My story takes place in Columbus Ohio

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My story takes place in Columbus Ohio. A little about myself I am a white male 5ft8 35 years old 160 pounds, little Native american indian dark brown eyes and longer dark hair. Straight but curious and to this date I have so far only gave oral 5 times in my whole life. So far the sizes have ranged from 5 inches to 7 inches. Letís get to the story and how it all took place. Also this will be my first story. I have been on craigslist and other sites as well yahoo messenger location Ohio room 3 has been the best room ever also been to a couple gay bars in Columbus . I was bored so I went to the truck stop not far from the house been there a couple times nothing ever happens.

This time was different I walked behind the truck stop were all the trucks pull into. I walked past a lot of trucks and seen only a few people sitting in the front seats thinking here we go again no luck. I went into the truck station went to the bathroom to take a pee. Seen a couple of guys in there peeing as well I had to use the middle one on the other sides of me was the 2 guys doing there thing I took a quick look one was my size the other was a little bigger and thicker I didnít think either seen me to find out later one of them seen me. As they pulled there pants up and left another man walks in I was pulling up my pants to button up then I took my time I wanted to see his as well. He looks at me and says hi I said hello there he turns away then I had my chance to look holy shit he was soft already about 4-5 inches and pretty thick. Out of the blue I said dam he said whatís wrong I said nothing seen something I like he laughs.

I left the bathroom then seen it had a Wendyís in it so I decided to grab a bite to eat as I got in line I seen the 2 guys from the bathroom ordering in front of me. I finished my order turned around and notice them sitting together. Also the other guy from the bathroom was talking to them he looked my way with a smile. They laughed a little then he left with a wink I was like wow maybe finally. I looked for a place to sit and seen there was a table behind them I took that seat. I didnít want 2 make myself sick so I took my time eating I might find him later. About 5 minutes past then I heard them whispering among themselves.

 Then I heard them saying I sure miss being home getting some head from the wife amen the other man says. It has been 3 days for me that isnít nothing it been a week for me. I hate to jack off it is not the same I know the filling the other man says maybe we could find a lot lizard and give them something in return if they helped us out shit I would like something tight he says. Where could we find one at I wonder he says maybe there might be one closer than we think then he clears his throat and coughs. I donít know why but then I coughed and looked there way. He looks with a smile... lets finishing eating and if he likes he can follow us looking at me with them words what do you think talking to his friend him yes I like long hair I do two he says looks more like a women from behind. I get up and throw my trash away and follow them. They donít even look 2 see if I was behind them.

I followed them to a big rig one guy gets in and ask me to get in behind him I did .then the other gets in behind me with the comment nice ass. He closed the door and pulls the shades closed and there was a king size bed in the back. So what is your name they asked rick well rick you donít have to be nervous we wont do nothing you donít want to sounds good so what have you done I have so far just gave oral and a couple of hand jobs sounds good lets start off with that and go from there Paul was 185 pounds 5ft6 39 yrs old 6 inches hard normal thickness and john was 175 pounds 5ft9 40 yrs old just a little over 7 inches hard both white males will 75 work for the blow jobs yes sounds good. Both men sit on the bed and got undressed I got undressed let my shirt and boxers on I got between both men lay them on there backs I took both cocks in both of my free hands started to stroke them slowly got them hard I decided to take Daveís cock in my mouth first I kissed the head then I licked my way down the shaft kissed the balls licked both the balls then licked my way to the head teaseling the cock I would put my mouth on it and slowly took him in my mouth slowly sucking him off I didnít know when this may happen again so I took my time on them about 3 to 4 minutes went by I had him all the way in my mouth I looked over at johns cock and it looked lonely so I took Paulís cock out of my mouth and started to tease john cock the same way licking it and sucking it slow johns was more harder to try and deep throat his was bigger and a little thicker I did this going back and fourth awhile wanted it to last awhile I stopped a minute to take some breathes dam for not doing this much you do a good job.

