My nephew loves my chest

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100% fiction!

Hi there! My name is Beth. This story is about how opened Pandora’s Box, and man, did I love what was inside. I’ll start by telling you alittle bit about myself, I’m rather tall for a woman, close to 5’10” but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not small, by any means, actually I’m quite heavy. Clothes can be quite expensive for me, as I have to buy plus sizes, the upside to this, is my breasts are actually quite huge by today’s standards, 46DDD to be exact. I don’t really care for them, but the seem to attract some attention from the more open-minded guys I see. I divorced my husband a couple years ago, after realizing that I was never really happy in all the years we were married. My sister has 2 sons, her oldest, Joey, from her first marriage, who is 19, and Gus, from her second marriage, who is 12. I never had any children of my own, but I love my oldest nephew more than anything. He loves to send me forwardings from his phone all the time, most of them are perverted, but I always love a good dirty joke. The most recent one was a game, not so much funny, but quite exciting,

::The game is called Tit 4 Tat
The rules are simple, Boys
Reply with the length of their
Dicks, Girls reply with the
Size of their tits. Keep it
Going or experience 10 years
Of terrible sex::

When I read that, I was alittle nervous, but I gathered up the courage, and replied.

“Holy Shit!” he said. “Those things must be glorious!”
I replied, “LOL, you’re terrible.”
“Yep, I’m a naughty nephew.”
“Well, Mr. Naughty Nephew, are you ready to stay with me this summer?”
“Yep, just gotta pack a few more things and then I’ll be ready to see you Sunday.”

So, the rest of the week went by rather slowly. In the back of my mind, was my nephew’s comment on how great my tits must be. Every time I walked by a mirror I gazed at them for a moment, seeing them in a whole new light. I would take the chance to caress them, and sometimes give them alittle pinch, but just enough to tease myself. But, the week went by like pretty much every other week, fairly uneventful.

The day before Joey was set to come over, I was off from work, watching TV. As usual, there wasn’t much on in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. So, I decided I would try to have alittle fun. I got out my phone, and forwarded that same game to Joey. A few seconds later, I got a reply.

“9 inches.”

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Now I was nervous, but I figured I had gone this far, why not keep going.

“Prove it.” I said.

A few minutes later I got a picture message from my nephew, in my mind I thought to myself that I should delete it without opening it, but I couldn’t help myself, after his reply, I had to know if he was telling the truth. So I opened it, and good lord was I surprised! The screen on my iPhone was almost entirely filled with this amazing dick! It may have been limp, but it was huge, I could barely believe that it belonged to my nephew. A sudden rush of adrenalin shot through my body, I was horny as hell and could barely hold myself together. But, I didn’t reply. I didn’t really know what to say after that. I tried to distract myself, watched alittle TV, made some lunch, etc. Just typical Saturday afternoon activities.

A couple of hours later I got a text from Joey, “So…what did you think?”
Nervous as could be, I said, “Wow, I mean, wow!”

“Lol, it’s not that great.”

“Not that great? R u joking? What girl wouldn’t love that cock?”

“Whoa, Aunt Beth, did you just say cock?”

“Yes. What of it? I’m an adult, I’m allowed to say whatever I want.”

“Well yeah, I suppose so, just never heard you talk like that, it’s kinda hot.”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, young man.”

He went about 20 minutes or so without saying anything, and then I got another text that nearly floored me. “So, why don’t you prove yours.”

“Idk, I think we’ve gone too far now.”

“Ok, sorry. I luv u.” he says.

My nephew is the sweetest young boy I know, it’s hard to imagine him being a man, let alone try to imagine him being sexually active. He didn’t say anything else, and I tried to get it off my mind. I went about the rest of my night sexually frustrated, so, when I lay down to sleep, I took the opportunity to relieve myself. I slowly undressed, pushing my shorts down to my ankles, and lifting my top over my head and letting my tits bounce as they flop out of my shirt, my bra holding them firmly together, my vagina getting rather lubricated without any encouragement of my own.

I slowly ran my hands over my breasts, squeezing them, lifting them and letting them fall, rubbing my hands over and around my bra. I reached around my back and unclasp my bra, and almost like a shotgun my tits busted out, nearly ripping the seams. It felt great to let them out, and it felt even better when I grasped them with my hands, and gently squeezed them. Lightly pinching my nipples and rubbing around my areolas. My nipples grew hard between my finger tips as I teased myself. One thing I have always loved, was to have tits sucked, and I discovered at an early age that they were large enough that I didn’t need someone else to do it for me, I could wrap my lips around my own nipples with little effort. And so, I did, I lifted my tit to my chin and gently sucked my nipple into my mouth, rubbing my tongue over it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue, as I slowly ran my other hand down between my legs, rubbing myself through my panties.

