Nerds Need Love Too

(Part 1 from 1)

For a lot of guys the worst part of the day is going home to some nagging girlfriend or wife. For me, I couldn't wait to clock out and speed home to my girl. This isn't some sappy remake of The Notebook, but rather, a glimpse into an actual...dare I say 'happy couple' with an insanely happy sex life.

Yes, i'm smart (I say this in the least conceited way possible), yes, I may hold two Masters degrees and I may not even look like a pocket protecting wearing, Pi reciting, big headed nerd. But none of that matters unless I have Autumn. We met in college and ever since then I have thanked God, or whoever is up there controlling the universe for giving me such an amazing woman. And she's amazing at giving head, but that's neither here nor there.

I called her on my way home to let her know that the chinese and her beloved were on the way home. One of the many things I love about her is she is so confident in herself. She doesn't eat like a bird, she eats what she wants, when she wants. On our first date I assumed since she was a healthy size that she must live in a gym and order salads and only eat the tomatoes. I was wrong. She ordered a steak, side of fries, mozzarella sticks, Pepsi...and oh yeah, a salad. She ate every last bite, and between her second or third Pepsi she told me she barely works out, she just runs. I think I fell in love that night, even when she had salad dressing on her chin.

Anyway, the lo mein was getting cold so I knew I had to move my ass and get home. I pulled into the driveway of our place, got my keys, fiddled with the lock and went inside our little love nest. She let me put up my poster of The Flash in the living room, just as long as her Batman poster hung on the opposite wall. She kicked my ass 9 times out of 10 in video games, and she didn't fall asleep when I talked about physics. You could say I was the luckiest guy in the entire world.

I, however knew for sure I was the luckiest guy in the world when I called her name and I heard a murmur coming from the bathroom. I set the food down and walked down the hall. I slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. I could swear I was opening the gates of Heaven. There in my bathtub was a goddess among men. She was surrounded by candles which made her look even more like a figment of my imagination. She was surrounded by bubbles, her long mocha hair was in a messy bun sitting on top of her head. Her blueish/gray eyes opened at the sound of my dick becoming massively hard, as if she didn't know that I would become instantly aroused. Her leg was perched on the ledge and her toe nails were painted a deep red. Her skin was lightly tan and smoother than a granite counter top. The bubbles kept her most alluring parts hidden but rest assured that will change.

I went to speak but was speechless. No words could be formed. I almost bowed down to worship her right then and there. She looked up at me with that perfect little nose, that had a light dusting of freckles. Her eyes went from blue/gray to almost a smoky black. The goddess before me spoke:

"Reid did you get soy sauce? Last time they forgot to put some in the bag." She asked innocently.

"Fuck the soy sauce." I almost growled.

"Baby are you ok? Did something happen? Did you get a ticket again?"

She sat in the tub playing with the bubbles while the candle light flickered. How could she not notice that she was slowly killing me?

"No I didn't get a ticket. I think you have had enough tub time honey, the foods getting cold."

I held out my hand to help her out. She stood and the bubbles that clung to her naked body slid down her amazing frame. I had to remind myself to keep breathing. She bent over to blow out the candles that surrounded the tub and I got a view of her perfect ass. She stepped out of the tub wrapped a towel around her more than stellar figure. Her hair came undone and she sauntered into the bedroom to get changed.

"Autumn we're going to have to reheat the food." I called behind her.

"Is it that cold?" She asked as she reached for a bra.

"No, but i'm hungry for something else." I gritted through my teeth.

She turned and dropped her towel, revealing her chest that was begging to be played with, to her stomach that was smooth and had curves in all the right places, to her pussy that was smooth and mouth watering, my gaze dropped to her legs that I silently begged to be wrapped around my head.

I may be a "nerd", but when Autumn is involved I turn into a fiend. Almost everything she does gives me a raging boner. It's not like I am a 16 year old kid who can't control himself, but the fact that she doesn't see that she is an absolute wet dream just makes her that much more appealing. As she dropped her towel I walked up behind her and nuzzled her neck while my hands found their way to her tits. A size D I might add. She with held a whimper as her arms wrapped around my neck.

