My first time.. By myself

(Part 1 from 1)

I'd had a stressful day at high school. Teachers were driving me crazy and I needed to relax.

I was lying in bed and watching a movie. All of a sudden two girls started making out on screen and I realized that it started turning me on.

I moved my hand down over my chest and noticed my nipples were fully erect so I started pulling on them. Gently at first then I started to get rougher and rougher it really started to feel good. So good.
I slid my hands down past my stomach and went to rub my freshly shaved puss. It was so sticky and wet. I liked it.

I had no idea what to do so I rang my experienced friend whom had mentioned time a plenty that she'd help me out if I ever wanted. We agreed that she'd come round in ten minutes but I couldn't wait that long.

I started rubbing my lips making sure everything was soaking wet. My finger slipped into my pussy and I started moving it in and out I curved it so that it started hitting something that made me quiver. Time flew by and before I knew it my friend was at the door with a bag of 'gifts' I was nervous.

She started by pulling out a small pink vibrator. Then came the big toys. A huge black dildo followed by a long purple double ended one.

She sexyily walked over to my bed and slid under the sheets with me. She started kissing my neck which made me giggle. Then she moved her hand down to my nipples and started to tweak them. It felt so much better when she did it. She started with the small pink vibe she put it over my nipples while she kissed me deeply.

Started sliding down my stomach and on top of my puss. Fuck it felt so good. She started asking me if I liked it. I wanted more. She pinched my nipples and and pushed the vibe harder onto my clit which made me jump. She announced it was time for the main event. She grabbed the purple dildo and slid it into her own dripping pussy.

She moaned and told me to suck her neck I agreed. She straddled my hips and pushed the purple dildo into my soaking puss she made me scream. As she started rocking on top of me my pussy started to tighten and I told her to go harder. She started screaming. I started screaming I felt a build up that I had to let go I told her to fuck me like the slut I knew I was. She pinched and tugged and before I knew it we were both screaming in ecstasy as we came together.

She bent down and kissed me telling me next she was going to teach me how to eat pussy.

I look forward to it.

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