My wife , My friend and I

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I am starting my story by telling you how gorgeous my sexy wife is. My wife and I have been married for 25 years. She is a beautiful blonde half German and half Hungarian. She is 5.4” tall, and 130 lbs. She has firm model legs that any man or woman can crave for. Her tight juicy pussy is always hungry for a hungry mouth, tongue or a hard cock. Her nice 34 b tits have two small young suckable nipples that are always erected and ready for action. Before I married Mona, she had no intercourse with any man. She had couple of sexual sucking and masturbating cocks of her boyfriends and one coworker who used to accompany her home at night. Being a virgin, she was satisfying her coworker by masturbating him on their way home every night under a tree or at a corner of a house in the dark, until he was ejaculating his heavy load on the grounds in front of her. All this was before she was twenty years old and before we became friends.

After 25 years of marriage, our sex life still the greatest and always getting better and better. The older Mona gets the sexier she becomes. She knows what she wants from a man and knows how to please him to the fullest .Eight years ago, our sex life made a sharp turn and sky rocketed. The trust between us was growing to the no limits. One night we were having our usual great sex. We were so excited that we started to talk about how wonderful a threesome can be if we find the right person. We then started to fantasize and think about having a threesome with another guy for a change. We started watching threesome sex movies. I noticed that Mona was getting wetter when she was watching a nasty movie, and the nastier the movie was, the more excited she was becoming. These kinds of movies always made her hornier and of course our sex was becoming greater. Once we were fucking and she was in her good mood, she admitted to me how much she would love to try a threesome with a male friend. This made me feel how fast my cock was getting harder in my pants. I felt at ease and got encouraged to tell her about my childhood friend Nolan.

It was on a Friday Summer night in New York City in 1993. We were coming from a friend’s house and we did not fuck for a week. We were both excited and horny. On our way home we stopped by a Video store and rented couple sex movies. After we put the kids to sleep we went to our room and started watching the excitement. At that night we watched two movies. All the time we were watching we were taking a small break for kissing and touching. Her favorite kisses were when we French kiss and she holds my hard cock and rubbing it in her wet pussy. Knowing her excitement was getting at a no return point of cumming, I started to open up and talk to her about how erotic are these sex movies and how horny they are making me feel. It looked like she enjoyed what she was hearing and made her hornier. Her pussy was flowing with delicious juice. At that point, she wanted to show me how indeed she enjoys her time with me, she held my hand and drove it to her hot twat. “Wow”, I said. I immediately lost my brain and slid under the cover kissing her from her breasts, stomach inner thighs and finally to my delicious target her hot juicy pussy. I still remember I ate her for more than ten minutes continuously until she almost was cumming. I wanted more of her, but if I will let her cum, she might feel she got enough for that night. I stopped eating her pussy and went upwards to her stomach, tits and then back to her mouth with wet French kissing.

At that time she started again to talk more openly about another cock. She expressed her wish to have a threesome with another guy. She admitted that at that moment she was craving for another hard dick to be in her ass and mine in her pussy. I asked her if she wants me to bring my friend Nolan and fuck her together. She smiled and then nodded with yes. I always took care of her and made her wishes true. Now and more than ever I wanted to make not only her wish, but also my wish to come true. The next day, I decided to ask my friend Nolan if he would love to join us for a threesome. Impatiently I waited for my friend Nolan to come back home from his job. After dinner, I went to visit Nolan in his house. Unusually, his wife Amanda opened the door . She knew I am there for her husband. Amanda was an Orthodox religious closed minded woman and in no way she would approve to hear about sex or anything related to sex. Politely, she told me to come in and have a seat and wait in the living room until Nolan gets out of the shower. Minutes later my friend Nolan came to the living room wearing his pajama and was smelling fresh with my favorite aftershave Joop. With a great smile he shook hands with me and then sat in front of me on the other sofa. We started to talk about different boring subjects for several minutes. For that reason I changed the boring subjects and started to talk about our memories and about our old friends then about our childhood. The talk progressed to what naughty things we have done together while teen-agers. We talked about girls and about two class mates whom we thought were gays. At this time I was watching his cock growing through his pajama. This made me braver and I started, joking and talking about our childhood own experience with other girls in the neighborhood. Paying attention to his crotch, I noticed his cock was getting harder and bigger. I did not know what he was thinking about. But for sure he was excited thinking about doing something naughty. At that time I was excited by the scene and started to tell him about our fantasy.