God I was so horny I could barely stand it, without thinking, I grabbed my phone and lay down on my bed on my back, spreading my panty clad pussy, I opened the pic that my nephew sent me, staring long at his enormous cock as I sucked on one tit and frigged myself with my free hand. I needed more, I slid my hand into my panties and quickly pinched my clit between my first and middle fingers as I rubbed myself hastily. The intensity grew between my legs as my juices flow over my hand and my nipple became tender in my mouth from the tight suction of my mouth. I felt myself nearing climax as I gazed at my nephew’s cock. Wow, that sounded weird, my nephew’s cock. I gazed at his picture and sucked harder on my nipple, causing myself unintentional pain, but I didn’t care as my legs began to tremble and my pelvis began to spasm. Then, like an explosion, I had the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced, I moaned as loud as I could, trying to hold my huge tit in my mouth, to no avail, as I couldn’t contain myself, my tit fell free, and I screamed. “JOEY!!”

My chest heaved, my legs buckled, and my mind raced. “Did I really just scream Joey’s name in the middle of climax? Good god, what is wrong with me. I stared at my nephew’s amazing, huge cock. Oh no, did I just refer to my nephew’s cock as amazing?”

I was restless most of the night, exhausted after my actions, but restless all the same. I got a few hours of sleep, but not much. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had done. I had no clue what I would say to him when he got here the next day, but I love him, and I wait anxiously all year, every year for my summers with Joey.

The next day was great, Joey arrived around lunch time, we sat down, and caught up on the past year, he told me all about his girlfriends(of which he had many), but mostly we just talked. It was a nice way to kick off the summer. After a while, Joey got up to get himself a drink, I couldn’t help but see the outline of his dick as it led down his pant leg. I practically drooled at the sight of it. It was all I could do to keep from dropping to my knees right then and there. I was disgusted at my own impulses, but I desperately wanted to see it in the flesh. Joey and I spent the rest of our afternoon talking, and unpacking his things in the spare bedroom I keep for him at my home.

I decided that I wanted to see his beautiful cock. When he excused himself to the bathroom, I quickly removed my bra, and hid it under the edge of his bed. A simple gesture that I hoped would turn into something not so simple. I left his room, hurriedly, before he came back from the bathroom, and quickly ran into my room where I changed into a button up shirt, leaving well more than enough buttons undone that my extremely large breasts were quite visible. I went about the rest of my evening passing by Joey, hoping that he would soon begin to lose control of himself.

I caught him several times staring at my tits. I would make unnecessary reasons to run my hands over the outside of my shirt, to stretch my arms above my head, or lean over at my hips to let him get a deep look down my shirt. As our night wound down, we watched alittle bit of TV before calling it a night. I changed clothes, into a pair of shorts that barely covered my ass, and a flannel top, that was yet again, button up. I could see Joey glance at my tits, and watch me every time I got up, I could feel his eyes gazing at my large, round ass. As we watched TV, I would make quick glances at his crotch, and I could see a bulge begin to form in his pants. I nearly gasped at it’s size, the picture he sent was of his flaccid dick, but it hardly did him justice from what I could see.

My nephew quickly left the room, trying to hide the huge bulge in his pants as his scurried. I had a pretty good I idea of what he was about to do, so I waited a few minutes then I quietly crept down the hallway to his room. He was in such a hurry to get there that he failed to shut the door all the way, leaving it slightly ajar, enough that I could see into his room. He had pulled his sweat pants down around his ankles, sitting at his desk, and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. There stood, in all it’s glory, his massive, rigid cock. He wrapped his fingers around it, and was stroking up and down the entire length of it, which seemed like forever. I almost creamed my panties right then and there, staring, gawking at his enormous cock as he stroked it harder and harder. He was perfectly shaved, his balls were so smooth, and his shaft looked like it had more girth than my wrist.

I watched him for several minutes, touching myself all the while. Watching his hand slide slowly up the entire length of his smooth shaft at first, then gradually gaining speed, his precum flowed out of the tip of his cock, getting all over his hands, dripping down onto his balls. He was stroking quite fast now, I was sure that it wouldn’t take long at all before he climaxed. When suddenly I had an amazing idea. I hurriedly to my room, grabbed my phone, opened my top and stood in front of my vanity mirror. I placed one arm under my massive chest, and lifted my tits together, squeezing them together as best as I could. I held my phone up and snapped a pic. It was a pretty good one too. The only thing you could see was breast. I scurried to his door and peeked in. He was still going at it, so I sent the pic to his phone. I heard it buzz as it rested on his desk. Frustrated, he quickly opened it, his hand still sliding up and down his cock.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “Aunt Beth’s tits are fucking huge!”

He began to stroke even faster as he stared at the pic I sent him, and within 3 or 4 strokes his cock began to erupt. The first shot flew straight up in the air, I was amazed at the height, 3 or 4 feet atleast. The several more shots of cum burst out, each one blasting up into the air. It was like watching one of those guys in a porno. After he had finished, he leaned his head back and rested, cum lying everywhere. So I gently pushed the door open, standing there topless.

“I hope there was more where that came from.” I said.

To be continued…

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