My first experiences as a french maid

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Hi, I am Mariëlle (28) and I like to tell you about my first experiences as... a french maid! I hope my (rather naughty) story does not only turn you on, but may also inspire you. I know there are a lot of people (both men and women) who fantasize about being a maid or having one, but usually people don't speak our about it. Not even to their partner, because they feel ashamed or something. Something they shouldn't be!

I have had submissive feelings as long as I know. But I never knew what do with it. When I started to use the internet, I discovered a whole world of domination and submission, but honestly: it scared me a little. The things I would usually see, all had to do with whips, nipple clams, and thinks like that. It was the leather and latex look all over. I am not attracted to pain; I don't fancy some good spanking or whatever. I dont want a gagball in my mouth, or my breasts tied so tight they turn purple. I noticed my needs were a bit different. I wanted to serve a man. I wanted to obey his wishes. It turns me on, I discovered. At first I was a bit shocked by this myself. Society wants women to be strong and emancipated. And here I am: I like to serve a man. In a sexy way, that is. I am not doing the dishes or cleaning toilets all day for fun. But doing the dishes in a sexy outfit, while my man watches me... that makes it a whole different experience. And if he gets his hands on me while I am doing it; that is even better. And the best is when he thinks of these crayz, weird erotic tasks. As I said, I was a bit shocked when I discovered this part of myself. But I got used to it, and I went looking for a way to make my fantasy become reality. I had no boyfriend at the time; so I went looking for a master I could serve. I decided the internet was a nice start... places enough to meet people who are in all sorts of fantasies, and it's a safe way to meet people at first. Well, I won't describe my whole search on the web, because it's kind of boring. Let me just say that after numerous email contacts with all sorts of 'masters' who all tied me up and whipped me within 2 or 3 emails, I finally found a guy I really liked. Let's call him P here. 

This man was different from the others. He didn't have a bondage studio in his cellar, or a sm-room on the attic. He had no whips, and no chains and locks. He only had a fantasy, he wrote me. It was that very line that made me interested in him. We both told eachother what we were looking for. He told me straight forward: "I am looking for a maid", he said. I told him I liked that fantasy.

After some months of emailing, chatting, calling and two meetings in a restaurant, I decided I wanted to go for it. We made an agreement: I would serve as his personal maid for one week, in his house. That week, I would be there all the time. I would sleep there too. We also agreed that I would be the maid right from the very beginning: as soon as I ringed his doorbell, I would be 'on duty'. 

When the day came, I got in my car and drove to his town. While driving, I started to doubt... was this a good thing to do? Was this really what I wanted? I considered to cancel the whole thing and drive back to home... I guess I was a bit scared. But I didn't turn around. I went to his house, and I rang the bell.

"Welcome!", he said with a friendly smile, when he opened the door. I was relieved; for a while I thought he might be a nasty man after all - despite my previous contacts with him. But no. He was still the friendly young man he met in the restaurant before. He was almost 30, and he was quite goodlooking. Especially his smile was charming, and he had mysterious eyes. 
"So you are the maid?", he said smiling. He acted like we didn't meet before.
I said yes in a rather shy manner. I didn't know what to say; I felt a bit embarrassed. 
"Come in", he said. 
I entered his house, and he closed the door behind me. I really felt there was no going back now, even though there always was. I paniced a little, but P's warm voice calmed me down immediately. 
"Come with me, I'll show you your room", he said. He went up the stairs, to the first floor, and I followed him. He opened a door and entered a small room. It looked like a ordinairy bedroom for guests. There was a bed, a chair, a closet, some shelves with books, and a small desk. From a window, I could see the garden behind the house. It was a nice room. P told me this was my room for the week. And he said I would be here whenever he didn't need me. He then pointed to the bed. There was a french maid outfit lying on it. A really small, quite sexy black satin dress with a white apron. "That's your outfit for today", he told me. "You are not wearing anything underneath. I give you half an hour to get changed, and to put your stuff in the closet. Then you have to come down, to the livingroom. There is a small alarmclock on your desk, so you can see the time. Understood?" I said 'yes', and he left the room. So there I was. I sat down on the bed for a minute, and just looked around. It was hard to believe this was really happening... I dreamed about this, but now it was reality, and a bit scary too. But it excited me. I finally felt my dream was coming true! And that felt really good.

I decided to change my clothing. I took of my own clothes, and got in the sexy maid outfit. It fitted exactly; ofcourse P had informed about my measurements some time ago. Shoes I arranged myself: I had black shoes with high heels with me. There was a mirror in the room, and I looked at myself. The outfit looked incredibly sexy. The dress barely covered my bottom, and there was a lot of breast to see as well. It excited me to myself like this. Maybe I would never have chosen such an outfit myself, but now I had to wear it. 
There were still fifteen minutes left, so I got some things from my bag, and stored them in the closet. P told me to bring some reading material, because he wouldn't need me all the time. The I worked my make up a little in front of the mirror, and then I decided to go downstairs.

