My first time

(Part 1 from 1)

With a pride of a hero and a victorious knight, I was driving the rental car given to me by the small tourist agency I was working for.
Because of the window which was opened, the hot, north air full of moisture was entering strongly in the cabin, drying the sweat of the long day and detaching of my skin the cheap cotton T-shirt I was wearing.
With one thing on my mind, I shut the window and started the soft sounds of “Shade". "I got the job!"

It was hard, nearly impossible for an immigrant during the 90’s in Greece to get any other job than olives picker, or farmer. Once I was Bulgarian of origin, I was very proud!
I woke up from the stressing sound of my mobile phone.

It was a basic tool of my job, so I had it in the “backpack” which I used to call the laptop case, playing the role of a suitcase and carrying all the documents, files, pens and a bottle of water. They were items I needed for my work, “I was a tour guide”.
It was given to me from the company along with a cheap, cotton T-shirt with the name of the company up on it and the rental white car.

I didn’t really want to see who it was, because the most possible it would be the manager, telling me that he forgot to give me a detail on the arriving client that he already did give me.”I knew he didn't trust me as capable”.
The other reason was that I could see the city lights from the “high point” I was. The big turn, the oranges, the straight lines, the woods...Names of particular areas of the high way crossing the island leading to the airport which were named… by me.
Once I didn’t know the real names given by the locals.

At night when you are at the high point, the yellow lightsof the city give the lonely walker feeling. You can see them from here as small dots in difficultly explained painting.
The dark sea water reflecting the moonlight and the slowly moving ships put you even deeper in the slow rhythm of the far view. By obligation, I had to call back. So, I opened the backpack which was on the co-driver’s seat.
This time he didn’t forget anything! It was to tell me that the client has arrived earlier than predicted and was waiting for me.

I had to go faster. Though I wasn’t far from the airport, it would take me something like 15 min.
It’s what I said to him and hanged up.
As long as we had several places private parking of the company at the airport, there was no stress of searching.

Before to get off the car, I took from the backpack the sign with the name of the client, I took a look because I didn’t before and the name was “Marina”.
No Ms, no Mrs.…. just Marina!!! It could be whatever, a family, group, even a couple. I didn’t know.
Usually when I was getting the information about the client, the sign or the voucher was précising! More or less.
Information about the flight number, arrival time, the demands of the client, they were missing this time.
The whole voucher was blank!

So I headed for the arrival section of the airport with the impression that is most possibly a V.I.P client. During the two months that I was on the work, in the beginning as a rookie, I was excited when I was getting a voucher with names like: Ms Veronica, Ms Annabelle, Rebecca, Marie and on and on…
For my surprise every time I thought it would be a single Woman with the appearance corresponding to the name. It was a Family, a third age lesbian, several youngsters which made a reservation on their mother’s name. Never anything like in the movies or books or whatever other fantasy you might have.

Sometimes I was still hoping that I would have an adventure, at least a little flirt with a beautiful, sexy woman like the ones on the island. As any touristic point with hot weather, clean beach and sea, they were women from all over Europe.
Me as I was born and grown up till the age of 11 in a small village of a third world eastern European country, I had never seen so much nudity and those perfect lines of brown skinned topless babes on the beach….Sex where I was born was pretty much of a taboo!
The girls didn’t take care of themselves really. The mentality, the point of view and the life style is, was, very different…. I shall say. Getting married at young age, having children fast, having less sex with your wife were happening faster. Most cases did not take care of themselves at all. The girls and women that I see here are only a dream, unreachable fantasy. Girls like that were seen only on old porn films in over used video cassettes.
And you could watch only when your parents weren’t there, something very rare.

Although I left on an early age from my small village, I couldn’t declare that something changed for me. I mean in my sex life.
I was 21 at the time and till my 21 I didn’t really have any sex with a woman. I had my right hand for that, I was masturbating 2 or 3 times a day. Something bad one could say, because it doesn’t really encourage you to try and give your best to have sex with a woman.
On the other hand… I had it big.

My cock was bigger than supposed to be.
I still believe it is because of the whole masturbation thing!
With all those thoughts of the beauties around, while walking to the arrivals of the airport, I felt my cock rising. May be a virgin but in my head I was a stallion.
I lifted up the sign with the client’s name while standing near to the automatic door of the arrivals, my usual place when my phone rang again.
“They must be on a bench near to a meeting point inside the airport”.
With a stressed voice the manager asked me again “do you see them”.
“Them?” I replied.
“Yes it’s a couple” he said. “Please go inside and find them ASAP and call me back once you do”.

