Naughty times with big daddy

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Susie is 5' 4" medium size boobs, virgin, she's a freshman in college she's only 19. She grew up easily not one to get into trouble but every night she would dream and masturbate to her best friend brother who was very masculine having sex and kissing her. Yet her brother liked her secretly as well he liked her because she was smart pretty cute and she had rocking blue eyes and long black hair.

Susie was going Jennifers house to borrow some notes for their final exam but jennifer was not home and instructed her where the spare key was and as she enters upstairs she hears a elder man telling a girl to suck him better and a slap as she walks by the room she sees its cracked and she instantly gets wet seeing jennifers dad fucking a girls face and moaning, and there's two other girls in the room playing with each other, she slips her hand down her skirt into her wet thong watching her friends dad as he let's the girl up full of his cum on her face as he spanks her and tells the girl to bed over as he puts his cock in her pussy slamming it in hard, as little susie rubs faster wishing it was her feeling that pleasure.

She watches as he makes the girl cum and he cums in her as well as she moans. Susie now spreads her legs and rubs slowing watching jason (jennifers father eat anothers girls cunt out haking her moans susies fingers reach to her tight hole and rubs around it as she moans loud and jason stops and looks around as susie snaps and quietly sneeks into her Jenifer room and locks the door as she hears jason open his door loking around, he tries opening jennifers door yet its locked and he goes to get his keys and returns and unlocks the door and susies on the bed watching the door as he enters.

Jason tells her to come here as the obeys the command he grabs her hand and puts it on her cock and makes her stroke it he gets closer and kisses her neck and wraps his arms around her waist and picks her up and carries her to his room. She's in a daze this is just like she imagined as well as losing her virginity to jennifers brother.

Jason lays her on the bed telling the girls to go home. He removes her shirt carefully she moans he pulls her shirt off and watches her naked breasts as he runs his finger around them and lick one, susie moans in pleasure. Jason handcuffs her to the bed and she doesn't fight it he pulls her skirt down and smiles as he sees a white thong he touches it and see its wet and tells her she's naughty. She moans and he slips her thong off, he rubbs his fingers around in it and she opens her legs wide moaning and begs him to suck her pussy he teases her by rubbing her clit responding to his touch.

He tells her he has to punish her first he licks her pink niplles and bites them soflty well rubbing her clit fast he tells her I wanna fuck these breasts there gunna be mine she moans in response tells him to make her a whore he simply smiles and puts a vibrator ball against her clit and ties it around her waist and tells her not to leak or its a punishment.

He pushes her tits together and starts tit fucking them watching her lick the head of his cock wanting more like a hungry whore she moans and waits till he cums he shoves in her mouth and tells her to swallow like a good slut. And cums wildly in her mouth as she swollows it and squirts her cum he smiles and removes the vibrator ball and starts eating her out she slowly fucks her face enjoys his tongue licking her and she starts shaking she cums in his mouth and he swollows it. And gets up and tells her he's gunna fuck her like never before

He aligns his cock head with her pussy and pushes in and tells her she's tight and she tells him she's a virgin he laughs n breaks her virginity and waits and she cries and tells him it hurts and he responds its your punishment its gunna hurt

He pushes in slowly and buries his 9 in cock in her and starts fucking her. And he loves missionary as he starts fucking her hard he watches this beauty her beautiful body and her flat tummy and her bouncing boobs and he's happy she likes this. He bites her nipples and pounds himself in her watching her moan hard as she cums and grips his cock tight he moans and watches her.

He kisses her passionately and starts fucking her hard again and licking her nipples and biting her neck and pushes her legs to his shoulders and gets deep in her and he's pounding her deep and tell her he's going to cum she looks at him and tells him cum in your whore and moans as he starts cuming in her as her tight pussies milking the cum out of him she cums again he waits a minute and pulls out watching his cum drip out as he takes pictures of her and tells her she has to come back for more or she won't get these and she's her the pictures. And he unhandcuffs her and she starts getting dressed and throws her thong at him. And walks over to him and licks his cock clean and she walks out and starts walking home thinking she's a mess. And she can feel cum dripping down her leg

Stay tuned for part 2.

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