My sneaky car driver fetish

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My mom bought me a really cool car my freshman year of college. I was living on Campus at the Florida State University. She drove my car down to the school from our home in North Georgia. I was so excited it was a Scion FRS sports car stick shift. I hurried up and jumped in the Passenger seat before my mom could get out. I told her I wanted her to drive it for me so I could feel the power and feeling from the passenger seat.

I glanced over at her beautiful barefoot on the gas pedal as she revved it up casually. I made no discretion about it as I focused on her beautiful feet. I told her I missed seeing those beautiful feet rev up and drive a car fast. I continued with those perfect pretty feet. My mom is a model more so in her younger days but she still likes attention and does modeling work on the side. She drove my new car really hard and revved it really hard her feet looked amazing to me. I was in heaven she took me out to eat. She forced me to drive my car back to campus as she wanted to feel it from the passenger seat.

The car was pretty awesome and fun to drive I was pretty happy about it. I was busy with homework and labs and did not get to drive my car but around the campus. It was nice because everyone I knew including several hot girls were really into it and I even told one really hot chick that she could drive it if she wanted to get a feel of it for herself. She just smiled at me and said I would love to drive it. It wasn't until a week or so after I had the car that I had my first day with nothing to do. I sat in my dorm and thought about driving my car I wanted to hold the accelerator to the floor and rev it full throttle while I let off the clutch to make it peel out and then redline it with my foot to the floor holding the pedal down while I shifted the gears.

I was going to test my car out today and have some fun. I walked down to my car from the dorm and sat down in the drivers seat. I started it up and revved it a little. I realized I forgot my camera I wanted to bring it so I could take a few videos revving it that I could post on Youtube. I ran up and grabbed my camera and as I was coming back down the elevator I ran into the hot chick that I offered to drive my car. She asked me how my car was doing I told her I was about to go for a drive. She asked if she could ride with me I said sure but I am leaving now.

I scanned her and noticed she looking very sexy she had on a skirt and high heel sandals her toes were painted light pink. I asked her if she would help me with a project i'm doing with my car. I showed her my camera and that I am making a video of my car. I asked her if she could drive stick shift. She said that is what she learned to drive with it was a stick shift Honda Civic. I asked her if she would be ok doing a couple full throttle accelerations in a safe manner. She said it sounds like fun because she has a lead foot and loves to speed. She promised not to mess up my car. I handed her the keys as we approached my car.

I was nervous she got in the drivers seat and with her high heels still on she started the car. I asked her to rev it a little she revved it hard pushing the pedal down. She said omg am so sorry these heels I told her no that was perfect. That is what I need. Do it a few more times. She did and I got a hard on lucky my shirt was out of my pants so she couldn't see it. I got in the passenger seat and she drove off. I was in love the girl was perfect. First chance she got she floored it and peeled out and then barked 2nd and she tried to bark 3rd but couldn't . I tried to film her feet pushing the pedals and we came to a stop at a red light she opened her legs and said want to film my feet revving the engine , I did right between her legs she revved the gas pedal over and over all the way down with her little high heel sandals on. She started driving and I kept my hand there it touched her pussy several times.

She asked me if she could remove her shoes so she could feel the gas pedal better. I told her go ahead i played it off and said let me film a little of your barefoot working the pedals she continued. I jumped out and filmed her driving up and down real fast. After a few times she did not come right back. It was a few minutes before she returned I got worried standing there when she pulled up she asked if she could drive over to where her boyfriend is playing volleyball and show him the car by herself. She promised to come right back it wont take long she said I just want to show off a little in front of him and his friends and I'll come right back less than 10 minutes.

I wanted to refuse I was about to say i needed to go with her. She looked at me in a sexy way saying please i'll be right back and she starting revving up my engine her foot went furious on the gas pedal for a moment it looked really sexy to me. I said go just hurry back please! She smiled I told her go go ! Have fun I was so relaxed she floored it and over revved it as she went into second gear she looked back and said sorry i waved my hand and yelled dont worry about it your fine!!! There was a little area i sat on the wall and it was out of view from the road I sat there and started jerking off thinking about this sexy girl driving my car.

I started to think about her pulling up in my car to her boyfriend and that she would let him drive it real quick. She would not say no to him if he said let me drive it real quick. I feared for my car at that moment but then I did not because I thought about how it would be cool if he drove it because I wanted him to feel it for himself so he knew what I had. I started to feel superior to myself as I thought about it. I thought about him revving up and racing my car as I jacked off and I shot my load everywhere. When I was done cumming I lost interest in the idea of her boyfriend test driving my car. I felt a huge relief when i heard my cars engine and saw it approaching.

