My sweet and sexy aunt

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It was the summer before my senior year in high school and I was going down south to visit my Aunt and Uncle and help my uncle with his business. This was a normal thing for me, as I did it just about every summer since I moved away. I arrived at the airport and my aunt and uncle were there to pick me up. My uncle had been married to this woman for about 5 years. I wanted to fuck her ever since that first day I met her when she came to pick me and my friends up from the beach. 

The first few days were uneventful. I did everything I usually did, nothing more and nothing less. On the fourth day my uncle got a call from a friend of his. He wanted him to go to Detroit with him and figured it would be fine since I was there and I knew how to do everything. That night my aunt made me dinner and asked me if I would watch a movie with her because it was scary and she wanted me there for comfort. I had made plans with a few friends but I could see them another day, so I stayed in for the night. We laid there eating popcorn and watching the movie. I was thinking the whole time about her features: her ass, her tits, her legs, and most of all her pussy. 

The movie finally ended at eleven and I started to go to bed. She asked me if I wanted to stay in her bed because she didnít like to sleep alone. I started thinking that maybe she was interested in me, that maybe she noticed my stares and knew what I was thinking. We just laid there in bed watching jay leno while slowly drifting off to sleep. 

The next morning I woke up at about 9 since it was Saturday and I didnít have to work. I was taking a shower when my aunt came into the bathroom wearing just a bathrobe and asked me if she could join me. I wanted to jump at the chance right away, but I figured that I shouldnít get so excited, but I said yes anyways. She was standing right in front of me, lathering up her body. I couldnít stop staring at her ass and tits. The sight of the soap made me so hard. She turned around to rinse her hair and noticed me standing at full attention. She said that she liked it and she stepped out of the shower. 

When I got out she had breakfast already made up for me. She told me that she enjoyed lying with me last night and just falling asleep in my arms. After breakfast we sat with each other watching sports center. All of a sudden she started rubbing my cock. She asked me if this was okay with her and I obviously didnít mind. I was now rock hard and she pulled off my shorts and started sucking. I had been with many women before, all about my age and I have to tell you that none had sucked cock nearly as good as her. She took down all 9 inches of my cock, a feat that left me surprised. I reached around to try to finger her and she slapped my hand away and told me that this was only for me. It was a complete fantasy for me, watching sports while getting a blowjob from my aunt. I could no longer hold back and blew my wad all in her mouth. She sucked every last bit out of me and swallowed it. I sat there in complete ecstasy while she got up to get ready to go shopping. After about a minute I got up and walked into her room and watched her get dressed. She was so sexy. She had nice 36c tits, great legs, and a perfect ass. All I could think about was spreading her cheeks and fucking her.

She left to go shopping and got back with lunch at about one. She said she went out and bought some lingerie and she wanted to model them for me. We had lunch and she led me into the bedroom. She modeled some for me and I got so incredibly horny. She finally got to the last one, a little pink number with pantyhose that went up to mid-thigh. I couldnít handle myself anymore after that. I went to her and started to kiss her intensely. I threw her on the bed and kissed every part of her body. I pulled her panties off and started fingering her. She was already wet from me kissing her so I got right to work with my mouth. She tasted so good. I licked her freshly shaven cunt until she came. I then moved up to kiss her, letting my cock go inside a tiny bit. She told me that she wanted to return the favor so I laid on my back and she sucked my cock. My uncle must have gotten head from her so much because she was a pro at it. She sucked me until I came and once again swallowed it all down. She then straddled me and placed my cock into her. Her pussy was so nice. It was wet and tight. We fucked like that for about 5 minutes before I moved behind her. I placed my cock in her hole and fucked the hell out of her for about 10 minutes. She had to have come at least 2 times. I couldnít stop staring at her asshole. I took my dick out of her and started to slide it into her asshole. My dick was really wet from her pussy so it went in easily. I pounded away on her ass until I came about 5 minutes later. I filled her up with my cum 9 more times that night. I fucked her until I was so tired I just passed out. 

The days that followed were pretty much exactly the same. I would get home from work, fuck her, have dinner and then fuck until we passed out. It was heaven for about a week and now I visit every chance I get.

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