I walked down the stairs, and my heart was beating as hell. Suddenly I was so nervous. The hallway with the stairs were a bit chilly, and I felt cold air between my legs... I was not used to that. Right in front of the door to the livingroom, I had to stand still for a moment, and take a deep breath. Then I entered. P was in a chair, reading a newspaper. 
"Ah, there you are!", he said with a friendly voice. "Let me look at you!"
I walked towards him, and stood in front of him.
"You look astonishing!", he said. "Turn around please!"
I turned around; I was now standing with my backside to him. He leaned forward, and he lifted my dress with his hand. He saw my naked ass now. His hand touched my bottom, and he said "Excellent! I'll show you the house now. After that, I will inspect you. Come with me." I followed him, and he showed me the house. Downstairs were the livingroom, the dining room and the kitchen. On the first floor were P's bedroom, my little room, his office (he used to work at home a lot) and a bath room. Then there was a quite large attic. The tour around the house ended there. 

"It's time for your inspection", P said. I asked him what he meant. "You came here to work as a maid", he said. "I was surely satisfied with the things you told me. But I didn't have the opportunity to check your body. I want to be sure you will be able to serve all my needs. I need to check your body."
I paniced again... was there a chance P would reject me after all? Because he thought my breasts were too small, or not the right shape? Or something like that? Would I be driving home today after all? I was a bit confused, but then I heard his voice again.
P sat himself down on a small sofa. "Come here", he said. I had to stand between his legs. "Show me your ass", he said. I turned around, and lifted my dress. I placed his hands on my ass, and squeezed a little. "Turn around", he said again. "Now this is important. Spread your legs a little, and show me your most intimate parts." I felt embarrassed, again. But I spreaded my legs a bit, lifted my dress, and showed him my pussy. I trimmed it just the way he wanted it. P just looked at it; he didn't touch me. "Take off everything now", he said. I did so, and I stood before him naked. I thought he was about to fuck me. But nothing happened. "You look perfect", he said. "Get dressed again. Thank you."

After I finished putting back on my clothes, P told me some rules. "Whenever I need you, you will hear this", he said. I rang a small copper bell. It made a very sharp sound, and you could surely hear it all around the house, unless you would wear headphones or something. "Whenever you hear this, you will come to me as fast as you can, and you will ask me 'How can I serve you, sir?'. Is that clear?" I said it was. He told me more rules. Some were obvious, other rules were kind of strange, and sometimes a bit humiliating for me. For example, P gave me the rule that whenever he said 'You can go', I had to ask him: "Would you like to use my cunt, sir?" It was humiliating to ask this, but at the same time I loved to offer myself so shameless to him.

After explaining the rules, we went to the living room, where I had to do my first tast: vacuumcleaning. That seemed an easy job to me, until I saw the vacuumcleaner. It was rather small. Actually, P modified it, and now it was so small (or better said: low) I couldn't stand straight up. I had to bent over all the time. P sat himself down in his chair, and started reading his newspaper again. Now and then he would look up, and enjoyed the view I presented to him. He could see my bare ass practically all the time. I felt ashamed a little, but excited too. When I was finished, I had to come to him. "Well done", he said. "Now undress please." I did so, and I had to sit on his lap naked. He gave me a hug because I did a good job. That was a lovely feeling! I served him well! After a minute, he said: "You can go now."
I stood up, spread my legs a little, and said: "Would you like to use my cunt, sir?" P thought for a little while, but then said: "No, thanks. You can go." I was a bit disappointed, I admit. I would have liked him to take me. I felt aroused. Slightly disappointed I went to my room. I tried to read something, but I couldn't keep me mind to it. Half an hour later, I heard the copper bell. I rushed downwards. P was in the diningroom. I asked him what I could do for him. "I'd like to have a snack; I am a bit hungry", he said. I still felt turned on, and I didn't quite understand what he meant. Did he really want to eat something, or did he want me for a 'snack'? It became clear very soon, as he gave me some instructions. "I like a frikadel special. You can find it in the freezer. Take one, and put it in the microwave." I don't know if you know what a frikadel is. It's a Dutch snack. Sort of a minced-meatball, but not in the shape of a ball, but in the shape of a sausage. In a cafetaria, you can order it 'special', which means you get it with mayonnaise and curry. Dutch people love it. An easy job, I thought. I went to the kitchen, looked for the frikadel, curry and mayonnaise, and prepared it for him. I put it on a plate, and I brought it to him. 
I was surprised when he asked: "What is this?"
I answered it was his frikadel special.
"But this is not right", he said. "Not right at all. Why didn't you ask what I meant by 'special'?"
I looked down, shy. I could have known this was not about preparing a frikadel in the ordinary manner. And I thought I already knew where this was heading...
"I can put a frikadel in the microwave myself", P said. "I don't need you to do that for me. What do you think I need you for?"
"You want me to... to put it inside me?", I stumbled.
"Inside, what?", he said.
"To insert it in my... uhm... pussy?"
"Very well thought!", P said. "So go back to the kitchen, get rid of all this mayonnaise and curry, let it cool down a bit, and then you come back here, you lie down on the table with spreaded legs, and you stick it inside your pussy. I'll watch it, and then I'll eat it from your pussy."
I did what he said, so a few minutes later I laid on his table, with this thing inside my cunt. And P licked me between my legs, and started eating it. It was weird... I realised being a maid was not about cleaning in my naked butt only. There would be the weirdest tasks. But I loved it. It felt so nice to satisfy my master. I know he has an important job. He is quite an important man in this company he works for. He is successful, and people think he is really good at what he does. And it pleases me to think that I help him to be that good, simply by fullfilling his needs at home. I want to be there for him.

