Naturopathy-A sapphic story

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Naturopathy – A Sapphic story

My name is Saroja.I am a 26 year old girl from Andhra. By cast we are Brahmins. We are very orthodox at home in my native place. I am working in Pune in a Biotech firm as a research head. I enjoy my job very much. Therefore the lack of a life partner or a boyfriend was not felt till a few months ago. The situation suddenly took a turn after I decided to purchase a home PC.

My orthodox parents preferred me to take a rented single bedroom house rather than a Women’s Hostel. I took a house in a secure society where everybody else was middle class family. I got close with a particular Andhra housewife due to the common language we spoke at home. Her name was Kamala. By coincidence their house was a two bedroom flat right opposite to my house. Her husband, by name Raghav, was working for a manufacturing firm. Since he was in the service department, he used to travel frequently, 2-3 days at a time. Their son Karthik was in 3rd standard.

As I told my life took a turn after I purchased a home computer. When I purchased the computer I took the help of a local computer servicing agency to install internet and antivirus packages. I, for some vague reason, felt that the service engineer was not good. He was giving searching stares at my body. In my entire life there have hardly been any incidents which can be termed as sexual. I have observed people staring at my healthy body. 2-3 times I felt people touching my body in crowds. In all these incidences my reaction was a feeling of disgust. Promptly I thought in my mind I will never call this agency again. But it so happened I had already given my e-mail address while calling the agency. A few weeks passed by. One day I received an e-mail bearing subject “your childhood friend Malathi connects to you”. I could not recollect any friend by that name.
When I opened the mail I could find only one sentence “look at the photo attached to remember me.”

It was a shock when I opened the photo. I t was in fact a page from a highly erotic comics containing a scene of elder sister licking her younger sister’s clitoris.

But the scene was so erotic I got tingling sensation for the first time in my private parts. Then I felt very guilty that instead of shutting my eyes I had read the whole page. I knew it was the handiwork of the computer guy, but then what can a lone girl in a big city do. I simply kept the entire thing to myself.

A few days passed. I was having my periods. I used to bleed more on my third day. This time when I was having a thorough wash my hand touched the clitoris. I suddenly experienced a wave of pleasure pass through my body. Feeling guilty I cut off that line of thinking altogether. But as fate had it I could not get sleep that night. My mind wandered back to the topic. I thought to myself can a girl really feel pleasure by touching herself?
I thought I should not fear this topic too much lest it becomes my weakness.

I got up and decided to have a look at that comics page again. With trepidation in my heart and hands shaking I opened the internet at 11.30pm in the night. I felt my blood drained when finished reading that page. Now my entire body was shaking with excitement. I closed my eyes to reassure myself and when I gained some composure daringly my right hand slipped to my private parts. I delicately touched my vagina beneath two layers of cloth and caressed a little. The electricity sure was there. I could bear it no more. A sigh escaped my mouth. My mouth felt dry. It took few seconds for the waves of pleasure to subside. Then I came to my senses, closed the computer and went to the bed. I sure could not get sleep. I was not thinking about any thing else now. I was using all my will power not to touch myself again. The battle between my desire to pleasure myself and my willpower opposing it waged for a good 15 minutes. Then my willpower lost. And I touched myself again in slow circular motions over my cotton night gown. It was sheer pleasure. My entire body got heated up. A slight moan escaped my mouth. Then I clenched my teeth and tightened my lips to stop the moans. I was suddenly aware that I have got a body. I was in frenzy. I became more daring, pushed my gown up and tapped my quivering pussy very sensuously directly over my tight panties. At this point the excitement became too much for me to bear. I took my shaking fingers away from my pussy. I was lying curled with my knees into my stomach for almost half an hour. Then I tried and slept.

The next two days passed by without an event. I thought I conquered my vile temptations. But that night again I was not getting my sleep. My mind was wandering to so many thoughts. I thought that my desperation is arising because; unknowingly I had suppressed my sexual needs for too long. As mother had suggested I should have married two years back. Then I thought that my behavior may have been a fall out of depression due to a monotonous life. Suddenly I decided to explore my problem further and see why I was so much overwhelmed by this feeling.

