My first lesbian act

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I'm Ashley and I'm 24 years old. Me, Lisa and Jennifer have been friends since college. Even though we graduated and are busy doing jobs we get together every weekend.
We share everything with each other-tales of our boyfriends, job anxieties, everything. Lisa was my roommate during college days & Jennifer was her friend.

Later i came to know that both of them are bisexual. Though i've heard them moan many times, i used to leave my room to give them privacy.
Nothing else. Lisa & Jen used to tease me all the time, because i was too submissive in bed to my boyfriend.

I was supposed to move to Washington & so our little group had become a little sentimental. They gave a small party to me.

It began saturday night. Lisa had bought few cans of beer and had put on some perky music. She was looking perfect in her black sleeve-less dress. Her ample cleavage and the dress revealing her hairless legs from the knee below would have made any guy go hot about her.
She had been drinking for quite some time now. The drink had its effect on her. Already the lights were dimmed as Jen wasn't drinking that night & Jen was looking after the party. We didn't invite anyone else.

"We're gonna miss you Ash" Lisa said. Even i was going to miss them . I went near Lisa and hugged her. Jen was taking care of both of us & momentarily bringing us food & beer. I was almost half as drunk as Lisa.
But Lisa had so much drink that she couldn't get up from the chair. I sensed that as i hugged her. When i was moving my mouth on her cheek to give her a peck, she brought her mouth near mine and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

My body was finding these sensations so hot. I had never been with another girl so i never knew what it would be like. After all, guys don't understand what we females want.
I was confused. My mind was struggling. Then i negotiated with myself and decided to let my hair down. When Lisa broke the kiss, i looked over to Jen.

She understood that i was confused & didn't know what to do. "At least play along. "She suggested.
I listened to her. Lisa brushed my shoulder-length blonde hair aside and inserted her tongue deep into my mouth. I went and sat on her lap.
Jen stopped the music and came near us. She helped Lisa remove my top and bra both.

Suddenly i was too conscious of my naked body. I tried to hide my boobs with my hands but Lisa asked me to suck her tongue and then i didn't care about anything else.
My boobs had long nipples which were being rubbed by Lisa's thin fingers. Jen was watching the show. Standing near us.

One of Lisa's hand had went under my dress and was groping my ass. I was enjoying it completely. It was mesmerizing. I had been with many guys but this was none like that.
Not even like my current boyfriend. This was very soft and her every touch told me that she cared for me. A very beautiful feeling.

Suddenly i felt that Jen was trying to put her hand inside my dress, trying not to disturb me & Lisa kissing. I broke the kiss, stood up & removed my dress through my legs.
Now i was standing totally nude in front of my closest friends. I had goose bumps. I don't know whether it was the effect of booze, but it was a very thrilling experience.

Seeing me nude, the girls stripped too. Their clothes were down on the ground within few seconds. I learned that Jen wasn't wearing any undergarments beneath her clothes. That feeling was in itself so hot.
Now i gave more attention to Lisa. Lisa's dark hair was already untied & her boobs looked hot with very light coloured nipples in the centre. She was the slimmest of us all, though we weren't fat either.
You would've called lisa anorexic. Her Carefully toned legs & her pierced navel would have seduced me if i would've been a guy.

"Let us move this party to the bed. "Lisa said. I just nodded. I lied on it, my head facing the roof. Lisa came on top of me & started kissing me. She asked me to be more passionate & our tongues exchanged our lust.
I understood that Lisa could've bear the alcohol. I had underestimated her. Her one hand was busy squeezing my ass. It was with more pressure than the beginning, but i wasn't going to complain.
Then she went down & buried her finger in my pussy. It was so amorous that i let out my first loud moan "um". I knew it wasn't going to be the last.

Very slowly, she started burying her finger in my pussy. Lisa was narrating it to me, so as to make it hotter. "My first finger is tired inside there & needs a companion. " I knew what she meant and i closed my eyes as i felt my pussy resisting it.
However, the strain lasted only a few seconds as it was followed by ecstatic moans "Shit. I'm gonna cum" I said. The moment i said that Lisa removed both her fingers. She asked me to close her eyes. I didn't know what was going to happen. However, i knew that i was going to enjoy whatever happens.

Then she went away. The sound of her footsteps going away was followed by the sound of the door closing after a few seconds. The slight pause between her leaving me and opening the door meant that she wore something like a nightie and that she was going somewhere nearby.I was relived when i heard Jen said. "Now it's my turn"

She asked me to stand up. I did so, opening my eyes. She was sitting on a chair beside the bed. I came near her & she kissed me even more nicely than Lisa. I wouldn't have broken the kiss.

Then she asked me to go down & taste her nipples. She had small boobs, but her nipples were uncommonly big. Even bigger than mine. She took them in her hands, brought them closer to her mouth, gave a boob a lick and said "All yours honey"
Then suddenly she grabbed my neck softly and looked me in the eye. She firmly but slowly guided my mouth to her milk fruits.

