Office spanking

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Ring ring, ring ring.

‘Shit,’ I said as I threw the phone down. I’d been trying to phone Brian since Sunday and it was now Tuesday. No matter what time of day I’d tried to ring there was no answer.

I was at the office and had finished all of my paper work ready to hand into my boss who hadn’t even mentioned last Saturday to me at all. It was like it had never existed for him. If anything he’d become more distant since coming back to work on Monday morning.

It had taken a couple of days for the welts from the belt to go down and I still had the red marks imprinted on my arse cheeks. I even had to sit on a cushion on Sunday as I had been so bruised and sore.

‘I’ll try Brian again tomorrow,’ I thought. ‘And if he doesn’t answer I will go around anyway and see if he’s o.k.’

I looked up from my desk just in time to see someone I thought I recognised from behind. As he entered my boss’ office I couldn’t quite place who it was.

There was a gentle rap on my office door and a head poked round.
‘Would you like a fresh coffee dear?’ my secretary asked.
‘That would be great thanks,’ I answered, totally forgetting about anyone going into my boss’ office.
A fresh coffee was bought in and put on my desk in front of me filling the room with its deep tangy aroma.

I noticed a new e-mail on my computer and opened it.
‘Haven’t been well this week so haven’t been answering my phone but need to talk. Can you come round on Friday after work and have a lads night in? Please answer a.s.a.p. Please.’
It was from Brian.

I felt relieved. I had been worried that I’d put him off me the last time we’d met. I replied:

‘No probs mate, will see you then. I will bring something round to cheer you up. Hope you get better quickly. Aaron.’

I sat back in my chair absentmindedly sipping at my coffee, tasting its sharpness. I slipped into a daydream; for how long I don’t know.

The phone bought me out of it with its insistent ringing beside me.

‘Hello Aaron speaking’
‘Aaron, before you leave can you come into my office with your paperwork? We need to go through a few things. I’m sorry but you will have to work a little late tonight.’
‘Oh, o.k. I had nothing planned anyway. See you in about fifteen minutes.’ 
The line went dead.

I searched through my papers wondering what the boss might want to talk about. After about ten minutes I thought I’d better make a move, he didn’t like people being late. I noticed that everybody else had gone home; all the other offices were now still and empty. The place was quiet and deserted.

As I arrived at his door I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I peeped in wondering what kind of mood he was in today. Then I got a real shock.

He’d moved his chair to the side of his desk and was sitting on it with his legs wide open. Someone’s head was bobbing up and down on his dick.

It wasn’t until I looked at the kneeling person’s bare arse, sticking up in front of me, that I recognised who it was. Looking at those golden globes with belt marks still on them made me melt and my legs went weak at the knees.

I stood and stared at that hairless, inviting arsehole and realised my dick was pressing very hard into my trousers making it uncomfortable. I was totally transfixed and saw the blonde hair on his head as he continued sucking my boss off right in front of me.

I had started to fondle my own erection through my suit trousers when I heard my boss say, ‘it’s o.k. Aaron, you can come in.’

I entered the room and he flashed a brilliant smile at me.
‘This boy is great at cock sucking. Here,’ he said, lifting the boy’s eager mouth from his dick and standing up. 

As he stood up I noticed his hard cock was dripping a mixture of pre-cum and saliva.

‘Sit down in my chair. I want to watch from behind as he sucks that lovely dick of yours.’

I sat down in disbelief and watched as the boy fumbled at the zip of my trousers. He eventually got it down and slipped my rock hard dick out of my underpants. He looked up at me and smiled. He had the bluest sparkling eyes I had ever seen. 

He was still looking into my own eyes when he put his tongue out and started to lick the top of my dick and pulled my foreskin down gently. I let out a moan of pure pleasure with the feeling of his tongue as it caressed and slid round my knob, saturating it with his own saliva. He even poked his tongue into the slit at the end.

I saw my boss kneel down behind him and gently pat his cheeks with the palm of his hand. Then he started to spread them. I wanted a closer look at what he was doing and so sat up in my chair as the boy’s mouth slid right down on my rigid pole, taking it all the way to the back of his throat. I heard him gag but he carried on slowly up and down taking in its entire length.

My boss had now spread the boy’s cheeks wide apart and just sat staring into his beautiful hairless hole. He let them go and then gently spread them again as his head went forwards. I can only imagine his tongue finding the enticing entrance and sliding around it, taking in the clean taste and smell.

I lent forward and cupped my eager hands around under the boy’s body to feel his swollen nipples. I stroked them at first then started tugging and squeezing on them whilst rolling them around with my thumbs and index fingers.

The boy moaned in excitement, taking his mouth away from my dick for a few seconds, then carried on sucking with new enthusiasm. As I played with his nipples even harder I watched my boss rimming him with his tongue. His head came away and he looked at me with glazed eyes. In a hoarse voice he said, ‘you did say you wanted this didn’t you? Come over here and bury your tongue into his hole. It’s fucking wonderful.’

I needed no encouragement as I lifted the boy’s mouth off me and stepped over him, eager to have his taste in my mouth.

‘Get those clothes off first. I want to see you both naked as you slide your tongue in and out of his crack,’ the boss ordered. His finger was now sliding in and out of it.

I quickly shed my clothes and bent down to see what my boss had tasted before. As I bent over and spread those cheeks in front of my face, my boss stood up. He removed his own clothes and went on his knees behind me, leaving the boy’s head down under the chair and his arse raised as far as it would go.

As soon as I saw that pink hole of his, now fully soaked with my boss’s spit, I just wanted to shove my dick up it. I wanted to enjoy his tightness as his arse muscles worked their way up and down on my hot dick. I resisted though, as my head went forward and my tongue circled his dripping hole. It tasted wonderful. I put two fingers either side of it and spread it wide, looking into the darkness there. Then I slipped my tongue all the way in to enjoy his young, musty flavour.

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