Naughty Girl Banged

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My name is Hayley. The first time I was gang-banged by a bunch of guy’s happened right after I started high school. I knew the majority of them and all I can say is that they talked me into doing it pretty easily! I ran with a wild crowd, in my younger days, that was much older then I was. Since I had no supervision and came from a very poor family, I started to rebel as soon as 7th grade hit.

I immediately got such an incredible rush from doing bad things, I was instantly hooked! I started dressing in the skimpiest outfits I could find, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, drinking hard alcohol and giving cum-swallowing blowjobs to all the older bad boys my mother told me to stay away from! I began sucking-off all of the boys in this particular group and satisfied them orally many times.

I eventually lost my virginity to one of the boys named Anthony when I was 13-years-old and he was 18. After he “popped my cherry” I pretty much went wild and let 6 other 18 year-old boys in that group fuck me within the first month. I kept on fucking and sucking this group of guys all summer long, but when high school started, I began partying with this other group of guys who were in their 20’s that rented a house in town. In junior high I either got fucked or sucked off the high school boys mainly in the back seat of their cars, but with these older guys I began to hang at their place.

The one guy, Joe, was a 22-year-old drug dealer. He was a perverted pig that lived in a filthy place covered with dirty dishes empty beer bottles and porn all over, but he was so damn hot looking it didn't matter. That was also where all the real-real bad-older-boys in town would go drink and party. I have two older sisters and the oldest one is 6 years older then me, so I knew who these guys were from her, although my sister wasn't friends with them. They were a little to wild for her.

A few of us younger girls liked hanging out with these guys because they always had money, did fun stuff and took us to cool places. They would pay the way for any girl that went with them, so we never needed money. Of course they weren't paying our way for free! We basically had to be their "date" for the night, and I use that term lightly. Basically one of the guys would say "you're my date tonight okay" and if you said "okay" that meant he paid for everything and at the end of the evening he would end up between my legs. I had already let Joe and half-a-dozen of his other friends fuck me and I sucked-off about a half-dozen more before the gang-bang ever happened.

The first time I saw a girl getting fucked at his place in front of everyone I was shocked. She was older than me, about 20 maybe 21, and she got so drunk she basically passed out on the floor. Her so-called "date" obviously didn't really care about her because he ripped her clothes off and yelled “$10-bucks each and I’ll let all guy’s pull-a-train on her”. One of the guys yelled back “$5-each and we get to fuck her in the ass”! He laughed and said “YA…$5 is good”. At least 7 or 8 guys got right up and handed him money to fuck her right before I walked away.

She was so out of it she didn't know what was going as they wailed away on her. The scariest thing to me about that night was when the first guy said “so can we cum in your "dates" pussy or what”? Her boyfriend laughed “go ahead, what the fuck do I care! If she gets pregnant she ain’t going to know who the father is with all these guys lined-up…and I don’t give a shit because it won’t be mine”! Joe laughing added “What do you think; she is going have 20 guys take paternity tests to see who knocked her up! Ha-ha I’m sure that will make her parents proud”.

All the guys were laughing thinking that was funny as Hell and I laughed with them to fit in, but was really thinking to myself “that poor-girl, that really sucks….I am so glad that is not me”! I kind of got so used to seeing stuff like that at Joe’s place, since it happened often, nothing shocked me any more. Of course it was about two-weeks later when I was naked on the floor getting fucked Joe, while other guys watched and cheered, but I did not have a “train-pulled” on me, although they were pushing for it. I told Joe "I will never-ever allow that, so get it out of your head"!

This one particular Saturday, I headed to Joe’s place about noon. There were a lot of people that I didn’t really know hanging out in the kitchen smoking a joint, so I went looking for Joe and anyone else that I knew well. In the living room were several guys, most of them drinking beer and doing shots of Southern Comfort even though it was like barely 12 in the afternoon. I had fucked a couple of guys hanging out in the living room, so they called me over to party with them. I was taking a puff of a joint when I heard moans, or should I say screams coming from Joe’s bedroom and knew some girl was in there getting fucked, and from the sounds of it, by more than just Joe. She was moaning extremely loud, so I knew they were giving it to her really hard!