I got up, sat in front of the computer and logged on to the internet. I hit “erotic feelings, female, sex” search on AltaVista. The search result was mind boggling. Browsing, navigating I came across such erotic content; my body started responding to the net. Now I was not myself. I went to the mirror, removed all my clothes except my panties and looked. Wow I presented a sexy image in the mirror. I had full lips with enough pink shade. I had good sized breasts firm and taut.
I had nipples (This was a discovery-till the net informed me today that a woman had her erotic zone in her nipples I had not really noticed them) the size of a two rupee coin, looking bit dark on my fair complexion. My curious hands touched them with two trembling fingers. Ahhhh-the hissing sound escaped my mouth and I closed my eyes. My hands teasingly caressed the nipples one after the other. I was awed to see the nipples grow very hard. I felt as if the nipples were talking to me and begging me to touch them. I obliged. Waves of pleasure emanated from the nipples and engulfed the whole body. And it appeared that the body extended up to infinity. My hands started caressing my entire body.

Soon I was concentrating on my jetting buttocks. I cupped my robust buttocks, pressed them, teased them, and massaged them. In a remarkably short period I had mastered how to pleasure myself. I took my middle finger and poked my ass hole intermittently. Even this gave me intense pleasure. It was indeed a nice discovery to know that my body had so much hidden wealth of good feelings.

Now I pulled my sofa chair in front of the dressing mirror, put the 100 watt bulb on and sat spread eagled on the chair. Wow, what a close up scene it was of my privates!! My pussy lips were wide open. My pink colored clit head was covered by the brown colored hood. The vaginal opening was appearing to be messy with shiny liquid spread allover. But for the first time I felt a surging love for myself. I loved my messy little pussy. I loved my little pink clitoris. I loved my swollen lips. I was overwhelmed by the feel good factor in all of this. I kept staring at the centre of the quivering infinity called my body for full 2 minutes. I fell in love with my pussy. I, now, really wanted to show my love for my pussy. I inched my trembling fingers and circled the pussy opening several times. Every time I completed the circle a moan escaped my mouth. Now I took the outer labia in my two fingers and pressed very delicately. Oooohh, I could no more bear this, I thought. My breathing had become very heavy. I clenched my teeth and tapped my clitoris on the sides. Now some movements of my torso were not in my control. I was sort of gyrating my pelvic area to a rhythm unknown to me till now. Like a born masturbator I put two fingers together on the hood of my clitoris and reproduced the gyrations. Aaaaaahhhh, and then it happened. It exploded in my brain and voluntarily the body stiffened. After the stiffening came the convulsions successively. Before I could realize I had let out deep moans which could be heard. I was gasping for air. I swayed and jumped to the bed nearby and lay there shaking, convulsing and panting.

For the first time in my life I woke up fully naked the next morning.

After this incident I became bolder and started rubbing my private parts almost every day. Playing with lather while bathing had become a habit. I was no more feeling guilty. Rather I thought God had given me this little gift for my being good so far. But then I was looking for variations now. I did it everywhere in my house in the dark, in the bright light.

To my discomfort I had started responding to the outside world also. We went for a picnic once with office people. Saluja, the hefty Punjabi girl was assigned a seat beside me. She was freely touching me everywhere. Many a times she slipped her hand on my thigh and kept stroking affectionately. My throat dried up. I looked beyond the window and avoided saluja’s eyes. I thought Saluja was unaware of any feelings. But she almost stopped my heart when she jokingly forced her palms in between my thighs saying “arrey yaar, my hands are freezing due to the cold. Let me heat them up”. When I said “Saluja, what are you doing, stop it.” In reply, Saluja took her hands out, giggled and whispered in my ears “Don’t you worry baby, I am just your best friend and a girl.” After reaching home I discovered that my panties had become wet in the front with a slimy stuff. This was all new to me. I put all lights off. I lay on the bed naked. I touched my thighs where saluja had touched. Again I lost myself to the erotic feelings. My hands trembled and touched my clitoris delicately. Oh! My God what a surprise it was! My clitoris was bathing in that slippery liquid. I closed my eyes. I saw the heavily built naked body of Saluja loom large over me. She was caressing me all over my body. When ever she touched an erotic zone,I moaned begging. I imagined Saluja slide down to my private land and take the clitoris in her mouth. My rubbing grew more rhythmic and I exploded uttering “Oh, Saluja don’t do it to me. I am only your colleague.”

