New Years Eve 2004

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I feel as though this letter should start out “Dear Penthouse” and anyone reading this will think it’s just another fictional story made up by someone’s sexual driven imagination... but not today. First off, let me tell you a little about my wife. Before we dated I was the only one she ever had sex with, not even her fiancé before me, so she’s never been very sexually active. A typical sexual experience with my wife is in the missionary position with ‘NO BOOBS” and speaking of boobs, she has a very nice set, beautiful before our child and bigger and better after. 

Her areoles are about the size of silver dollars and she loves to have them sucked, unfortunately ONLY when she’s horny or better yet drunk. To get her really horny and have good sex I have to pretend I am someone else. Playing this role she starts riding on top of me getting nice and wet and wants her boobs sucked, hard, like a cheap whore sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch. Sometimes but not often I can bend her over and fuck her from behind feeling her slamable ass slap against my hips while squeezing her 34C’s. But like I said before, this only happens when she’s really horny, drunk, or when we pretend I’m someone else. This doesn’t bother me though for when we do make love this way it’s enjoyable for both of us even if I’m playing the roll of another man fucking my wife. As for pussy eating this rarely occurs even when she’s drunk. 

One day while house shopping I brought up the fact that since I was the only one she’s ever made love to I wouldn’t mind if she experienced another man. She was hesitant at first but I could tell she was somewhat curious and a little excited. She made the comment she’d have to be drunk and she immediately started thinking of friends she would fuck. All throughout the day she was thinking of whom, where and when. I mentioned that if we did it in a hotel I’d like to watch if not participate and she immediately said no, she’d rather do it without me in the room or possibly without my knowledge. Later I could tell this was something she would really like to peruse for when I brought up the topic again she told me to just drop it because I wouldn’t let her go through with it if the situation ever came up.

Well back to the Penthouse story. It started it out at my buddy’s house on New Years Eve. We arrived late and when we got to the party most of the food was gone so my wife started drinking on an empty stomach, I usually stay sober at parties to drive and hopefully get luck so I only had 3 beers the whole night. The music was playing and people were dancing, she loves to dance and I can’t so she was dancing with anyone who would. We were having a good time and my wife was getting pretty drunk and loosening up, so loose in fact that she repeatedly told me how hot these 2 guys were at the party and was constantly flirting with one of them named Chris. The party was spread out through out the house and on the back deck so people were all over. My wife, Chris, the one I was repeatedly told how cute was and I were the only ones in the living room where the TV and stereo were playing at this particular time when I left to get her another beer. As I left a song came on that she loved to dance to so she got up to dance, as did Chris. 

When I came back they were dirty dancing, she was bent over with her hands on her knees rubbing his dick with her ass and he was holding onto her hips as if fucking her from behind. It didn’t bother me too much, they were only dancing and he was getting a cheap feel. I thought it was pretty cool, another man finding my wife attractive, so I said to him jokingly “Yah slam that ass” so he did. She turned around and smiled and I knew that look, she was horny and ready for sex. She’s drunk and horny now I thought, maybe I can get some here now at the party. The night went on and 2 times I tried to fuck my wife at the party, once in the master bath and once in the spare bedroom both times we were interrupted. I had her pants down and tits hanging out but access was denied because she wasn’t comfortable. With this rejection I lost 2 condoms in the process. 

As the night went on she drank more and now the topic of my wife’s tits came up, she was concerned that she was the fattest girl there but I told her she was the prettiest and Chris made the comment that she had the biggest tits and was one of the hottest. A little while later midnight came, the champagne was flowing and everyone was kissing and hugging each other, than Chris and my wife hugged, he grabbed her ass and she kissed him on the lips pushing her tits into his chest, luckily no one saw it. This however did bother me a little bit, I didn’t care if she fucked this guy; I just didn’t want anyone else to see the sexual attraction they had towards each other, plus if you fuck my wife NO KISSING. About an hour later a few of us were standing around in the kitchen hanging out. I was standing between Chris and my wife, the 3 of us talking. She looked past me and gave him a look, he gave it back to her and she proceeded to push me aside and get between the 2 of us. Once again looks were exchanged and he motioned towards the back off the house were the bedrooms were, she started to follow him. Dude that’s my wife, if she wants to fuck you or make out with you and it’s evident that she does it’s not going to happen here. I mentioned to my wife casually it was time to go and acted like I didn’t notice where she was headed, about 15 minutes later we said our goodbyes and got ready to leave, once again the 2 of them making eyes at each other. 

As we were getting ready to leave Chris made a comment he needed a ride home but I didn’t offer to take him. My wife was saying her goodbyes and said she needed to go to the bathroom. I told her to take her time because I needed to talk to my buddy; I had to borrow a condom. My buddy and I walked down the hall with my wife following to use the rest room; unbeknown to me Chris was following my wife. We were in my buddy’s spare room for about 5-10 minutes looking for some but had no luck. As we passed the bathroom I called for her and she said she’d be right out. She came out of the bathroom and Chris followed about 30 seconds later. Now I wasn’t there and my wife doesn’t remember a thing from the party but I’m pretty sure someone was making out in there, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. I’m just glad no one else saw what was going on. 

Once my wife and I got into our vehicle she started kissing me and asked me to play with her boobs. I proceeded to put my hand up her sweater and my suspicions were correct, she was getting felt up. Her tits, which are ALWAYS tightly supported in a bra, were out and her bra unsnapped but I never said a word to her about this. By the time we left the neighborhood she had her sweater and bra off and on the floor and her hand on my crouch. We got about 3 miles down the road both getting hot and heavy so I started to unbutton her jeans so I could finger her. We pulled over in front of the local mall so she could get her pants down. As I proceeded to finger her she wanted to pull into the parking lot and fuck in there, but I recommended a hotel. It’s kind of hard doing it at home living with your mother-in-law, while your house is being built plus I knew how drunk she was and how loud she was going to be. She asked me if I could really watch her fuck another guy, yes and no I said but if you want to some day that’s fine with me. She asked if we could go back and get Chris but I didn’t answer her. 

We rode off and I pulled into the first hotel, the only parking spot was under a street light where I had to park with my wife topples and her pants half off. I left her there alone while I checked on a room but had no luck. It was exciting seeing her sit there half naked under the streetlight reclined back with her boots on the dashboard when I returned though. Once I got back in the car we drove off looking for another hotel, once again she asked about Chris. I avoided the question and exited onto I95. We drove up and down I95 caressing and fondling each other as we drove by cars and truckers, I do believe there were some pretty happy truckers that night. Once again she asked about Chris. I told her that I loved her very much and respected her and if she wanted to do this it was clearly her wish but I would be laying down some rules. She told me I was the only one for her and she loved me very much but I did say she could fuck another man and she’s ready. 

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