My training: Part 1 of 4

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This story is completely fictional, and contains adult content, an is based on my imagination only. No real persons are involed in the story. If you are under the 18, please do not read this story. If any part of this tory offends you, then please do not read it.

I have always lived in a small town, where everybody knew everybody, and they all knew your business. So being a lesbian was not likely. I would spend my nights masturbation and dreaming of finding my true love when I left this small town.

My 18th birthday, i was finally able to move out of may small town, and to the big city. Was able to find a job, and rent a small apartment. Life could be no better. I had been working for about three months, when I was finally able to find the local hang out for lesbians. I was in heaven. I knew my dreams that I dream at night would finally come true.

I had been there about an hour, when I spotted the most sexually, beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was 5'8". Long legs, slender built. The darkest skin, like she tans a lot. Dark brown hair and a beautiful smile. I notice she was looking at me, and all I could do was smile back at her.

I finally decided that I would buy her a beer, I ask the waitress, what the girl was drinking, and she told me bud light. I handed her the money and told her to tell the girl it was from me.

I watched as the waitress walked up to the bar, then took the beer over to the girl and pointed to me. The dark beauty smiled at , held up her beer, bowed her had as to say thanks and started talking to her friends, she was still sitting with. I froze, I thought well; at least she said thanks. I got up and went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I thought I might as well go home. Tonight would not be my lucky night. I headed back to the table I was sitting at, I notice my dark beauty was sitting waiting on me.

As I came towards the table, she started smiling. I sat down; she immediatley started talking to me. She told me her name was Jade, and that she lought I was going to leave.

I told her no, but was thinking about it, seeing I had been here three house and no one has come up to talk to me. I was nervous, I could not believe this beautiful woman was talking to me. 

I asked her if she would like to dance with me, she said that she was not a very good dancer, and was shewhen it came to dancing, and that she froze when it came to dancing. We both laughed.

After talking for a while, I could tell I was horny, and wanted to take her home with me, and do all the things I had been dreaming about. I finally got up the nerve to ask Jade if she wanted to come back to my place for a while. She simply looked at me and said, "I thought you would never ask."

Took us about thirty minutes to get back to my place, but it seems like for ever, my panties were wet, and was very hard for me to concentrate on my driving. Jade wasn't making it any easier; she kept rubbing her hand up and down my leg. Whispering in my ear, telling me she couldn't wait until we got back to my place, so she could screw my brains out.

When we had got to my place, my panties were soaked and I was totally ready for the sex to begin. I unlocked the door, and Jade had entered my apartment, and was taking her clothes off. Her shirt was off and she was pinching and pulling on her nipples, telling me she could not wait, for me to get my clothes off. She was now rubbing her pussy, telling me to take off my clothes and the fun would be begin. I had never taken off my clothes so fast. I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down my leg.

Jade smiled at me, "I knew you would be easily turned on, a small town girl like yourself, doesn't get much action. Tonight will change your whole world, and all you have to do is listen. You will never be horny again."

She grabs the back of my neck, and pulled her towards me. Gave me the longest wettest kiss, her togue was swirling around mine. I was in heaven, she then pulls my tongue with her lips, and starts sucking on my tongue really hard, I thought I was about to cum. She takes her hand and starts pinching my nipples, I wince, she grabs my hair, and pulls, and tells me if I ever do that again, she will leave. I tell her okay. She pulls my hair again. And tells me to address her a Miss Jade. I said "yes Miss Jade."

I thought to myself "what the hell have I gotten myself into?" I knew I was totally turn on, and I know that I did not want her to walk out. I was tired of masturbating every night. I thought, "well it is only one night, so I will deal with it."

Miss Jade returned to my nipples and started pulling and pinching them really hard, the pain was intense, then my body started reacting to the sensation. I started moaning, my pelvic started humping. Miss Jade was telling me, "That's right I will make you cum so hard, you will forget about the pain, and beg me for more."

Then just as suddenly as she started, she had stopped. I was on my knees begging her to please not stop. She had not touched my pussy whatsoever, and yet it was craving more. She walks slowly to the couch, and sits down, puts her feet on the coffee table, and spreads her legs. She then puts her hand on her pussy, and starts pulling and pinching at it. I run over to her, I put my hands on her thighs
and start rubbing them, wanting to touch her beautiful pussy. I bring my hand to her pussy; she slaps my hands and tell ne not to touch. "You will only watch." I was hart borken. "If you touch my pussy again, I will leave. Do you understand?" I said "yes Miss Jade."

Miss Jade returns to playing with her pussy, this time she was slapping it. I could tell she was ready to cum, her nipples are hard as a rock. Her clit is hard and swollen. Then taker her finger and puts into her wet hole, and starts pumping her finger, she starts moaning, telling me, this could be me, if I would do as I was told. She then sticks a second finger into her pussy. I can tell she is really turned on, I could smell her sex, I can hear her juices, as her finger are going in and out of her. She was moaning very loud this time, she looks at meto watch as she sticks a third finger into her. I was on the edge; i wanted so bad to start playing with my pussy. I take my hand and start fingering my pussy. My clit was so hard, I was about to cum, when Jade grab me by the hair and pulled really hard. "Take you hand away from your pussy?" I told her I was about to cum. "I will tell you one last time. Take your hand away from your pussy." I said "Yes Miss Jade."

She returned to what she was doing. She asked me, "Do you want Miss Jade to cum?" "Yes Miss Jade" I replied.

With threee finger in her pussy, she started moving her fingers really fast. Her hips were moving, as if she was fucking her hand with all her might. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. her toes were curling, and was breathing really hard. I knew, whe was about to have a powerful orgasm. She started screaming fuck me. OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, I am cumming. I had never heard someone scream so loud. She had finally stop moving her hand; she just lay there. I on the other hand, was wondering when it would be my turn? Miss Jade had open her eyes, and looked at me with a smile on her face. She brougtht her sticky fingers up to my mouth and told me to clean her hand off.

I greedily started licking her fingers. I could taste her sweet juices on her fingers. I took each finger and sucked all the juice off of her finger. I was in heaven, I could fell my pussy was tingley, I wanted so badly for my pussy to be touched. 

I had finished cleaning her fingers with my tongue. Miss Jade stood up and told me to get up. That it was time for bed. I looked at Miss Jade and said "what about me?" Miss Jake walked over to me, and grab my face, and told me "that when you learn to mind, is when you will get played with." With that she took me to the bedroom, found some scarves and ties me to the bed.

To be continued...

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