Rick before you start to suck us again we have a question ask away so what would it take for us to be your first being a bottom lube condoms and make me a offer and go from there Paul hands me 125 and john hands me 150 yes condoms and lube I took a deep breath and said what the hell lets do it if it happens this will be the only way it does. I get fully undressed but I leave my shirt on I fill more comfortable about it I want Dave to go first since he is the smallest I can suck john and tease him will you get my back door they agree lets get started I get between johns legs and start licking and kissing teaseling his cock rick donít start sucking until Paul gets in and you adjust to his member donít want me to bite it off ha-ha very funny donít forget pay backs rick wait before we get started we have 1 request each what is it we get to pick the positions that we want to fuck you okay be easy and gentle donít want to be broke the first time doing it agreed Paul took a minute to think about this get on your knees and suck johns cock ill get behind you and eat your ass finger it get it loosening up then ill pick it Paul got behind me kiss my cheeks he spread my butt cheeks and started to lick my ass hole with his tongue up and down he did this for several minutes then he started to put his tongue in my ass in and out in and out then licks it again john pulls out a big bottle of lube and hands it to Dave his puts some on his hands and puts it on my ass and his fingers rick take a deep breathe and relax believe me you will enjoy this as much as we will here we go he takes his pointer finger and slowly puts it in only a little at a time in and out about 2 minutes pass then he works in another finger with both fingers he goes only have way in with them in and out slowly dam what a tight ass we have here john wait till your turn you will like it because Iím going to enjoy this he pulls me up and looks at me are you ready yes as I will ever be okay give me a quick minute he sits on the bed and puts on a condom and lubes it as well putting more on my asshole okay rick get over here and sit on my cock any final thoughts none he pulls my butt cheeks apart puts the head to entrance dam john we have a real v ass john pushes a little nothing happens pushes some more I fill my entrance giving in some then finally a pop the head is in he stops and keeps it there letting my ass adjust to it okay rick the rest is up to you push as much in at a time that you want in of course I only push down a inch at a time going slow inch by inch then it happens I fill balls touching my ass I stop and relax getting use to this thing in my ass I decided to move up a inch at a time then down then up a inch then down doing this 10 times getting use to it then the 10 time doing this I go up 2 inches then down so fourth and so on until I go up and leave the head in me then down after going down this time okay Paul take over and be easy hold me and lay back all the way leave it in me try not to pop out he did I look at john and said ready for your head about dam time he said so how is it Paul fucking great believe me youíre going to love this ass the tightest one that we ever had suck me slow tease it like before I liked that but I wont let you suck me long I want to last awhile in that tight ass Paul makes love to my ass goes slow in and out and I suck johns cock john says something weird but donít think nothing of it I wonder if Paul is out of the showers.