I didn’t answer, I just hanged up the phone and marched fast to the inside while holding to my chest the sign and looking left and right trying to spot anyone who would respond to the name on the sign. There was a waving hand in the depth of the crowed. I zoomed and I saw this tall guy rather muscled and good looking. Judging by that, he must definitely have a very hot girlfriend...Or wife!
I said "hello" and the usual introductions that I say to every client. On the same time I was trying discretely to see his wife or girlfriend.
Once I finished with the briefing, I asked him to follow me so I could bring him to the car that he ordered, and give him more info about his hotel and his vacation.
“Yes, if we could just wait for my wife she is in the toilet”. He said.
“Of course” I said.

A moment of silence created an uncomfortable feeling…. it broke, with him saying ironically “women”.
“They always got to be fresh and clean”. We started to laugh and this is how the ice broke.
“So what’s your name” he said. “Vasili” I replied.
“Yours… it isn’t Marina I hope”
“No, no, no” he said with a smile, that he got my joke. “I am Marcus… nice to meet you Vasili”.

He reached his hand to shake mine and said “Marina is my wife”…”The one in the toilet”.
We laughed again and I started to feel more comfortable with our small chat. “We are your last ones?" He asked me like if he knows my job! I didn’t take it wrong though.
“Yes you are my last ones”. “After you, I’m off duty” I said proudly.

I couldn’t help myself not to notice that beauty queen trying to dial a number on a phone both several meters away from us.
A blond, long, straight well prepared hair. And I could admire this soft vanilla creamy skin that I could taste from where I was.
Clear, green eyes like a wild cat searching for its victim. She has an innocent childish mouth and Greek statue goddess nose.
The Gucci black dress that she was wearing, fluttering her body in a timing that really made me open my mouth! The sexiest about her though was her legs and feet.
No words to describe that.

Her shoes exposing her toes, not very high heel but just enough to curve the foot on rainbow and create the little paths on the side.
I could feel her perfume from far.
I read once, somewhere, that an ancient instinct comes to some people during sexual excitement! It is to eat literally the person! It was from the hunters when they were hunting deer and so…
They were eating the prier with the eyes. It’s what I was just doing.
“Nice huh”. Marcus said to me.
“Oh yes man” with a deep breath I answered. “Woman like that man, I could never have” I added.

As I said that she turned as if she heard me, looked at me, gave a slight smile like if she knows me and started to walk to my direction. My heart started to beat really fast raising my adrenalin, I thought I would collapse.
Of course I didn’t see Marcus waving at her before. So when she arrived she gave him a soft kiss on his lips. I was still shaky when he said “This is Marina”, “My wife".
I said the hellos and my name, and then he added “You have another fan baby”.
She gave again that slight smile only that this time she looked directly in my eyes!

To say the truth, that was scary. I thought even if ever I could have a chance which I wouldn’t, how could I possibly make a woman like that happy in any way?.
We headed for the parking lot where their car was already parked, so we could sign the papers and deliver them the car with the rest of information.
I was giving extra information and trying to hold the discussion as much as I can.
Just to have bit more of her. I couldn’t hold them forever though, so I showed him where to sign and told them “Have a nice time guys and take care”.
Then she said “If we have problems with the car or something”, “Who we call?”
“I’m stupid” I said “Here is my number you can call me at any time for anything”.

It wasn’t in purpose I gave my number. It was the way things work in my company.
If you deliver a car or make a reservation for a hotel or any kind of a service for the client, you have the responsibility if they would have problems. So you find your way out….This was my way!
I entered in my car to go home but I still couldn’t get myself together.
I really wanted this woman, only in the thought of her, I felt I was about to come, more over I was in an erection for the last 2 hours.
This time I didn’t even need to put porn.

I didn’t take a shower neither eat, I just went in my bedroom took my cock off and started to touch it.
Thinking of her hands touching my cock, I stroke it couple of time with the image of her mouth surrounds my well shaped mushroom.
I didn’t get further than that....! I ejaculate as I never before. I masturbated couple of times the same night and had a wet dream two.
I like the mornings, every day I see it as new day, new opportunity. The lust was gone with the masturbation and the wet dream that I had. I like the mornings because even if it’s really early in the very beginning of the sunrise it is pretty hot here.
And as I have eastern chamber with a balcony when I wake up, I go on the balcony and take a very deep breath.
It fills me up with very positive feelings, I feel a new day another adventure.