I felt hugely ashamed that I was involving a live colleague in my masturbation. At once I felt that I must have been a lesbian all along. That is why I had not much interest in males. Then I thought this was bullshit because I neither had any interest in any girls. I again consoled myself that this must all be happening because my libido had all of a sudden found an outlet in my clit rubbing. And because I did not dare to find an outlet for my libido with a male I settled for this harmless act of self gratification. This theory pleased me as it reduced my guilt.

It was as if my destiny was drawing me to these acts of blasphemy. When I had a theory to rid me of my guilt I dared to find out if I had any heterosexual feelings. I took to internet again to find some stuff on man-woman sex. By God I could find a lot of highly erotic stuff. I was shaken by my desire to get on to sex with a man. This started showing on my face. One or two at office asked if something was the matter. I had a tough time evading colleague’s curious looks. But my instinct told me sex with a man would be alright only after marriage. Then I settled for attainment of sexual gratification only by masturbation. But then I started getting a little weird. I started enjoying my dirty smells. I used to smell my panties and get aroused. I was working very hard ahead of a big event involving our German joint venture partners. I thought, the hard work drained so much of my energy I got depressed. And the depression was further pushing me towards sexual perversions. What ever was the reason I was enjoying the pleasures. Then I started growing a little plump.

It was at this juncture that I involved Kamala Aunty in my perversions. I had suddenly become aware of my body. I noticed Kamala Aunty had a nice plump body.

You can not call her fat, but she was rounded everywhere; round face, round nose, rounded cheeks, rounded breasts, rounded buttocks and even her belly had a rounded protruding. She was 5feet 6inches, fair complexioned and had a really inviting body. I started imagining how she would be in bed with her husband. But Raghava was a reserve and orthodox kind of a person. I imagined their lovemaking would be very conventional and must be lasting a few minutes every time. Kamala Aunty seemed equally orthodox and ignorant of sexual knowledge. But they remarkably looked content with each other.

One day I was returning very late from my Lab at 10.30pm. I had to meet a deadline. Kamala Aunty must have seen me from the peephole. She opened her door in hurry and called out my name. I turned back after pushing my door open. She said “You are so late today Saroja. You had your dinner at office only?” I said “no, Aunty, actually I could not get time for dinner. I was working continuously, I have to make something for myself quickly and eat now.” Kamala pressed my arm affectionately and said in the most persuasive tone “Saroja change your clothes and come to my home. My husband had to suddenly change his plan and will be reaching tomorrow night instead of today night. His food, freshly cooked in the evening, is lying untouched. Come fast. In the meanwhile I will arrange to serve the food.” I had to finally agree.

I entered Kamla’s house in a white salwaar kameez. We were discussing all sorts of matters while I had a sumptuous meal. I was feeling very good because I was the good old Saroja chatting, thinking without sex on my mind. When I was about to leave I noticed a change in Kamala Aunty’s behaviour. She was sort of blushing and was wanting to tell something. She was nervously fiddling with her pallu making knots and unknotting them.

I broke ice and asked “Aunty, is something the matter?”
Kamla Aunty, with her eyes on the ground, whispered “Saroja you are a doctor and for some time now I wanted to ask you something…….”.
I gave a smile in amusement and was wondering since when did I become a doctor? Then it struck me that the simple minded aunty must have mistaken me for a doctor seeing me in my white coat once in a while. Now I thought I will play along instead of disappointing Kamala Aunty.
I asked Kamala Aunty “what is it? Tell me aunty, can I be of some help?”
“Actually I feel shy to speak out things like this.” Said Kamala Aunty. Now my heart stopped. My mind jumped back to the single track line. Is Kamala Aunty a lesbian? But Kamala Aunty made me laugh when she continued. She said “I have contracted a disease in my private parts and at times it itches like mad. I had never had any kind of disease leave alone a skin problem…..” Kamala Aunty halted when I instantly laughed but continued with an embarrassed look on her face. “I don’t want to go to a strange doctor and exhibit my private parts, you see. Even my first delivery was attended to by my mother and our neighborhood lady doctor in my town. I feel extremely shy to go to a doctor with this kind of problem. So, I thought, since you are a doctor you can give me some medicine and ointment and help me get rid of this one month old problem”.

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