With that john pulls out and waits his turn I fill his cock going in and out balls hitting my ass still going slow but then he grabs my hips and plows in me hard he doesnít move sits there a few then pulls out a condom filled with cum I do this ass every 2 weeks Iím in town but only a hundred at a time I agree john has a shit eating grin on him as he is putting on the condom and lubing it up I just got fucked but Paul was 6 inches john is just a little over 7 inches also just a little thicker he told me to get on my side you ready for 7 and half inches one way to find out stud he gets behind me and puts the head to my hole and spreads my ass cheeks and lifts my one leg making it easier for him to get in he puts his cock to my ass and pushes a little having a little time getting in then it pops in place he stops there lets my leg drop playing with my nipples kissing my neck nibbles my ears and surprises me with a whisper ill be easy babe I want to enjoy this pussy of yours he slides in inch at a time then stops then a inch again keeps doing that until I fill his balls on my ass then stops ill let it adjust to my size Paul is just laying there watching john aggress with Paul rick youíre a good cock sucker and you have the best ass ever I will as well give you 125 when Iím in town which is once a month I node my head yes Paul gets up and gets dressed ill be back I have to check on something and take a shower and call the wife and check in john starts to move his cock in my ass inch by inch going slow after 10 minutes doing this he takes it out and leave the head in and goes a little faster than Paul but not to much I love your tight pussy rick feels so good wrap around my cock then his phone only rings 2 times must be a wrong number then slides me to the edge of the bed still in me ask me to grab his phone I hand it to him I have a question how would you like 2 make 250 more depends why we have a friend he seen you and adore you the man in the bathroom that walked in right after us he stands 6ft1 190 pounds little fat but mainly muscle the catch is he is 8 and half inches and a little thicker than us and Paul filled him in with the request lube condom and the cash he aggress but as well with us he picks his position when do you want to set this up in about 10 minutes ill fuck your pussy slow and you can suck him off a little okay I agree lets do it then he text him to tell him the good news he then starts to fuck my ass slow again a little faster than Paul it fills ginda good sliding in my ass back and fourth I see you like it my pussy boy he rams into me good for a few thrust then stops I hear the cab door open then closes Dave walks in doesnít waste any time strips down naked I hear you give good head but have a sweet tight ass I have to find out on my own how tight and I will walks over and dam his cock was 8 and half and thicker than the rest but not much more he slaps my face with his cock and tells me to suck it boy suck my cock with your hot mouth you cock sucker whore show daddy how you suck cock I knew I was in over my head with this one but what the hell at least Iím getting something out of it with that I started to suck him like I did the otherís.

john started to fuck my ass for some reason I squeeze his dick while he was fucking my ass Dave believe me your going to love this ass he has a good mouth yes he does no matter how much I tried I could not take all of Dave cock in my mouth he took hold of my head and started to face fuck me at a slow pace for about 5 minutes he fucked my mouth then stopped and held it in my mouth I say I got all but a inch in my mouth couldnít forget john he started to pick up his pace one in the mouth and another in the ass I think I was enjoying it but for how long I knew Dave was up next john stopped and froze and yelled Iím Cumming about dam time john pulled out and laid on the bed Dave was ready condom on and cock in hand the biggest grin eye to eye are you ready my bottom bitch boy lets find out before we start I wanted to know may I use less lube ill give you 50 extra bring it with that he laid me on my back put my legs on his shoulders placed the head to my ass I am making you my pussy boy bottom bitch he pushed my ass doesnít want to give in to this monster grabs the lube and puts in only on the head of his cock and sticks a finger in my ass with some as well get ready for a fucking my bitch he place the head to my ass again pushes a little the ass gave in the head slides in I fill my ass being stretched so let me get this Paul and john fuked you and its my turn and your tight as hell still they were my first 2 ever you make 3 Dave pushed another inch in and another he has about 5 inches in me I wanted to pick this position I want to see your face as I fuck you good with them words he pushed the whole length into me and I felt his balls on my ass he would pull out a inch and back in a few times doing this then 2 inches doing this a few times with every inch then he finally was at the point of just his head being left in me dam I love this ass I heard a few times Iím glad for the 2 before him because I donít think I would have started to enjoy it as much I still knew the difference of Dave being in me his cock being bigger and thicker opening me up more once the head was left in he pushed forward filling his balls on my ass he did this for at least 5 minutes then again leaving just the head in with the shitest grin on his face okay bitch boy your man pussy is mine I see you are enjoying this a little lets see if you enjoy this he laid on me with more of his weight us guys get together two times a year to do this if you want keep it between us and we will keep it between you which means we fuck only you and our wifeís ps there is usually four of you thinking to my self he cant count oh well with that he starts to fuck me again with each thrust being harder and faster take it bitch I watched his face as his eyes rolled in the back of his head then he drills me hard one last time and froze I could fill his cock sliding out of me.

