Nature's Voice

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When James and Gina returned from their camping weekend, they both returned to work. Gina continued watching and admiring James. In his tailor-made suits and a well-maintained body, he was a man for whom any woman would fight. He continued his kindly ways, treating Gina as if she were a goddess. Bouquets of flowers would arrive at her desk, and after opening the first card, she knew who sent them. Her co-workers questioned her as to who sent them. She would smile and say it was her knight in shining armor. On the weekends, they would spend the entire time in each other’s arms. From the time the sun rose in the mornings, to when the moon brightly lit up the night sky, they did not separate.

When Gina missed her monthly period, she was a little worried and purchased a home pregnancy test. It showed a positive result. Gina knew it happened while camping. As she sat there, a silent tear flowing down her cheek, Gina was upset, but at the same time very happy. When Gina arrived at work the following day, James noticed a change in her and asked if everything was okay. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, Gina took James’ hand into hers, lightly kissed him, and whispered in his ear.

“I’m pregnant.”

James was momentarily speechless, but then his eyes started to sparkle in delight knowing he would be a father. His workday flew by, as he was on cloud nine. When the day was over, they purchased rings and made plans. Both James and Gina had their closest friends as witnesses and James paid handsomely so they could marry outdoors. They could not have asked for a better day. The sun shone, the weather was excellent, and the birds sang excitedly. When James and Gina were saying their vows, a pair of Mourning Doves joined them, and did not leave until they kissed.

The following months went smoothly for both of them. Gina got bigger as a new life grew in her womb and James spent all his time with her. He acted like a worried husband, babying Gina and doing everything for her. During one visit to the doctors, they discovered they would be parents of twins. Neither could have been happier. It was a very good pregnancy for her. Not once did Gina suffer from morning sickness. She also didn’t suffer from mood swings or crazy cravings. It was as if she was never pregnant, but the growing stomach proved otherwise. The only pain that she did suffer was on the day that she delivered.

Gina’s delivery was the talk of the entire hospital. James was in the delivery room with her and he continually told her about the looks on everyone’s faces. Gabriel was born first. When he came into the world, he did not utter a cry. His dark black eyes were wide open and he looked around the room at all the strange people. Michael came next, and like his brother, did not utter a cry. He looked around with his deep brown eyes, and then joined his brother at their mothers’ breast. The doctors ran tests and they only proved Gabriel and Michael were two very healthy beautiful babies. The three days they were in the hospital, they both nursed at their mother’s breast and slept.

In six months time, Gabriel and Michael were walking. In a year, they said their first words. The pediatricians tested them again, but there was nothing abnormal about the boys. These tests proved what they knew from the previous tests: Gabriel and Michael were just two very smart, healthy, growing babies.

When they were two, Gabriel and Michael were the size of someone twice their age, so James and Gina decided to go camping again. They traveled to Mount Revelstoke National Park in British Columbia, Canada. It was July, and the weather was perfect for getting out. They first hiked along the Mountain Meadows Trail where the observed meadows of Blue Monkshood, Blue and Yellow Columbine, Pussy Paws, and Wild Licorice which James dug to get to the roots. When Gabriel asked him what he was doing, James explained that you could dig up the root-like stems and dry them. Once they dried, you could chew on them. All four of them continued hiking, sightseeing, and learning. When they stopped for the evening, James picked a spot not too far from a small river. He pitched a tent for Gina and himself and helped the boys pitch their tent as well. They did a little more sightseeing close by, and then turned in for the night. 

Lying there, Gina started laughing. “What’s so funny?” James asked her.

“You remember what happened last time we went camping?”

James acted as if he was in serious thought. “Well, if I remember right this happened,” and he unbuttoned her shirt to reach in and softly squeeze a breast. 

“And a little bit of this.” He started to softly bite and kiss her neck.

“And I started to do this,” Gina whispered as she moaned while her orgasm raced through her body. They continued undressing each other, lying side by side, kissing and roaming each other’s body. When both of them were completely naked, Gina guided James’s hard cock into her waiting pussy while they still faced each other. They moved as one, while Gina lovingly rubbed her hand over James’s face; he massaged her breasts and nipples. Slowly they moved, until after a long period of time, they both felt themselves build to a climax. Biting onto his shoulder so she didn’t scream and wake the boys, Gina shook in a monster climax when she felt James shoot deep into her. When they both had calmed down, they fell into a deep sleep.

Later that night, James woke needing to empty his bladder. Still naked from the sex only hours before, he dressed quickly and walked away from the tents. After he had relieved himself, James turned and stopped dead in his tracks, holding his breath. There in front of him sat a full-grown timber wolf in the moonlight. Moving slowly, James backed a few steps and turned to walk around the wolf. There to the side sat a second wolf. Carefully looking around, he saw he was surrounded. Not knowing what to do, James stood stone still, closed his eyes, and prayed that they would walk away.

“Do not be afraid.” Turning again, James looked to see who had spoken. There was just he and the wolves. “We will not harm you.” James pinched himself to see if he was awake or dreaming. “Yes, it is I who speaks.” The wolf in front of him spoke. James stood there too stunned to speak. “We are here to tell you of a long-awaited prophecy. One that will involve Gabriel and Michael.”

“Please… Please do not harm them,” James stammered. “And how do you know their names?” 

“How we know their names is unimportant. Realize no harm will come to them, for it is said they will become one with us. They will be the voice of nature.”

“What do you mean 'the voice of nature'?”

“All I can say is what is prophesied. In their sixteenth year, Gabriel and Michael shall become one of many. They shall become shape shifters. What they may become, we do not know. What we do know is that the both of them, along with their sister, shall become the voice of nature along with others of their kind.”

“Gabriel and Michael have no sister.”

“Nine months from now, your mate shall bring forth a child. This child shall be the sister of Gabriel and Michael.”

“How do you know this?”

“I was present two years prior when you became one with your mate. I knew then what I know now.” The wolf continued. “At one time many years ago, before man crossed the great waters, we were many. We were one with nature and roamed this land from end to end. Now we are few and considered the enemy of many. The bear, eagle, fox and many others cry out, asking why. Nature is calling to a selected few, to bring forth what was once was. You and your mate shall be safe. You will bring forth your children and teach them the ways of nature. They will respect all, and know of the circle of life.” The wolf paused so James might fully understand his words. “Now that I have told you of this prophecy, Son of Man, I must go. You shall receive a token when the sun rises to remind you of what was said and what will become.” Just as silently as they arrived, the wolves turned and walked into the woods. After standing there a few more minutes, James returned to the tent and lay down beside Gina. Sleep did not come to him until hours later.

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