The guys I was with started laughing and teasing me, since I was the only girl in the room. The poor girl was moaning and screaming so loud and the shrieks of “please-no-no-no-no-more-no-more-please….please I’ll suck your dicks really-really good and you can cum in mouth….please-please… I’ll swallow, I’ll swallow” echoed as we smoked a joint in the next room. There were a few times her shrieks gave me shivers up my spine. I kept thinking “Holy shit, what are they doing to her in there”! I couldn't help but feel a little excited at the sounds of fucking in the next room.

I could also feel the men eyeing me up, thinking dirty-dirty things as they stared at my crotch. Scary thing is that the more wasted I got the more I teased them. My mother constantly bitched at me for the way I dressed. I was 18, but with a kick-ass body, so I could have past for 19 easily. I had long reddish-brown hair, almost down to my ass and I was wearing tight, short shorts and a t-shirt with no bra and no panties, which was a typical outfit for me at that age. This big black guy I just met said "Hey Holly, her screaming and moaning making you horny girl” as he pulled on what appeared to be a gigantic black cock that was practically busting thru his pants.

It actually was turning me on, but I wasn’t ready to let him know that, so I just laughed and snapped back "certainly looks like it’s making you horny from the tent in your pants dude”! He shot back "Ha-ha, I know my dick is hard as mother-fucker cutie, maybe you want to come on over here and take care of it for me”. They were all getting excited and I smiled nervously as one of them got closer to me.

He handed me another rolled joint and told me to smoke as much as I wanted. So I lit it up and smoked as the girl in the bedroom was moaning and screaming…”OUCH-OOUCH-OH GOD-OOOOOOOOUCH”…which continued for a solid 10-minutes before it became whimpers. Shots of Southern Comfort were poured around the room and I did 4 of them and then took a bottle of apple wine somebody handed me. Finally, the bedroom was silent and a minute later a chubby blonde-haired girl with some tears in her eyes and make-up smeared all over her face, ran naked with her clothes in her hands from the bedroom straight into the bathroom.

The guys were laughing giving high-five’s to each other as Joe and this other guy, who I didn’t know slowly wandered out of the bedroom all drunk and sweaty. "Damn man, you guys must have abused the shit out of that chubby little fucker? That bitch was screaming like she was getting murdered," said one of the guys near me. "Yeah, we gave her fat-ass a little lesson in life. We both fucking plowed that fat-bitch in her pussy and mouth, then we held her down and ass-fucked her” laughed Joe. His partner said “We pounded the fuck out of that girl’s tiny-ass-little-shit-hole and blew our loads right up in her fat fucking dumper".

Everyone started laughing hysterically, so I joined in. "Hey Holly, you got a real nice ass baby, you gonna bend over and let me get a little shit on my cock" the Spanish guy behind me said as he massaged my shoulders. A black guy sitting across from me said “you can get that ass, but I bet she got a extra-tight-little-white pussy and my big black dick would love to squeeze up on in that shit….ha-ha….I’d bust the little white girl pussy up”!

Joe said "I’ll tell you what man, Holly got a nice body when she gets those clothes off and she is an awesome fuck! Her body is incredible and yes my man…you are right…her pussy is as tight as a fucking vice and she's never had black cock," than he winked at me. I began blushing and looked down. This guy Bobby said "I fucked her last week and Joe ain’t lying! She does have a really tight pussy man, but I guess she would at 18 years-old”! Some guy standing there said “18! Damn I thought she was at least 19 or 20”. Another guy Tommy added “I fucked her too and her body is unbelievable and that girls pussy smells fucking great! No lie, her shit was like some honey baked ham or something”!

All the guys loved that comment and started laughing, so Joe added “yep a tight pussy that smells like honey baked ham and a mouth that will give you the best blow-job you ever had" This black guy asked "Yeah? That true, Holly? You got a tight white pussy and suck a mean cock? And like what are you, 18, or some shit like that?" I replied "I'll be 19 soon”! He said "Well I’d like to fuck you, I know that”! This other white guy said “I know she never had a black dick"? I smiled all stoned, drunk and nervous, but had no idea what to say. I did my best to look sexy and bad-ass around all of the guys as they began talking about me like I wasn't even there; "Look at her tits, they nice for such a young kid," said a muscular black kid who I think just got out of jail.