"Reid, you know you're suppose to eat dessert after dinner, don't you baby?" She said, barely audible.

When she played with me like that, there's no turning back. Fuck the food. I would buy the restaurant if it meant I could have her now. I turned her around and ran my hands along her back that had gotten goose bumps. Be it from the cold or my touch I did not know. Let's say it was the latter of the two. I eased her on the bed and bent my head kissing her soft lips. She grabbed my hair and a moan escaped her mouth. She parted her lips and let my tongue in. Her tongue was a thing of beauty. She licked my lower lip while nipping at it. She took my tongue into her mouth and sucked. My dick almost ripped through my pants. I chucked off my glasses and almost cut my shirt off to get out of it faster. She eased up the bed and leaned on her elbows. Her hair framed her face and she said to me:

"What are you waiting for?"

I almost pounced. I undid my belt as she came up on her knees and pressed her chest into me, moaning my name while her nails clawed my neck.

"I've been waiting for you all day. Do you know how long that is Reid? Do you know how long i've wanted to feel you?"

"N-n-oo." Was all I could come up with.

"Real smooth you fuck head" was what i was telling myself.

She was a little vixen, she knew she had me in the palm of her hand. Literally, she had undid my pants and zipper, slipped into my boxers and now had my cock in her hand. I looked down and looked back up at her and she had a sly smile on her face.

"Oh fuck" I thought to myself.

She moved her hand ever so slightly and I was frozen in place. She ran her finger up my dick as my eyes closed to bask in the ecstasy that was a hand job. She laid me on my back and flipped her hair back.

"Reid" She said in an innocent voice.

If she asked me to rope the moon and pull it down to our bedroom window I would do it.

"Yes baby?" I managed through short breaths.

"I'm so hungry." She said all while her soft hands played with my cock.

She bent her head and licked the tip of my cock. My head fell back and she stopped. My eyes jerked open and head came up.

"If you want me to suck it, you are going to watch."

Holy fuck, a blow job AND a sight better than some cheesy porn scene? Uh...where do I sign up?

I watched her intently as she kissed my dick. Her soft lips kissed while her tongue snaked out to lick the head. She took my whole cock in her mouth and sucked. Moving her tongue while her hand pumped slowly. Her eyes fixated on me. I nodded to her and she pumped faster. She brought me to the brink of orgasm and then brought me back to Earth. The most erotic thing about it wasn't her tongue, or her hands, but her watching me, watching her. She wasn't doing it as a chore, or because she knew I loved it, she did it because she loved it as well. She tilted her head down and soon I felt my dick in the back of her throat. I could have cried it felt so amazing. She took me deep into her mouth for what seemed like eternity.

"Feel good? Tell me Reid." She said as she pumped away.

"Y-e-ssss" I said.

"I can't hear you, what was that?" She toyed with me.

"Yes baby, please don't stop." I said a little louder.

I couldn't take it. I pulled her up because if she didn't stop pretty soon I would bust in her mouth. She let go of my dick and laid next to me. Her tits right in my face. Right, as if I would keep my hands to myself. I got on top of her, but not before taking off my pants and shoes and socks. She was still completely naked and I was down to black silk boxers. I laid on top of her and kissed her mouth with such hunger I thought I might die. My trail of kisses went to her neck, down to her breasts. I fondled the left while sucking on the right one. I nibbled and blew on her nipple making it hard just so i could suck on the little bud. I lazily drew my tongue down her stomach stopping below her belly button. It took all my strength not to suffocate myself between her legs. I opened her legs all the way and kissed up her thigh. She went to reach for my hair so she could lead me to the spot she craved my touch the most. I looked up at her and slowly bent down to her pussy and a moan erupted deep within my chest. I kissed her soft, slowly, lovingly. I licked her slowly, swirling my tongue around her entrance. I opened her up more and licked her pink little clit. I heard her begging for more and who am I to deny my lady pleasure? I focused on her clit while my fingers found her already wet and ready. I eased in one and brought it in and out. Each time increasing the speed. My tongue moved in rhythm with my finger. I gave her one more finger and started sucking her clit. I knew she was close so I took out my two fingers and replaced it with my tongue. I tongue fucked her and almost got drunk off of her pleas and moaning.

