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My name is Ed, 35 and my wife is Sue, 31 and we really enjoy camping. We camp as much as we can in the summer. Meeting new people with lots of stories and experiences is exciting. My wife and I have some good experiences also which I would like to share with you.
I love being nude and I walk around all the time that way or as much as I can. My wife is always telling me to get clothes on but I feel so good being nude especially outside. We both love camping and for me I love the early mornings before others get up.

 I walk around the camper nude enjoying the cool morning air blowing over my body. Both of us are early risers so as Iím walking around outside nude Sue is inside doing her morning things. I called for her to come out and join me but she said sheís busy. She is reluctant to be nude outside however she has done it already and liked it but she is always afraid someone will see her.

She came to the door and said you better come in people will soon be getting up. I said not yet but how about you coming out her with your boobs out. She said ďnoĒ I donít want to but I shook my cock at her and said please babe, come out here with me. Reluctantly she came out but still had her pajamas on. I started to unbutton her top and she fault me but I told her she has the nicest boobs in the park and I want to show them off. She smiled and let me finish. She look so beautiful with those 36dís standing tall. Like me, she also likes the cool air blowing over her body which was making her nipples stand out.

I pulled on her nipples and then cupped her right breast and kissed and sucked on it. She loves me playing with her breasts and that always gets her hot. Well naturally I had to do the same to her left breast and as I stood back to look at her I said WOW babe you are so beautiful and those boobs are the best 36dís in the park and they are mine. She giggled and lift them up and said they are all yours. She didnít have to lift them far because they stand almost straight out very little sagging.

So by now, you know that Iím hard and heís standing tall. I sat down on a lounge chair and pulled her towards me and slide her pajama bottoms down her legs. She didnít resist any more just looked around to see if anyone was up. I said lay down here with me sweetie and as she did we held each other and kissed and my hand was all over her body especially teasing her pussy. She was stroking my hard cock which was now emitting precum.

By now we didnít care too much if someone seen us, we were both hot. She said can I suck you cock hone and I said oooh yes babe, so she got on all fours on the lounge and began to suck him. Oh my, it felt so good and she knew just how to make me cum. As she is sucking I heard a noise at the camper next to us and as I looked an older couple came around the front of their trailer and was heading towards us. Sue had her pussy aimed straight at them as they got closer. I said Sue you better stop, she said why I said turn around and she sort of screamed a little and covered her boobs with her hands. Just a natural reflex I guess because she couldnít hide her whole body, our clothes were too far away.

The older couple was laughing and said donít be embarrassed we love looking at you two. You have such nice bodies. They came up on the deck and I told them to have a seat while we go get something on. They both said no, no please donít do that we like being nude to and if you donít mind we would like to take our nightwear off also. I said please do it will make us feel better.

The man said my name is Sam and Iím 65 and this is Beth 61. Sam was a big man about six foot or so but husky, well built. Beth was very pretty for her age and about Sueís height, 5í5Ē and maybe 140 lbs. As they undressed we were amazed at how nice of bodies these two older people had. Sue was really noticing Samís cock because he had a nice big cock. I donít think she ever saw one that big before. Beth had boobs a little bigger then Sueís that sagged some but for her age they looked wonderful. Both of them were shaved as was Sue and me.

Sam said have you two ever switched partners with anyone before. We said no, never thought about it. He said would you like to try? We looked at each other and sort of shrugged and then agreed that we would try. Sue kept staring at Samís cock as it swayed back and forth as he moved. Sam was starting to get hard probably because of all the attention Sue was giving to his cock. She looked at me and said wow that is big.

I think she was concerned that she wouldnít be able to receive all that in her. Sam walked over to Sue and with each hand took hold of her boobs and massaged them which I knew Sue liked. Sam was pretty hard by now and I guessed his cock to be around seven maybe eight inches long but thick. It was a very nice looking cock standing upwards and ready for action. Sue was now stroking Samís cock and using both hands. Sam said itís been a long time since a young beautiful female had hold of his cock and as he said that Sue had the head in her mouth.

