Negotiating a pay rise

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Till now you were hearing my husband jay illustrating my sex adventures, specially the spa incident, or even seema's incident just before her wedding. Me and seema even took a loyalty test of her husband which he failed 3 times as he came inside my pussy 3 times.

Me and seema have been friends for ever and just like jay and Ajay we have shared everything. As you know we shared our husbands and jay loves fucking seema and after fucking Ajay I like it as well. Jay knows I love sex and as long as he gets a pussy he doesn't mind a dick inside me. But somethings are better hidden at times. After my incident with the spa manager zack seema and myself have been craving for that dick. We couldn't mention it to the guys so decided we will call zack over to seema's place when jay and Ajay are out of town.

Jay planned to visit Spain for a conference and Ajay offered to go with him and that was the perfect time to get zack over. Me and seema surely have a good body and those who have not read our stories previously I am 5'7 , 36C boobs, flat stomach and a round nice ass, and seema is 5'6, 36A boobs and a perfect ass, I love it. We called zack and asked him to come home for some discussion about some pay rise matters etc. He arrived at around 7. Before that I got dressed into black shorts and a blue spaghetti top and no bra, and seema loves seducing guys so put on a white T-shirt a blue bra and denim shorts.

He entered and we greeted him, he gave me a grin and he wasn't aware that seema had seen the whole incident in the queen room at the spa. We sat and had a chat about the pay rise and we came finally to his hike. "how do you think you have performed zack?", seema asked and he replied saying," I think I did well, you can ask Anita, I have taken good care!" , "oh yea he really takes care, maybe seema we should just check on it before a final figure what do you think?" I asked with a smile.

Seema walked to zack and bent over to give him a good view of her cleavage saying, "alright zack I will give you a hike of 15% anyhow but if you satisfy us we can look at a little bit close to 30%, he just smiled and said"how do you want me to satisfy you ma'am after all you are my boss", I got up and slipped my hand on seema's waist and pulled her tshirt over to reveal her amazing boobs, which I love sucking, to reveal them in the bra. "do we have to show you how we need to be satisfied?", he got up and kissed seema and I couldn't believe but seema gave in and kissed him back and held his dick on his jeans. I undid her jeans to reveal her blue thong. He pulled me up and kissed me too and squeezed my ass and broke the kiss and said,"dying to get my dick back into that pussy of yours", and till then seema pulled his pants off and his T-shirt and made him stark naked, and seema held his hard 10" dick thicker than ever in her hand. He used me as I was his fuck toy and tore my top and pulled off my shorts to get me naked, he tilted me and I kissed seema to start a little heat.

Seema slipped her bra and thong off and held his dick and pulled him closer to both of us and said,"you get to fuck every hole of ours you like, but remember your performance will be accountable for your pay rise", he slipped his finger on seema's pussy and said," I will do my best", and pushed both of us down to his 10" dick standing like a rod, I knew it would take two mouths for that dick to be oozing. He had an amazing six pack I was rubbing his abs while holding his dick with his huge balls. "oh god, this dick is one of a kind, I'm gonna spend sometime on it" seema said and started licking it like a whore, we both started licking it while zack stood there moaning.

Seema occasionally licked his balls and would tounge his balls and he would love the sensation, he looked at me and said, "why don't you lick her wet pussy, it's waiting for a little tounge", I slipped below seema's pussy and could smell her wetness, I licked her juices and she was moaning,"mmmm, a dick and a lick is what I want" and zack pulled his dick out of her mouth and picked both of us up and made seema sit on the couch and started licking her nipples and made me suck her other boob and slid two fingers in seema's soaking pussy, she let out a moan,"aaah, oh fuck his finger is making me cum, finger me yea please finger me", and that made me crazy I bent over to zack's dick and started to suck it.

He really knew how to hold to chicks in hand, he slid his other finger in my pussy, and made me cum. He fingered us for a good 10 minutes till we had the second orgasam , "Ooh fuck I'm fuming again, zack you making me cum again you're good, worth every little penny" and I just shivered with my second orgasm and got off his dick and kissed him. We all got up and went up to seema's bedroom and pushed her on the bed and said,"your hubby fucks you here? I'm gonna change the next time you look at this bed, it's only going to remind you of my dick, you girls really cheat on yours husbands" he didn't know our husband will be fucking someone in Spain.

Seema just laid down on the bed and pulled his dick and rubbed it on her pussy and made me lay down on her side and asked zack to fuck her, he didn't need to be told and just pushed his dick slowly in and I was amazed to see her wetness, she was soaking and just swallowed his dick in her pussy,"aaaah fuck it's really filling me up, Anita I can't believe you fucked him 4 times, I would never let go of this dick" and we just laughed, zack understood seema knew about his fuck session with me, he just started thrusting his dick inside her while he started fingering me, and would switch between her pussy and just pushed it inside me, it felt amazing I could loose myself on his black dick fucking us like his whores.