I took one nipple in my mouth and gave it a soft bite with my teeth. It was so fascinating. "Yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssss" This escaped her mouth.
Then i started sucking her boobs one by one. She herself helped me do it. Sometimes gently squeezing them before i sucked one.

Tears escaped my eyes unknowingly. Jen saw it she said "I've been with many woman, but if i didn't love Lisa. I would've chosen you as a preferred lover. "That was such an honour.
Then she asked me to suck her pussy. I closed my eyes just like her, as my tongue hit her love hole. We all used to keep our pussies clean. We even used to joke about that.
She asked me apply less tongue and bring my mouth close to her. I decided to be a little bold. Without warning, i inserted not one, but two fingers inside her pussy.

It was already very wet, probably she was fingering herself while she watched me & Lisa at work. I was amazed at my boldness. Then i remembered that these were not just my friends, they were my family out here.

"You bitch" Jen opened her eyes & looked down at me with a smile. She was enjoying the immense pleasure i was giving to her. My rhythm was maddening. I was sucking and licking her pussy with my mouth and tongue and trying to go as deep as i could while
replacing my mouth with my two fingers alternately. I liked the look on Jen's face as my fingers were literally making her dance. She was moving her hips so sexily. I did this to her for god knows how much time but i was interrupted by the sound of the door opening & Lisa walking in. "Good. You're getting bolder. At least u learned something from us. " She said. She had bought some bag with her.

Lisa pushed me away from Jen. Jen took the pillow and playfully tried to push Lisa with it. "Come here my slutty mate"Lisa told to her. Lisa's clothes were on the floor again in a jiffy. Then they engaged in very passionate kissing.
I had rarely observed them carefully but this time it was different. It was tantalizing. Any girl seeing them go at each other so shamelessly would've let them do anything to her. They were sex godesses.
They were shameless, comfortable and had so much confidence that even the best of the playboys didn't possess when i was with such a stud in bed.

I envied them. Their deep kisses, tongues hugging, breasts rubbing against each other. Nipples getting pushed against each other was such a hot sight to look. This was nothing like those dirty movies we had watched together.
You need to be there to feel it. Their toned legs clamped tight with each other. Amazing.

Then they stopped doing it and Lisa told me to go & lie on the bed. I obeyed her orders like a good slut. "You're going to listen us in the beginning if u wanna make us listen to u in the end. "
Jen came & lied sideways beside me. Lisa came between us. She inserted fingers of her one hand inside my pussy while her other fingers were inside Jen's.

All of us started kissing and playing with each others boobs. I was being kissed by Liza while my boobs were getting sucked by Jen. In between, Liza used to remove her hands from our pussies.
We played like this so long, that we had lost consciousness of whose which organ we were playing with. Our each body parts belonged to everybody now.
Then Jen went away and brought Lisa's bag. "There's gonna be a surprise for you. " Lisa said. She pulled out a strap on.

I had become too excited now, and the result of just getting teased and not coming was my shyness disappearing. After Lisa wore it, i came near her and started playing with it.
First I gripped it with my hands. The solid feel was so nice. Then i gave it a lick from top to bottom. It was too firm for a plastic device, but i didn't care. I wanted it inside.

But Lisa wanted me to beg it. So she came near me, but put it inside Jen's pussy. She started moving it to and fro and Jen started replying with her moans. "Oh my God. Harder" Jen said and Lisa quickened her pace. She started rubbing her pussy on the end of that fake cock, which was near Lisa's pussy.

Jen had submerged that strapon fully inside her pussy. I understood that these girls must have been doing it for years. I interrupted them kissing and started kissing Jen instead.
That was driving Lisa mad. She was moaning too. "I'm gonna fuck you so much tonight" She said. Finally Jen cummed and as soon as Lisa removed that fake cock from her pussy, i started competing with Lisa to suck it and Jen's vagina.
Some of the cum was on our lips so we kissed to drink every drop of it.

Jen went over and while she was back, i noticed that she had drunk a large amount of beer in such a short time. She was holding the almost empty bottle in her hand.

Finally my time came, as i saw Lisa coming near me and pushing the fake cock inside my pussy which was aching for it since a long time. It took me a few seconds to get adjusted to the pain but i couldn't shout at Jen had closed my mouth with her pussy.

It made me so horny. One of my best friends was fucking my pussy with her fake cock while the other was letting me suck her cunt. "We are not going to stop till the morning. " Lisa said. Shivers ran down my spine but i determined that i was not going to turn their fun down.
Lisa was near me & was keeping her legs on my shoulders. I started licking them. She was aroused enough so she stopped for a moment & asked me to bend down so that i could lick her thigh. Her hairless, smooth skin & the taste of sweat on top of it was driving me freaky.
I moved to licking her lower legs. I also ran my fingers on Lisa's body and gave her ass a tight punch. She moaned "WWW, hot"

Then Lisa stopped and asked me lay sideways. She continued fucking me. God knows how many times i had cummed but there was no stopping this party. I could sense that there was some movement behind me. Jen was stretching my Asshole. Then she gave it a sudden & deep suck. She started moving her fingers up & down. The pain was too much. After few minutes cold sweat started dripping me as she said "I've used no lube, but you're so kinky that my whole hand has gone inside it. "
As i felt that i cummed there was a welcome change. My pain subsided greatly and my fear too. I turned my head backwards to kiss Jen on her lips. She started nibbling on my earlobes.