Nothing really ever happened but doesn’t turn me down.
I hit the shower, I shave, put some after shave, fresh to fresh up and I’m ready to go!
That day went really good for me, very pleasant clients and not a lot of deliveries.
It was around 19:00 h when I was approaching home, off duty.

I had in mind once I finished so early I’ll go for a drink in a local bar I liked to hang out.
So I took a good shower, well dressed and ready to go.... Then my phone started ringing.
I didn’t take a look at the number I just answered, bit bad mood I really didn’t feel for any work problems now.
“Hi… Vassili right?”
“Yes” I said “who is this”.
“It is Marcus”, “you gave us your number in case of a problem yesterday”.
“Oh yes sir…. I remember” I said.

And here it is, she came back in my head and the lust reached red.
“What can I do for you” I said.
“Well the problem is that we wanted to go out tonight”.
A weird thought crossed my mind but as I know myself I’m a dreamer…. I denied it and said “What can I do for you then?”
“Hate to bother you” he said “But the car doesn’t start”.

My home was around 60 km away from their hotel, but on the other hand I wanted to go out and their hotel was located in the hottest clubbing area of the island….
It would take me what 15, 20 min to repair their car.
I could see her once more with the opportunity!
“I’ll be there in an hour sir” I said and started to walk to my car. He was relieved to hear it and said that they were waiting for me. This is how I got once again on the high way.
I didn’t pay much of attention to my favorite spots of the high way, neither admiring the sea which was just to my near left side.
I almost didn’t feel how fast I reached the capital of the island.

Their hotel wasn’t far from the city, so I slowed down and started to prepare a behavior and a small talk.
I was thinking that I must be cool, professional and not to show my lust for the guy’s wife. It is not prospered.... It was against my rules.
Actually I had 3 rules.
1: Never go with wife or girlfriend of somebody!
2: Never go with girlfriend or wife of somebody…..!.
3: Don’t do things that you don’t want be done to you!

So I said that I’ll fix their car as fast as possible. I had in my car everything that i needed.
They had a reservation in one of the finest hotels of the island. It seemed they had enough to afford it!
The hotel was 5 stars, isolated like a small village a private property. It had every necessary shop and a small club.
Everything was 24/7 duty and above all that, all the rooms were facing the sea.
It was a beautiful night, as I parked and opened the car door I felt that soft June’s breeze.

The palm trees which were in pairs left and right of the entrance of the reception making a leaves sound with their movement from the slow wind made me stop for a second and listen.
It was quiet enough to hear even the smallest sound around, like the whispers of the aged couple that just parked too in the hotel’s parking area.
So I raced to the reception, knowing the hotel I knew also the stuff, "not personally”.

I knew them by face and I knew that there is that very charming girl working at the reception.
Who knows!? May be this time with the mood that I was I could ask her to join me for a drink.
And she might accept as well...........
For my surprise though it was the fat guy, he had obviously the night shift….

I asked for the client’s room number and explained to the fat guy why I needed it.
He told me the number with some directions how to get there.
I was just about to knock on the door, while my fist was approaching….It opened… Damn! I was about to hit Marcus on the face.
“Hey…. Vasili you came?!” he said happily.
“yeah I’m here” I said.
“So… what’s the problem, where is the car” I said.
I couldn’t prevent myself not to glimpse.

As she passed from their living room going to one of the rooms I noticed every detail on how she was dressed, movement, hair, makeup.
She had this white silk pants describing almost with words the perfect shape of her ass.
A pink top till her belly button exposing the tattoo she had on her right ass chic.
It was kind of an artistic lizard; it wasn’t exactly upon her ass chic just up enough to exit the pants she was wearing.
Her hair was tide on, and a deep blue shadow on the eyes.

“Hold up I’ll take the keys” he said and ran to the table in their living room.
“So what’s wrong with the car exactly” I said while we walked for the parking.
“Well he said… it doesn’t start”.
I could see that he is not much of a mechanic, so I decided to stop asking him the same question.
I asked for the keys when we reached the car and opened it.
It was a new model car, not a usual one! It had a safety system that if you don’t press the clutch well till the end even if you have neutral on the gearbox it wouldn’t start!.
And it’s what it was the problem. He definitely felt stupid when I explained him again.
“It’s ok, it happens to forget” I said trying to comfort him.
“I’m so sorry Vasili I called you for nothing” he said.