Samís eyes rolled up in his head. Sue can give a great blowjob and Sam is about to have the time of his life. I wouldnít have believed it but I was so hot from watching Sue and Sam that I was ready to fuck. Beth was no beginner she knew just what to do and had already put my cock in her mouth. She is good to and with someone else doing it made it feel ever better. She was massaging my balls and really sucking my cock. I was soon to cum and I told Beth that if she keeps doing what she was doing that I would come.

She said cum all you can sweetie Iíll make you cum again later. With that said, I could feel it building up and building up and then exploding. She had my cock which is seven inch but not real thick, all the way in her mouth and I shot at least three loads in her throat. She sort of gagged so I pulled it out a little because I still had a couple smaller squirts shooting out. Beth took my cock and milked it and sucked all the other cum out of it. Wow my legs were a little shaky but it felt so good.

I heard Sue hollering and looked over to see Samís eating her pussy. She was cumming and pulling Samís head into her pussy as tight as she could. She came two or three times hollering and moving her hips all over the bed. I said to Beth itís you turn babe I want to eat you out. She spread her legs and said Iím all yours and I dove in. She had some kind of perfume at her pussy that really smelled good. She said I love young guys to lick my pussy and fuck me. They can cum more than the older guys.

Beth was beginning to move her hips around as I licked her pussy and then I moved up to her hot spot and now she is beginning to moan. I could hear Sam breathing heavily and knew he was about to cum. Sue was looking up at him and was waiting for the explosion to came. I could see her swallowing but couldnít count how many times because Beth started to cum and she was pulling my head, tight into her pussy, moving her pussy all over my face. I never expected an old lady to be that much into sex, she was great.

Sue cleaned up Samís cock and milked it to get all his cum out and then gave him a french kiss that lasted a few minutes. Beth gave me a French kiss that lasted about five minutes. She said thank you so much, you are so good, I havenít cum like that for years, and youíre wonderful. By now I am dripping precum and want so much to put him in Beth and she was ready with her legs spread wide apart. With the head of my cock I teased her pussy rubbing him up and down and left the head go in a little as it passed by her pussy. It really felt good to both of us but I have to get him inside her so I gently push him in the whole way and looked down at Beth and said, how does that feel, she said wonderful. I told her that her warm wet pussy feels so good to me to as it surrounds my cock.

She whispered in my ear that my cock feels better in her then Samís. I noticed that she wasnít as wet as Sue and thought that the size of his cock might hurt her if she didnít have enough lubricant. For me it was just right. I began to pump away and she kept good time with me. As I pushed in she was pushing out we were good fuck buddies. It wasnít long before I cam in her pussy. I shot about three good loads and then some smaller ones but when I pulled out she put it right in her mouth to capture anymore that would be there. This couple was wild.
I looked over at Sam and he was pumping that big dick in and out of Sue and she had her legs up over Samís shoulders so he could get that whole big cock in her and she was loving it.

For an old man Sam was really pumping away. He was breathing heavy but had not cum yet. Beth was playing with my cock and teasing me by licking it and pulling on my cock. She would laugh and say I wish I had this cock all the time. I told her anytime she wanted it, it was hers. By that time I heard Sam, he hollered out loud OOOH Iím cumming and he really did. He was pushing his cock in Sue so hard that he was sliding her across the bed. He cam for what seemed about a minute and just stopped but didnít take it out. Sue said wow that was so great, cum was already seeping out from around his cock as they laid there, she was really full. When he pulled out Sam licked all his cum as it came out of Sueís pussy and then she cleaned his cock by milking it and licking it clean.

Sam said to his wife how great it was to have a young couple to have fun with. He still had some cum hanging on his chin and Beth came over and licked it off and said yes itís been a long time and how lucky we are to have such a nice couple. Sue said we never had older people as our sex partner and really didnít think old people liked sex but wow you two are great and I do like Samís cock. Sam said we have to get together again and introduce you two to our family. You will like them, they like sharing partners also.

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