Lisa removed the strap on & gave me to wear it. I didn't give enough time to think to Jen & before she could say anything it was inside her anus. "oh, yes" She said. This was the first time i was wearing it.
But i don't know how i was so confident at the moment. I had just been ass fucked, something which i had never allowed my boyfriends to do. I never understood how any of us could take it. Then i thought, maybe it was the drink.

Lisa helped me finger Jen's pussy vigorously so she could release her cum. It was so hot to see that a large amount of almost transparent, pungent, sticky liquid gushed from her pussy.
"Fuck you both" Jen said, giggling.

I went over to the bag to see what else was inside & found a vibrator. I asked Lisa to close her eyes. She wasn't facing me.
Jen started kissing her lips and neck and also gave her love bites on her boobs. I went down & started fingering her pussy vigorously. First i gave her a long lick, from her pussy to her asshole.

Lisa shook in sexual hunger. Then i buried my fingers in her pussy while taking the end of the vibrator near her asshole. As i inserted it and switched it on, the sound told her what was gonna happen next.
"You're going to make me tired, aren't you?" Lisa said opening her eyes & giggling. "No, we are all going to be so tired the next day that we'd lie whole day in bed" I replied.

Slowly i inserted most of the vibrator inside Lisa's ass while Jen finger fucked her pussy. We made her cum a few times and after we stopped we took turns drinking her cum. We even reserved some part of it for Lisa herself.
I took it and rubbed it on my boobs while Jen rubbed it on her navel. We made Lisa drink it all. With an audible gulp.

It was a mixture of sweat, urine and cum. I think this mixture was what we were dealing it since the beginning as the bed sheet, some part of the floor, chair, everything was full of it.
Then both of them asked me to close my eyes and blindfolded me. They tied my hands & legs to the bed with silken ropes. I was tied so that i could move, but could not change my position.

I was lying sideways. The fake cock was back as i felt someone's breath on my face. It was Jen. "Now its just my strapon & your pussy honey" I felt wet on my boobs. "It's honey" That was Lisa's voice.
She must have sprayed it from over my back as i felt that she was moving my asshole with her fingers. Suddenly a frightful scream escaped my mouth as i felt firm pressure between my buttocks.
Both of them stopped moving for some time. Lisa said "Are you ok?" "Hell. You wanna kill me or what?" I said. "It's gonna be ok. Trust me. " Jen said. With that the blindfold was removed.

I saw Jen coming closer and sucking the honey from my mountains and the highway between them. I was feeling numb & dizzy. I started moving my body to her rhythm. I moved my boobs so that they were pushed inside her mouth while i buried the strapon in my pussy and pushed my pussy towards her pelvis.

"Now i start" Lisa said. Then she started moving that another strap on inside my rear entrance. What a feeling it was. I was sure that i couldn't handle two men so i'd never even thought of it. But this feeling was beautiful.
Jen was slowly kissing me now & i could taste the honey & my sweat mixed on her tongue. Our fucking had become intense, romantic and passionate. I asked the girls to remove the ropes. They did so.

Then both of them continued fucking me while taking care of my lower body.

Lisa gave me a good deal of smooches on my back before playfully hitting my butt. Jen was feeling my inner thighs too. She was even licking the insides of my thighs. It felt so good.
If it was impossible for them to play with my private parts with their hands & mouths, they would stop fucking me for a few moments & then continue.

I had been cumming for quite some time now. The bed sheet below me had a patch which showed the copious amount of my love juice that had erupted.
Then Lisa cupped her hands over my buttocks really hard & groped them very tightly. I asked Jen to do the same to my breasts. She followed and I was in heaven.

I asked the girls to fuck me as hard as they could. The girls were at their best speed and before i was gonna cum i screamed at the top of my lungs "I'm cumming".
In a moment i felt empty as my asshole & cunt were removed from their hot contents. The girls didn't wait for me to cum.

In a mad frenzy they started licking the bed sheet below me. After i cummed, i myself dropped on my knees to drink my own cum. It was hard earned.
I grabbed jen by her boob and asked her to toss her panty. I tied it on my head & licked the wet patch which must cover her juicy cunt. Lisa saw me do that and said. "That's how we give fair well to a lover. "

We had some encounters periodically with some statistical changes thereafter. Let me know how you liked my story. This is my first one on the site. Comments would encourage me to write more.

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