My first sex experience

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100% fiction!

Hi, I am a guy with well built muscular body. I go to gym everyday and work it out for 1 hr daily. This is a story of mine which happened when I was in PUC. I used to get horny by seeing girls with good structures and tight fittings. I was browsing for porn sites on internet whenever I get time. I was jerking my cock everyday in my room before going to bed. Beside my house there was a family living; uncle was a soldier so use to come to home only for month duration. Aunt was not so old and had a very sexy figure. Aunt was very close to our family. I use see her tits in the early morning when she was coming out for wiping out the dust, and was peeking from the window when she use to change the dress.

She was so sexy that, nobody can imagine that she is a married. Her tits was very well shaped and had a very wide shape near her hips. One Sunday after noon I got boner after seeing seeing her cleavage while grooming on the floor. I came back to my room and started masturbating. I was not aware that my room’s window was open. As I was jerking hard and about cum I saw someone peeking inside from the window. Holy shit!!! that was her, I suddenly pulled my underwear up. By seeing me ironically aunt said, “ I just came to wipe out the dust and u showed me a nice scene, u made my day”. I was clueless about what she said and speechless got very shy about what I did.

After that incident aunt used to sit very near to me with one or other reason and use to touch my body and make me feel horny. One day all my family members were out for my relatives wedding but I stayed back in home because I had exams after a week. That day she came to my house and I couldn’t face her, she sat on the sofa and asked about my studies and all. As we were talking she suddenly said- u have become adult now… ah… starting jerking ur cock… I was like…… She came near to me and touched my pants, that was the first touch I felt from a woman and my thing got hard suddenly. She was excited by that and asked- won’t u show ur thing to ur aunt?? I kept quite, she herself opened my zip and pulled my rod outside and said- hmm still young one, but enough to screw a woman like me.

Then gradually I got dare enough to ask if I could touch her. She said go ahead son what r u waiting for, I am all yours. She was wearing a thin nighty and when I touched her soft round boobs I got to know that she was not wearing bra. I made her naked and excited to see her fully naked. I sucked her tits for an half an hour and started licking her wet hairy pussy she started making noise as hmm.. ahh.. ya like that.. go for it my man… eat my pussy and tear it off…. After she came she sucking my cock and I ejected very quickly as it was my first experience. Later she asked me to insert my cock into her cunt and to move my hips.

I felt little pain when my penis’s skin was pulled to back a little. That day I fucked her for 4 times. Later she was asking me to come home and have sex whenever she was horny. It continued for 2 years and now we shifted to Bangalore. Its been year I never went back to our old place. This was my first sex experience.

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