My friend Chris shares his girl

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I've been friends with Chris since School. We are both at college now but always meet up for a few beers on vacation. After a few beers we always decide to have a look at some porn. We wank off together. Sometimes we will take each other in each others hands. Occasionally if we are especially horny we will suck each other off. Although I let Chris cum in my mouth and he wont let me do that. This vacation Chris's girl, Sophie, was staying with him for a few days. We agreed that I would go and see my girlfriend on the last day Sophie was visiting, that we would both have sex without a condom and then not wash so we could taste each others girl's pussy.

I had a great time fucking my girlfriend Hannah, knowing what I was going to do afterwards! I made sure to get her as wet as possible and put her juices all over my face and cock. I'm big with a thick eight inches. I made Hannah cum and then said I had a to go pretty much immediately after putting my load in her. My cum was still dribbling out of her when I went through the door. 'I like your energy at the moment!' she said as she lay sprawled over the bed as I left.

When I got back to Chris's parent's house I could see that Chris was already waiting for me. We were both hard just thirty minutes after our respective fucks.

We went up to his bedroom and put some porn on. We didn't waste any time before stripping and taking each other's members in our mouths. We were 69. Both rock hard. I could taste Hannah's juices mixing with Sohie's in my mouth and on his cock. We were both fondling each others balls and lightly playing with each other's asses. I forgot to mention that Chris is slightly thicker than me and a similar length. We were moaning and slurping and then with us on his single bed trousers still round our ankles 69ing and dribbling over each other Sophie walked right in and saw everything!

We instantly jumped up and looked embarrassed. Sophie went bright red and looked angry. We were still hard and covering ourselves. Sophie ran out and Chris ran after her. I found this a bit funny and thought I'd finish myself off with the porn that was still playing. I don't need to tell you that we both kept our mutual masturbation sessions secret!

But then after about five minutes they both came in. Sophie was looking embarrassed but I could see that she was showing nipple and had clearly reapplied make up. I had my cock in my hand and was just extremely embarrassed. Then Chris said 'Sophie has always liked you and wants you to fuck her to punish me for what we were doing'. I couldn't believe my luck. She walked over to me and sat on my lap. She took my hard cock in her hand and said 'you're not as big as Chris but I can feel you are harder than he gets. I started to kiss her. I put my tongue in her mouth and fondled her perfect D cup tits.

I lifted her skirt up and put my bare cock straight in her wet but tight pussy. We both looked at Chris. She was smiling to make him jealous. 'Fuck this' he said, stripped off again and came up to us standing and still fucking. He lowered her head down and started to fuck her mouth. She was loving it and I pounded her tight pussy, holding on to her small girlish ass. We swapped around a few times. While they were fucking with her on top I lubed up and put my tip in her ass. She squeeled in pain so I didn't put my whole length in. She got on her knees and took us both in her mouth.

To finish, we lay her on her back and Chris tongues her clit and my cock head as I gently put myself in an out just to my head. After she came around me. We swapped over so Chris could put his load in her and I could fuck her with his cum all over her pussy and my cock. After I came, we both licked her clean and then lay in a knot on the bed panting and sweaty. We napped for an hour. Guess what? When we woke up we were hard again and she was willing...

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