Nolan was so happy for the idea and he promised me with a good time that we all will never forget. He said he will be looking forward to it . He admitted to me he masturbated couple of times when he saw my wife semi naked at the pool. I told him I wouldn’t mind if he can take his cock out and jerk it until he comes. To my surprise he did not want me to ask him twice, he slowly pulled out his hard cock from his pajama and started masturbating in front of me. It did not take him too long until he was squirting his heavy load in one of the paper towels he had in his pocket. Once relieved , he smiled and asked me if he needed to masturbate me that I can cum too. I asked him not to worry and I am going home. I told him that this huge load I have in my balls will be saved for my waiting wife. Once I reached home I told Mona what I talked with Nolan but she thought I was joking and did not believe me. She looked excited and her face was telling me she was wishing it was true.. I came closer to her , kissing her with great passion. She was horny and ready. I kissed her from head to toe passing by her juicy pussy, licking, kissing and sucking on it until she was on the verge of cumming. Of course I did not want her to come so fast because I wanted her for the whole night. I stopped and back again to kissing her keeping her pussy on fire. At that moment she was begging me to fuck her and satisfies her waiting juicy pussy. Once she could not take it any more, I fucked like the " Energizer Bunny Rabbit" fast and for a long time until she squirted on my balls. It felt so good knowing she squirted and also her squirt falling on my hard cock and balls. WOOOW. It was awesome. After she rested for couple of minutes and took her breath back, I restarted my foreplay and fucked her the whole night until the sun started to shine on my naked ass. Since Mona is multi orgasmic, I was making sure that she will be fully satisfied before I unload my full balls. There was lots of cum filling up her pussy dripping down on her thighs until her knees. Very exhausted we were and we slept until 4: 00 pm

The second day, I called Nolan and told him I have a new exciting idea. I told him how I fucked Mona last night and made him excited again. He then told me how sexy my wife is. This made me rush and ask him if he would like to fuck Mona any time that week. Nolan was surprised by the question but he did not hesitate to tell me his answer on the spot. He said anytime and anywhere. He added that he can lick her pussy and ass for hours. I asked him to stay behind his words and not disappointing me.

Since we were kids, we were fantasizing about sharing our wives when we will get married. Once I found out how much Nolan is horny for my wife, I decided to tell her. I told her how much Nolan likes her and would love to lick her pussy and ass until she cums. This idea excited her and made her ready more than ever.

Couple of days later, Nolan came to our house after he closed his pharmacy. After several minutes of friendly talks, he invited us for a ride in his car and see the new developments in the neighborhoods. While walking towards Nolan’s car, Mona whispered in my ear and asked me if we are going to fuck her that night. I told her that he is only hungry to eat her sweet pussy and lick her tight ass while I am watching. This made her hornier and ready for the licking. Once we were in the back seat of the car I pulled Mona closer to me and we held hands feeling the excitement electrifying our bodies. While talking to Nolan, me and Mona in the back seat , I took out my hard cock from my pants and made Mona hold it and play with it. This made me horny and in the same time made her mouth ready for another cock to suck. I started kissing her while Nolan was driving. Knowing that my wife was excited , I initiated the talking and told Nolan that Mona knows about our one time bi oral sex as teen agers and I told him that Mona sucks cocks better than him. If he does not believe it he can watch Mona sucking me now in his car. He was surprised about me telling Mona about our long years secret, but in the same time he looked excited and hungry for eating Mona’s pussy. I gently took Mona’s head down to my cock, and after some hesitation, she bent down obeying , drooling for my waiting hard cock. Mona is a great cock and balls lover. She started sucking the head and licking the shaft slowly, gently and with pleasure. Nolan could not believe what he is hearing or seeing. He fixed his rear mirror that he can watch Mona sucking my cock while he was driving. He was watching like not believing his own eyes.

 I was able to see his excitement in his rear mirror that he fixed to watch the erotic scene. Several minutes of talking and the excitement became intense; Nolan took us to a remote area and then stopped the car next to an old big tree. He got out of the car and opened the rear door from Mona’s side. I told Nolan that Mona will let him fuck her only after he eats her pussy. I picked up Mona and made her sit on my knees. Since she was excited she helped me moving her with ease. Nolan lifted up her skirt and slipped down her underwear, bending her legs over, watching her sweet juicy pussy for couple of seconds, he slowly buried his head between her thighs , spread her white hard thighs , and started to eat her pussy like he never saw a pussy before. Feeling another man’s tongue in her pussy , for the first time in her life, made her cum in a minute. Then I told him if he would like to see her gorgeous ass. He said he always was watching it and paying attention to her tight ass and always wanted to lick it and fuck it. With pleasure I turned my wife on her stomach, and without any resistance she bent over on my knees. Her pretty bared ass was ready for a new experience. Nolan was looking and admiring my wife’s ass for couple of seconds. He was staring at it with lust. He started touching it gently in a very exciting manner. With one palm squeezing one check, the other palm was softly slapping my wife’s tanned firm ass. He slapped it gently for couple of times until it became reddish like a beautiful rose.

At that time I was enjoying the scene. I was touching Mona’s ass and pussy from underneath. Mona was getting more excited squeezed between two horny men hungry for her ass and pussy. I started feeling Mona’s wet pussy while I was watching Nolan’s cock getting harder and harder. In no time Nolan bent on my wife’s ass, spread her ass cheeks and stuck his whole tongue deep in her asshole .That made Mona moan with pleasure. Here Mona was ready for a threesome but not in the car where it was not safe.

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