Nini learns about sex from friends

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Krystal and Nini had been friends for the last 5 years of their time in school. It was their final year and they were both 18 and having one of many sleepovers that they had had over the years. Sleepovers usually involved normal activities like watching dvds and the such, but things were to change this time. Nini was from an indian background with a very shelted up bringing where the topic of sex or anything related was taboo. Krystal on the otherhand had known about sex for a long time. Although she was no longer a virgin she was inexperienced in sex, but enjoyed masturbation and was able to please herself often.

On this particular night Krystal's twin brother Josh had been around earlier in the night which caught Nini's attention. She felt attracted to him but knew this was a taboo topic and didn't really know what to think, so she talked about her feelings with Krystal. When Nini described her feelings and that she felt wet in her underware, Krystal knew Nini was seriously aroused, which made Kyrstal aroused too. Since the topic had been brought up, Krystal asked Nini if she masturbates when she has these feelings? The blank face Nini gave indicated she had no idea what masturbating was.

Krystal, who had become very aroused herself now started thinking about masturbating with her friend and decided that she could do that while showing Nini what masturbating was. So Krystal said to Nini that masturbating is a way to release those feelings and she said she would show her how if she wanted. Nini was very nervous since this was all new to her, but she agreed. 'First thing you have to do is take your skirt and underware off' Krystal said. Nini showed some resistance to this but Krystal reassured her by saying she would remove hers too.

So they both removed their skirts first, and then their underware. Krystal's pussy was shaved bare and glistening with her wetness. Since Nini had had no experience at all, her pussy was covered in a large, thick bush of black pubic hair. Both Krystal and Nini were taken back at the difference between their vagina's. After having a closer look at Nini's hairy pussy, she said to Nini 'i find it much more fun to be totally naked to masturbate. So take your top and bra off. Don't worry, i will too'. Krystal was quick to remove her top and bra and let her 34C tits out for Nini to see. Nini slowly removed her bra, clearly very nervous. When she did remove it, her 36DD tits were there for all to see. Krystal was amazed and said how beautiful Nini's tits were. Nini replied with a shy 'Thanks'.

By now Krystal's pussy was very wet as she said 'Ok, now lets start masturbating. Just copy what i'm doing to yourself , ok?' Nini nodded in reply as Krystal began slowly rubbing her clit. Krystal was soon moaning loudly as she became lost in pleasure. Nini was having trouble finding her clit, Krystal noticed this and helped her to find it. Krystal began rubbing Nini's clit for the first time and very soon Nini was lost in pleasure. Krystal told her to continue herself what she had been doing so she could focus on her own pussy. Very soon Krystal exploded into an orgasm of intense pleasure and screaming. This seemed to get Nini going more and soon after she had her very first orgasm. Nini lost all control of herself and exploded into a scream of pleasure.

Once both girls calmed down Nini became much more confident about this and allowed Krystal to lick her nipples without the hint of a flinch. Then Krystal said 'if you thought your first clit orgasm was amazing, wait til you have your first vaginal one'. Nini looked confused, but excited at the same time knowing how great her first orgasm felt. Krystal then licked 2 of her fingers and told Nini to do the same. 'I'm going to show you how to have a vaginal orgasm' Krystal said as she spread her legs open again and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. Nini was amazed by this and was desperate to try herself and inserted 2 fingers quick. But her excitement was halted when she found she was tight and broke her hymen at the same time resulting in a yelp of pain. Krystal knew what happened and explained it to Nini, while she rubbed Nini's clit to try and lessen the pain.

Soon the pain had gone and Nini slowly copied Krystal by inserting 2 fingers in her hairy pussy. Krystal was lost in pleasure as she pounded her pussy with her fingers while Nini was more gentle on herself getting used to the feel of it. Soon after Krystal screamed with a mind numbing orgasm. Nini was still moving slowly and Krystal said she would help her. Krystal told Nini to stop and that she would insert her own fingers. This turned both girls on very quickly. Krystal was soon pounding Nini's hairy pussy as she moaned in pleasure. Krystal was so turned on she was rubbing her clit at the same time. Soon after Nini screamed with her first vaginal orgasm.

A very horny Krystal then said 'i have one more thing for us to do' as she pulled out her double ended dildo. Nini had no idea what it was so Krystal explained the concept of it and as soon as she said to Nini 'this will give you the best orgasm yet' Nini spread her legs wanting it in her pussy. Slowly Krystal inserted one end of the dildo into Nini's tight pussy. As she got used to the feel of it inside her pussy, she began to moan in pleasure. Then Krystal put the other end in her own pussy and they began to move together. Shy naive Nini had become very confident and was soon bucking against Krystal as they went hard against the dildo. Soon after Nini exploded into orgasm and shocked herself as she started squirting her juices across the room. Then she collapsed to the bed as Krystal grabbed the dildo hard and kept ramming it inside her pussy. Soon after she screamed in yet another orgasm.

As Nini thought about what had happened in the last hour and how sexual she had become she blurted out 'i want to have sex with your brother'. As both girls started to get dressed Krystal smiled and said 'maybe i can make that happen?'

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