He had started becoming rough he picked me up and made me lie down on seema with my back facing him and our pussy closer for him and we were kissing and sucking each others boobs and nipples and he would switch between our pussies and seema was reaching her third orgasam,"oh zack I want to cum on your dick baby, make me cum please fuck me harder, fuck like your bitch", and he just started fucking her like a bitch, he started pushing his dick in her even more and slapping his balls against her thigh and he said,"do you want my cum inside you?, deep inside you, I will fuck you like a whore that you both are, you want it?" and seema lost in estacy,"Ooh yea that thick cum in me will be the best, fuck me please fuck me", you're husband fuck you like this or am I better", he said, "oh you're better than my husband way better than him, aaaah fuck I'm so close please don't stop", and he fucked her and said,"give me 40% hike and I will cum inside you", "you fucker you're negotiating now? After having your dick in me!" and he thursted one more time and said,"40, come on you want it deep in you" and she being so lost just agreed and said," you got it, will give you 45% for that dick just cum and fill me up pls aaaaaah fuck zack make me cum" and he erupted his load and she came at the same time, the pressure of the load was so much he shook and came again on his dick and he shot load after load in her and her pussy couldn't hold his cum and was drolling all over the bed and her thighs and she just lay there and he withdrew his dick and pulled me and lifted my leg from the thigh and pushed me against the wall and just let his dick just enter my pussy, with his cum flowing out I reached a orgasam and shouted,"aaaaah fuck seema he is still hard, zack fuck me good baby, like a whore", "you craving for this dick too huh?, you're hubby good or is it me?" and I just agreed, by kissing him and holding his masculine arms,"you fuck better than my hubby, yea yea pls fuck me like that, be rough on me", he pushed me more up the wall and started to fuck me and pulled me down and turned me over facing seema's leaking pussy and started fucking me from the back and his balls were banging against me and he made me cum again and I just couldn't stop myself saying,"shit zack I'm coming again you crazy fuck, I could fuck you all day, my husband can't fuck me like this, baby this pussy is yours, fuck me like you're little bitch", "you are my bitch and I am gonna cum inside you if you make me the General manager of the business", I just didn't want to waste anytime," aaaaaah fuck, you got it,aaaaah shit, but you fuck us anytime we want!" he just pushed his dick inside me completely and bent over and in my ear whispered, "I could fuck you girls anytime, you girls are good, I have been craving for seema's pussy since I have been working here, and today she is leaking my cum, but trust me I am not done, I have taken a lot so I will give you a lot as well, you close to cumming?" and I just nodded and he exploded in my pussy and I could feel his shot in my pussy and it was thick an warm and seema gained consciousness and I was shaken by my orgasam that he just withdrew his dick from my pussy an picked seema up and walked to the shower room.

It was made of glass and he kissed her and turned on the water and they rubbing eachother inside, I could vaguely see what was happening, seema's back was facing him and he was rubbing her boobs and her head pushed back on her shoulder, he whispered something on her ear and she just bent over towards the glass wall and her boobs pressed against the wall, he thrushes his dick in her and she just let out a huge moan," oh fuck, you are too big, fuck oh god, aaah aaaah, yea fuck, aaaah!" and he had a smile on his face, I couldn't see what he was doing but seema was enjoying it.

He rubbed the wall of the smoke and said I was next and I couldn't believe for 10mins he fucked her till they both exploded into a orgasam and he shot load after load, but when she came out, her ass was leaking and she just fell on the bed, it's your turn and he called me in and I walked into the shower, and he again picked me up and pushed me against the glass wall and slid his dick into my ass,"Oooh fuck, shit yea baby fuck that, it's a virgin ass baby, no one has gone that far with us fuck it," and he just rammed it in and out as if he was there to tear it apart, he had put something on the dick to make the motion easy, he just said," you're tight baby not gonna last too long now, and seema walked in the shower and he shot his load in my ass, and load after load made me scream like a whore and I just pleaded him not to stop. He took me off his dick and all three were standing in the shower kissing him, both our tongues were inside him, and our hand on his dick, we were surprised that he was still so hard, I asked him, "how are you still hard, you still wana fuck?" and he just said, "i can still cum

If you girls wants some more" and before he completed seema just went on her knees and started to suck his dick and I just couldn't stop myself, his dick was really desirable, I just went on my knees and we kept sucking and he just moaned and said," you girls are really good, suck it baby, yea lick my balls, I know you love this cock", we sucked it for a good 15mins and his balls tightened and he just shot his load, "swallow it boss, you really need it and I want to see it on your mouth" and it just shot load on her and in her mouth and on my tits, it just felt amazing, we got up an finally he became flaccid, again he kissed us separately and we just cleaned up and we all stepped out and got dressed. We signed the documents for a 45% hike and a change in designation. He thanked us and walked out.

Seema fell on the couch, "I feel sooo good", I just kissed her on her lips and she really kissed me back and moved her hands on my boobs and I said "you ready for another round.." and got out my new strap on dick almost 10" long and as thick as a rod, just pulled her T-shirt down and licked her nipple, "let's fuck baby..."

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