My princess story : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

My Filipino princess has a healthy appetite for sex. But the main fantasy to be satisfied is to have a mmf and me as the cuckold.

I arranged a yoni massage for my hotel suite. The plan was to have her 100% naked in bed when the masseuse arrive except a towel draped over her body. Also she would wear an eye mask to get more of a sensation whilst she gets the yoni massage. Which is a vagina massage. It was also agreed that he would fuck her when he finished.

He massaged her pussy for about 30 minutes and she silently moaned as he brought her to several climaxes. He massaged the lips and slowly massaged and fucked her pussy with his fingers. I remained in the lounge of the suite with a roaring hard on. As he was finger fucking I got close and could see her cum on his fingers.

I was naked and walking around with a real hard cock erect and wanting to enter her pussy instead I placed it on her lips. He with his thick but short cock entered her, his body was fit and young. He was fucking her hard like a train for over 15 minutes. Then they both came. I paid him and he left then I immediately started to eat her pussy and All of the cum and cream-pie.

I must have licked clean all of the action and even her brown ring. Before entering her but I chose the other route and slipped into her anus more easily than we thought...after a few minutes of this we got into her pussy in doggy position to see my cock entering her and collecting all her cum and the yoni guys cum was too much and I released lots of cum.....

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Dating Tracy is an adventure since she goes with a huge guy who could kill me. But, the sex we have 3 or 4 times a year is worth it all. here's one story of a night niether of us will ever forget. Shaving her pussy clean...