My neighbour : Continued

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I had just had very quick rampant sex with Jeff, my neighbour. I stood up from the sofa with his spunk running down my thighs and went to the bathroom to wash up. He came around with the intent of having me and I had fancied him so much that I let him have me. My husband Pete would go absolutely mad if he had caught us in the act. I quickly cleaned up and sent Jeff on his way. It was a very awkward moment and I was still in a bit of shock as Jeff left. Pete was the only guy I have ever been with and now I had been fucked by the randy guy next door. I didn't know how to feel.

I felt guilty for a while and I was sure Pete knew something was wrong but I always brushed it off and made no big deal of it. It took a couple of weeks before I saw Jeff again and it felt such a relief when we spoke. He also felt guilty and said that he enjoyed me, but felt we should leave it with just a one off encounter. I was relieved but also a little disappointed, although I had enjoyed it I really felt terrible guilt and really hoped we could have got together again, even though I would never initiate anything. I am quite a reserved woman and even Pete thinks of me as shy. If only he knew my naughty thoughts about Jeff.

As the months rolled by I was feeling as normal as I have ever felt and I spoke to Jeff occasionally and gave the odd wave. His wife was always pleasant and I knew they made a great couple. Pete and I had also got our sex life back on track and I found myself a small part job in the evening. Everything was fine. I even had time to have a little play with myself during the mornings, and I always thought about Jeff when I masturbated. It was when Jeff rang the bell again one afternoon that my naughty fling began.

Again I answered the door and Jeff entered. I didn't feel nervous this time and I told him we can't do this and he should leave. It didn't take alot of persuading from him as the next thing I knew he was kissing me. I couldn't resist him, he knew how to touch me and it felt so different from Pete. We preceded to go upstairs and he removed my blouse and bra and began to suck and play with my breasts and I felt so sexy I layed on the bed as he began to strip. With my skirt and knickers removed I spread my legs apart and he got between my thighs and pushed his hard cock into me. We were making love. He was kissing me as we fucked. I was in bliss.

It was a while before he ejaculated into my hole and although I never reached climax it felt so good to be wanted. We just lay there talking and I got to know him so much better. We had sex some more once I had been to the lavatory and washed his seamen from my pussy. We had foreplay. I sucked him and tasted his salty hard cock and he returned the favour by sucking and licking my wet Minge. I had never been tongue fucked before and this really brought out an intense orgasm in me. Jeff finished by doing doggy style and leaving his hot sticky spunk inside me.

Jeff and I continued our affair every Monday morning and I wasn't feeling guilty anymore. I guess I was used to the deceit and it felt so nice fucking him. I even fucked Jeff one Wednesday and when he left, Pete came home early and I had only just cleaned myself. Pete wanted sex and it was the first time I had been fucked by different men on the same day. I began to wonder what a threesome would be like. Maybe that would be another solo thought.

Time went by and I was in love with both the men in my life. I often thought about asking Pete about swinging as I was getting very interested in threesomes or moresomes, but all I wanted was, more than anything, was Jeff and Pete at the same time. It will never happen but maybe Jeff would like to become my swinging partner and fulfill my ultimate fantasy. I decided I will talk to Jeff first on Monday morning.

Monday morning came and I was about to pluck up the courage to ask Jeff about my swinging ideas but I decided to leave it be. I was happy with the situation I was in and didn't want to spoil it. My sex continues with my men and one day it will, no doubt come to an end, but until then I will enjoy what I am getting. Although now I have joined a swingers site on-line and am enjoying chatting ,and texting, naughty men and am keeping that a secret from both of my lovers. Who knows where that will all lead. I am getting very kinky in my old age, but it feels great being liberated sexually.

I hope you enjoyed my story... Please leave a review, and maybe I will write more about my life.

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