Indeed, I could guide him by the phone if he would explain me what the car does exactly!
“What are you going to do now?” he asked me.
“Well once I’m here I think I’ll go for a drink in a club” I answered.
“You know what” he said “ what?” I wondered!.
“ we were about to go out, so once you are here why don’t you join us and I will offer you a drink to thank you?!”
He had this almost begging for forgiveness look in his eyes.
“yeah why not”.

I said pretending I don’t care, but I was trembling from the excitement that I will spend some time with her.
“So would you like to follow me to my room so my wife and I could prepare?” he asked.
“You sure it’s ok for your wife… maybe you want to be alone” I said, and I meant it.
On the end of it all it is their vacations. “She finds you rather sympatric” he said and marched on.
“Oh.. You are here” she said with a pleasantly surprised smile.
“Did the car start?” she asked while getting ready to undress! Marcus explained her everything about the car problem and his proposal to me.
“Then I’ll go for my shower” she said and continued to undress. Marcus invited me in their bedroom where was the terrace.
“Come on we will have a drink on the balcony and enjoy the view”.

I followed him without saying a word.
“What would you like to drink? We have pretty much everything!” he asked.
“A whisky on rocks please” I answered. So he put two glasses and we exited to the balcony.

Chatting about everything and nothing, I realized he was a great guy and I was enjoying his company very much. Marina’s sweet voice interrupted our next deep conversation about football, and telling him that he should go for shower two.”My wife will keep you company till I take a shower that’s ok?” he asked me. “Sure don’t worry about it, take your time” I said.
I laid my drink on the table next to me and got more comfortable on my chair and I started to gaze the stars.... I felt good!
Then a soft touch on my left shoulder and a sweet “hey…” brought me back to earth.

With her hand still on my shoulder, and just a bath towel wrapped around her body, she took the chair of Marcus and sat next to me.
Once she installed herself good, she said “You must be 20 or 21 no?” and she slightly raised her right eye brow.
A dry “yes” I could only say.
After couple of seconds of total silence, she opened her mouth in gesture to ask probably another question... I cut her with mine.
“And You”?
“As older than you with 6 years… I want to show you something” she said with a slow and very seductive voice.

She got off the chair without losing eye contact; she got on her knees and leaned her hands on my legs.
My throat got dry like a morning wake, after a drunken night.
My brain running at maximum speed I couldn’t think.
The thing which came as it had to, it was my cock! In fact, it was already up, before her to touch my legs.
With very slow movement, she reached up and unbuttoned my pants.
Then she started with her French manicured hands to caress my dick upon my underwear’s.
She leaned and kissed it gently.

I don’t know how long that lasted but I didn’t want it to end.
It was a moment of magi for me, like a child on its first spectacle of an illusionist.
She pulled my underwear’s down and there was my whole pride, rising, in total glory.
A smile of a satisfaction she gave me while slowly masturbating me.
She got up, with one hand still on my cock and the other took of the towel she had.

With her breasts exposed, images of Kings, Queens, battles, death, love, mighty mountains started to illustrate in my head.
Every muscle of my body contracted preventing me to move, I was like a paused wooden doll.
Continuing masturbating me she raised the rhythm and started to finger penetrate herself.
Then she stopped everything, slowly grabbed her right boob and sucked the finger which had in her pussy.

She pulled my pants to my ankles, grabbed my dick again while directing it and sat upon me; she started very gently to ride.
With her mouth on my hear her deep breaths combined with moans only for me, my heart beating at heart attack rhythm, my blood pumping and my cock following I released the holly juice inside her.
I had lost every meaning, every matter, ruptured and surrendered in Feelings I never thought before exist, and feelings that modified my existence, feelings that gave birth…. to a Man.
I woke up though with her sweet voice saying” You came already?”

I just had realized what happened, A stressful feeling like if I killed somebody got me under.
I wanted to scream that I’m innocent, I felt my face on fire and my eyes getting wet.
“I broke my rules… and her husband is in the next door….” I said to myself.
To my surprise though when she got off me she said “He is probably virgin… I like that!”
“I know” Marcus answered, naked on a position which he could, and saw the whole thing.

Then she went to him got on her knees and started to suck him with a thirst.
I was stunned from the view and their behavior but amused two.
“Are you up to for a second round?” Marcus said to me.
“She needs much more than that” with a heavy breath he said.
I had not only discovered sex that night, but a sex with the whole meaning of it.
I triumphed once more upon my destiny!

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