I couldn't take it. She was there for the taking, and I was greedy. I needed to feel her, to make her breath hitch. I slowly removed my tongue from her cunt but before I left I kissed her long and hard down there. I positioned myself right near her slick pussy and looked at her before I sank my dick in. She wrapped her legs around my waist and ever so slowly I pushed. Inch by inch. Her pussy was wet, tight and warm. Just the way I loved it. She dug her nails into my shoulders signaling me to go faster. Fuck no. I was taking my time. I pushed all the way in and heard her suck in a quick breath. I pulled out ever so slowly. I was losing my control. Soon I pushed. Harder and faster. Autumn closed her eyes and concentrated on my dick pushing her closer to a sweet release. I bent and sucked her nipple into my mouth as my cock drove into her. I wanted her on top as she came.

I laid down and she hovered over my cock and lowered her wet cunt until she moaned that she felt me in her throat. What guy doesn't love hearing that? She rocked slowly at first and sat up and sank back down. I grabbed her ass and moved her faster. Autumn milked my dick while I played with her tits. She pulled my hair and whispered my name. "Jesus Christ" I gritted through my teeth.

"' cum..." Was the only sentence she managed before I felt her tense up and hold my head to her chest and rode me insanely slow. Making sure I felt even spasm her little pussy had. She fell silent as she rode her orgasm to the very end. Her eyes shut while she bit her lower lip. She relaxed and her head dropped to my shoulders. I ran my hands up and down her back, slowly bringing her back to Earth. She breathed heavy and looked satisfied.

She got off my still hard dick and laid next to me panting. I'm shocked I didn't cum when her pussy clenched around my dick. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Now it was my turn. She kissed me and got on all fours. Fucking hell, I couldn't get enough of that ass. I got behind her and found her cunt, waiting for me. I positioned the head and pushed in. Her gasp was all I needed to hear. When it came to doggie, there was no slow and steady. My cock was buried deep in her in a matter of nanoseconds. I pulled out and rammed her a bit harder. I grabber her shoulders moaned. I grit my teeth for fear the neighbors 10 houses away would hear me swear. Her ass moved back and fourth and she taunted me.

"Reid fuck me harder. Do it baby. Come on." Hard was what she wanted? Hard she would get.

I plowed into her and held her hips tight. She flung her hair back as an invitation to pull. Which I did. Her moans filled the room as my dick filled her tight pussy. I couldn't hold back.

"Autumnohfucckkkkk...I'm gunna cum." I told her through my gritted teeth.

" go, that's it, deeper." She encouraged.

I tensed up and buried my dick deep into her pussy. My mind drifted as she moaned my name over and over. I thought I would drift away. My orgasm rocked me to my core, it was so intense I thought I had hurt her. I pulled out slowly and collapses next to her. Both breathless and panting. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes were glassy. I managed to pull the covers over us and just lay there, waiting for our heart rates to slow and breathing to get back to normal. She crawled into my arms and inhaled my scent. Which was cologne, soap and pure lust.

I drifted off into a light nap and stirred awake to the sound of her getting out of bed. My side was instantly cold and I wanted her back with me. She put on the black silk robe I had bought her and came back with the food all reheated and ready to enjoy.

Is it just me or does food taste better after mind blowing sex? I could eat a cat liter sandwich and still think it was delicious, as long as prior to my meal I had fucked my brains out.

We ate the food in bed. Autumn spilled most of the lo mein in her lap...Just as I knew she would. God I loved her. I loved her body, the way she moved, the way when she laughs really hard she can't make a sound. The way she would stop traffic to make sure a family of ducks crossed safely. The way even at 23 how she still liked to go fishing with a long piece of string and stick.

Chinese was no doubt her favorite food and the fortune cookie might have been her favorite part of the whole meal. The good fortunes she kept and hung on the fridge. The not so good ones she scrunched up her nose at and flung in the trash.

I handed her the cookie I knew was hers and hoped like hell she liked the fortune, but more then the fortune I hope she liked the engagement ring I had somehow managed to get in there...

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