New Neighbors Help Kelli and Keri Join the Party

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It was the summer after my freshman year in high school that Rob and Jenny moved next door. It was a big deal because most of the neighborhood was people my parent’s age with kids, and they were in their mid twenties and didn’t have kids at all. Jenny had gotten the job as the coach of the varsity cheerleaders at my high school, and Rob was a photographer and worked out of their house. My friend Keri and I liked them right away. When they were moving in we helped them with some stuff and they showed us all their cool stereo and home theatre equipment. It seemed like they had everything. They were super nice to everybody and thanked us for giving them such a warm welcome. I have to admit part of why Keri and I helped them was because Rob was so cute! He was about 6’4” brown wavy hair, gorgeous blue eyes and about the hottest body we had ever seen. Jenny was beautiful too she was blond with the kind of body that Keri and me hoped we would have someday.

Summer cheerleading started right after they moved in and they often had backyard parties that everyone in the neighborhood was invited to, and Keri and I loved it. There were a lot of cheerleaders there and along with them football players, and the sight of Rob and all those hot boys around the pool was almost more than we could take. We did a lot of flirting with the boys but we knew that to them we were just kids. After a while I would go home after being around all those hot boys and masturbate imagining I was with them. I started developing feeling I didn’t know I had. It was an awesome summer and Jenny was so nice to us saying we would be varsity cheerleaders someday and have football players too. She even helped us with our routines so we could make the junior varsity cheer squad, which was coached by another coach.

When school started in the fall Keri and I were ready to go back. We had both made the JV cheer squad and had even made some friends with the older Varsity girls. Life was really pretty good for a couple of sophomore girls; we were accepted by the older kids and since getting ont eh JV squad, really popular with our own class. We got to flirt with lots of boys and were generally having a great time. Then we found out that Rob and Jenny were having parties every Saturday and that they didn’t even tell us about them. “Don’t worry about it girls” Jenny said to us one Friday when she was giving us a ride home. Needless to say our feelings were hurt.

“These parties are too grown up for you, there’s drinking there and other things, but it sure doesn’t mean we don’t like you girls.”
I was in the passenger seat and looked at Jenny with my best pouty face; Keri was in the backseat doing the same thing. “Come on Jenny we’re grown up enough!” I pleaded “Let us come to the party this weekend.”

Jenny looked like she was thinking about it “I’m sorry girls” she said finally “What would you’re parents say? Besides,” She continued “They go pretty late, don’t worry though you’ll be older soon and then you can come.” She made a face that told us discussion was over and we drove the rest of the way in silence.
That Saturday night Keri came over and the two of us were sitting in my room feeling sorry for ourselves.

“I can’t believe them!” I said “I heard from Amy that they invite high school kids because her sister Jill goes to them.”
“Yeah” Keri sighed “But Jill is a cheerleader, one of Jenny’s favorites. I thought we were too but I guess we were wrong.”
“I know!” I exclaimed “And it can’t be about the drinking like she said because they have other underage kids!” 
“They hate us!” Keri sighed again “I guess we’ll never know what those parties are like.”
It was then that a crazy idea popped into my mind. 

“Hey Keri,” I said mischievously “Do you want to go spy on them so we can see what’s going on next door?”
Keri popped up from her prone position on the bed and grinned broadly. “Oh yea!” She answered.
We decided to wait until about 9:00 since my parents were going out to diner at 8:00, and we figured that if they forgot something or anything that would give us enough time so we wouldn’t get caught by them. We also figured that most people in the neighborhood would be inside and wouldn’t notice us sneaking around. We were so excited, we had no idea what went on at adult parties. We had seen our parents boring parties, but Jenny and Rob were younger and way cooler. We guessed all sorts of things like that they were all playing drinking games or something. Keri’s brother’s college friends had done that. Or that people were making out all over the place. We were giggling in anticipation as 9:00 finally came around.

We had both dressed in jeans and dark sweaters so we couldn’t be seen very easily and we headed out into my backyard. There was a low wooden fence between our house and Rob and Jenny’s and we new we could get over it easily.
“Ok” I said to Keri as I prepared to climb over. “Let’s Go.”

After we were both over I motioned Keri to follow me. We had decided that we could hide in some bushes and look right into their basement. They had an awesome basement with a bar and everything so we figured that at least some people would be down there.

Keri climbed in first and lay down on her stomach on the one side so she could look right down into the basement, and I did the same on the other side. I hadn’t quite gotten into position yet when Keri gasped in shock, covering her mouth quickly so she wouldn’t be heard.
“What?” I whispered just before seeing what had made her gasp. I gasped myself.

There were about ten people in the basement and all of them were naked. Most were having sex. I recognized most of them, some were friends of Rob and Jenny’s and some of them were older kids from our school. Neither Keri or I had ever seen sex before, the most I had ever done was make out, and Keri had only gone one step more than me and gave a boy a hand job. Neither one of us had even seen pictures of sex. We both knew we should have left then but we couldn’t, we were mesmerized, and although we didn’t know the feeling quite yet, we were extremely turned on. Just below the window we were peaking in Rob was having sex with Melissa a cheerleader we knew, she was on the floor on her hands and knees and he was fucking her from behind. His penis looked huge and I couldn’t imagine it being inside me. I wondered if it hurt for her but she looked like she loved it.

“Hey Keri.” I whispered “Was Billy’s penis that big?”
“Oh my God no! Rob’s looks huge!” She whispered back

We continued to look around the room where we saw people doing all sorts of sexual acts. A pretty short haired girl who had just moved here over the summer was sucking on an older guy who I recognized as Mr. Decker a science teacher from school. When I looked back to Melissa they had changed positions and now she was on top of Rob bouncing up and down on his big cock. We had an almost perfect view of his prick sliding in and out of her teen cunt. We were mesmerized.

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