The following days, there were many things to do. My job started early in the morning. At eight, I had to wake him, and I had to 'solve his morning-problem': his morning-erection. He would just lie on his back, and I had to fuck him to an orgasm, wearing my maid outfit. It was a bit unsatisfying for me, because he did nothing. He just wanted me to do all the work. After that, he went for a long shower. He could be in there for almost half an hour; he just liked standing in the hot water. I would join him the first fifteen minutes. I would lick his penis clean, and then wash the rest of him. Then he would stay in the hot shower for fifteen more minutes, and I would rush downstairs to prepare breakfast. He would then dry himself, and come down dressed in a bathing wrap. He always wanted me to sit with him during breakfast, and expose my breasts. But I wasn't allowed to eat; that was something I had to do on my own, later on. 
After breakfast, he would give me a list of things to do that day. He would also summon me what to wear. He had a few different french maid outfits ready for me. But one time he just ordered me to be naked. This was on the third day. I went to my room to get rid of my costume, and after that, I noticed P was looking at me all day... and there was lust in his eyes! That evening, he invited me to his bedroom, and we had sex for the first time. Well, not exactly the first time, because I would ride him every morning, bit it was the first time we were actually making love together. We stayed in bed all evening. He was tender and sweet, and I felt so comfortable with him. It was great.

I stayed in his bed all night, and served him in the morning by 'solving his problem'. After this romantic night, I strained myself to be his maid again. P had to work in his office-room that day, and again he mastered to have some bizar tasks for me. While he was looking for information on the web, he wanted me to lie down on his desk naked, in front of his computerscreen. He placed the keyboard on my back, and the mouse on my ass. I was his mousemat. A louzy one, probably, because my bottom is too soft to be a proper mousemat. I noticed P used a lot of ALT-functions on his keyboard, and just moved the mouse over my ass for the fun of it.
Then he had to write something, and he ordered me to do some ironing. He left the door of his office open, and he asked me to do job in the corridor. Now and then, he would look up, and see me doing my job: ironing his clothes, wearing my tiny maid uniform. Some time later he was laughing... I heard the laugh I heard before when something naughty came up in his mind. He told me he had to do a few phonecalls. He gave me his organizer. "Ofcourse you dial for me", he said. "And everytime I have to make a phonecall, I want you to crawl under my desk, unzip my pants, and take my dick in your mouth. Don't suck it or anything. I just want it to be in your mouth while I am talking on the phone." What strange request! But ofcourse I fullfilled his wishes. He told me a name of a man he had to call. I looked for the number in his organizer, dialed it, gave the phone to him, and crawled under the desk. It was kind of silly to sit there between his legs, with his dick in my mouth, and doing nothing. But during the second call he made it harder. His office chair had small wheels, and he pushed himself backwards, from the desk. I had to crawl with him, and be careful not to let his dick slip from my mouth! During the third call he made it even harder, by standing up, and walking slowly through the room, while talking on the phone. After the fourth phonecall, he said he was finished, and he asked me to 'finish the job'. I sucked him with pleasure, and he came in my mouth.

Well, I notice that during typing this long story, I dare to tell the more naughty stories. But there were also other moments. There was one day that was hardly erotic... I guess P didn't feel like it that day. He just gave a list of household-tasks, and that was it. 

So there you have it: my first experiences as a submissive maid. My week with P was a total success. I can tell you we did it time and again after that week. So I have plenty more stories; I like to share a lot more with you, and also I would love to hear stories from other people.

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