No Sale!

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100% fiction!

I was returning from New Mexico after delivering some items I had sold to a man up there. From where I turn off the main hiway it is sixty five miles to my ranch. About twenty one miles down I saw a pickup camper pulled over and it's hood up. I pulled up and asked if I might be of assistance.
A man said, "The radiator is blown. I need to sell one of these girls to get enough to fix it."
"No sale. I don't traffic in human flesh. If you need help just ask and I will help you no charge."

Wife pulled me aside and said, "We have plenty of money. He is just trying to get help with his major problem and that is me and our four daughters. We are nymphomaniacs and he can't keep up."
I said,"He should have been truthful. I'll help out but only if he is part of the deal. I have two ranch hands that get horny as hell somtimes. Also you will all have to sign a sexual consent form."
She talked to him and he said, "Me too? I have never been fucked by a man."
"Take it or leave it."
"Okay but the radiator is really blown. How can we get it in to town?"
"We're not going to town. I'll just back up and wench you aboard. The four whores will ride with me and you two in your truck."
"You can't call my daughters whores!"
"Sure he can Husband. You just tried to sell them and they were agreeing to it. You're a pimp and we are all whores."

I got them loaded up and made them sign the consent form. He was shaking so bad that I took his picture as he was signing to prove it was really him. I took the rest of their pictures as well. I made all of them strip naked and I slid out of my jeans and slipped my boots back on. One asked, "What if we meet someone and have to stop?"
"Not likely but if we do I will invite them along. There are only me and two other ranchers between here and Mexico on this road.
As we started on down I called Joe and Wendy and left a message, "Coming in with five and one. Be ready."
"That was a girl that answered," said Two.
"One of my two ranch hands.One you get up here and suck my dick."
"Don't you want our names?" Three asked.
"Nope. One, Two, Three, Four, Husband, and Wife will do."
"Do you even care about anybody? Us I mean?" asked Four.

"Why should I? You break down along the hiway and I stop to help and your father tries to sell you and you think it is okay. Then I find out that he is wearing out and can't keep up screwing four nympho daughters and a nympho wife. What's to care about? Maybe after a couple of days at my ranch there might be a little more self respect in your bunch. Maybe not, too."
We pulled in and I said,"This is Joe and Wendy. They'll help us out."

Joe had on his jockey strap and nothing else. Wendy had on a very skimpy string bikini which was to say she was naked. Husbands jaw was dropping as he said,"Who are these people?"
"My ranch hands."

Wife said, "We have a bunch of steaks in an ice cooler. Shall I bring them in?"
"Sure. Joe and Wendy, get to work on Husband. Two, Three, and Four you sit here and drink this until I come for you. Wife and One you come with me. I always like to have a couple of drunk bitches around while I am cooking."
"We don't drink much and we aren't drunk." said Wife.
"You are not drunk, yet." I handed them each a screw driver which is what I had given the rest of them. I saw Joe shove a shot of Jack at Husband.

We went out on the patio and I made them start getting the potatoes wrapped in tinfoil while I started the steaks marinating. I decided to furnish my famous jalapeno, onion, mushrooms with cheese and wine sauce. They each finished their drink and I made more. I called for Two, Three and Four to come out and join us. While I was in I looked at Husband. He was not drunk, but getting there. Joe shoved Wendy down on her back and then pushed Husband's face down into her pussy. "Eat her out," said Joe. Husbands ass was sticking up and Joe KY'd himself and fingered his ass a little and started shoving his dick in Husbands ass. Joe really digs fucking asses.Husband screamed, "OH sweet JESUS!AAAAAAEEEEEHHHHII!OH GOD THAT HURTS! PLEASE STOP"
Joe said, "Okay." and pulled out.

Joe said,"Make up your fucking mind!"
Wife came in and said, "Shove it on in him. Make him beg for it!"
I went back out on the patio and grabbed One and stood her up and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, shoving my tongue deep in her mouth. She responded the same. I went around and did the same to the other three and Wife. Then I made daughters lay on their backs on the big tables and handed them all another drink, this one something with Canadian Hunter in it instead of Vodka. I was kissing Wife and telling them all, "You are going to beg to suck my dick! You are going to beg me to fuck you! You are going to be my whores! My sluts! My slaves! My cunts!You are all my cocksuckers! You belong to me!"

She was on her knees begging and kissing and sucking my dick! I raised her up and turned her and shoved her face down in One's pussy. "Eat her out bitch or I won't give you anything!"
She began to lick and shove her tongue into One's vagina and work her mouth on her clitoris. One was screaming, "OH YES!YES!YES!YES!GOD THAT IS WONDERFUL! WE HAVE NEVER DONE THIS!EEEEEEEEYYYYAAAHA!"

I walked over and checked on my cooking. The coals were just nearly right for the steaks to go on. In the house I could hear husband screaming and crying and begging for more. I went in and told them all to come out with me. Wife had moved from One to Two to Three and Four and was back to One. I made Joe shove his dick in wifes pussy from behind and husband start sucking on Two's pussy. I told Wendy to shove her dildo in his ass. He started screaming and begging again. I put the steaks on and went to Three and pulled her up and made her bend over the table and then I jammed my big dick in her pussy from behind. "OH THAT IS GOOD! I AM YOUR whore! I WILL SUCK YOUR DICK! I AM YOUR COCKSUCKER! OH YESS!YESS!YESS!YESS!ANYTHING YOU WANT!ANYTHING! ANYTHING! ANYTHING!OH FUCK ME!I AM CUMMMINNNGGG!EEEEEEEEEE!!"

I pulled out and went back to turn the steaks. We kept swapping around until everyone had been fucked by everyone else, then we all sat at one of my big tables to eat. After we ate We all drank a few drinks and went in to shower and go to sleep for a while. Every now and then through the night Joe and I would wake up and fuck someone, sometimes Husband or Wife or Wendy. By morning we had them all pretty well fucked out, especially Husband. After we had all had some steak and eggs for breakfast Joe went and looked at their truck. Sure enough the top was blown off the radiator so Joe took Husband to town and they bought a radiator and Joe put it in for him. We all went down to the creek and took a skinny dip in the late afternoon and went in to bed early. By morning we had fucked them all a few more times and Joe and I were ready to call it quits, for a day anyway. The next morning they pulled out, heading back the way they had come from.

Wendy says they will be back.

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