"Yeah, what are you, like a C cup, Holly? You got some fucking nice tits! I'd suck them mother-fuckers for hours." Another guy said "I'd stick my dick in between them and titty-fuck her. I like those little shorts, too. Love how she shows off that camel toe! You know she ain't got no panties on either! UM-UM…I could smell that pussy from here and oh shit! It smells like some mother-fucking honey-baked ham."

I looked around the room at all the guys and and grinned, flattered by all the attention and feeling nice and toasty from all the alcohol and weed I consumed. The guys were staring at me and it was very obvious they were all horny as Hell and I was the only girl in the place, except for the chubby girl who locked herself in the bathroom. There were nine of them surrounding me. Five black guys I didn't, the Spanish guy, and the rest were white guys. My hands fiddled nervously in my lap. "So Holly, if I pull my dick out now, you gonna suck on it? You ever suck black dick?" said one of the black guys.

I raised my eyebrows when I noticed a huge bulge in his dark jeans. The other guys laughed. "You take it in the ass, baby?" said someone else. Joe said "Hey, will you let us cum in your face? I’d love to see your baby-blues covered with loads!" Another guy said "Or a cream-pie, better yet! Nothing like filling a tight pussy with baby-batter! Or let’s do her in the ass!" "Baby, come over here and sit on lap..." said the Spanish guy, rubbing a huge bulge in his pants. They all began talking at once about how bad they all wanted to fuck me. My pulse racing, I sat motionless, smiling taking it all in.

One black guy pulled his huge cock out and started jacking it while staring dead at me and saying “come suck it baby….come over here and put your sweet mouth on it”. I was amazed by the size of his cock because it was fucking huge. I was sitting there, wasted as Hell, and finally said to myself "fuck it"! I went against my better judgment and stood up.

The guys started going crazy and howled when I walked over to the tall, muscular black guy and stood in front of him as he sat on an old ripped, filthy easy chair. As his eyes looked my body up and down I slowly began unzipping my short shorts. The boys erupted in loud cheers. I suddenly stopped, remembering the girl that got pregnant from the $5 train party and said “I’ll fuck, but you can’t cum in me, you have to pull out, PROMISE ME, I don’t want to get pregnant”!!!!

The Spanish guy snuck up behind me and yanked my shorts down to my ankles and the cheers erupted again! He said “ya-ya-ya want ever you say, now get them clothes off”. Then I reached between my legs, rubbed myself a little and then shoved 2 fingers up in my wet pussy. Then I bent over, looking the black guy dead in the eyes, and started jerking on his huge coal black cock with my pussy juice coated hand. He closed his eyes and groaned as my small white hand slid up and down on his enormous black shaft. His cock was thick as a beer-bottle, no bull-shit!

I knew I wouldn't be able to get more than the tip in my mouth, so I bent over, ass in the air, and started pumping his gigantic black dick with both hands while licking and sucking on the head. He groaned as I jerked him off. The guys behind me immediately started fingering my pussy and pulling at my t-shirt to fondle my tits. "Come here, get that shirt off," someone yelled, tearing me off the black guy's cock. My shirt was grabbed and ripped off my body by two guys! In seconds I was standing there completely naked with guys surrounding me, grabbing my pussy, rubbing my belly and pulling on my tits. "Damn, girl, you fine!

Look at this sexy little white ass! You going to let me stick my cock up in that baby” one black guy asked. The boys were excited and loud, shedding clothes and rubbing their huge, hard cocks. Some of their dicks were pointing straight up and pulsating, they were so excited. I was pretty wasted and started to wonder if I was in over my head. I was pushed down to my knees and immediately had a whole bunch of dicks in my face and I went from cock to cock to cock giving them all a quick suck as Joe turned up the radio and it echoed thru the room turning the guys on even more.

I was taking cocks in my mouth left and right and used both hands to jerk off the ones waiting. It was hot and I’m not going to lie….I fucking loved it! I felt so nasty down on my knees, my tits bouncing and being squeezed and sucked, my pussy fingered by some strange hands! The black guy I was sucking moaned "Ah, fuck! Love that mouth and them big lips! For a young-ass white-girl you pretty good at sucking black cock!" Another guy said "I want to fuck that pussy right now!" Another guy spread my butt-cheeks apart and grunted "Look-look at that fucking little asshole she got, I am going to pound the shit out of that!" I stopped sucking cock for a second to say “Hey I never agreed to anal-sex”!

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