For some reason someone knocked on the door Dave smacked my ass and asked me a question I said four before didnít know if you didnít think I could count but our friend is making one last trip with us and he heard about you and wanted to meet you after today we are taking some time off to help him and his wife move to the states with there kids we will call email you text you in a month to set something up again with us maybe one of us to all three of us donít know but we will all see you again but it will be the smallest to the biggest. To get back to what I was saying our friends name is Ben would you like to meet him I will be leaving and joining the others to a shower and some shut eye this is Benís truck we use it because it is the biggest he wont do nothing you donít want to sounds fine to me after I leave he will make his way in here good as Dave leaves I hear Ben get in the truck and lock the door my heart jumps when I see this man he was 6ft3 around 220 pounds 55yrs old he gave me a hand shake dam big fukin hands I was nervous some what maybe scared just because he was a big man I heard some good things about you rick the best they say I would like a turn first a blow job ill give you 50 bucks just for a suck my mouth had a little bit of a break so I was willing to try Ben sat on the edge of the bed and took his boots off just like his hands big feet then his socks to his shirt, then for some reason he asked me to close my eyes and get on my knees and get in front of him with that I guess he took his underwear off he grabs my head and pushes it down a little I felt the head of his cock with my lips and gave it a kiss and took my hand placed it on the shaft which was thick I couldnít grip it and licked my way dawn the shaft to the balls and made my way up I had to know I opened my eyes and fuck it was huge 9 and half inches and thicker than what johns was I had to see how much I could suck I opened my mouth wider than what I had did earlier I could only take 7 inches in my mouth I made the best with it I went crazy this time sucked hard up and down fast jacking him off at the same time gagged me every time I went down on it thinking to my self thank god only sucking him off I put only the head in my mouth and tongue it and stroking at the same time wanted to get him off before he had any ideals guess what he stopped me and asked me if I wanted to try and take it he said that he would give me 250 dollars more he also said he had a little bit of lube and a condom plus the position would be doggie style I didnít know if my ass would accept something that big but I just did take 3 different sizes earlier and I didnít think I could then especially john but I was wrong I took a deep breathe and smiled with that he picked me up and placed me on my knees with my ass in the air if this was the time to chicken and run I better do it then I felt him place the tip to my opening and held it there took my hands and placed them on the wall spread my ass cheeks and then press forward and pushed and pushed I was a little concern then I heard the pop noise again and knew the head was resting in my ass I felt it all right it opened me up more I knew there was no way I could take all of him but I had to try it he made it worth my while he keep my ass cheeks and then he pushed forward getting another inch into me and when he pushed.

I felt the throbbing cock vanes and all he keep pushing and got another inch into me then held it there dam rick I will make love and then fuck your pussy hard pounding your sweet hole with them words he pushed another inch into me then another until he had about 6 inches in me then withdrew his cock leaving in only the head then he pushed in 6 inches in at once then he would continue this only fucking me with 6 inches I felt my ass relaxing and giving in I was hooked I was getting into it he could tell then he pulled out leaving only the head rick I want you to fuck me I will stay still letting me push back on his cock I would go back two inches then take it too six inches I did this about 5 minutes and the whole time going slow I wanted it to last Ben took a hold of my ass cheeks again I took that as a hint that he knew his pussy wanted more I was enjoying it I pushed back and took in 8 inches and rode on this a good while adjusting to his snake again I did this about 5 minutes I was moaning and enjoying it he could tell I was enjoying it his hands took my ass cheeks and spread them apart and slammed the rest into me and released my ass cheeks slapped my ass john made you his bitch but this man pussy will be mine with that he picked me up laid me on the bed with my stomach on the bed my ass and legs hanging off of the bed he got behind me placed his cock to my entrance and pushed his way in then I felt his balls on my ass then lifted my ass up a little then grabbed my sides and started to fuck the hell out of my ass it hurt but I liked it I started to push back with each thrust nice and squeeze my ass cheeks together I love my pussy boy I love spiting you into with them works he pulled out and threw on my back and put my legs over his shoulders and pushed just the head in and slammed into me I like the face expressions you are making rick you like me fucking your pussy donít you I said is that all you have come on give it to me for about 5 more minute he fucked the hell out of my ass then it happened he stopped and froze and just held it in me for awhile then he pulled it out I miss a good tight ass maybe someday I can tap it again take care bitch I hope you can walk

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