No One Home or Are They

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It was a late end to the day; I arrived home to find all the light in the house off apart from the hall. I went in and went through the normal routine of plugging in the mobile, hanging up my coat, and checking to see if I had any post. While I was reading a letter I heard sounds coming from up stairs and went into the hall so I could hear clearly. My wife was not asleep, this I was sure of; but why had she not called me or said hello? I listened carefully and soon realised she was busy doing something else!

I returned to the kitchen to put the letter back on the side, as my wife had not heard me return home I thought that it would be a good opportunity to fore fill one of our fantasy’s. I fetched our video camera from the dining room and loaded a new tape, checked that the battery was full and prepared to become the director of the next voyeur hit.

I removed my shoes and crept up the stairs as quietly as I could then started recording, I flicked on the night filming function so I wouldn’t have to turn any light on.

The bedroom door was open enough for me to slip through but first I had a quick peep through the gap at the edge of the door. I almost fell over when I saw two people on the bed they were both female. Things were getting better by the minute, two of my fantasy’s happening in one night.
I slipped in through the door and pointed my camera towards the bed and stood as still as possible, things hadn’t been going long as they were both just about still dressed.

It was the stranger I had heard from downstairs, as she was the one who had her top unbuttoned and her large boobs out that my wife was caressing. She let out moans of pleasure as my wife clawed her nails gently over the stranger’s nipples. My wife was sitting astride the stranger with her groin positioned right over that of the strangers, she started opening her shirt one handed while still paying attention to the erect nipples she had created. Once all the buttons were open she quickly took off the shirt and returned to playing with the ever-hardening nipples. Then using one hand she unclipped her bra and removed it without the stranger even noticing, with her spare hand she took one nipple between her thumb and middle finger and started twisting it lightly until it was erect. Then with a bit more pressure she twisted it back and forth, working it harder and harder until it looked like it was about to explode.
My wife lent down towards the stranger and lightly brushed their hard nipple together; the stranger opened her eyes and gave my wife a look that I will never forget. It was as though that they were talking telepathically, their eyes were locked on each other as my wife moved back and forth over the stranger’s nipples.

The stranger rolled over and positioned herself at the bottom of the bed. She unzipped my wife’s skirt and gently slid it down her legs and through it on the floor. She remover her shirt and bra and took both her boobs with her hands and lifted them up towards her face. She opened her mouth and stretched her tong out and one by one licked each of her own nipples. My wife stretched out her hand looking for the stranger, the stranger lent forward to my wife’s hand so she would find her large breasts hanging.

Within seconds the stranger had grabbed my wife’s hands and pushed them over her head and was binding the to the bed. My wife struggled a little but was turned on by being restrained; she lifted her legs to grab the stranger but was meet with further restraints. My wife laid tied hand and feet to the bed; her breathing was getting deeper and deeper. Then she looked straight at the camera, did she know I was there or was it just a fluke? She winked at me, I knew she knew I was there but did the stranger?

Did I make a move to help my wife or carry on filming? I thought I would carry on for a bit longer just to see how things panned out. My wife looked away and closed her eyes, the stranger was no in control of her and anything she wanted to do my wife was helpless to stop.

The stranger went to work on my wife; kissing random places all over her body leaving just enough time between each kiss to be unaware of when the next would be. I could see my wife twitching as each kiss touched her skin; the pleasure of it looked immense.
Then without warning the stranger took one nipple in her mouth and nibbled it gently, then the other until she was almost biting them off. My wife was lifting herself up pushing her breasts harder into the stranger’s face. She was enjoying it so much I couldn’t stop it, I just lent back on the wall and carried on filming it.

The stranger was getting more and more turned on as time went on, I imagine they were both dripping wet and ready to cum any time. As the stranger lifter her head away from the breasts she pulled herself up and crouched down over my wife. Her pussy was positioned right over my wife’s boobs, holding on to the bed with one hand she moved the other down to her pussy and opened it to let some of the built up juice drip down onto the nipples below. The stranger was so wet you could see each drip of her juice fall and hit my wife. Each time a drip landed you could see my wife taking a breath to try and control the aching orgasm. The stranger lowered herself down so her pussy lips were touching the nipples, then with a slow and firm motion the stranger pushed her wet pussy all over the breasts of my wife. Within seconds you could see the glistening of the juice all over my wife. She then lifted herself up and moved forward to where my wife’s face was, almost on purpose she brushed her pussy over her lips. By the time my wife had time to open her mouth and push her tong into the strangers pussy it way gone.
I heard the stranger whisper to my wife “You can taste that later when its mixed with the cum from your husband”.
The stranger knew I was there too. Within a split second the stranger looked at be to confirm my thought and the looked away.
The stranger repositioned herself between the legs of my wife and pulled the G-string off my wife with force. Just when I though she was going down on my wife she raised her hand and slapped the aching pussy before her. My wife let out a whimper as the stranger repeatedly slapped the swollen lips, after about 30 slaps the stranger spread the lips of my wife’s now red pussy.
How my wife had not cum yet was beyond me, she must know that something better is on the way and she is holding back.
The stranger looked down at the red pussy and gave it a gently kiss, then lifted her head and pushed one finger into the very wet and aching pussy. After about a minute she slipped two more fingers in, I could see my wife on the verge of cuming; she was almost in pain waiting for it. After another minute had passed the stranger remover her fingers and rubbed her whole hand in the juice which was streaming out. Then cupping her hand she slowly pushed it into my wife, my wife started breathing deeper and panting with the excitement. One more small push and the hand was all the way inside my wife, then the stranger started pumping her hand in and out getting faster and faster as my wife let out cry’s of excitement, her body shook and she had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. The stranger pulled her hand out and rubbed my wife’s juice all over her body then plunged her face onto my wife to taste the sweet juice flowing out. The stranger looked over towards me and just said, “Fuck Me”.
I knew I had been sprung, I positioned the camera and went over to the bed stripping my clothes on the way. I was solid as a rock after watching my wife and the stranger perform for me.
I was told to take her doggy style at the top of the bed so my wife could see from below. I entered her and pounded away, with in minutes we were ready to cum and the both of us hit it at the same time. It felt like I had just unloaded a tanker into her as she pulled away and moved down towards my wife. All I heard was the stranger tell my wife to taste what it like to have you husbands cum mixed with my juice. Then all I could hear was the sound of my wife licking away.

After about five minutes the stranger got up and left, I was left to make love to my wife and finish of the job. We made love through out the night and couldn’t wait to watch the film at the next opportunity we both had.

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