lower.”

Down her tummy and over her mound I kissed and licked. I split her labia with my tongue and tasted her heavy nectar; the musk of her arousal was oozing from her.

Linda was lubricating, I snaked my tongue down her vulva, stopped at her vagina to pump in and out with the tip of my tongue, she squeezed my head with her thighs and said, “Oh don’t make me wait, please Bob, please.”

Her clitoris was swollen with desire, I took her between my lips and sucked her into my mouth, nursing on her like it was a nipple, my tongue flicked her opaline tip, teasing and exciting her. Linda began to tremble, contractions in her vagina, tightening her muscles there, forcing fluid out with each spasm.

She moan, “Aaaaaah, yessssss, oh, oh, oooh.”

I looked up at her, she said, “Oh God Bob, I needed that, now fill me up.”

I slid easily into her, I pumped her and as I did I thought, God I love this woman, this feels so right. We’d been married nearly eighteen years and our love making was still passionate. I reveled in the slick warmth of her vagina, I’d missed her. I liked the tight feel of Tammy’s bottom and the smooth comfort of Linda’s pussy, I loved them both and I had them both.

I rapidly pumped into her, filling her hungering sweet lusciousness with my scalding cream.

Sunday dinner was a lot of fun, I fried up the fish and boiled new potatoes, the corn and a pound of shrimp in Old Bay, it was messy, we ate with our fingers, I swilled beer like a sailor, the girls had white wine and for dessert we had a watermelon, messy but good.

It had to come to an end, it was our last day and I wanted to do a little bass fishing, the bluegills were fun and good eating but I wanted a shot at something a little bigger. Linda decided that she’d rather just lie on the dock and absorb some sunlight but Tammy wanted to fish.

Tammy brought a little cooler, there were sandwiches and drinks. We set out, I was rowing.

“Tammy why don’t troll while I row,” I said.

She had no idea what I was talking about. I put a small Rapala lure on and cast out behind the boat.

“The idea is that the forward momentum of the boat will drag the lure through the water. Just hold onto the rod, you don’t have to reel or anything unless you get a strike and, even then the fish usually hooks itself, you just fight it and reel it in.”

“Daddy, remember that little cove up ahead, let’s go there,” Tammy said, “We can eat lunch there.”

We’d gone about a hundred yards when there was a jerk on her line; she nearly lost the rod the fish had struck so hard.

It took off, stripping line, I stowed the oars, I didn’t want the fish to get tangled with them and instructed Tammy, “Keep the rod tip up but don’t jerk, let him run but make him fight the rod, that right’s, that’s right.”

As the fish began to tire I coached, “Ok, now start reeling in line. If he tries to run again let him, he’s getting tired, reel whenever he eases up.”

After about ten minutes she brought the fish along side the boat; we didn’t have a net so I grabbed it by its lower lip and held it up for her to see.

“Wow Daddy, he’s a big one.”

“Well, it’s a she; males don’t usually get this big.” She’d caught a large mouth bass of about five pounds.

“Hold it like this; I want to get a picture.”

She held the fish by the lip like I’d shown her.

I got my cell phone, maybe the phone wouldn’t work but the camera did, I snapped half a dozen shots.

“Let her go, Daddy.”

I unhooked the bass and returned it to the water. She lay motionless for a few moments then, with a swish of her powerful tail she was gone.

“Now that was fun Daddy, that was fun.” She was all smiles.

We got to her cove; there was a shady glen at the water’s side. I beached the boat. Tammy spread out a blanket, gave me a sandwich and opened a beer for me.

“Daddy, I’m jealous of Mommy, she’d got you now.”

Now that I didn’t expect.

“Honey, we don’t do the same things you and I do.”

“You mean she doesn’t like you in her bottom?”

‘That’s what I mean, none of that for my wife.”

“She should, it feels good and it’s fun.”

“I agree but that makes what we have even more special, when it comes to that you’re my woman, my only woman.”

“But we won’t be able to do it anymore, will we?”

“Oh I think we can find some private moments, just you and me, I don’t want to stop, we’ll find our chances.”

Tammy had worn a cute little sun dress; I’d wondered about that, she’s almost exclusively a shorts and Tee-shirt girl. I supposed she wanted to get a little sun on her shoulders, not so.

From the cooler she took a jar of Vaseline. “You need to warm that before you use it,” she said.

She slipped her panties off, got on hands and knees, flipped the dress over her back and said, “Do me hard Daddy, make me cry if you can, I’m sad, sad we won’t be able to have as much fun now. My heart aches, I want it bitter sweet, a few tears, a little pain just for me.”

I dipped into the jar, it was icy, congealed from the cold, I warmed it in the palm of my hand then slowly lubricated my daughter, taking my time, making her wait.

Positioning my feet outside her knees, I squatted behind her, guided my penis to her waiting portal and thrust in, through her sphincter up into her rectum, burying myself to the hilt.

And she wailed, “Aaaaaah.”

I hammered her, driving her forward, her face into the blanket, scooting her along as I ratcheted into her with pile driver force, knifing deep into her guts, hurting her, causing the pain she so craved.

Tammy sobbed, “Ooooooooh yessssssssssssssssss Daddy, yessssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssss.”

I mounted her, she collapsed to the blanket, I rode her down and continued to pound. It was almost better, with her lying flat, her cheeks clenched, more friction more feeling, I blasted, jets of cum, my cock slipped out, I continued to spew, my ejaculate covered her bottom, pooling in her crack, white cream on her white flesh.

I finished and rolled beside her, listening to her sobs, I hugged her to me and let her cry.

When she’d settled down I suggested we jump in the lake and get cleaned up. In and out of the chilly water, quick rinse then we dried with the blanket.

It’s two years later, Tammy’s leaving for college. We’ve found out times, stolen moments for ourselves and Linda has never suspected.

Tammy’s developed; she’ll never be absolutely beautiful except in the eye of the beholder but she’s cute. She’s grown to a towering five feet nothing and she has breasts, small but high and proud breasts, and she has a figure, less waist, more hips, womanly shaped, she wears contacts now and she has a beau.

Her boyfriend, David; not Dave, David is even nerdier than she. That pocket protector I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d had one under his tux at the Senior Prom.

I hadn’t gotten to know David too well but we had a nice conversation last evening, I inquired about his college plans. He said that he and Tammy would be attending the same school.

With a wicked gleam in his eye, he said, “I can’t leave her behind, you know.”

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