 She said I'm so sorry for taking so long super sorry she went on and on. I jumped in and she raced the engine to the redline before shifting. She says real quick my boyfriend wants to meet you he is cool he just wants to meet you I told him I'm helping you make your video project. We pull up to the Volleyball field and I see a group of guys playing volleyball. From the distance these guys looked like Linebackers they were all big guys. I got a little nervous. She pulled up my car close and gave the engine a couple hard revs then a couple more hard revs. Things felt different it seemed like she was revving it harder than before like she was trashing it .

She held her foot down for a few seconds on the revs making it the engine sound like she was forcing it. Two guys approach they looked seriously pissed off. She introduces one of them as her boyfriend Ayden and I got out and introduced myself and reached out to shake his hand but he ignored it and made a fist for a fist to fist tap . He seemed cool but I got a bad feeling from him. He mentioned the video I was making and by this time she got out of the drivers seat and was next to him with her arm around him. He says he can drive way better than any chick ever could. He wanted to drive my car and show me his driving and he wants me to film it so he could get a copy. I looked at him holding his girlfriend and i said sure I'd like to film you.

His buddy was checking out the car and made a smug remark and walked away saying he aren't got time for this bull shit but he had second place on the test drive whatever that means. Ayden asked me if my camera was ready I said its always ready. He gave his girlfriend a funny look and then said lets do this. I noticed he had no shoes on and had sand all over his feet and didn't seem to think twice about dusting them off before jumping into the drivers seat he was a built guy looked like he spent a lot of time in the gym but he was not muscle bond. I walked over to the drivers side to take a video of him sitting in the car.

He looked pretty cool sitting in there he pushed the seat all the way back and his right foot was resting on the gas pedal. His feet were huge they were so big you couldn't even see the pedal. I was filming he goes alright lets rock and roll, turns the key and when the engine starts he quickly put his right foot down on the accelerator revving my engine hard. He sat in there like he owned my car it was amazing but scary at the same time . I feared he was going to do something crazy. He revved and revved my car harder than ever, I ran over to the passenger side fearing i needed to get in quick so he could start driving and not blow up my engine just sitting there.

He pulled off in a peel out flurry he took my engine to the redline and over revved it. He showed me his full throttle shifting and heel toe action i wanted to tell him to take it easy on my car but I couldn't he was behind the wheel and he was in full control. He started doing donuts and I thought he was going to blow up my engine . He keeps the engine rpm at the redline it seemed. I felt dominated by this guy he was in control of my new car and he was abusing it and I could not tell him to stop. He told me to get out and film him his right foot went crazy on the gas pedal as I was stepping out of the car. I felt like he was going to leave me there. I continued filming everything.

I watched his right foot he pumped the gas pedal revving the engine in gear so it would go all the way to the redline he did not care about it he was trying to blow the engine. He peeled out hard and came back then went back the other way full throttle revving it hard as he passed. I couldn't believe it I was getting aroused by the way he abused my car and trashed it. He floored it over revving the engine for as long as I could hear and never came back. I waited and couldn't believe what i had done. I also couldn't believe how it turned me on so strong. I started walking toward the volleyball park. It was a long walk. Finally I started to hear the engine of my car it was being redlined the sound was sickening.

I got closer and I saw Stacy in the passenger seat and her boyfriend still in the drivers seat. She was sucking his dick he was peeling out my car at the redline. My car was completely mashed up like he rammed it over and over I was shocked. He got out and his buddy that walked up with him got in he grabbed Stacy head and forced it on his dick he was revving my engine it and popping the clutch over and over making it peel out and then stop and again and again the engine was smoking. I started jerking off where I was able to see everything. My car was completely destroyed. Another guy got in and started doing donuts Stacy was in the car when he was done he pushed her face down on his cock he also revved my engine.

I just watched and kept jerking off the guy was not letting up on the gas he just held the pedal down . I filmed it smoke was coming out of the engine and the motor sounded sick I was horrified at times. Suddenly the motor made a loud noise like something broke and it stopped. Seemed like he tried to restart it but it was not turning over. He got really mad he grabbed Stacy head holding it down on his cock. He got out of the car and started beating up on my car more kicking it punching it Stacey boyfriend came over and side kicked the window in and kicked the passenger door until it opened flush with the front he pulled Stacy out and was rough with her she looked like a rag doll. I filmed it all.

They finally left my car was just sitting there I walked over to my car and felt sick for a moment then the thought of these guys that did what they wanted to my car turned me on more then ever. I started thinking about guys all the time. I would jerk off to the video of Ayden revving my car and trashing it barefoot. It was very exciting to me. I had no car for the remainder of the year. I was humiliated whenever they saw me they would laugh at me and just keep walking. I never saw Stacy again.

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